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State of the Markets

State of the Markets

By State of the Markets Podcast

Home of the Financial & Media Podcast With Tim Price & Paul Rodriguez
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#147 Martin Cohen - author and critical thinker - rethinking thinking

State of the MarketsApr 02, 2022

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Oct 01, 202301:47:57
#184 Jonathan Escott - Honest Money Initiative
Sep 19, 202302:00:02
#183 Tom Roderick - Macro Hedge funds and Sherbet
Sep 09, 202301:27:29
#182 Dana Samuelson -

#182 Dana Samuelson -

Recorded 18 Jul 2023

Dana is the Founder and President of American Gold Exchange (AGE), a leading national precious metals and rare coin company specializing in dealer-to-dealer trading and direct-to-consumer sales. 

He has been active in the physical gold and silver markets for 42 years and is a nationally recognized expert on vintage, pre-1933 US gold and silver coins. 

Dana is also recognized as an authority in the precious metals industry and has been interviewed by major media outlets, including Forbes, Market Watch, and Fox Business.

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State of the Markets Podcast

Tim Price of

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Aug 27, 202301:26:28
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Aug 06, 202301:05:00
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