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Start Fierce Business Podcast - Archives

Start Fierce Business Podcast - Archives

By Cindy Guthrie

This podcast is no longer in production.
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Interview with Saidy Taveras, Online Brownie Shop Owner

Start Fierce Business Podcast - ArchivesJan 25, 2016

Entrepreneur Chat with The Fairy Gawdmother of Hustle, Auntee Rik
Sep 20, 201839:26
Inspiring Interview with Brianna Zajicek of The One Year Project

Inspiring Interview with Brianna Zajicek of The One Year Project

Brianna Zajicek of The One Year Project started her career without a degree as a teen mom, and in a matter of months went from a server to a 6 figure earning corporate technology executive.

Even though she seemingly had it all, she wasn’t happy. So she set out on a mission to take everything she applied over the years to create The One Year Project.

In this episode, Brianna shares the story of her entrepreneurship journey. We also talk about the importance of in-person networking for your business.

Sep 13, 201813:33
Estie Rand on 3 Things Every Successful Business Needs
Sep 10, 201817:07
Nathan Hirsch on Building a Multi-Million Dollar Business
Sep 06, 201812:33
Business Advice for INFJ Women with Leslie McDaniel
Sep 03, 201810:15
Entrepreneur Secrets with Business Coach Brian Bergford
Aug 30, 201823:40
Interview with Real Estate Entrepreneur Valarie R. Brooks

Interview with Real Estate Entrepreneur Valarie R. Brooks

Valarie R. Brooks is a nationally known real estate mogul, investor and, entrepreneur. She’s the owner of Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate, a brokerage agency. She also provides guidance to other entrepreneurs on how to dominate and become top earners through, Destination You Inc.

In this episode, Valarie shares advice for those wanting to get started in the real estate business. She talks about how she got started in the business and why she’d like to have lunch with Beyoncé.

Aug 27, 201816:01
Facing Your Entrepreneurial Fears with Lauree Ostrofsky

Facing Your Entrepreneurial Fears with Lauree Ostrofsky

Lauree Ostrofsky is an author, speaker, and coach with her company, Simply Leap which helps A students leap into fulfilling work. Many of them are entrepreneurs and facing the fear of going out on their own as well as other fears. 

In this podcast episode, we discuss doing things in business even though we’re afraid to do them. We also talk about finding the right people to talk to about the scary things we’re doing so as not to have them project their fears on us.

Show notes:

Aug 23, 201821:04
How Kirk Deis Took an In-House Tool and Launched a New Business
Aug 20, 201818:48
How Crystal Etienne Built a 7-Figure Business with No Ad Spend
Aug 16, 201810:35
Going Beyond Your Goals with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
Aug 13, 201818:41
Interview with Serial Entrepreneur Trevor Gaye
Aug 09, 201826:07
From 0 to $1 Million in 3 years with Christopher Watters
Jul 30, 201820:30
How to Find Support as a Business Owner with Genecia Alluora
Jul 26, 201816:07
From No Income to Financial Freedom with Natali Morris
Jul 23, 201819:22
Using Entrepreneurship to Create a Life You Love with Jenna Spencer
Jul 16, 201811:06
The Importance of Business Negotiation with Elizabeth Suárez
Jul 12, 201830:34
How to Set Big Goals for Your Business with Cheryl Sutherland
Jul 05, 201815:16
How to Grow a Site from a Single Blogger to 750+ Contributors with Nissan Ahamed
Jul 02, 201823:24
Cayla Craft on the Power of Positive Thinking in Business
Jun 28, 201816:23
From Concept to Successful E-Commerce Business with Aman Advani
Jun 25, 201813:57
How to Start Your Business Correct Legally with Rachel Brenke
Jun 19, 201827:18
Interview with Serial Entrepreneur &; Author Stacey Banks-Houston
Jun 14, 201810:58
Using Self Awareness to Build a Unique Business with Ali Boone
Jun 05, 201823:33
Fred Griffin Jr. on the Importance of Being Passionate About Your Business
May 29, 201810:14
Jenn Scalia on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
May 18, 201811:31
How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Business with Courtney Blair
May 14, 201814:21
Dennis Friebe on the Power of Failure
May 11, 201818:22
Sonya Stattmann on the Challenges Women Face in the Business World
May 07, 201817:05
How Failure Helped Byron Morrison Start a Successful Business
May 03, 201820:28
How to Start a Subscription Box with Cratejoy’s Ashley Conway
Apr 30, 201814:52
Dannielle S. Lewis on the Power of Positivity in Business

Dannielle S. Lewis on the Power of Positivity in Business

Dannielle S. Lewis of Bankable Diva Ent. started her entrepreneurial journey 13 years ago after a divorce that forced her to learn how to manage her finances. Bankable Diva Ent. specializes in empowering women to take control of their income, ideas, and hobbies, and turn those things into a bankable business.

In this episode, we talk about remaining positive in business, even through the hard times. We talk about being a single mom business owner and give a quick strategy on how to start a side hustle.
Apr 26, 201821:37
James Swanwick on How to Get Your Product in Front of Celebrities
Apr 23, 201823:20
Having Clarity in Your Business with Monica Kade
Apr 19, 201808:60
The Importance of Being Teachable with Steven Picanza
Apr 16, 201815:24
Dr. Lizette on the Importance of Being Intentional in Business
Apr 12, 201817:15
Expert Business Advice from Author & Entrepreneur Tyson E. Franklin
Apr 09, 201834:10
How Jay Black Prepared to Leave Her Job for Entrepreneurship
Apr 05, 201829:15
Interview w/ Mentorly Co-Founders Ashley Werhun & Katherine Macnaughton
Apr 02, 201818:23
Julie Broad on How to Build a Business with a Brand Boosting Book
Apr 01, 201818:27
From Trucker to Real Estate Investor with Whitney Nicely
Mar 31, 201816:31
Serial Entrepreneur Carolin Ricciardi on the Key to Staying Focused

Serial Entrepreneur Carolin Ricciardi on the Key to Staying Focused

Carolin Ricciardi is a serial entrepreneur and mother of 4 young children who compose a part of her “why”. She’s co-founder & Executive VP at e3 Spaces. She’s co-founder & educator for Fit Families. She’s also co-founder of a Mobil marketing tech company. In this episode we discuss why having a goal in mind can help you stay focused as an entrepreneur. She shares her story growing up with an entrepreneur father. 

Mar 30, 201816:18
Lyndsay Phillips on How to Grow Your Business w/ Sales Funnels
Mar 29, 201821:01
How to Find the Best Social Network for Your Business w/ Thea Orozco
Mar 29, 201817:30
Hilary Jastram on the Power of "Why Not?"
Mar 23, 201827:20
The Simple Change That Tripled Josh Haynam's Business
Mar 19, 201817:44
How to Use Social Media for Your New Business with Francesca Ragucci
Mar 11, 201832:30
How to Create the Life You Want by Being Intentional with Camille Preston
Mar 07, 201817:48
How to Go Full Time in Your Business with Aprille Reed
Mar 06, 201820:01
How to Build a Startup for Under $1,000 with Henry Keculah Jr.
Feb 26, 201821:01