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Startup Mindsets

Startup Mindsets

By Dan Gonzales

Welcome to Startup Mindsets! Dan Gonzales and Earl Valencia will be your hosts. Each week, we'll dive into how founders across technology and innovation leaders think about running their business and why entrepreneurship is important in today's world. Subscribe & discover your Startup Mindset today! Enjoy the show! :) -Dan and Earl Instagram: @startupmindsetspod Website: Linkedin: Startup Mindsets
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Invest in Startups via Wefunder with VP of Fundraising Jonny Price

Startup MindsetsMay 02, 2022

From Grassroots to Greatness | Lloyed Lobo (Wall Street Journal Bestseller)

From Grassroots to Greatness | Lloyed Lobo (Wall Street Journal Bestseller)

Dan welcomes entrepreneur, author, and certified 🎲 roller, Lloyed Lobo, drops pearls of wisdom on the podcast, I guarantee you it's worth a listen. Lloyed's achieved success in Silicon Valley by bootstrapping

His unique background as a young refugee from Kuwait during the Gulf War has shaped his perspective on community-led growth.

Some concepts to think about:
🤔Who are you going through this life/business journey with?
💭What is your definition of success?
📣Let us know, we've got a worksheet and want to hear from you!
Type your definition of success on this form!

🔑 Points

How much to pay yourself as a startup founder
Coming together from the ground up and leveraging people to go from nothing to impact while dealing with risk and uncertainty
True leaders instill purpose, not just goals
Going from engineer to cold-caller to startup founder

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Connect with Lloyed on LinkedIn:

Buy Lloyed’s new book, 'From Grassroots To Greatness: 13 Rules to Build Iconic Brands with Community Led Growth' (Top New Release on Amazon) at
Oct 17, 202356:18
Starting a Quant Fund in a Dorm: Michael Mills Founder of Infinitary Fund

Starting a Quant Fund in a Dorm: Michael Mills Founder of Infinitary Fund

Today's guest, Mike Mills, is on pursuit of a bold idea and has combined his passion for mathematics/economics to create Infinitary Fund.

  • Mike talks about winning limited partners over, leveraging technology to select investments, thoughts on the US economy, and being an entrepreneur.

About Infinitary Fund:

  • Infinitary Fund is a limited partnership based in New York that provides investment advice in the form of a pooled-investment vehicle designed for long-term investors.
  • The Infinitary Fund was created using an algorithm developed by Nicolas B. Spoors. We recognized the value of data, the significance of analyzing it properly, and the benefits of a stable investment strategy. Combining these three elements we have been able to perform competitively while staying true to our core belief: prioritize research.

📣 Connect with Mike on Linkedin

Contact Infinitary Fund:

Oct 16, 202349:10
Rewriting Your Script with Mindfulness: Cari Jacobs Crovetto

Rewriting Your Script with Mindfulness: Cari Jacobs Crovetto

Oct 04, 202301:08:02
Raising a 150M Series B with Dan Wang VP of Finance at Iterative Health

Raising a 150M Series B with Dan Wang VP of Finance at Iterative Health

Dan Wang joins Startup Mindsets to discuss his role as VP of Finance/Operations at Iterative Health

  • How Iterative Health uses computer vision and AI to enable doctors to make more informed decision for patients
  • The advantages an MBA can provide in a career
  • Joining an early stage startup with a ton of uncertainty
  • Working in a startup vs huge corporation
  • Raising a series B over 100M and applying that capital to grow the business
  • What are startup proof points?
Sep 26, 202358:46
AI in Recruiting with Rolescale CEO Mehdi Taifi

AI in Recruiting with Rolescale CEO Mehdi Taifi

In this episode of "Startup Mindsets" we dive headfirst into the fascinating notion of how AI is set to change recruiting and hiring with Mehdi Taifi, CEO and founder of Rolescale. We also talk working on Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and quitting a career with a safety net to pursue entrepreneurship.

About Mehdi:

Mehdi is the Founder and CEO of RoleScale, a SaaS company specializing in AI based solutions in the recruiting tech space. Mehdi is an experienced founder with over 18 years of Wall Street and Silicon Valley experience combined. He was one of the early joiners at Robinhood where he built and scaled operations for their brokerage division. Mehdi also worked on Wall Street for some of the top investment banks including Bank of New York Mellon and Deutsche Bank.

Giving candidates a fairer chance at landing a job.

Conversation Time Stamps:

(5:00) What Rolescale does/inspiration for starting

(12:00) Being data driven, efficient, and automated to save recruiters time/energy (23:00) Moving from wall street to silicon valley (28:00) Carving out a niche in the recruiting industry (31:00) Helping grow a startup to unicorn status (34:00) Making the decision to leave Robinhood and do a startup full time (40:00) discipline, keep motivating yourself

(42:00) Working with the founders of Robinhood. The value of a humanities/nontechnical degree(45:30) Getting a job in tech is tough (49:00) Miami Tech/startup scene (55:00) Writing and publishing a novel on magical realism (58:00) Is getting a degree in the humanities worth it? (60:00) the value of philosophy, today. (62:00) How art and philosophy ties into a business by taking a logical approach (64:00) Leading a company despite the emotional toll (66:00) understanding team member's motivations and pulse check on how the team is feeling.

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Sep 20, 202301:13:14
Solo Pod with Dan Gonzales (Entrepreneurship)
Sep 15, 202318:49
AI for Legal with Beagle AI CEO: Sergey Demyanov
Sep 06, 202356:04
Philosophy in Business - Shaun Gold (Part 2)
Aug 31, 202326:46
Who is Shaun Gold for 1,000? (Part 1)
Aug 28, 202339:55
#102 Learn New Languages with Hallo AI CEO Joon Beh

#102 Learn New Languages with Hallo AI CEO Joon Beh

Joon Beh founder/CEO of Hallo AI joins the podcast to tell us how 40,000+ people are learning a new language through Hallo Ai's app. Joon explores Hallo AI's uniqueness, where he emphasizes its focus on spoken fluency. The platform's innovative approach positions it ahead of competitors.
Joon Beh's advice resonates as he reflects on entrepreneurship's highs and lows. His impactful presence inspires confidence in Hallo AI's potential to transform language learning worldwide.

Throughout our conversation with Joon, we discuss:

How AI is built into their core product.
Hallo provides the opportunity to speak with an interface in dialogue.
Having the idea for Hallo on a roadtrip to LA and talking about creating Hallo with his siblings.
Persevering as a founder who was having visa issues but earned a green card to follow an entrepreneurial dream in the USA.
(17:30) The exciting life of an entrepreneur who wears many different hats
Creating a startup as a nontechnical founder and interviewing 1000 cofounding engineers

Key Talking Points

Joon's background and passion for languages

Genesis of Hallo AI

Unique features of Hallo AI

The role of AI technology, including ChatGPT and other APIs, in developing Hallo AI

The unique experiences and roles that come with running a startup compared to established companies

Comparing traditional methods with innovative technology solutions like Hallo AI

How language learning can change lives and open up new opportunities

Joon shares insights on user acquiring 40k users and building a business

Learning from challenges and pivots

Show Links
Download Hallo on the Apple or Google Play Store and start practicing and speaking a new language today!
Follow Hallo on Instagram/TikTok.
Connect with Joon on Linkedin.

Make sure you follow us on Social and join our newsletter to receive powerful self development insights.
Aug 20, 202355:04
When Does Your Startup Need a Lawyer? Steven Weigler CEO of EmergeCounsel

When Does Your Startup Need a Lawyer? Steven Weigler CEO of EmergeCounsel

We've all heard the Theranos story of how Elizabeth Holmes lied to investors about groundbreaking technology and the lawsuit that followed. Or maybe you watch Silicon Valley and have seen how Hooli filed suit against Pied Piper for creating the software while at Hooli.

Legal work is important to startups especially when looking to create a patent or protect the company from breaking the law.

Key Talking Points

  • How to protect and build value in a brand.
  • How can I protect my brand from infringement? (a.k.a. Knocked Off)
  • Why business sellers should be cautious when international buyers come calling. They could be trying to get your intellectual property, which is very common, and caution will protect you from such buyers.

Steven Weigler is the Founder and Managing Partner of EmergeCounsel, whose mission is to provide a worldwide clientele legal counsel on the protection of intellectual property and business assets at a lower price point than large legal firms.

Steve's received many awards, including being named a Super Lawyer for three consecutive years (2021-2023).

Time Stamps for your convenience

22:00 The lack of structure in entrepreneurship

25:00 The unpredictability of startup life as an entrepreneur

29:00 Comparing and contrasting being an employee to entrepreneur

42:00 Working in a city good for your soul

48:00 Just incredible sound bites on running a business

Learn more about EmergeCounsel at

Jul 10, 202355:51
RT Custer CEO of Vortic Watch Company ⏱

RT Custer CEO of Vortic Watch Company ⏱

Today, RT Custer an American entrepreneur stops by the podcast to tell us his story of salvaging and restoring antique American pocket watches expertly preserved into one-of-a-kind wristwatches.

We talk about getting through all the hurdles as an entrepreneur and scaling to seven figures. This included battling a court case against Swatch and winning to keep his company and product alive. RT tells us the company almost failed three times before growing to what it is today.

Don't miss the fascinating story of

  • Getting a watch on Mr. Wonderful aka Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank.
  • Marketing advice when it comes to email e-commerce

Learn more about Vortic Watch Company and own a piece of American history :

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Jun 23, 202359:57
Making 🗺️ Mapquest: Chris Heivly on Building the Fort 🏰

Making 🗺️ Mapquest: Chris Heivly on Building the Fort 🏰

Our guest, Chris Heivly, talks about his experience starting MapQuest and compares starting a company as an adult to building a fort in the woods as a kid. He also shares lessons he has learned as he has become a mentor for many other start up companies.

Chris Heivly is an accomplished executive in the information-technology sector with proven experience in marketing, sales, business development, investment finance, and operations. He was a co-founder of MapQuest (sold to AOL for $1.2B), a managing director of 77 Capital (a $25 million venture fund) and has been an executive at five other companies.

Key Takeaways

Channel your inner 10 year old when approaching creating anything
How to start and scale startup communities in nascent cities
Starting will eventually create a path to work on so stop talking about ideas and work on them
How Mapquest came to be
His new book Build the Fort

Purchase Chris' Book, Build the Fort The Startup Community Builder's Field Guide on Amazon:
Jun 08, 202348:11


Entrepreneurship and self-development go hand in hand. We've all likely seen an instagram reel with motivational speaker audio suggesting we can overcome challenges and look cool while doing so. But success is not instant, it takes time, sacrifices, dedication, and hard work.

I also share a lesson in paying monthly sales tax and talk about why not having a boss or immediate consequences can come back to make things harder for you as an entrepreneur. I'm learning how to balance time to recharge with being able to handle the work on my own.

May 25, 202309:09
The inspirational story of Ethan A. Poetic Round 2 🏈
May 24, 202301:13:04
E96: Sustainability Sells with Ettitude's President Kat Dey

E96: Sustainability Sells with Ettitude's President Kat Dey

Ettitude is a material innovation company and sets itself apart from traditional bedding manufacturers.

  • Kat Dey joins the podcast to talk about how sustainability can be sexy and profitable. We discuss entrepreneurship
  • Starting a business while working a corporate job and in business school
  • Meeting consumer demand with a novel solution
  • Why bamboo is better for textiles and how Ettitude's product supports sustainability
  • Running a an ecommerce brand Kat is a serial entrepreneur and executive, named one of “35 People to Watch in New York Tech” and “EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman” in 2016. Having fallen in love with ettitude's products and mission, Kat joined Ettitude in early 2018 to help expand the company globally. Prior to ettitude, Dey had a decade of experience scaling mission-driven brands. In 2012, Dey founded Try The World, a direct to consumer food subscription company, which disrupted the global artisanal food supply chain. It was named by Crains NY as the #3 fastest growing company in New York before it was acquired in 2017.  About Ettitude: Ettitude is a fabric innovation company and a lifestyle brand making the world’s softest, most sustainable materials with our patented and carbon neutral CleanBamboo® fibers. They are on a mission to create next-gen fabrics and products that reduce our impact and support the health of  the planet. CleanBamboo is a lyocell made from bamboo, and uses absolutely zero toxic chemicals in the process, unlike all other bamboo fabrics on the market made using viscose or rayon technology. Bamboo made bedwear such as bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases to name a few. Bamboo sheets are cool and breathable, allowing you to get the best and most restful sleep every night. Made from sustainably-sourced bamboo, our bamboo sheets are durable, moisture-wicking and unbelievably soft. Bamboo sheets are also naturally temperature regulating so you’ll sleep comfortably without getting too hot at night, no matter what season it is. While bamboo sheets require more specific care than standard sheets, they’re worth the additional maintenance to ensure your best sleep. 

    DISCOUNT for Startup Mindsets Listners: Take $25 off your purchase from Ettitude of $150 or more with code: startupmindsets

May 14, 202352:06
Building Startup Network 🌍 Europe: Adam Fulham ☘️
May 01, 202301:06:10
Annexus Health 🩺 on Innovating within the Patient Care Journey with Co-Founder/CEO Joe Baffone
Apr 27, 202353:26
⛏ Breaking the Boundaries to Real Estate with John Green, CEO/Founder of Nada
Mar 29, 202352:54
Embracing Remote Work with Ali Greene, Co-Author of Remote Works 🏖
Mar 21, 202348:31
Blending the Real and Digital 🌍 with Daniil and David Liberman

Blending the Real and Digital 🌍 with Daniil and David Liberman

This week on the Startup Mindsets, we'll meet Daniil and David Liberman, two brothers who share a passion for innovation. The Liberman brothers were born and raised in Russia, they moved to the United States in 2014 to pursue their business dreams. In this episode, we focus on their most recent venture creating a way to buy shares in people called Humanism and working on their own startup, Product Science.

We also touch on working at Snap. as product designers where they helped introduce avatars, bitmoji, and animation.
Watch the full episode to gain insight into some of their favorite features including filters and lenses as well as their contribution in pushing the boundaries of Augmented Reality by creating experiences that blend the real world with digital elements.

Time Stamps:
(1:26) Doing business with family
(5:10) Creating Kernel AR which was sold to Snap. Inc for 40M USD
(10:57) Working as Product Directors at Snap.
(24:07) Working with their family members on multiple companies
(26:09) Letting people buy shares in other people via Humanism
(36:58) Product Science
Mar 01, 202358:38
🔋 Energy is Everything with⚡️Simon Alexander Ong: Author of Energize
Feb 23, 202301:03:52
Co Own a Home 🏡 Using Cher: Eric Chebil CEO/Founder
Feb 16, 202341:54
#90 How Ideaflow Fuels Problem Solving with Author Jeremy Utley (Director of Executive Education at Stanford's Design School)
Jan 23, 202336:02
Chat GPT Onfolio Yury Byalik on remote work, SEO, and adopting new technology in business

Chat GPT Onfolio Yury Byalik on remote work, SEO, and adopting new technology in business

Chat GPT Onfolio’s Yury Byalik on remote work, SEO, and adopting new technology in business
Jan 17, 202350:58
Dr. Ghaz Samandari

Dr. Ghaz Samandari

Happy New Year! 🎊 Ghaz aka Ghazaleh joins Startup Mindsets to discuss how her 2 decades in public health traveling the 🌍 left her burnt out and seeking a new career as a personal coach.
We talk best country chips, how one can get involved in humanitarian efforts, and what it’s like working in Paris.
As the Founder of 9 Paths Development, Dr. Ghaz Samandari, PhD is a Health Behavior Scientist, ICF-certified Integral Development coach and trauma-informed practitioner who has worked with communities of women, government leaders and a variety of organizations in over 30 different countries. With a PhD in Health Behavior Science and extensive experience in the Humanitarian field, Dr. Ghaz Samandari combines health science and evaluation methods with her training in leadership coaching to provide whole-system solutions for organizations seeking to make an impact. How the Humanitarian field can help tech companies build inclusive workplace cultures for everyone to thrive. (Dr. Ghaz Samandari has worked in 30 countries across the world as a Health Behaviour Scientist supporting teams on the ground helping rebuild communities after war, famine
Jan 06, 202351:27
🌳 Grass to Saas: The Story of Drop Delivery with CEO Vanessa Gabriel

🌳 Grass to Saas: The Story of Drop Delivery with CEO Vanessa Gabriel

Aloha! (Recorded from Waikiki)

Innovation in a highly regulated market such as cannabis can be tricky to navigate. Enter, Drop, the software solution that empowers cannabis businesses to deliver more and manage less. They provide you with the essential tools to take control of your business – from delivery logistics to powerful marketing and inventory management.

Vanessa previously co-founded Greenlight Technologies, a leading order-ahead and digital loyalty software in the cannabis industry, which was acquired in 2018. She’s been recognized by Forbes Next 1000, Marijuana Venture 40 under 40, and is a part of the Rolling Stone Culture Council.

Key Points
Choosing Entrepreneurship over college in a Filipino family
How entrepreneurship led to getting a better job
Dec 27, 202246:16
📒 Fostering Valuable Change: Author Brendon Baker (Part 1)

📒 Fostering Valuable Change: Author Brendon Baker (Part 1)

Brendon Baker joins us from Canberra, Australia to talk about his debut book, Valuable Change.  He is the Founder and Managing Director of Valuable Change Co, a management agency that helps leaders keep transformation simple and ensure it pays off. Their clients include high-growth tech firms, well-known Australian household names like AGL and South32, and all three levels of the Australian Government. For many organizations, change often involves long meetings, lots of reports, confusion about the goals, and worry about how long it will take and cost. These complexities make 85% of change initiatives in companies worthless. Brendon has 12+ years experience in change management and believes the profession has over-complicated change management approaches. He has taken it upon himself to simplify it and in doing so help change leaders drive real value. We discuss what every change leader needs to know to ensure any change they lead delivers the desired results, and what valuable change looks like. Scientifically-backed momentum strategies that change leaders can use to accelerate their change success. In particular, he could talk about an idea called the momentum path that enables leaders to diagnose the current momentum level of each of their team members. Brendon's tips on how to generate phenomenal change buy-in at your organization. 💡Valuable Takeaways 👇 Reward - Pain = Decision Humans do not like pain, learn how to maximize the reward and minimize the pain to make decisions easier.  Change comes in ripples.   Follow Brendon's work on Linkedin and his website.  Purchase the Valuable Change Book on Amazon:
Dec 19, 202253:08
🎉 Creating Unforgettable Team Building Experiences with Confetti: Lee Rubin CEO/Founder

🎉 Creating Unforgettable Team Building Experiences with Confetti: Lee Rubin CEO/Founder

Confetti brings teams together via virtual events and team bonding experiences like no one else. Boasting a customer list of Netflix, Google, Spotify, Linkedin and Caterpillar, Confetti re imagines team togetherness and adds value to organizations in intangible ways. Lee tells us the majority of their customer base comes from inbound interest.
We hear Lee's experience fundraising up to series A with Correlation Ventures participating. Lee tells us what it’s been like scaling this operation, her mindset as an entrepreneur, and so much more. Confetti's platform allows companies to seamlessly book fully-customizable, multi-vendor virtual gatherings for their employees in just a few clicks. From online games and hosted game shows to shippable experiences, our platform contains dozens of interesting and unique virtual experiences to support our customers’ desire for fresh and fun ideas.

Their platform is already loved by 2,500+ companies such as Google, Facebook, Spotify, and many other startups, firms and agencies
Dec 06, 202242:02
Disability is not Inability 👟 Billy Price CEO of Billy Footwear
Dec 05, 202256:48
How VCs Analyze Investment Opportunities in AI/Big Data ~ Kenn So
Nov 29, 202245:31
Crypto to Skincare: Jeremy Gardner Founder of Mademan, Augur, Blockchain Education Network

Crypto to Skincare: Jeremy Gardner Founder of Mademan, Augur, Blockchain Education Network

Jeremy Gardner is famous for being a really early investor in Ethereum and Bitcoin. But those days are well behind him. Today, he joins Startup Mindsets to talk his newest endeavor in men's skincare, Mademan. Purchase your skincare kit from

WE also discuss a variety of topics such as masculinity, handling fame and money, and how to be a successful entrepreneur. Jeremy is one of the most well-known early entrepreneurs and evangelists in the crypto space. In 2014, while in college, he founded the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), a global educational nonprofit. Shortly after, Jeremy cofounded Augur, the decentralized prediction market platform, the first ever ICO, “utility token,” and DeFi app on Ethereum.
Nov 25, 202201:02:14
Growing Remote Development Teams with Insquad Alex Svinov Founder/CEO

Growing Remote Development Teams with Insquad Alex Svinov Founder/CEO

Alex Svinov is a serial entrepreneur with a goal of founding a new company every 2 years. Alex takes us through how he operates Insquad, a remote hiring platform for startups in need of software developers.

We also talk about how to make difficult decisions, is entrepreneurship more art or science, and startup mindsets.

Scale your team 4x faster with remote Insquad Startup developers

Curated senior remote results-driven talents
Interview tomorrow, hire in two weeks
Keep it lean: legal, tax, and payments covered
Nov 11, 202246:35
Laughter 🤣 at Work with Paul Osincup, Professional Humor Strategist

Laughter 🤣 at Work with Paul Osincup, Professional Humor Strategist

Paul Osincup is a one of a kind talent, having found a way to incorporate laughter in business settings and work environments. Paul is a professional humor strategist who has been trusted by corporations like Discover, Nasdaq, Harvard Kennedy School, and Kaiser Permanente to name a few. He's also a TedX speaker with over 400k plays on Youtube.
It turns out that Paul is a former Director of Conflict Resolution at my alma mater UC Riverside and on the show he shares funny stories from being a dean, doing standup comedy, to using humor to create favorable outcomes.
Paul uses his experience in improv and stand-up comedy to entertain and engage audiences, while delivering research-based best practices. Make sure you check out Paul's content and services to find out how he can benefit your organization.
Nov 08, 202201:04:26
Sweeping Floors to Founding India’s Largest Design Agency: Lollipop

Sweeping Floors to Founding India’s Largest Design Agency: Lollipop

Anil Reddy started as a caricature artist in India, growing up in poverty he had to find a way to pay for college which meant sweeping the floors while going to school.
From humble beginnings sweeping classroom floors to founding and scaling Lollypop Design to India's best design studio with offices around the globe, Anil speaks about his life story and how a passion for creating art coupled with patience took him far. His simplicity and goodness with a mix of humour can leave you hypnotized for a lifetime
We hear how anyone can become a good designer and discuss, technology ethics, and the struggles/perseverance required in entrepreneurship.
We also talk about whether entrepreneurship is art or science.
Founding Lollypop Design, first customer stories to how Lollypop achieved the success it has today. Some stats on Lollypop: One Billion+Lives Touched, 30+ Global Awards, 300+ Clients
Oct 31, 202201:12:05
Karissma Yve CEO/Founder of Gildform on Creating a Jewlery Startup, Meeting Richard Branson, and Finding Inspiration

Karissma Yve CEO/Founder of Gildform on Creating a Jewlery Startup, Meeting Richard Branson, and Finding Inspiration

Karissma Yve is a fascinating entrepreneur, combining her passion for jewelry and technology she created Gildform.
Gildform is the all in one jewelry 3D print on demand jewelry design technology and manufacturing platform empowering creators to create jewelry products from concept to creation.
We hear about pearls of wisdom from going on a bike ride with Richard Branson in the Virgin Islands to her operating style as a CEO. She also speaks about bringing innovation to the jewelry industry and creating opportunities for jewelry creators and jewelry CAD designers to monetize their passions
Karissma's passionate about helping all jewelry creators transform their ideas into reality with clients like the Detroit Pistons. Karissma speaks about how she practices having a startup mindset by focusing on progress over perfection.

Thinking about all of the things that can get in your way of achieving your goal and asking what's going to stop you, 9 out of 10 times the answer is yourself.

Enjoy and don't forget to follow Gildform or find out how you can be a user.
Sep 19, 202247:30
Ukrainian Founder Anna Stepura on Following your heart, business, and AI Sport
Sep 14, 202247:03
Ethan A. Poetic's Inspirational Comeback Story

Ethan A. Poetic's Inspirational Comeback Story

Ethan A. Poetic is one of the most inspirational people I've met. From a terrible life threatening car accident to successful regaining his strength again and now on the verge of publishing an autobiography, Ethan embodies the Startup Mindset.

Ethan tells us how he went from "victim" to "VICTOR."
Aug 31, 202227:49
Creating the Creator and Business Marketplace with Madison Long CoFounder/CEO of Clutch

Creating the Creator and Business Marketplace with Madison Long CoFounder/CEO of Clutch

Madison Long founded Clutch in 2019 with her cofounder Simone May.
Madison shares invaluable advice for new entrepreneurs. She says to embrace the chaos and uncertainty.
Sign up for Clutch and Transform the future of work by empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to launch, market, and grow their side-hustles.

Clutch is a side-hustle marketplace that connects the next generation of creators to small businesses looking for affordable digital marketing services. Gen-Z (18-24-year-old) creators have a natural aptitude for social media and graphic design. Still, these companies don't have a central place to seek them out. We bridge that gap while empowering students financially. If you want to hit your target audience, hire your target audience.
Aug 22, 202226:27
Serendipity Meets Tech? Clyx CEO - Alyx Van Der Vorm

Serendipity Meets Tech? Clyx CEO - Alyx Van Der Vorm

Clyx was founded by Alyx while she was at Harvard during the pandemic. She saw that it was hard to hang out with friends because it felt like "having to machine gun text" everyone. Alyx also recalls a moment scrolling on social media thinking why isn't my social life as good as some peers? Their motto STOP SCROLLING START LIVING has catalyzed serendipitous meetups in Miami, Harvard, and Yale University as young people have taken part in the movement.
Alyx tells Dan how the team is making this a reality and how she manages the tasks getting Clyx off the ground.
Find all your friends’ plans in one place by making sure to follow Clyx on social and download the app to try them out.
Jul 18, 202232:36
Founding Freefuse - Mike Liu on Lessons Along The Way From PhD to SASS Startup
Jul 12, 202249:12
Rami Essaid CEO of Finmark on Being a Serial Entrepreneur, and Financial Modelling for Startups/SMBs

Rami Essaid CEO of Finmark on Being a Serial Entrepreneur, and Financial Modelling for Startups/SMBs

Happy 4th of July folks! Today's podcast features Rami Essaid, founder of Finmark.
Rami had a goal of helping founders have a better sense of what their company's future financial picture looks like.
Finmark integrates with your accounting software and CRMs to give a better understanding of current expenses and allows for accurate forecasts of growth.
Rami details pitching 120 investors before getting Finmark's first check and eventually raising a seed round with Bessemer Venture Partners and Draper Associates. We also hear about early entrepreneurship tales like selling shoe polish as a kid and creating a startup with friends.
If you're a founder tired of managing your financial projections with spreadsheets, sign up for Finmark.
Jul 05, 202235:44
Being a Lawyer and Entrepreneur- Brian Potts: Partner at Perkins Coie, Founder of Goods Unite Us & Creator of Legal Keyboard

Being a Lawyer and Entrepreneur- Brian Potts: Partner at Perkins Coie, Founder of Goods Unite Us & Creator of Legal Keyboard

Brian Potts, partner at and named top 100 lawyers in America at Perkins & Coie, shares what it's like launching multiple products like his own keyboard for lawyers, an ETF called $DEMZ traded on the Nasdaq, writing a book called The Jobless Lawyers Handbook, and accelerating growth for his own startup, Goods Unite Us.  I stumbled upon Brian's work on Linkedin when I saw a post he wrote about having 200 job rejections out of law school to becoming a partner at the law firm that once rejected him. I had to reach out to find out the full scoop. As we all know getting rejected from jobs is all too common. In the podcast, Brian details what advice he has for people trying to leap over career hurdles and how he's able to achieve so much in multiple aspects of entrepreneurship.  Be sure to check out his book: The Jobless Lawyers Handbook Download Goods Unite Us to know where brands donate politically and the $DEMZ ETF on your brokerage.  Also feel free to DM Brian about career advice in the legal profession. On Twitter he's @brianhpotts Shoutout to Incued for being our sponsor: Experience Data Driven Investor Relations for your VC/PE portfolio
Jun 24, 202254:13
Thoughts on the Economy, Startups, and Podcast
Jun 16, 202219:17
Mental Health is Wealth: Tamar Blue Founder of Mental Happy YC'18
May 24, 202243:25
Invest in Startups via Wefunder with VP of Fundraising Jonny Price

Invest in Startups via Wefunder with VP of Fundraising Jonny Price

Welcome back to another amazing episode of Startup Mindsets! Hope your year has been great so far! - Dan
Investing in startups was traditinally reserved for the rich or people with access to capital such as VCs. But enter Wefunder, founded by Nick Tomarello in 2013 in an apartment in Noe Valley.
Today we sit down with Jonny Price VP of Fundraising at Wefunder and learn what it's like helping startups raise Community Rounds, persevering internally at Wefunder despite growth challenges. We also learn more about how the public can invest as low as $100 in startups on the platform. Notable companies who've raised on Wefunder include Mercury, Checkr, and Zenefits to name a few.

If you're a startup thinking about a community round, DM Startup Mindsets and we can consult you for free.
May 02, 202244:36
Northstar: Enabling Employee Financial Wellness with Will Peng Founder/CEO

Northstar: Enabling Employee Financial Wellness with Will Peng Founder/CEO

Our guest today is Will Peng born in Taiwan and immigrating to the U.S. he went to Princeton University. It was at his first job out of college that he realized it was hard to understand compensation packages from his employer on top of his personal challenges around student debt.

Will's worked at Red Swan Ventures an early investor in Oscar, Warby Parker, Coinbase prior to creating Northstar.  Since 2016 Will has made it his mission by founding Northstar to guide people in their financial journeys. 

Everyone deserves the best financial advice to make the best decisions for themselves. Employers who use Northstar give their employees access to certified financial planners. There's this unique intersection of financial advice and compensation/benefits from work. 

We talk about landing top clients like Zoom, Snap, Serviceitan, and Nerdwallet to his first customer in the early days. Will also sheds light on what it was like founding the company doing uncomfortable sales calls and how design and sales are closely related. 

Apr 28, 202250:53
Bootstrapping and Selling Your Startup for an Exit - MicroAcquire CEO Andrew Gazdecki

Bootstrapping and Selling Your Startup for an Exit - MicroAcquire CEO Andrew Gazdecki

Serial entrepreneur Andrew Gazdecki joins Startup Mindsets to unpack his story of founding startups and leading them to several exits. Andrew Gazdecki provides an enlightening conversation on how he as a student at Chico State created a majority bootstrapped startup, Bizness Apps, to hit 5 million in revenue and eventually selling it in offer from a private equity firm. We go over, MicroAcquire's startup marketplace, how he build supply and demand, and when bootstrapping makes sense as a founder. From selling beanie babies on Ebay to his successful stints creating startups, Andrew's story is proof that hardwork, timing, and doing what you love lead to noteworthy places. We learn about his new mission of empowering startup founders to achieve liquidity by selling their startups on MicroAcquire's marketplace. Andrew Gazdecki is a four-time startup founder with three-time exits, former CRO, and founder of MicroAcquire. Gazdecki has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as prominent industry blogs such as Mashable, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat.
Apr 25, 202201:12:37
Ukraine Startup Feature: Alyona Mysko CEO of FuelFinance

Ukraine Startup Feature: Alyona Mysko CEO of FuelFinance

Meet Alyona Mysko, CEO of Fuelfinance as she details her experience running a startup while leading her company in the middle of a war. It was humbling to speak to someone going through such a challenging time, we were lost for words trying to fully comprehend the tragedy in Ukraine.
Alyona describes working from a bomb shelter and managing a team while trying to move the needle forward as a founder. Alyona talks about the importance of following a mission during a crisis and what's being done to look out for the team as they navigate Russia's attack.
If you're a startup exec and want the value a CFO can bring without having to hire one, check out Fuelfinance's product as they were also feature #1 on ProductHunt.
Head to Spend with Ukraine to support Ukraine founders and businesses.
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Neurodivergent/Autistic Entrepreneur & Investor Greg Shepard Founder of BOSS Capital on Pushing Passed Internal & External Barriers
Apr 14, 202201:07:22