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Talking Success: Connecting the Global FinTech Community

Talking Success: Connecting the Global FinTech Community

By TalentintheCloud

Talking Success: Connecting the Global FinTech Community is a podcast by TalentintheCloud, an Executive Search Firm specializing in FinTech talent. It’s hosted by Stacey Japhta and features the top CEO’s, Founders, Investors and Leaders in the FinTech industry where they dive into the highs and lows in their career, failed ventures, and latest trends. This podcast was created to inspire, teach and bring the FinTech community together. If you’re an industry fanatic or even a newbie to this whole FinTech thing, this podcast was made for you!
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Brett Dyason, Co Founder & CEO of Hepstar - All things FinTech, scaling a business, and tips working with remote teams

Talking Success: Connecting the Global FinTech CommunityMay 22, 2020

Koen Vanpraet, Group CEO of PXP Financial – All things FinTech, tips on selling technology, & merging businesses
Dec 18, 202026:40
Annette Evans, Head of People at GPS - All things FinTech, hiring the top software developers, & her experience as the first black female at GPS
Dec 11, 202030:16
Tom Higgins, CEO & Founder of Gold-i - All things FinTech, how to get through ups and downs in the market, & how to validate a good business idea
Nov 27, 202026:56
Mike Scott, CEO & Co-founder of NONA - All things FinTech, delegating as a remote CEO, & how to improve your daily routine
Nov 11, 202036:40
Paul Kent, CEO & Co-founder of Adumo - All things FinTech, Insourcing vs Outsourcing, & growing market share and diversifying through acquisitions
Oct 30, 202019:52
Fiona Roach Canning, Co-founder, Chief Product & Marketing Officer of Pollinate - All things FinTech, diversifying your talent pool, & work/life balance
Oct 22, 202029:53
Mandy Hickson, Motivational Speaker, author, & one of the first female fighter pilots - How to improve communication with teams & tips on becoming a motivational speaker
Oct 08, 202028:30
Gregory Malgras, Head of Western Europe at - All things FinTech, globalizing a local product, & calculating risk
Oct 02, 202027:11
Daniel Döderlein, CEO & Founder of Auka - All things FinTech, launching a product directly to the market, & the steps to finding the right talent
Sep 22, 202028:51
Joakim Sjöblom, CEO & Founder of Minna Technologies - All things FinTech, how to get your ideas in front of banks, & tips on working with the banking industry
Aug 21, 202015:45
Hamish Houston, MD Southern Africa of Network International - All things FinTech, tips on interviewing, & what it takes to be successful in sales
Aug 12, 202027:28
Yamandou Alexander, CEO & Founder of Makeba - All things FinTech, how to expand your business and product into Africa, & the informal market going digital
Jul 13, 202027:14
Leanne Bonner-Cooke, CEO & Founder of e-Bate Limited - All things FinTech, how to get investors, and tips for digitizing your business
Jul 10, 202024:43
Angy Watson, Chief Strategy Officer of Tutuka - All things FinTech, the advice CEOs & young professionals seek from a certified coach, & how to leverage previous experiences
Jul 02, 202026:33
Lee Ann Lancaster, Chief Growth Officer at Mama Money - All things FinTech, how to scale your business, & how to navigate the world when the cards are not stacked in your favor
Jun 26, 202027:04
Busi Mavunga, Founder and Inclusion strategist at Inclusiion Fusion - All things FinTech, what businesses look for when choosing FinTech products, and leaving corporate
Jun 18, 202023:45
Jason Sive, Founder & CEO of Mobicred - All things FinTech, right time to launch a product, and getting to know your customers
Jun 04, 202016:07
Daniel Isaacs, CFO of Comcorp - All things FinTech, getting a promotion, and financial planning for businesses
May 28, 202021:30
Brett Dyason, Co Founder & CEO of Hepstar - All things FinTech, scaling a business, and tips working with remote teams
May 22, 202033:08
Viola Llewellyn, President & Co-Founder of Ovamba Solutions - All things FinTech, disaster planning & advice for women leaders
May 14, 202029:11
Hannalie Marsh, MD of Wirecard Solutions - All things FinTech, markets adopting cardless payments & how to climb the corporate ladder
May 03, 202028:22
Swati Safeda, CDO of Nimble Group - All things FinTech, changing career paths, and importance of mentors
Apr 29, 202028:57
How to increase transaction volumes & retain your merchants in a downturn workshop - with Darren Franks, Andreas Demleitner & Simon Hardie
Apr 22, 202001:31:26
Anino Emuwa, Founder of Avandis Consulting - All things FinTech, Women Empowerment, and overcoming downturns
Apr 16, 202031:29
Kevin Mutiso, Founder of Alternative Circle - All things FinTech, Entrepreneurial advice, African Founders, Zero Sum Game
Apr 12, 202029:10