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Sporting Change

Sporting Change

By Mathieu Constantin & Raine Paul

Drawing from their extensive background in sports, Sporting Change co-hosts Mathieu Constantin and Raine Paul believe that all sport leaders have a responsibility to strive to become positive shift makers in their communities. Afterall, we are all leaders in our own way; Coaches, teammates, parents, officials, board members, and even fans have the power to sport change.

Sports is a medium for social change. We believe that offering a free and easily accessible tool, like the Sporting Change Podcast, can spark change through small yet powerful actions by sport leaders around the world.
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Newcomers in sports with Simon Barrick

Sporting ChangeSep 22, 2023

Newcomers in sports with Simon Barrick
Sep 22, 202356:29
Championing Equity: Elisabeth Walker-Young on Empowering Athletes with Disabilities

Championing Equity: Elisabeth Walker-Young on Empowering Athletes with Disabilities

In today’s episode, we explores the significant underrepresentation and lack of engagement of Canadians with disabilities in sports, addressing the critical question of how to rectify this stark disparity. to shed light on various facets of this issue, including how to approach athletes with disabilities, the language to use, accommodations for visible and invisible disabilities, and supporting athletes who are born with disabilities or acquire them later in life. Beyond athletes, we also explore the barriers faced by coaches, officials, fans, and family members living with disabilities in the world of sports. To navigate this complex terrain, we are joined by 4-time Paralympian Elisabeth Walker-Young, offering valuable insights and perspectives on the current realities and inequities within this field.

Elisabeth (she/her), a former Team Canada swimmer and 4-time Paralympian living with a congenital disability, has an impressive athletic career with 6 Paralympic medals and numerous national and world records. In 2015, she made history as the 2nd Paralympian and the first female to serve as Chef de Mission for Canada's Paralympic Team, a role that now exclusively goes to Paralympians, partly thanks to her advocacy. Additionally, in 2018, Elisabeth was honored with the Order of Canada. Today, she is a prominent national advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in sports, holding degrees in Physical Education and Occupational Therapy, as well as expertise as a facilitator for ViaSport's All Youth Matter Inclusion Training. Elisabeth has also launched Inclusive Experiences with Shawna Lawson, a business centered around the intersection of inclusion and innovation, emphasizing lived experiences and authentic engagement. 

To follow Elisabeth on Instagram: 



Sep 22, 202354:28
Overcoming homophobia in sports with Brock McGillis

Overcoming homophobia in sports with Brock McGillis

For young gay men, being a part of sports can be a traumatic experience. A study conducted in 2015 by “Out on the Fields'' claimed that 81% of Canadian participants witnessed or experienced homophobia in sports. Additionally, 70% believed that youth sports are not welcoming or safe for LGBTQ+ people.

Regardless of the barriers, LGBTQ+ athletes continue to work their way up the ranks in their respective sports to pursue their passions. However, these athletes often feel they must conceal their sexual orientation, gender identification or expression, which diverts their attention away from training and impacts their ability to focus on their sport. This sadly leads to a decrease in performance, a high level of LGBTQ+ attrition in sports and a significant impact on their mental health.

Today’s guest, Brock McGillis, a leading activist in the LGBTQ+ community,  will share his revealing story of the struggles he faced as a gay athlete in hockey. From his accomplishments, to his darkest moments. He will talk about his coming out journey and his experiences in an attempt to help end homophobia in sport.

For some listeners, you may relate to his story because you, or someone close to you, has lived it. For others, we hope it will open your eyes to a new, and unfortunate reality that many gay men face when playing the sport they love. As you listen, keep in mind that roughly 1 in 4 people are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. These are your teammates, your coaches, your referees, or even the fan sitting next to you and all of them need your support.

To follow Brock:

IG: brockmcgillis33

Twitter: brock_mcgillis

LinkedIn: Brock McGillis

Jan 17, 202349:04
Paving the way for Women in sports with Lynn Kachmarik

Paving the way for Women in sports with Lynn Kachmarik

Prior to Title IX in 1972, over 90% of female collegiate teams were coached by women. Title IX was a landmark gender equity law which prohibited gender-based discrimination in sport programs. It created equal opportunity to both male and female athletes in areas such as scholarship opportunities, access to training facilities, trainers, equipment and more.

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX. Today only 43% of the coaches for NCAA Div 1 female teams are women. When looking at men’s teams, that number drops to only 5%. This reality is not much different for Canadian Universities where only 26% of USport head coaches are women.

Sporting Change is honoured to welcome, Lynn Kachmarik, a trailblazer in the world of coaching. In 1986 she was appointed as the head coach of Bucknell’s Men’s water polo team….making her the first female to head coach a men’s NCAA Div 1 team sport.

In today’s episode we discuss not only how far women’s coaching has come, but how far we still have to go.

Jan 17, 202347:24
Racial Minorities in Sport: Breaking down stereotypes with Ashleigh Johnson
Dec 07, 202244:25
Trans-athlete inclusion in sports with Dr. William Bridel and Eva Bošnjak
Nov 25, 202201:01:18
Part 1: Living as a Gay Man in Sport with Mathieu Constantin
Nov 17, 202238:05
Part 2: Living as a Gay Man in Sport with Mathieu Constantin

Part 2: Living as a Gay Man in Sport with Mathieu Constantin

In the second half of this special two-part episode, Mat Constantin dives deeper into his mental health journey and the challenges he faced growing up gay in a heteronormative society. Lyle Brooks, founder of Men4More, guides us through Mat’s never before told story through the lens of mental health. With great courage, Mat shares his extreme highs and devastating lows to help listeners gain perspective on what is often experienced, yet seldom discussed, in the mental health journey of a gay man in today’s society.

Reading list and Extra Resources:

The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World

By Alan Downs Ph. D.

How to Follow Lyle:

Instagram: @lyfeoflyle_

Instagram: @men4more

Facebook: @men4more

Nov 17, 202248:38
Bully Prevention in Sports with Lisa Dixon-Wells and Dare to Care

Bully Prevention in Sports with Lisa Dixon-Wells and Dare to Care

By the age of 13, 7 out of 10 athletes in North America have quit organized sports. Many of these athletes say that the continuous yelling and criticism from coaches and parents is the number one reason why they quit the sports they once loved. The ‘fun’ in sport has been replaced by a ‘win at all cost’ attitude. Sadly, this shift in approach has led to increased dropout rates, childhood obesity, and mental health issues in youth.

Bullying in sports is a systemic issue that impacts athletes, teams, and sport clubs at all levels. Whether it’s players, coaches, parents or even fans, disrespectful behavior has become a growing concern in sport communities.

Join Lisa Dixon Wells, founder of Dare to Care, as we explore the crippling impacts of bullying in sport and what can be done to change it.

Reading List and Extra Resources:

To Follow Lisa:


Instagram and Twitter:  @daretocare2


Nov 09, 202257:40
The Psychology of Change with Dr. Lisa Daroux-Cole
Nov 09, 202257:42
The Power of Leadership with Mark Tewksbury

The Power of Leadership with Mark Tewksbury

Leadership is defined as the ability for an individual, group or organization to "lead", influence or guide others. At Sporting Change we see coaches, board members, officials, teammates, captains, parents, and even fans as community leaders.

Many of our listeners take on leadership roles and have the power to influence the people around them. For that reason the first Sporting Change episode focuses on the power of positive leadership in the world of diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are extremely fortunate to have one of the first openly gay Olympic Champions in the world and leadership expert Mark Tewksbury joining the podcast.

Reading list and Extra Resources:

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success - How we can learn to fulfill our potential

Carol S. Dweck Ph.D.

To follow Mark:

Instagram: @MarkTewks

Twitter: @MarkTewks


Nov 09, 202245:46
Welcome to Sporting Change!

Welcome to Sporting Change!

Sporting Change is the ultimate sports podcast to stay relevant and educated when it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Tune in with Olympic champions, professional athletes, university professors, coaches, officials and influencers as we explore many important topics. During the episodes, some guests will share their lived experiences to help humanize issues, while others will be asked the hard questions as we engage in eye-opening DEI conversations. Most importantly, each episode will provide listeners with tools to help create change in their local communities.

Nov 04, 202209:07