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Stay Woke Sis

Stay Woke Sis

By Devon J Hall

Stay Woke Sis is a reminder to women of color that their stories and voices matter. Each week Savannah Worley, Nada Chehade, and Devon J Hall The Loud Mouth Brown Girl bring you topics that matter to women from around the globe. Check us out in the coming summer.
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Open, Honest, and Unapologetic

Stay Woke SisNov 09, 2022

Open, Honest, and Unapologetic
Nov 09, 202243:26
Questions and Answers Between Friends
Nov 02, 202259:30
Politics Done Right With Egberto Willies
Oct 29, 202250:01
The Art of Story Telling with Noel B
Oct 29, 202259:28
Branding Mental Health with Rachel Lee
Oct 22, 202201:07:10
What is Majick?

What is Majick?

Majick is the understanding that in this world there can be only one, Rachel True inspired thousands of little girls to believe they can be anything, and all she did was sign a movie contract. All she did? She changed the world of majick forever, she made it clear that little Black girls are not to be messed with because the character may have been a bit of a dud, but the woman was a generation in the making. 

Oct 20, 202205:25
Introducing Stay Lifted Sis

Introducing Stay Lifted Sis

It's not quite 45 minutes, but Stay Lifted Sis's Devon J Hall sits down with herself to get real about her past as the host of Comfortably Uncomfortable Conversations and what it means to be the Loud Mouth Brown Girl, author of not one but two books on mental health, with a third on the way. Go to for more info from Devon J Hall and the LMBG Galaxy

Oct 18, 202209:35
@Tinu, The Brown Girl Black Faerie Exists!!!

@Tinu, The Brown Girl Black Faerie Exists!!!

I have wanted to find a Loud Mouth Brown Girl Faerie, a girl who looks like me, who speaks to the things that I speak to. The disability issues I face, the struggles I face thinking I need to be perfect for everyone. In this beautiful to me episode, Tinu inspires me to remember that just because I don't speak to people like me often enough, doesn't mean they don't exist at all. 

Tinu (Tea-Nu), has inspired me, cherished me and welcomed me with open arms, and shared her journey without apology, I appreciate her for spending time with me. You can follow Tinu On Twitter, @Tinu. 

Find Tinu @ Everywhere Accessible which she amazingly founded.

Oct 15, 202251:42
Jessica James English and Fabulous
Jun 30, 202256:04
Dr Ashly Is A Superhero
Jun 22, 202254:21
As Intended All Natural
Jun 15, 202245:23
Wally the Wookie

Wally the Wookie

Trigger Warning for conversations about Child abuse and child sex abuse. <br /><br />During this conversation, Wally and Devon discuss Black Lives Matter, The LGBTQ+2 Community, Kamala Harris and Politics and so much more. Please be aware that this conversation may trigger something inside of you, so listen with care.
Aug 16, 202001:01:58