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Adaverse Startup School

Adaverse Startup School

By Adaverse Startup School

Resources, expert advice, and investor insights for web3 founders.
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Marketing for a Web3 Startup

Adaverse Startup SchoolMar 31, 2023

Marketing for a Web3 Startup

Marketing for a Web3 Startup

In the early days of any business, getting the word out about your product or service is critical to your success. This has been the case for businesses throughout history, and it’s the case for those startups in the Web3 sector.

In this episode of Startup School, we’re exploring the different marketing techniques available to Web3 startups to maximize exposure to and buy-in from the market and stakeholders therein.

Talking points

- What is marketing, and what it looks like in Web3

- What it means to market within the Web3 sector

- Frameworks used to construct a marketing strategy

- Breaking down customer journeys to optimize marketing

- Developing a brand narrative in the Web3 space

- Considerations when formulating a campaign

- Alternative marketing channels to utilize for Web3 products

- The perils of social media marketing: likes and followers that don’t count

- Good SEO strategy for Web3 startups

- The media landscape looks like in Web3

- Quality over quantity when it comes to marketing and PR

Mar 31, 202349:37
Fundraising as a Web3 Startup

Fundraising as a Web3 Startup

In this episode, we speak to Abdul Rahman of InnMind about how and when to raise as a web3 startup. 

Talking points:

  1. Timing your raise
  2. Market conditions to look out for
  3. Addressable market considerations: growth and exit strategies
  4. Fundraising timeframes
  5. What to expect when you’re raising
  6. Tools to use and material to prepare
  7. Checking out grants and hackathons
  8. Avoid outsourcing everything
Mar 17, 202326:52
Adaverse Startup School Intro

Adaverse Startup School Intro

Welcome to Adaverse’s Startup School, a collection of resources, expert advice, and investor insights for web3 founders.

Mar 13, 202300:21