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By Ithaka O.

The audio portion of Sponge, a place of absorption and reflection in the process of returning to or becoming our most unreal selves. 🧽 Absorption can occur from anything: written works, audiovisuals, music… fiction or nonfiction… and life itself. 🧽 There will be spoilers. None of this is a review or analysis or critique.
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043_A dreamer dreams a polar dream.

SpongeNov 16, 2023

043_A dreamer dreams a polar dream.
Nov 16, 202341:34
042_I don't know what I know.
Nov 02, 202342:33
041_Eerie, meanie, gory, woe. Symmetry softens random blows.
Oct 19, 202339:26
040_The power move called submission.
Oct 05, 202339:42
039_Fire and water rebirth the transformer.
Sep 21, 202337:34
038_To suffer, or not to suffer, that is the question.
Sep 07, 202347:02
037_The universe trickles into (out of?) me via the Klein bottle.
Aug 24, 202350:12
036_Full emptiness, empty fullness.
Aug 10, 202355:46
035_The present vanished into the past in the future.
Jul 27, 202355:38
034_Merry Nostalgia, Mr. Sakamoto.
Jul 13, 202301:08:13
033_Message received.
Jun 29, 202301:07:40
032_To a world of unconditional love.
Jun 15, 202301:26:16
031_Mother Daughter Head Shaver.
Jun 01, 202356:20
030_Laughing my way out of horror.
May 18, 202336:42
May 04, 202301:01:11
028_The path of least resistance to the core.
Apr 20, 202301:47:28
027_No one way to hear the music.

027_No one way to hear the music.

“Until we find a way to safely and reliably break down the barriers of what we have come to call “the five senses,” the easiest way to see something that can’t be seen, taste something that can’t be tasted, touch something that can’t be touched, smell something that can’t be smelled, and hear something that can’t be heard is through writing.”



  • 00:00:00 --- Opening
  • 00:05:53 --- The futility of counting senses
  • 00:14:25 --- AIs and barriers of senses
  • 00:22:24 --- Mushrooms
  • 00:26:33 --- Writing, the smoothest barrier-breaker + audiophile
  • 00:56:05 --- Finally, some Chopin + how Zach died
  • 01:39:03 --- Other renditions of the sonata


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Apr 06, 202301:46:13
026_She is the air he breathes.
Mar 23, 202302:33:14
025_Every-other-Thursday’s child has far to go.
Mar 09, 202301:07:41
024_To live long and prosper.
Feb 23, 202301:31:46
023_We don't know what we don't know, but we can know we don't know.
Feb 16, 202301:01:44
022_You walk in the forest.
Feb 05, 202301:21:46
021_What does Ithaka sound like in German and Korean?
Jan 27, 202328:31
020_To fall in love with pain leads to no gain.
Jan 14, 202353:12
019_Let it be known that I do not object to the machine overlords.
Dec 23, 202201:12:03
018_Freeze-blue glaciers for your burning-hot wound.
Dec 06, 202201:20:07
017_Hey sister! Hey mister! Am I your type? (Was? Will be?)
Nov 24, 202242:21
016_Darling, destroy me, for you're beautiful.
Nov 12, 202244:42
015_The most time-consuming kink ever.
Oct 31, 202201:03:19
014_We need to talk about love at actually-not-first sight.
Oct 20, 202245:32
013_Criminals and sinners, but never everywhere to everyone.
Oct 10, 202251:16
012_Let me feel your flesh, blood, and bones.
Sep 28, 202224:50
011_Will you burn my evil books, please?
Sep 19, 202213:08
010_Begone, devil, for you don't know my name and face.
Sep 10, 202243:28
009_I dream of a flying home.
Sep 01, 202208:26
008_You think you know her, but really, you don’t.
Aug 26, 202220:43
007 ⌨️ Written Segment Alert: By showing its true colors, a story unfolds.
Aug 20, 202204:00
006_The pursuit of the One Story is futile.
Aug 11, 202221:49
005_Between grotesque complexity and smooth oneness, we chew.
Aug 02, 202214:28
004_A smile harbors grotesqueries.
Jul 27, 202217:36
003_I have an excellent example of a monopoly that must die.
Jul 21, 202222:01
002_I shall draw from the body of legendary wheels.
Jul 15, 202213:42
001_I do it for love. The market decides.
Jul 09, 202219:39