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State of the Markets

State of the Markets

By State of the Markets Podcast

Home of the Financial & Media Podcast With Tim Price & Paul Rodriguez
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#177 Brad Barrett - One Capital Management

State of the MarketsJun 07, 2023

#177 Brad Barrett - One Capital Management
Jun 07, 202301:48:04
#176 Alan Miller - Together Declaration
May 19, 202301:30:17
#175 - Jack Gibson - Real Estate, Bitcoin, Equities and Poker
Apr 25, 202301:30:00
#174 Akhil Patel - This valuable signal could infer the market direction for years
Apr 11, 202301:36:08
#173 Glen Goodman - Trading crashes and the outlook for Bitcoin
Mar 19, 202302:04:34
#172 Ian William - Outperformance in trading and investing -
Mar 12, 202301:25:50
#171 Rob Dix - The Price of Money
Feb 26, 202301:20:45
#170 Mark GB - Conspiracy Theorist
Feb 26, 202302:14:13
#169 Heini Beretta -
Feb 12, 202301:11:46
#168 Charlie Morris - A BOLD start to the year
Jan 29, 202301:05:43
#167 David Murrin - This asset could double by year end
Jan 22, 202350:17
#166 Dominic Frisby - Predictions for 2023 and Kisses on a Postcard xxx
Jan 08, 202358:03
#165 Sarah Plumley - The State of the UK Education system - and what to do about it
Dec 21, 202201:38:49
#164 Toya Zhang, - FTX Fallout and the way forward for Crypto

#164 Toya Zhang, - FTX Fallout and the way forward for Crypto

Toya is chief Marketing officer at

RECORDED 21 Nov 2022


The Newsroom

Bryan Callen

Veritasium - Fritz Haber, The Man who killed Millions and saved Billions

State of the Markets Podcast

Tim Price of 

Paul Rodriguez

Nov 27, 202201:13:11
#163 Steven Wilkinson
Nov 20, 202201:46:58
#162 Bryan Moore - Harbor Capital

#162 Bryan Moore - Harbor Capital

RECORDED 20 Oct 2022 

MEDIA PICKS The Beast Within - the making of Alien

 Boys in the boat 

State of the Markets Podcast 

Tim Price of Podcast links: Paul Rodriguez

Oct 31, 202256:21
#161 Scott Campbell - Captain Yankee Jock
Oct 23, 202201:36:00
#160 Vitaliy Katsenelson - Soul in the Game
Sep 21, 202201:25:49
#159 Francis Hunt - The Market Sniper - Special Update
Sep 11, 202201:14:09
#158 James Delingpole - Good vs Evil
Sep 11, 202201:49:15
#157 Peter Castle - Systematic Trading and Zen
Jul 31, 202201:18:32
#156 Return of The Market Sniper
Jul 24, 202201:56:15
#155 Dominic Frisby & Martin Cohen - A Markets and Comedy SPECIAL
Jul 15, 202201:31:49
#154 David Murrin - 'Get your Tin Hats, the stock market is going to crash'
Jul 03, 202201:20:15
#153 - Akhil Patel - Cycle low or more downside for equities?

#153 - Akhil Patel - Cycle low or more downside for equities? 

Akhil became interested in economic cycles during his school years when he came across Henry George’s Progress and Poverty, which explained why economies go through periods of boom and bust. Later on, he witnessed the negative effects of not understanding economic cycles when his family’s business went through difficult periods during the major recessions in the early 1990s and during the global financial crisis after 2008. He became determined to develop a body of work that would help people – whether they were investors, business owners or those just interested in doing something with their savings to grow their wealth or manage their affairs through the course of these economic cycles.  Akhil has professional experience in audit, central government and international banking and has worked on a range of issues from reviewing large infrastructure public private partnerships (PPP) deals to helping establish the UK’s £3 billion International Climate Fund. He has two Masters Degrees (in Finance and Public Policy) and a first degree in the Classics from Oxford. He is also currently a principal policy advisor to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). (Source: )

State of the Markets Podcast

Tim Price of

Podcast links:

Paul Rodriguez

Jun 23, 202255:24
#152 Harry Miller - The Bad Law Project