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By Stella

These are overwhelming, turbulent times, but that also means there is major potential to fill the cracks with new ideas and to transform these destructive systems.
There are specific root causes for problems and holistic solutions everywhere. There is room for prosperity, there is room for regeneration and a shift in values.
Another reality is possible and that is what we're exploring here today.

Welcome to Sage Talking🌍🌊☀
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LNG terminals, the EU-Mercosur trade and evasive polititians

SageTalkingApr 17, 2021

Stephen Lester on the toxicology of the Ohio train derailment🚂🧪

Stephen Lester on the toxicology of the Ohio train derailment🚂🧪

Stephen Lester is the science director with the Center for Health, Environment & Justice.

The Center works with grassroots groups around the US that are dealing with toxic chemical problems.

On February 3rd, 2023 a train derailment occurred in East Palestine, Ohio.

Approximately 38 cars derailed, 10 - 12 of which contained toxic chemicals of the likes of vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, benzene, ethyl hexyl acrylate and ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.

Stories like these have the tendency to make headlines and then disappear quickly from public conscience, owed to the fact that big things happen every other day.

So , we are revisiting the event, looking at the actions that were taken, or rather not taken by the authorities, the EPA and Norfolk Southern (the company owning the freight train that carried the chemicals), shedding light on the impact of the chemicals released on life and health, now and in the future.

We ask questions like:

-Was the action taken after the event appropriate?

-Why wasn't the EPA testing for specific chemicals?

-Was it necessary for Norfolk Southern to conduct a controlled burn of the already spilled chemicals?

-Why were people told to return home BEFORE any testing was done?

Stephen remarks that the choice of the EPA to only test for generic classes of groups of chemicals instead of testing for specific chemicals for the first few weeks was "pretty inadequate and really poorly planned".

He also states that until he came onto the scene, raising the issue of dioxins, no one seemed to be aware that this was something to be concerned about.

In fact the EPA had even said that there was NO reason to test for dioxins in the area.

Following public pressure the EPA then did not test for dioxins themselves but asked the company to do its own testing.

Norfolk Southern hired a consultant who put together a proposal, which Stephen noted, left much to criticize.

So the company who was responsible for the disaster was told to do their own testing for dioxins, which they have not released the results on.

Of course many questions were raised about the integrity of this testing.

We are once again missing accountability and appropriate conduct from a company responsible for damage to life on earth.

Thank you to Stephen and people like Lois Gibbs, who founded the Center for Health, Environment & Justice⁠ for supporting communities on the ground at times where support and guidance is desperately needed🌱☀

Read the article Stephen wrote for the Guardian here: "Here's the real reason the EPA doesn't want to test for toxins in East Palestine"

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌊☀🌍

which came alive through the voices of

Stephen Lester

and your host Stella Sage🌿

May 25, 202341:04
The Club of Rome and the UN SDGs w/ Dr. Mariana Bozesan 🌱📚

The Club of Rome and the UN SDGs w/ Dr. Mariana Bozesan 🌱📚

The Club of Rome was founded about 50 years ago by an industrialist who saw that if society continued living the same way,

we would eventually be using up all resources - owed to the fact that we are using them up faster than the planet can replenish them.

He commissioned four Harvard scientists to work on a simulation to see if this was really true and the results of the research showed that it was just as he had feared.

In the first publication by the Club of Rome - "The Limits to Growth" - the scientist warned about climate change and the depletion of resources, over 5o

years ago, yet not much has happened to counteract or stop the trend and to act on the information presented since it didn't fit the the strong expansion and growth agenda of the time.

Dr. Mariana Bozesan was invited to join the Club of Rome based on her work in integral investing, using capital and technology to address the needs of the planet and to move back into the realm of safe planetary boundaries.

In this episode we touch on the "smart ways" to implement the UN SDG's (UN sustainable development goals), which were developed by scientists from the Club of Rome.

📚Find Mariana's book "Integral Investing" here

Thank you for listening to this Talk☀🌊🌎

which came alive through the voices of

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

and your host Stella Sage🌿

May 05, 202325:27
Dr. Mariana Bozesan Talks about a "schizophrenic system" ⚖💰

Dr. Mariana Bozesan Talks about a "schizophrenic system" ⚖💰

Dr. Mariana Bozesan is an author, award winning integral investor, serial tech entrepreneur and member of the renowned Club of Rome.

I had a lengthy, philosophical and at times even argumentative conversation with Mariana in her Munich home, in a

room filled to the brim with books and more books as well as big portraits of Mahatma Ghandi and Albert Einstein.

We had the type of conversation I want to have much more on the podcast:

different angles and opinions, friendly discourse, revelations, thought provoking, horizon widening and possibly open ended.

Where we are allowed to agree to disagree while having conversations which are conducted with laughter and respect for one another while also being able to say:

"I would like to challenge you on this point:" - after one has voiced their opinion or made an argument.

After all, we are all the sum of our upbringing, environment, belief systems and many different influences and to stay open minded and keep learning is what makes tolerant and expanding minds.

Mariana for one is in the unique position to have experienced not just wealth and prosperity as well as scarcity to the pint of going to school without food.

She has also lived under the influence of two economics systems: Capitalism and Communism

Growing up in communist Romania has inspired Mariana to work hard and make the most of the free education she was offered there.

Mariana has a passion for empowering others to realize their ambitions relating to creating a positive impact.

She is a big believer in uplifting one another and searching for solutions to deal with the many crisis we are faced with, based on science.

She wants to help point out the many things that are right with this world instead of highlighting all the wrongs in order to promote a sense of purpose and direction.

She shares with us her journey to fulfilling her personal needs to the point where she felt she was able and inspired to help fulfill others needs

as well and talks about the schizophrenia she sees in the system that forces us to choose between profit and non-profit and how she detests the concept of "giving back" to people in questionable ways through foundations that give 5 % of the money made to their cause and invest the rest on Wall Street 💰

📚 PS: To read Mariana's book: "Integral Investing, From Profit to Prosperity" click here

Thank you for listening to this Talk☀🌊🌍

which came alive through the voices of

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Apr 21, 202347:36
Dr. Rupini Rajagopalan on the genuity of ESG🏙🌿

Dr. Rupini Rajagopalan on the genuity of ESG🏙🌿


Environmental - Social -Governance

Dr. Rupini Deepa Rajagopalan is head of the ESG office at Berenberg Bank, the second oldest bank in the world.

She built up the ESG office and strategy together with a team, from scratch, after joining in 2018.

She actually coined the term "finance with a heart" and feels like incorporating ESG standards in financial analysis is indispensable.

Though it may sound a bit technical this episode is for everyone.

As ESG is becoming a buzzword and regarded more and more as a widespread solution to "cleaning up" the dirty parts of the investment management and finance industry that is crucial to propping up those industries that are currently wreaking havoc on the world and pushing us closer to climate, societal and ecological breakdown, it is favorable that we try as best we can to develop an understanding of the concept and to question it as well.

Should you be an investor or working in the finance industry then you may be interested in what Rupini can share from her experience.

It is important to Rupini that investors and asset managers look further than solely at financial information and to consider adopting a more holistic view when deciding where money will flow.

Since greenwashing is a problem in every industry and I want us all to stay informed and engaged I asked Rupini to elaborate on a few critical questions:

- Is ESG really enough to truly transform the investment industry?

- Is it genuine and progressive?

- Are there enough genuine change agents in the industry or is it being used as a "sustainable front" to be able to continue business as usual with a "green image"?

- How is incorporating ESG compatible with the fiduciary duty of investors to get returns?

The investment industry is definitely one that needs a big chunk of transformation and the integration of a moral compass that is not geared towards money over everything.

Rupini is a very genuine, kind woman who expressed how fortunate she feels that she is possibly able to play a role in bringing about change and hopefully a bit of heart - to the industry.

If you want to make up your own mind about the Berenberg ESG implementation and strategy feel free to visit their website here.

Thank you for listening to this Talk☀🌊🌍

which came alive through the voices of

Rupini Rajagopalan

and your host host Stella Sage 🌿

Apr 13, 202348:60
Existential economics with Kees Klomp 🌱🌍🏙

Existential economics with Kees Klomp 🌱🌍🏙

Kees Klomp is a professor of applied science at Rotterdam University for Applies Science and the co-founder of THRIVE Institute.

He is also a very wise, kind, funny and humble person who really has a knack for explaining everything you would want to know about economics so clearly

and easy to follow that it makes all those years of high school economics feel redundant because you learned more in one hour with Kees than you ever did in school ;))

In this episode we touch on the ways we are taught about neoclassical economics in school and why that is so problematic:

" It basically boils down society to one big marketplace and as it was all taught to us in our formative years, we have internalized this [...] it basically becomes culture and this is where it gets really problematic."

Kees explains how we associate ourselves with our current economic system and how its inherent flaws also stem from the fact that it solely takes "material needs" into consideration (that in overproduction) which boils us down to walking wallets - which we are not - as we have spiritual, emotional, social,... needs as well.

He also debunks some myths about GDP and the state of our wealth, well-being and economic growth.

He stresses the need for the creation of a society which can flourish and blossom rather than purposelessly hustling from a 9 to 5 every day and

the need for "existential economics" that support all life in co-existence!

And we won't leave you with that cliff hanger and for you to figure out how we get there because Kees will be telling us

about the theory of system change he has developed that includes applicable, realistic steps on how to get closer to

a different reality that many of us desperately want and we all need 🌱🌍

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Kees Klomp

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Apr 06, 202351:14
Valeriya Azarova on climate research and economics👩🏼‍🔬

Valeriya Azarova on climate research and economics👩🏼‍🔬

I spoke to Valeriya on the 67th episode of the podcast and wanted to have her come back

so that we could create a Talk about how an economist and researcher views the mental health crisis related

to the climate crisis and the potential and pitfalls of the current economic model.

Valeriya is a postdoctoral researcher at Ifo Institue and LMU Munich.

She has a PhD in applied econometrics and is currently doing a research stay at the University of California where she is researching her topics of passion ->

the effects of climate change on mental health using real world data.

More specifically the mental health expenditures driven by climate change,

how that will develop in the future, possible mitigation and adaptation strategies to help us prepare for possible negative impacts.

Valeriya has very diverse knowledge which is why I wanted to know different things from her like:

- what the biggest advantages and design flaws are in the current economic system - in her opinion.

The answers she gives come from a rather scientific mind and are quite cool-headed, it struck me that she looks at data and analyzes it

in different ways than many other people I have talked to, as we often tend to go with gut feelings and emotions as well as with our heads,

whereas Valeriya for example drew attention to the fact that it is difficult to "measure" happiness , therefore we must recognize that there are indeed people who are "happy" in the current economic system.

It is a very interesting conversation that has introduced a different view and tone to the podcast.

We hope you enjoy listening!

Thank you for listening for this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Valeriya Azarova

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Mar 24, 202339:59
Earth Altars with Prue Rustean 🌺🍃🌼

Earth Altars with Prue Rustean 🌺🍃🌼

Earth Altars are an ancient practice that have been used for a long time by many cultures to connect to earth,
give thanks, connect to different energies or spirits or in combination with prayer.
Prue Rustean is the founder of Earth Altering, the space where she creates and introduces other people to
the practice of forming beautiful earth altars.
In this episode she shares the story of how she found calm and healing in this practice during a time where she was unwell and unsettled.
The wonderful thing is that this practice or elements of it can be used by anybody to connect to earth, ourselves, calm the nervous system
and give space to a flow of creativity, peace or play.
I can vouch for it - I couldn't help myself but get out to the garden to create an altar right after our interview and it was as lovely as can be!
Prue also shares some of indigenous history of earth altars which has come in many forms to honor the land, give thanks or to sit in prayer.
Prue is based in South West Australia, on Wardandi Noongar Booja land and has created a business from this passion of hers which you can find at
Earth Altering if you would like to introduce this practice to your life, attend a workshop or have Prue create an earth altar at your retreat or event.

We hope you enjoy this Talk!
This way of creating can truly be beneficial to everyone and has benefits for body and mind, so we hope that you can open yourselves up to trying it🌿🌺
It is a wonderful way to reconnect to natural elements, to ground oneself while feeling a deep reverence for nature's gifts and beauty

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀
which came alive through the voices of
Prue Rustean
and your host Stella Sage🌿
Mar 17, 202352:17
"The Green Mind"🌿 by Anastasia Black & Valeriya Azarova

"The Green Mind"🌿 by Anastasia Black & Valeriya Azarova

In this episode I am joined by two wonderful and smart women who are working on a project,

called "The Green Mind". 

Valeriya and Anastasia are dealing with the question of the interconnection between the environmental crisis and the mental health crisis.

Two very relevant and prevalent topics that are impossible to separate from each other.

We discuss questions like:

"Does living more sustainably also improve mental health?"

"Does good mental health make people more open and motivated to live sustainably?"

"Can we prevent certain healthcare costs by supporting, informing and preparing people before environmental stressors like heatwaves or air pollution occur?"

Valeriya's and Ana's aim is also to fill the gap between consumers and businesses by collecting data to provide a framework that can be applied in order to make the relationship a more sustainable one.

Their research is interdisciplinary and involves many different entities and considerations which is why they involve institutions, economists, psychologists, environmentalists as well as "regular people", to have an as holistic view as possible.

Their research is particularly interesting at a time where it is becoming increasingly important for people and families to prepare and support themselves in the face of environmental stressors such as heatwaves, droughts, floods etc. in order to be able to react appropriately while also upkeeping their mental health.

I loved how dynamic this conversation became through picking Valeriya's brain from the economist's side and on the other hand hearing more about the side of behavioral change from Ana!

We hope you enjoy this conversation and that everyone finds something to take away from it!🌿🌿

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Valeriya Azarova and 

Anastasia Black

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Feb 24, 202301:19:21
Jonathan Gay from Freestone Ranch🐄🌱

Jonathan Gay from Freestone Ranch🐄🌱

Regenerative farming and land management - some of my favorite topics and I was so lucky to talk to someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Jonathan Gay.
Him and his wife Misty were both working in the software industry when they decided that it was time to get out of the office and back to nature.
They bought a ranch and some land in Sanoma County in Northern California "with the idea to just be out in nature, but it turns out the land really wants a
relationship with people - a healthy relationship - and it needs care."
So they started regenerating the land and are now supporting the local food with grass fed beef, supporting the local water shed and good health for the biome as a whole.
Their focus is on the relationship with the land, questioning what a healthy ecosystem actually is and how we can learn from the people that managed the land for thousands of years.
Jonathan struck me as a very thoughtful person who has made it his responsibility to do his part in mending some of the relationships in nature that we as humans have broken over time and to support and tend to ecosystems so they can flourish again.
He conveys his deep knowledge and understanding of the land and the relationships within natural systems and
also his respect and interest to learn from the indigenous peoples and culture that was responsible for shaping the Sanoma County landscape .
🌿🌱If you would like to know more about Freestone Ranch or would like to transition
to a more regenerative way of farming visit

🌍I would like to pay my respects to native and indigenous peoples past, present and future for local communities including the Miwok, Wappo, Wintun, Pomo, and Patwin of Sanoma County.

🌱🌱If you are or know somebody who is using regenerative practices and would like to share their story,
please feel free to reach out at

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀
which came alive through the voices of
Jonathan Gay
and your host Stella Sage🌿

Feb 10, 202344:14
Steven Donziger on Chevron's destruction in the Ecuadorian Amazon📣

Steven Donziger on Chevron's destruction in the Ecuadorian Amazon📣

As a young lawyer he travelled to Ecuador in 1993, the first of about 200 visits, to become part of a case that would change his life.

Steven Donziger, a human rights lawyer and key lawyer on the team that won the historic $9.5 Billion judgment against Chevron (fromerly Texaco)

in the Ecuadorian Amazon has joined me on the podcast to talk about the devastation that Chevron caused in the rainforest by dumping 

over 18 billion gallons of oil and toxic waste into the Ecuadorian Amazon, leaving black lakes of poison, destruction and illness behind.

Steven shares what experiencing the rainforest and the people who hosted him during his time in Ecuador taught him:

"It completely transforms everything you've been taught about our relationship to the natural world. You become part of the natural world. 

You become humbled. You understand your role is to preserve life and all life's ecosystems instead of just using them for your own pleasure or your own commercial benefit."

Steven has been and is still being attacked by Chevron for holding them accountable.

Chevron orchestrated a corporate prosecution - the first of this kind in the history of the United States - and criminalized Steven in order to distract

the world from what they did and continue to do all over the world and to send a message to those who stand up to them for their crimes and disrespectful treatment of humans, non-human animals and land.

As a lawyer and through personally being unlawfully prosecuted, Steven has much experience with the ways in which the law is used and abused

for certain agendas and he shares some thoughts in this Talk,

for example on how "the mechanisms and the tools of government to regulate corporations and to control them have been weakened dramatically over the course of the last 20 30 years."

🌎Follow Steven on 



If you want to learn more about the case brought by the Amazon communities against Chevron, 

or to  help Steven by contributing to his legal defense fund, please go his website at

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌎🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Steven Donziger

and your host Stella Sage 🌿


Feb 01, 202339:16
Dr. Brock Bergseth on turning the tide of doom and gloom 🌱☀

Dr. Brock Bergseth on turning the tide of doom and gloom 🌱☀

Dr. Brock Bergseth is a writer, conservation psychologist, marine biologist and writer of a yet to be published book on how to turn the tide of doom and gloom about our planet.

Between news of natural disasters unfolding everywhere and political inaction all over the world we could all use a bit of conversation that helps us turn that thinking around and create space to listen to and orientate ourselves on the potential for positive change and the stories of regeneration, conservation and love for nature put into action -  all over the world.

Dr. Bergseth researched many of these hope and inspiration filled stories for the book and is sharing some of those with us today.

From regenerative agriculture initiatives to the story of the fonder of the 5-minute beach clean up, the Spanish chef, famous for cultivating one of the world's most sustainable crops in the sea and the herpetologist who basically saved the Philippines coral reefs - there is something for everyone.

We also Talk about how this climate angst and grief we may feel can actually be a product of the industry's influence that aims to create despondency and inaction amongst the public.

Dr. Bergseth shares the story of how his upbringing on a hobby farm sparked a flame for environmentalism and

he speaks about how a trip to Papua New Guinea in 2017  resulted in a conversation with gold miners who told him about the practice of taking down entire mountains to get to a handful of gold, left him discouraged at best and how he managed to re-discover his sense of purpose in sight of overwhelming problems and environmental destruction, globally.

find him on Instagram and feel free to reach out if

you feel like talking about your climate anxiety!

He has an open ear for you if you would like support🦋

Instagram: docb_rock

Twitter: @brockbergseth

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Dr. Brock Bergseth

and your host Stella Sage 🌿

Oct 07, 202201:10:41
Rhys James from EarthlyEducation on internet trolls and billionaires 👀

Rhys James from EarthlyEducation on internet trolls and billionaires 👀

Rhys James is the founder and content director of EarthlyEducation aka one of my favorite Instagram accounts.

But EarthlyEducation is not just an Instagram account, it is a hub that provides education and a constant push to think outside the box.

Within the EarthlyEducation online resources you can find an IG account  a website  with articles and campaigns,

a podcast, a TIkTok account and just an overall beautiful, knowledgeable community that shares opinions, news from all over the world and discusses topics that matter in a time of climate and ecological breakdown.

We talk about the reason EarthlyEducation was born, how it can be used as a tool in everyday life and help educate people in the face of the climate crisis.

Social media can be a confusing and confronting place with many different opinions floating around.

Especially if these opinions come from trolls and climate crisis deniers which can be incredibly hard to deal with and Rhys gives us a pretty good tip on how to replace this negative, often delusional commentary with the actual data that needs to be pushed out into the world and arrive on peoples screens in order to create a widespread awakening and open up further productive conversations that lead to action.

And of course, we just could not leave out the topic that is BILLIONAIRES.

Who and what is the ELITE and why are climate scientists, activists and the rest of the concerned world talking about them so much?

What is their role in ecological collapse, why are they so rich when they do nothing but harm planet and people and are weirdly enough still admired? 

Tune in and you'll find out where this conversation takes us :)) 🌍

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

 which came alive through the voices of

Rhys James 

and your host Stella Sage🌿

PS: if you wan to support the work of EarthlyEducation which 

is volunteer based and run by people who work or study full time

you can subscribe to their Patreon

or donate to their gofundme

Sep 29, 202253:13
Natalie from GLS Bank - how "green banking" makes a difference🌿🏙

Natalie from GLS Bank - how "green banking" makes a difference🌿🏙

Natalie Kittner started out as an intern at GLS Bank in Bochum, Germany and although she would have never

imagined herself working at a bank one day she ended up staying for good.

In this episode she tells us about what work at the world's first 'sustainable' bank looks like, what some social and environmental values of this 'alternative' bank are and how 

it works at changing the ways in which money is used.

'Divesting' is a very relevant word these days. 

Wayne Duggan defines 'personal divesting' in an article for U.S. News:

"Personal divestment is the process of moving money out of a particular company, asset or asset class that no longer fits with an individual investor's overall strategy."

Although this is directed towards investors, we as bank's clients can move our money and support away from banks if what the bank does with it

does not fit into our set of values.

All big banks that are household names and even most smaller, traditional ones are funding the climate crisis and nature and community harming projects.

We have the choice to put our money where our values are.

Banks are only as powerful as the inflow of money and support of their clients that they receive.

I interviewed Natalie because GLS bank is my bank of choice but this Talk applies internationally and it gives a good example of

what a more responsible, "green" bank can look like.

Natalie also gave us a tip on how we can find better banks all over the world - visit Global Alliance for Banking on Values to find purpose-driven banks 

internationally and see more criteria that make a difference in banking!

I hope you feel inspired to search for a new bank that deserves your money and time🌱

If you don't find anything on GABV then simply look for "sustainable banks" or "green banks", "social banks" in your city,

state or country on the internet and help change the ways in which money impacts the world 🏙🌱

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Natalie Kittner

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Sep 08, 202234:15
Is the US climate bill a climate bill? / with Noah from Climate Vanguard

Is the US climate bill a climate bill? / with Noah from Climate Vanguard

August, 2022, U.S congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act also referred to as a "climate bill" - the biggest in US history, $370 billion -

which is not as big a "wohoo moment" when you think about the fact that there has never actually been any climate bill at all.

And you might be thinking: why are we are pulling this bill apart when it's better than nothing and finally something is happening?

but we wouldn't all have to be so critical of these political somersaults and "green wins" that governments seem to be celebrating left and right if they stopped giving us these lame excuses for radial climate action just to appease the public in order to go along with their business undisturbed in the background.

As the world is reaching breaking points and the most powerful industries are fearing the day they will be replaced by actual, decentralized, long-term and even regenerative solutions that we-the-people operate, control and directly benefit from,

they are using and abusing their positions in governments and economy to keep the status quo going in a: "til' death do us part", type

of fashion.

Noah from Climate Vanguard and I are Talking a bit about what this bill entails and are sharing some thoughts on it.

And as Noah said: "let's all do our own research" , so here is the Link to read what this "climate bill" entails.

And do not despair, there are many ways to stick it to 'the man' ;)

Organize and engage within your community, learn who your regenerative farmers, environmental scientists and renewable energy people are and 

strengthen your community by gaining independence and creating community that thrives irrespective of outside inputs, global supply chain issues or market crashes on the other side of the world.

That'll really show em ;)



human-scale economies



it's all possible and we don't have to wait for a "climate bill" or the elite to grow a conscience to get there!

PS: If you enjoy learning about these topics you might like to visit the Climate Vanguard podcast

Thank you for listening to this Talk 🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Noah Herfort 

and your host Stella Sage 🌿

Aug 29, 202249:44
Should we detach from governing bodies to ensure our security??🌍⏳👔

Should we detach from governing bodies to ensure our security??🌍⏳👔

I have been finding myself recording thoughts and ideas on different topics these last few weeks, as an outlet to not get all of them stuck in my head but to "set them free" and get them off my mind to make space for other things.

So here is a first part of sharing impromptu thoughts which in this case centered around our reactions in towns, cities, communities to 

government inaction with the world approaching critical tipping points that warrant radical climate action on all levels to ensure long-term security. 

Next to protesting, pressuring, petitioning, mobilizing - should we detach from governing bodies as well and see how we can gain independence? At this critical point in time should we go off on our own and just bring about the changes on local and regional levels and look for the visionaries, architects and handymen or farmers who can help us change our communities for the better, instead of hoping governments will do a 180 on the final stretch?

 As so often I also could not keep myself from going down the road of: "why do politicians do what they do? why do they often disappoint in office? why are there so many people there who compromise their initial values or make decisions like they don't live on this planet?"

Surely, surely questions with many different answers but one of them, that came to mind is politicians and ministers comfort.

The privileges and comforts the 'higher ups' enjoy may change perspectives and give them such a feeling of security that

they don't really feel as vulnerable as the rest of us.

PS: take all of my future solo Talks with a grain of salt, please :)

these are spur of the moments thoughts and feelings that surely generally apply, but are  spontaneous situations as well so not every fact and figure must be 100 % correct, although I do  normally check afterwards

I also don't think that all politicians are corrupt unfeeling people with warped world views - just for the record ;)

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voice of

your host Stella Sage🌿

Aug 04, 202224:27
Emergency response in times of climate breakdown with Jack & Noah from Climate Vanguard🌍

Emergency response in times of climate breakdown with Jack & Noah from Climate Vanguard🌍

The fossil fuel industry is responsible for 89 % of GHG emissions and continues to rapidly expand at a time

where climate scientists are stressing the fact that in order for us to have a livable future we must keep ALL remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

So how do we dismantle the fossil fuel industry that seems so untouchable and forms the baseline for the world's current economic system?

Jack and Noah have actually conducted intensive research and created an emergency response framework with 8 main points that include steps on how to rapidly dismantle the fossil fuel industry in the Global North,

how to roll out renewables to replace fossil fuels in a de-growth framework to meet key decarbonization targets as well as 

looking at our agricultural systems along with other important steps that form an emergency response in a time of climate and ecological collapse, building towards a just, habitable world.

This all might sound pretty heavy and not something a lot of us necessarily want to be dealing with in our spare time, but knowledge truly is power and can help relieve so much uncertainty and anxiety around all of these important questions that are the big fat elephants in the porcelain shop that is this incredible planet earth that we are all living on together.

It felt incredibly good talking to Jack and Noah and hearing their conviction, passion and visions for a post-capitalist world was

inspiring and soothing all the same.

#anotherworldispossible and WE #united will never be defeated🌊☀🌱🦋

If you want to hear more from Jack and Noah I can highly encourage you to

add their podcast "The Climate Vanguard Podcast" to your 'favorites' list - you won't regret it :))

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Jack Johnson, Noah Herfort

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Jul 28, 202247:00
My Mama Talks about a "carefree mentality" pre 2000⏲

My Mama Talks about a "carefree mentality" pre 2000⏲

Mama and I sat down to Talk about what it was like growing up in the 70s and experiencing this rush of economic prosperity and the carefree mentality she and her friends experienced pre 2000.

She often shares stories with us and other than personal problems or certain worries that we are all bound to encounter in life, most of it always sounded pretty care free in comparison to our youth, who are growing up in a world where above everything there seems to be the looming topic of the climate emergency.

I enjoyed this podcast so so much! I am particularly biased on this one I must say :)) but the first part of this Talk is very very wholesome, with my mother sharing snippets of what daily life was like for her as a kid, local grocery shopping, washing dishes by hand, not owning a car...

Where and how they grocery shopped, which amenities they had at home, the foraging they did with their grandfather, how it was crazy luxurious to have a car, dishwasher or washing machine and how the introduction into society of so many items, that we now consider "basics", went about.

She also reminisces on how different big world events were felt where she lived, like the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the acid rain phenomenon and the major issues regarding the Ozone layer.

It was very interesting to explore how different this time was regarding mentality and awareness towards environmental issues, with a lust for economic growth, the birth of overconsumption, the marketing by industries and change in behaviors as well as the first COP meetings, campaigns to save the Amazon rainforest and organizations like Greenpeace gaining traction.

Towards the end it got a little emotional because sharing stories with your mother for over an hour and Talking about

your climate-crisis-fears will do that to you :) but this episode felt really good and I hope that you find some value in it🌿🌿

PS: I have a new Intro and Outro which feel more like what I want to say, what do you think?

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of 

Andrea Sage

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Jul 21, 202201:03:22
Nyombi Morris Talks climate activism at personal risk 🌱

Nyombi Morris Talks climate activism at personal risk 🌱

Nyombi Morris is a 24 year old climate justice activist from Uganda who I came in touch with over a post on his socials. 

The post was about new gold being discovered in Uganda which is rich in that resource. Nyombi wrote under this article about the discovery "dead - now we're dead". I asked him to explain and quickly realized that Nyombi faces personal threats engaging in activism and that although this post referred to environmental destruction, he and other activists in Uganda do their work at great personal risk.

Nyombi has been physically threatened, his phone has been confiscated, his twitter account suspended and he even relocated to another place of residence to be safer.

To support his activism you can donate to his gofundme here 🦋

In this episode we Talk about the work he is currently doing, which entails tree planting projects, FridayForFuture Activism, educating children and other students and providing educational material to spread awareness about the climate crisis in Uganda which is not wide-spread there.

Nyombi shares some insight about the destructive industries that are dominating in Uganda and which steps

must be taken in order for him and other young people to be able to have hopes of a bright, livable future.

Please do consider donating to Nyombi´s Gofundme to support him in raising voices in a place where they are

trying to be silenced 🌱

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of 

Nyombi Morris

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Jul 15, 202246:19
Rohan John Antony on the problematic 'Save Soil' campaign 🌿🌱😇

Rohan John Antony on the problematic 'Save Soil' campaign 🌿🌱😇

The 'Save Soil' campaign has gained international attention along with its self proclaimed "godman", Jaggi Vasudev - also known as 


Rohan John Antony and Manpreet Kalra wrote an article about the campaign together that goes into detail about why 

" 'Save Soil' won´t save us", you can read the full article here.

I myself had seen the 'Save Soil' campaign on social media and thought that it´s quest to save soil around the world looked honorable.

I was a bit taken aback when I read the article by Rohan and Manpreet but at the same time it was like a veil had been lifted - suddenly I saw everything that was wrong with 'Save Soil' and was quite embarassed that I had not done more research and not looked at the campaign more closely, because as soon as I did take it under the lens all it's faults quite literally jumped up at me.

In this episode Rohan is helping us shed a light on the campaign, its stakeholders, background, purpose and Sadghuru himself (like what actually qualifies this man to educate the rest of the world about soil health).

He very clearly explains the faults of this campaign based on evidence and research into the campaign, as well as some tips on how we can try to avoid falling into the trap of putting our time, trust and support into campaigns that use the emerging environmental consciousness to pursue their own agendas.

Rohan and Manpreet have reminded me of the importance to not neglect thoroughly researching in this time of quick swipes and first glances.

This was an important lesson for me and I am definitely changing my approach when taking in information, reposting or forming an opinion about something.

I can highly recommend the library of articles that is present on the 'agrowingculture' website!

🦋Rohan has accumulated some questions we can ask ourselves when assessing the true intention of a movement/organization - this will be available as a post on my Instagram account @thrive_bynature 

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Rohan John Anthony

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Jul 01, 202241:57
Jessica Dressler Talks `farming´ a native food forest 🦋🌿🌳🌲

Jessica Dressler Talks `farming´ a native food forest 🦋🌿🌳🌲

Jessica and her family, which is her husband and her two beautiful boys, moved out of the city to the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia, in 2019

to live and work on a piece of land they had fallen in love with.

They are now regenerating a rainforest & learning to farm a native food forest on Bundjalung land 🌳🌲

In this short time their lives have completely changed and I am so glad we are getting to hear this story from the beautiful, kind soul

that is Jessica Dressler.

Jess shares how her family found the property and what the process of moving and settling into a new life looked like.

She takes us on a tour of the entire property, from vegetable garden, orchard to the water tanks and compost system.

She takes us along on her everyday responsibilities, the tools that are used to support the work,

what days look like during harvesting season, as well as how her relationship to nature has changed now that 

she is working and living with nature´s rhythm and cycles.

If you want to follow her journey you can follow Jess on Instagram by clicking her highlighted name above or

follow `byronbushfood´ on Instagram where you will be able to follow this wonderful journey soon 🦋🌿🌹

As times and awareness are changing, more and more people are inclined to go out into the country,

get a piece of land and become as independent and resilient as possible by growing their own food,

connecting with the land, strengthening their community and forging bonds with like-minded, skilled people to live in more sustainable,

natural and holistic ways. 

The people doing some of it are all around you and we have the ability to all share stories, learn from one another,

guide and inspire each other 🌿

I hope that Jess´ story inspired and touched you the same way it did me 🌹🌹

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Jessica Dressler

and your host Stella Sage🌿

Jun 22, 202255:27
Glen Burrows Talks about 'The Ethical Butcher'🐖🐄🌿

Glen Burrows Talks about 'The Ethical Butcher'🐖🐄🌿

'The Ethical Butcher' sells meat from regenerative farms, they are showing that meat doesn't have to cost the earth.

I talked to Glen Burrows in this episode and was happy to be able to have him as a conversation partner which made this Talk (in which we also questioned and discussed different information each of us had on certain topics) very comfortable.

🌱🍖This episode is not about carnivorism or veganism per se. It is not about the right or wrong diet or even in particular about if it is right or wrong to kill animals.

This episode is supposed to explore how farming regeneratively, working in alignment with nature and adopting sustainable grazing practices etc. can actually regenerate soil and revitalize ecosystems.

Many of us hear "cattle", "meat" or even just the word "cow" and think "climate crisis" or "GHG emissions".

🌱This could not be further from the truth when it comes to regenerative farming. Meat and animal products will not be eliminated from this world and cattle will not be eliminated - and that is not what we need anyway.

There are methods that allow us to farm in ways that align with nature's cycle, where the loop is closed and we neither destroy soil and strip it of all living things nor create tons of "waste products" like polluted water, emissions or animal waste.

There are ways to create life and biodiversity, to grow on moist, dark soil that lives and breathes, where worms and billions of microorganisms 🐛🦋 are benefitting the ground and soil is not reduced to yellowish, dry clumps of nothing.

🌍🌿There is not only one answer to the world's problems,

neither in agriculture nor anywhere else.

There are different minds, different approaches, needs and experiences involved and if

they honor health, prosperity and most importantly the rhythm of the natural world - then no matter how much 

we agree with them I think it is always always worth listening.

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀

which came alive through the voices of

Glen Burrows 

and your host Stella Sage🌿

*please note that neither mine nor Glen´s entire views on animals rights, environmental and moral considerations or the science and politics behind diet, animal agriculture etc. were included in full, there are incredibly many nuances to these topics and none of that could ever be captured in one hour´s time, these are neither dietary guidelines nor is this a conversation about the only right way to do animal agriculture and the relationship between humans and animals

Jun 16, 202201:11:16
Kiki Boreel Talks Climate Crisis and Fashion Industry👗🌍🌿

Kiki Boreel Talks Climate Crisis and Fashion Industry👗🌍🌿

Kiki is a dutch fashion model and first and foremost and more importantly an avid advocate for a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry, a climate ambassador for the future in the Netherlands, a student of future planet studies and a kind-hearted, easy-to-talk-to and very thoughtful human being🌍💚
Kiki shares the story of how she became aware of the issues that are rattling the planet and human societies and how she found her spot in the "climate movement".
(she also mentions a book that influenced her which is 'How Are We Going To Explain This?' by Jelmer Mommers linked here 📚)
Kiki is very outspoken about the fact that she knows that the fashion industry is a polluting one and explains the choices she has made for her life to live her values, live consciously, advocate for change, educate herself and be engaged politically while being a fashion model.
It is not always easy to deal with the emotions surrounding the climate crisis, to know what is the "right thing to do",
how to have confrontational conversations with loved ones or even decide what our own families will look like someday because the thought of having children with uncertain future scenarios can be lined with doubt, guilt and fear - so we talked about it:))
We hope you found something that inspired you in this conversation🤍

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍🌊☀
which came alive through the voices of
Kiki Boreel
and your host Stella Sage🌿
Jun 02, 202240:43
Pascal Botteron from Green Blue Invest🌿🌊

Pascal Botteron from Green Blue Invest🌿🌊

The investment industry is one that can be full of mysteries for "outsiders".

It is important not to discount the role that this industry and investors play in this ciris-rattled world, after all, behind every dirty project  

there is a dirty investment thus, behind every well-intentioned investment, there is a purpose, an impact.

Pascal Botteron is the CEO of Green Blue Invest, a company that acts as an investment advisor solely focused on ESG 

(Environmental, social & governance)


From biodiversity funds, to solar panels and investments into vegan ventures there is much that can be invested in.

It is very important to change the narrative since the ones ruling the market are still "traditional investments", synonymous with the fossil fuel industry.

Pascal believes that governance is a way to change the scenario.

That a company which has good governance will have better social and environmental ranking and that this is also a way for governments to incentivize 'sustainable investing' instead of short-term, destructive hunts for profit.

He also tells us how to identify greenwashing and how it is identified at Green Blue with the help of a 8,000 word encyclopedia

to detect the sincerity of a company via analyzing the language that they are using to communicate about their services and products.

""Sustainable investing is not niche, but there is an urgency." ~ Pascal Botteron

Visit Green Blue Invest here to find out more 🌿🌿

thank you for listening💚

i appreciate your eager ears👋🏼



May 26, 202235:46
Liam from 'WhatsGrowinOn'/his permaculture story👨🏽‍🌾

Liam from 'WhatsGrowinOn'/his permaculture story👨🏽‍🌾

In this episode I am joined by Liam from "WhatsGrowinOn".

He is sharing his story of getting into permaculture, starting on a farm halfway across the globe where he was left to his own devices, to growing

in a London apartment and finally moving to his own farm in Cornwall to get serious and make growing food his life.

Liam shares the ups and downs of farming, what he has learned throughout the years and how he is adapting to living in an isolated place in the countryside.

We explore the differences between grocery store and self-grown food and why it is incredibly confusing to know what the way to

"buy better" is, when we are standing in front of the produce shelves in a store.

If you are thinking of starting to grow at home🌱👨🏽‍🌾👩🏽‍🌾 Liam has a YouTube Channel and a TikTok account where he takes you through composting,

growing tomatoes, hydroponics, experimenting with Quartz and many other things that you may find incredibly helpful to start your own journey.

Moving away and leaving an "old life" behind to start your own business can be very challenging.

Farming is a hands-on job and we need so many more food growers out there that grow regeneratively, take care of the land and feed surrounding communities!

Let's take a moment to give it up for Liam's efforts and for putting a dream into action!

and if you want to really support him you can donate to his GoFundMe here to help him get the farm flourishing🌿🌿

Here is the Square foot garden technique Liam talks about - have fun 🌱

thank you for listening💚

I appreciate your eager ears👋🏼




May 19, 202245:17
Sidhant Patnaik/how he experiences the environmental crisis🌿

Sidhant Patnaik/how he experiences the environmental crisis🌿

Everyone experiences the climate emergency differently. Everybody lives in different circumstances and has had different life experiences.

7.9 billion realities - you could say ;-)

Sidhant is a person who thinks a lot about environmental, climate justice and topics that regard corporate matters etc.

He has shared many thoughts over the last months with me and asked many thought provoking questions.

Him and me definitely live in extremely different realities - him in a city in India, me on the German countryside.

So we decided to get together to Talk about it.

Sidhant is very passionate about environmental issues and that not just because of the awareness he has acquired through educating himself but also from personal experience that came to him at an early age - having a father who still works at a steel plant in an industrial town in India.

This provoked Sidhant to think about systemic issues and the affects this pollution from the steel plant would have on his father alongside the other 5,000 workers at the plant - many who are in even less fortunate positions.

It can be incredibly humbling, help keep us aware and broaden our horizons to share stories, opinions and unique experiences.

To listen and to ask questions.

So if you have any questions for Sidhant after this Talk or would like to start a conversation with him, feel free to visit him here.

📢This episode's shoutout goes to "Environmentalist foundation of India". E.F.I focuses on real-time and result oriented Environment Conservation projects. As a wildlife conservation and habitat restoration group, E.F.I's efforts are tailored towards scientific and ecological projects. Feel free to learn about them or support their work here.

Thank you for listening🌱

I appreciate your eager ears👋🏼



May 11, 202240:26
Dr. Sparsha Saha on the costs of animal agriculture🌲🍖🪓

Dr. Sparsha Saha on the costs of animal agriculture🌲🍖🪓

Dr. Sparsha Saha has my deepest respect, she has helped create an episode that is so valuable on an educational and awareness level.

One that summarizes a few of the most important points about the costs of animal agriculture and beyond.

This is an excellent introduction or further immersion into the environmental, social and humanitarian crisis surrounding the animal industry as well as certain parts of our economies.

Sparsha is a lecturer at Harvard University and teaches the first course there on the costs of animal agriculture! The very first one at Harvard that even touches this subject!

Sparsha has impressed me greatly during our 1.5 hours of Talking, exploring, sharing and ranting🌞

She has helped create an honest, matter-of-fact, eye-opening episode full of useful information that is easy to retain and connect.

I hope that you enjoy listening to her as much as I did and I want to leave you with a powerful quote by her on the current economic situation, on what she believes is the root cause of all our problems and why we need a redistribution of wealth:

🌍"People at the top just keep getting richer and richer and richer and they need to understand that they are accumulating the future - that's what they're doing. They're holding the future hostage by not giving everyone else a chance to thrive."🌍

I hope you enjoy this Talk!

Feel free to find Sparsha via Twitter to keep up with recent academic work and news around food sustainability🌿

Thank you for listening🌱

I appreciate your eager ears👋🏼



May 05, 202201:12:33
Yoga as a gateway to mindfulness/connection to nature feat. Eric Rosso🧘🏽‍♂️

Yoga as a gateway to mindfulness/connection to nature feat. Eric Rosso🧘🏽‍♂️

Eric Rosso is a yoga teacher and one of the owners of  Yoga Room Hawai'i. He has been living 

on the island for the last few decades and is joining me in exploring the topic of how a yoga practice that goes beyond

physical practice and includes a spiritual one, can benefit in connecting people to nature and making us realize that we are interconnected in the most elemental ways.

Through earth, water, fire, breath.

We talk about how yoga, with it being an ancient and very elemental practice that connects us to ourselves and creates

more mindfulness, can make us more aware of our surroundings and our environment.

This is a very different episode to previous ones, but I think that the emotional aspects in our relationship to nature and within the climate crisis are too important to discount or not to include into these conversations.

Especially with yoga I find that, because you connect to yourself and the present moment, it can make you emotional, calm your mind, set thoughts free, 

spark ideas and also question life in fundamental ways.

It is also a practice that I find people can associate with or feel drawn to practice in nature

and being conscious of ourselves and the world around us in addition to the impacts we have on other beings and earth is

more important than ever.

🌿You can visit Yoga Room Hawai'i here if it has sparked your interest

📸check out Eric's yoga photography here if you enjoy yoga/nature pictures or if you are in the area and would like to work with Eric

Thank you for listening👋🏼

I appreciate your eager ears🌿



Apr 29, 202238:38
How and what is our plastic consumption doing in the ocean🌊💧/w Dr. Imogen Napper

How and what is our plastic consumption doing in the ocean🌊💧/w Dr. Imogen Napper

If a country has good waste management and things get recycled, how does even some of that trash end up in the ocean?

What does it mean when plastic "breaks down", what does it "break down" into and where does it go? 

Dr. Imogen Napper, is joining me in this episode to give us a clearer picture on some of the plastic mysteries that we might be wondering about.

She takes us with her to her work in the lab, back in time to a grade school ceremony involving plastic balloons which prompted her think about where plastic ends up 

and to the river Ganges in India - where plastic pollution is a very tangible issue.

We explore the journey the durable/ useful /polluting material, plastic, takes after it has been picked up by the garbage truck and

who is doing what to tackle this prevalent issue🌊🛒🚚

And because greenwashing is always an issue in every environmental field, Imogen shares what she has seen happen to "biodegradable" bags in

comparison to "regular" plastic bags, when buried in soil🌱, eroding away in the ocean🐳, or just hanging out under the sun☀,

in controlled research experiments that can tell us more about what really happens to those bags that are sometimes labeled as "the solution to plastic pollution".

📢Imogen mentions two charities that are dear to her heart:

💧Surfers against Sewage

💧Marine Conservation Society

Thank you for joining us👋🏼

I appreciate your eager ears🌿



Apr 21, 202250:59
Karl Brown Talks social impact on social media via CURV🔈📱

Karl Brown Talks social impact on social media via CURV🔈📱

No likes, no follows, no echo chambers...

Could you imagine? What if social media didn't have this toxic, addicting quality to it?

What if you saw what everybody else saw and the spread of misinformation and polarization suddenly came to a halt?

What if everybody had to verify their sources and we would use social media for the purpose of educating, building social impact movements, signing petitions and mobilizing online to take our action offline?

That would be...

A social network, REIMAGINED

I am excited to be joined by Karl Brown, co-founder of the social impact platform CURV.

Karl tells us the story about how CURV was born and how it is meant to radically change the way we use and are affected by social media


He shares the ins and outs of CURV and introduces us to a new form of social media that can aid in making us more productive change makers online.

I was lucky to be one of the first 100 to be part in testing CURV and now is YOUR chance.

Visit CURV to become part of this incredible community🌱🌍🌿

Thank you for listening👋🏼

I appreciate your eager ears🌿



Apr 14, 202244:20
Olly and Fi on #coderedactivism 📢

Olly and Fi on #coderedactivism 📢

I am joined by Olly Baker and Fi Quekett who are both incredible human beings fighting for a better today
and tomorrow by taking part in actions that our governmnets do not (yet) appreciate and may even punish,
because they are seeing that there is a #codered for humanity and the climate crisis, as an umbrella crisis, encompasses
many other crisis like housing, food, energy, racism, social justice etc. cannot be left unadressed, let alone denied.
Fi and Olly are sharing their stories in "activism", the latest ridiculous decisions the UK governmnet has made,
their most memorable moments in "activism",
what their state of mind is in the midst of government inaction and the climate crisis.
They also share some thoughts on how YOU can join a movement today and how being part of this call
for change is more rewarding and less scary than you may think 💚

organizations that were mentioned during the Talk:
Green New Deal Rising
Leeds Climate Table
Fossil Free London

Thank you for listening 👋🏼
I appreciate your eager ears 🌿
Apr 07, 202256:19
Michelle Magdalena Talks storytelling🌿🌿

Michelle Magdalena Talks storytelling🌿🌿

In this episode Michelle Magdalena Maddox, who is the founder of Magdalena Magazine, is sharing the podium with me.

Today she is sharing parts of her story with us. Michelle invites us to hear about the path that lead her to storytelling, activism and the connection she has with earth and people today.

We Talk about the importance of community, what hers looks like and how she envisions the future of community and localization.

If you are somebody who is working hard at bringing a passion project to life - then this episode is worth listening to. 

Michelle gives us an insight into her journey to creating Magdalena Magazine (formerly Bohypsian Journal), the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating something unique and powerful that gives a voice to those stories that are often least heard in this world - the most important voices.

How from hardship and love, community and support from like minded souls as well as knowing, deep within that this is something you simply have to bring to life is the wave that will lead your personal ship into the harbor (even if it feels like you are operating oars of lead sometimes;))

Michelle's story is a moving and beautiful one and in her life she has talked to many people, visited many places and seen much of this world that is so beautiful, confusing, outraging and never for a lack of surprises.

🌱🌱If you want to order the latest issue of the magazine click here

📞If you feel called to support Michelle's quest in telling these stories and bringing them to life in print click here to connect to here

Thank you for listening💚

I appreciate your eager ears👋🏼



Mar 16, 202250:23
The world of Permafrost and its salvation❄

The world of Permafrost and its salvation❄

The world is having enough problems with imminent natural disasters like floods, fires, hurricanes, droughts, wars -

but it seems that there are much lesser known ecological processes going on that are unfolding much more slowly and seem less significant than


What Paul from the Pleistocene & Permafrost NGO is telling us today is definitely not insignificant but very important and YOU listening in and educating yourself on this is an excellent step and will help raise awareness.

Permafrost is soil that has been frozen for at least two years. A lot of it has been frozen for thousands and more years and guess what - global warming is melting a lot of this natural "ice box".

Paul is helping us understand what Permafrost is, how the Pleistocene Park is helping to reverse and prevent some of the damages, what some of those important projects in Siberia and Russia etc. are doing and how animals are restoring ecological traits to permafrost areas.

By the end you will understand why this topic is so important, how the thawing of permafrost affects earth and what YOU can do to support this cause❄❄

Here are a few resources to find out more:

Oxford Paper on Permafrost for some light reading;)

Impacts of Grazing on Permafrost soil

Preserving Permafrost Video

If you want to ask Paul some questions find his LinkedIN Profile here

Thank you for listening💚

I appreciate you eager ears🌿



Mar 10, 202239:14
Maria Serra Talks social media, climate politics and her story in activism
Mar 02, 202251:27
Urban sustainability at the LES Ecology Center in NYC🌱

Urban sustainability at the LES Ecology Center in NYC🌱

In this episode I am Talking to Jennifer who works at the Lower East Side Ecology Center in New York City.

The center has been pioneering urban sustainability since 1987 and the work done there from education to the compost drop off and stewardship of the East River Park is of the utmost importance to keep the city green and its inhabitants healthy and connected to nature.

Jennifer tells us about the work that is done at the Center from Fishing & Waterfront Education to E-Waste Collection, composting, street tree care etc.

She tells us about how employees and volunteers work together to keep the Park healthy all year round and how anyone can get involved in making their city a greener, cleaner and healthier space.

We also Talk about the importance of nature in a city and how we can prevent or reduce different types of pollution in a city by urban greening, composting, providing bike lanes, . . .

Make sure to visit the Lower East Side Ecology Center's website here

and maybe even visit it if you are in NYC.

If you are a resident of the city (or any other city:)), make sure to inform yourself about composting and volunteering possibilities!

Thank you for listening💚

i appreciate your eager ears🌱



Feb 24, 202233:37
Talking to Jack from Jack's Patch about abundant and natural food growing

Talking to Jack from Jack's Patch about abundant and natural food growing

In this episode I am Talking to Jack from Jack's Patch, a regenerative, no-dig, permaculture farm outside of London.

He tells me the story about how life lead him to become passionate about growing food and working with nature.

It always comforts me to Talk to people who care for the earth, who know and work to heal nature and that is a big part of this conversation, since Jack shares some of the practices on his farm, how he tends to the soil and how we as humans really have the ability to heal nature and support natural processes instead of making life harder for us and the planet.

We Talk about the major impacts that industrial agriculture has on the planet and how Jack would reimagine a commercial farming operation to help the land flourish, rejuvenate and 

increase diversity.

He also shares his thoughts on the current agricultural system and how his personal outlook is on the future.


If permaculture and food growing is something that interests you specifically, go and check out the podcast Jack runs with a fellow food grower, Chris, called  "The Food Grower Podcast" !

🌱If you would like to read up on the world's tops oil situation see the articles below:

🐳Click here to watch the video on aquaponics set up and how the concept works!

Thank you for tuning in today!

I appreciate your eager ears💚



Feb 16, 202248:18
Research and journalism on climate topics with Leonie Sontheimer

Research and journalism on climate topics with Leonie Sontheimer

You look for some information on a single topic and end up with 10.000 hits on the internet...

We all know that situation. But who is to know what is reliable and trustworthy information? Who has done the research you are looking at? Who has sponsored it and who may benefit from putting that information out there?

So many questions with sometimes not so clear answers, but at least we have Leonie Sontheimer with us today who will

 try to help us get a bit of insight into the research process of a journalist on climate topics and what we can implement in our own 

research to not feel completely overwhelmed by this stream of information.

Leonie tells us about her occupation as a journalist, how she came to combine environmentalism and journalism, her story in activism 

and which role the climate crisis has in her life.

Thank you everybody for listening💚

I appreciate your eager ears👋🏼



Feb 03, 202251:41
Talking business with Anders from agoodcompany

Talking business with Anders from agoodcompany

In this episode I am Talking to Anders the founder of agoodcompany which is a 100 % sustainable, social impact company from Sweden.

I myself have loved and trusted them for many years because they are completely transparent, thought-through and have the future in mind, aiming to change standards and create a positive impact.

We Talk about the sustainability in production, the use of local materials and by-products as well as up- and recycling materials to limit strain on the environment as much as possible.

Anders tells us about his personal awakening to the impacts of the climate crisis and how agoodcompany came to be.

He shares his and the company's vision and mission as well as his thoughts on individual and corporate responsibility and the policy changes and guidelines for businesses that he would find important to come to play.

Since Anders has children himself he also shares his feelings on the future of this planet and what his personal motivation is to change narratives.

Go check out agoodcompany and read through their statements on the website.

It is worth a look!

Thank you for listening💚

I appreciate your eager ears



Jan 26, 202253:05
Talking to James Perrin - host of "The overview Effect" podcast🌍

Talking to James Perrin - host of "The overview Effect" podcast🌍

If you have never listened to "The Overview Effect with James Perrin" - then you definitely should.

His podcast includes inspiring conservations with influential thinkers, humanitarians, environmentalists and business people about

the problems we are currently facing, views, inventions and awakenings from very inspirational and passionate people.

James told me about how he wants to rebrand his podcast a bit to have some more spiritual and emotional talks about awakenings and consciousness - which definitely became part of this episode as well.

In this episode James shares his story in environmentalism and path to a more conscious and connected life with nature.

We Talk about the state of the world and the ideas and and stories that can be shared through podcasting, writing, reading, speaking and listening to enable others to shine their lights that are so desperately needed in the world.

James shares what he has learned from the people he has talked to on events or through his podcast and what makes him continue to have these important conversations.

I could have Talked to James for hours and I am glad that modern technology gives us a chance to share stories, connect and spread messages all over the globe.

Connection and consciousness are especially important right now - so after you have listened to this - if you feel like connecting a bit more - walk outside, sit on the ground, hug a tree and even better - take someone with you (preferably a policy maker as a reminder of how beautiful nature is and that an alive forest is worth more than all the timber that could ever be sold - if you try it, let me and James know as we have concluded that that would be a good step to evoke an emotional connection to nature in politicians:))

📢To support the Bob Brown Foundation and the quest to protect the Tarkine rainforest or to learn more click this link

Thank your for listening💚

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Jan 20, 202201:03:42
Thoughts on the climate crisis, getting closer to an aha-moment and seeing nature's crisis

Thoughts on the climate crisis, getting closer to an aha-moment and seeing nature's crisis

Sometimes I lay awake in bed and think of the speeches I would give to  room of world leaders, CEO's, politicians, . . .

Maybe you have that too. That urge to create change, to make your voice heard - to move something.

And maybe you don't -or you know someone who doesn't. Someone who regards the climate crisis as something that is only for those to worry about who label themselves as activists or environmentalists.

Maybe this is exactly the episode for them.

In this Talk I am speaking about the emotions that can go along with the climate crisis, the way it can impact you everyday life and why really every single person is of value to the movement no matter who you are.

I am trying to give a nudge and tools to those who don't perceive this as being worth their time - maybe you know someone who you can give this a listen with together - recognizing nature's crisis and just sharing some thoughts on this all encompassing crisis that the world is facing.

Thank you for listening💚

I appreciate your eager ears🌿



Jan 09, 202231:03
Emma De Saram on COP26, activism and going vegan with an eating disorder

Emma De Saram on COP26, activism and going vegan with an eating disorder

In this episode I am Talking to Emma De Saram a climate activist from the UK who is part of Green New Deal Rising,  

about her story in activism, how she integrates it into her life,

her experience at COP26, what it felt like to attend the conference and how she personally felt

being in that environment, as well as what she took away from it.

We touch on the topics of mental health in activism, which role nature plays in her life and how she went vegan whilst also being preoccupied with an eating disorder and how her relationship with veganism has evolved.

Emma also runs an Instagram account @vegan_emz which aims to foster a balanced approach to food which is kind to our planet and bodies - if that resonated with you, feel free to check it out.

Emma's main account: @emmadesaram

Thank you for listening💚

I appreciate your eager ears🌿



Jan 05, 202255:37
Gen Z's perception of the climate crisis with my sister

Gen Z's perception of the climate crisis with my sister

In this episode I am Talking to my sister Sarah.

We're exploring the topics of education about the climate crisis in schools, what she feels she has learned about these

important topics there, how her friends perceive it,

how she started to realize that it is important to become aware and also change personal habits no matter how insignificant they may seem on a global scale and the conversations she has with her friends on topics like veganism and fast fashion.

We're Talking about how scary it can be to speak to others your age and realize that they know little to nothing about this crisis that may mean a disastrous future for our generation - globally and not just in already affected areas - and how important and powerful it is to open up conversations and be an "activist and educator" in your own circle!

Thank you for listening👋🏼

I appreciate your eager ears💚



Dec 30, 202147:56
Talking to Zoe Cohen about Insulate Britain and civil resistance

Talking to Zoe Cohen about Insulate Britain and civil resistance

Insulate Britain is relatively young but has reached public recognition from zero to 77 % in just three weeks.

They are a civil resistance movement, demanding that the UK government take real climate action at this pivotal point in history by insulating Britain's homes to save thousands of lives and prevent economic and social collapse.

In this episode I am Talking to the wonderful Zoe Cohen,  spokesperson for Insulate Britain, about civil resistance and "disobedience",

the actions that the movement has done and the courageous people involved. 

We are also Talking about the Highway 9 and others who were or are due to be sentenced to time in prison for demanding that their government take action in tackling the biggest crisis humanity will ever face.

Zoe also gives some tips on how you can start getting involved in civil resistance and other vital actions and what is driving her to be an active part of this movement.

Climate action and civil resistance can be scary and overwhelming. It can also feel like it is non of our business or like our elected representatives or others must solve these issues - whatever the reason for keeping you from joining this necessary movement and demanding a regenerative, more just and livable future, know that there is support and community out there and that each and every one of us has the power and responsibility

to fight for a future and our rights.

We can't wait for others to do it.

Thank you for listening💚

I appreciate your eager ears🌿



Dec 23, 202142:11
Ronald Kuby on Chevron vs Steven Donziger

Ronald Kuby on Chevron vs Steven Donziger

Steven Donziger's unique case has been discussed in the media and made headlines in newspapers even though, still not enough in my opinion.

Steven was the key lawyer on the team that won the 9.5 $B judgement against Chevron in Ecuador after Chevron - formerly Texaco - dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste into the Ecuadorian Amazon, poisoning the ecosystem, rural communities and indigenous peoples, creating an "apocalyptic nightmare", as Steven has referred to it and Chevron has yet to pay a penny.

Furthermore they went after Steven, suing him as retaliation for being part in this historic win. 

🔊To find out more details and donate if you like, go visit

In this episode I am Talking to his defense lawyer Ronald Kuby, who helped me get an even clearer picture and explained some of the many questionable and unlawful scenarios of this case, this first corporate prosecution in the US and why and how Chevron is targeting Steven.

📽Here are a few YouTube videos that can help you get a clearer picture if you have never heard of this case before:

📱Go follow Steven on Instagram for daily updates

This is a case that has never been seen before, it is messy and unscrupulous and important to know and talk about.

So share Steven's website, videos and podcasts about the case with friends and family to create awareness.

It is incredible and scary, the lengths corporations will go to, to protect their image and punish the one's who are courageous enough to step up, who are trying to protect earth, land and people from these destructive immoral crimes that are committed in the name of profit.

The future must look different.

People and planet over profit🔊💚

Thank you for listening

I appreciate your eager ears💚



Dec 18, 202157:36
Localization in action with Helena Norberg-Hodge

Localization in action with Helena Norberg-Hodge

One of the people and organizations I have learned most from in my "environmental journey" is Helena Norberg-Hodge and Local Futures.

In a world where systems and structures seem to be so complex and inextricable and where making essential changes to create more just, healthy and connected structures seems insurmountable it sounds almost condescending to say that the answers to the question of how to create that better world are quite simple.

Localization is about bringing the economy home - back to a human scale.

It is the process of building economic structures that allow the goods and services a community needs to be produced locally and regionally whenever possible.

Helena tells us what that can look like, how to make people see the beauty and benefits of this idea that has become reality in a few places of the earth already.

How through rebuilding human-scale economic structures we can live in connected, independent communities that offer more and meaningful jobs, less stress and create more meaningful and healthy ways of living for us and the planet.

Please watch the film "The economics of happiness" and visit Local Futures.

We know we must change the world and education and awareness are powerful tools in this quest.

Thank you Helena for being part in making the world a better place💚

Thank you for listening☀

I appreciate your eager ears



Dec 02, 202157:19
Hungerstrikes and climate things with Micah Landon-Lane

Hungerstrikes and climate things with Micah Landon-Lane

In this episode I am Talking to Micah Landon-Lane about the hungerstrike he along with some other people organized in his home of Tasmania for a duration of 7 days and how he came to join Extinction Rebellion (

We Talk about the different stages of the strike, who visited it, what was achieved, where the idea came from, the discourse that was had with people who stopped to see what the strike was about and 

how to deal with the highs and lows of activism.

We also Talk about current climate policies, logging and forests in Tasmania and how the island went from climate positive to climate neutral, as well as chatting about subjects like the COP, what people all over the world are doing to help

secure a better future for the planet and how engaging in activism can drastically reduce climate anxiety.

Visit Micah on his Instagram account @mr_landonlane and feel free to ask him anything about the strike or whatever else you're interested in!

Thank you for listening👋🏼

I appreciate your eager ears💚



Nov 24, 202101:13:13
Forestry and Natural resources with Professor Sanford S. Smith Part2

Forestry and Natural resources with Professor Sanford S. Smith Part2

Part 2 of the Talk

We're Talking some more about Professor Smith's work at the arboretum, why it is a gateway to natural settings especially for children and which projects are in the works there.

We also dive deeper into the topic of herbicide use as a method to protect forests that have been heavily manipulated and changed by human activity and how these ecosystems can fall apart when foreign, dominant species take over.

Professor Smith also shares how gradual climate change is noticeable in the North-Eastern United States in comparison to dramatic climate change in other areas/countries and which changes can be expected in that region going forward.

Ending the Talk with some encouraging words on solutions, why we must be educated and informed to aid in these solutions and why it is not time to give up!

Thank you for listening👋🏼

I appreciate you eager ears💚



Nov 17, 202121:56
Forestry and Natural resources with Professor Sanford S. Smith Part1

Forestry and Natural resources with Professor Sanford S. Smith Part1

Part1 of the Talk

Professor Sanford S. Smith is a Professor in Forest and Natural Resources & Youth Extension Specialist at Penn State College of Agricultural Science. In this episode he is telling me all about forest management, the work he does with land owners to help them 

manage their properties, some of his teaching methods and the differences between teaching different age groups about the natural world,

how to keep a forest healthy and what some of the main differences and challenges are when dealing with tree plantations vs old growth.

This episode helps you delve deeper into the life of forests, the impacts of humans and climate change on this eco system and how it is managed to keep it as balanced as possible in a time where most forests have been altered by human hand.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Thank you for listening💚

I appreciate you eager ears



Nov 11, 202138:29
Talking to Sustainable Shane

Talking to Sustainable Shane

Sustainable Shane your #localsustainabilityexpert.

What a guy - he started composting, gardening and  volunteering before he even knew what the word sustainability meant and is now using his voice to help others become more sustainable humans as well!

In this episode Shane and I talk about his journey to individual sustainability, why individual action does matter, 

how he makes a living by educating others and trying to make sustainable living the new normal, 

how the topic of "climate" is politicized in the US,

why you won't be left without friends just because you choose to be a more eco-friendly individual and how you can ease yourself into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Visit his website, his Instagram account, his TikTok and his Facebook account for more education and inspiration on sustainable living💚

📢Today's shoutout goes to Take3forthesea. Take 3 is building a global movement of people who are connected to the planet. They 

are helping to tackle the plastic pollution in seas and waterways by education that inspires participation. 10 million pieces of rubbish are removed annually with a participation in 129 countries and more than 500,000 people educated! Go visit their website for more information and how you can get involved today!

Thank for listening!

I appreciate you eager ears💚



Nov 04, 202141:01
Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

I'm Talking to Linda Veress who works at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. It was founded in 1872, becoming the first National Park.

From geysers and hundred year old trees to bison, elk, bats and the Yellowstone River there is much to see. Therefore it is not surprising that millions flood the Park gates every year, proving human's fascination and connection to nature and fellow creatures of earth.

Linda tells us all the important information, like how much distance to keep from certain animals, which natural wonders you might encounter and why it is important to stay on assigned roads and paths.

She tells us about preservation, different plants and animals as well as the tribes that used to live on the grounds.

Linda gives us an insight on the wonders as well as the dangers of the Park and gives us a few tips on how to safely enjoy a visit at Yellowstone and what every day life looks like there for animals, rangers and visitors.

Thank you Linda!

Visit the Yellowstone website here

I appreciate you eager ears💚

Oct 28, 202127:45
Regenerative Agriculture with Celia Leverton

Regenerative Agriculture with Celia Leverton

Celia Leverton lives on a permaculture farm in Tasmania where she is constantly working on achieving better

water infiltration, regenerative grazing practices and keeping wallabies off the grounds :))  She is a farmer, rural journalist, permaculture designer as well as the president of Regenerative Agriculture Network Tasmania which aims to regenerate perennial grasslands, cropping land and functioning forests to address climate change, increase landscape function and food and water security, while caring for farmers, communities and profits.

📢Today's shoutout goes to farmers for climate action. They are an inclusive movement of farmers and rural Australians leading the way on climate solutions. No matter if you are just curious, want to support the organization or are a part of the agricultural sector yourself and want to learn more about building resilience, carbon trapping, mitigation, water management, . . . click the link to their website here and find out more about farming practices that will lead us into a healthy future.

I appreciate your eager ears💚



Oct 21, 202153:14
Know your way around the forest

Know your way around the forest

Do wolves actually attack you in the forest? What to do when you encounter a wild boar or need to go go to the toilet on a long hike?

Can you eat berries without getting fox tapeworm and how is it possible to minimize the danger when making a fire in the forest?

So many questions. The forest is a beautiful place and holds a lot less dangers than one might think.

There is a lot you can see and even harvest from it if you just know where to look.

I hope you enjoy this wholesome Talk about one of my favorite places in the world - the forest.

📢Today's shoutout goes to The forest Conservancy Chile. They are an NGO that aims to preserve native forests through research, environmental education and dissemination of information related to temperate, Mediterranean, coastal and Andean forests of Chile since it is even more important to protect old growth and forests that have prevailed though hundreds of years. Visit their website to learn more or to help out by donating☀

I appreciate your eager ears💚

See ya next episode👋🏼



Oct 15, 202131:09
A Talk with Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl
Oct 05, 202149:42
Niccolò from Rifò about a circular & mindful fashion concept

Niccolò from Rifò about a circular & mindful fashion concept

Today I'm talking to Niccolò Cipriani from the Italian circular fashion company Rifò about

how the fashion industry could be revamped by creating sustainable and circular concepts by recycling

materials and garments.

The inspiration for that came from the town Prato in Italy where garments have been recycled for 100 years because of economic reasons.

The circular fashion concept is inspiring and Niccolò tells us about where the materials come from,

which are easiest top recycle and why fashion should become more mindful and valued.

Go check out their website here to be inspired by some long-lasting and recycled garments that were

made with planet and people in mind! 🌿👗👚

I appreciate your eager ears💚

See ya next episode



Sep 30, 202117:15
Digital storm to #StopAdani and system change for a better world

Digital storm to #StopAdani and system change for a better world

Aliy Potts and I recently connected over Instagram and she invited me to a Digital Storm to protest against The Adani group's greedy mission to 

open up more coal mines in Australia which would obviously have detrimental consequences.

In this Zoom Session I learned so much from the fantastic Laura Sterling who moderated most of that session. 

I also got to hear a lot of thoughts and powerful words from Ella Noah Bancroft who is a Bundjalung Activist, Therapist, Mentor, Writer and overall an inspiring, caring and loving woman. 

I have learned a lot from her in the past years and used a lot from what she said during that presentation in this episode to elaborate on the faults of our current systems and society and how we must look to nature and country to reconnect to and heal

this world in order to survive and live a loving, connected and healthy life on this beautiful planet.

I thank everyone who made this Digital Storm possible

and all of the frontline activists who are currently protecting land and people.

This Talk was an emotional one for me and I hope that you can take away a new viewpoint and some 

inspiration from what I have learned from people that I consider mentors and teachers🌼🌊🤍

i appreciate your eager ears

thank you for your support!💚



Sep 23, 202130:31
A Talk with Lauren from XALI swim

A Talk with Lauren from XALI swim

In this episode I'm talking to Lauren, the founder of the sustainable swimwear brand Xali swim.

 We Talk about why Lauren decided to create swimwear made from regenerated ocean plastic and which manufacturers 

she works with to make the dream of ethical, eco-friendly and long lasting swimmers a reality.

She tells us about a few sustainable habits she has created in her everyday life and why it is so important to create more

awareness about these topics.

Aaaaaannnd of course there is no way that I could talk to her without chatting about her beautiful rescue dogs and cats!

If you know Lauren then you know that she gives these animals all her love and attention, 

so I was happy that she educated me on a few things regarding rescue dogs, breeders, dog training etc.

If you want to know more about that because you are looking for a pet of your own, I  highly recommend listening to her podcast:

"Life with Lauren", where she talks about keeping pets, the industry, the training and much more!

📢PS: because Lauren loves animals like she does I am obviously shouting out a great organization that

cares for the animals of this planet! I have recently "adopted" a tiger in the name of my newly married cousin and her husband in honor of their wedding with the help of "Defenders of Wildlife". They protect and restore imperiled species throughout North America by transforming policies and institutions and promoting innovative solutions and are focused solely on wildlife and habitat conservation and the safeguarding of biodiversity.

You can symbolically adopt an animal and support their work by donating or buying from their webshop!

I appreciate your eager ears💚

Thank you for listening☀



Sep 09, 202154:26
My family's and my veganism journey
Aug 26, 202134:10
A Talk with Matthias from Prokon Energy Cooperative

A Talk with Matthias from Prokon Energy Cooperative

Hey everybody,

in this episode I am talking to Matthias form the Energy Cooperative Prokon

They provide green energy in the form of mainly wind- and in lesser quantities solar energy.

Matthias tells me everything from energy prices, taxation on renewable energies, differences between solar and wind energy,

the need for systemic change in order to make renewables the new normal,

he debunks some "green energy" myths

and of course gives some gory details on government and fossil fuel industry intrigues to take down the green energy lovers -

haha joking - almost ; ))

In order to put yourself in the power position of choosing an energy provider that works with nature, I encourage you to check out Prokon's website or a green energy provider near you (IG post or blog coming on different providers around the world) so you can switch to

an energy provider that has a healthier future in mind.

📢PS: this episode's shoutout goes to Ilona. She is @acht_nach on Instagram and is an advocate and educator about everyday sustainability

and consciousness from Germany. She has so much valuable knowledge about plants, insects, our interaction with nature and how we can try to be kind to nature in our everyday lives! 

She is such a kind soul and it is through her that I actually found out about Prokon.

She is also the maker of my calendar that is the best calendar I have ever had! It is produced sustainably and has wonderful recipes, 

seasonal food guides and interesting facts about the environment included (you can find some of her products here).

Go visit her page and give her some 💚

Thank you for listening💚

I appreciate your eager ears

See ya next episode👋🏼



Aug 13, 202137:12
A Talk with a "green" investment Manager

A Talk with a "green" investment Manager

in this episode I am Talking to Gunter Greiner who is the head of investments and portfolio management at WIWIN sustainable investments.

If you want to know more about sustainable investing, investment opportunities and the increasing demand for 

green solutions in the financial sector - then this is the episode for you.

May sound a bit dry - but I can assure you it is not. Since controlling and redirecting what is being invested in - 

by you, by corporations and investment managers - is one of the key factors to funding the "green" solutions that will help us in 

building a more sustainable world across all sectors.

We Talk about which sustainable investment possibilities there are, what has been driving these positive changes, 

greenwashing in the "sustainable investment" sector and what ESG-guidelines mean.

If you want to know more feel free to visit WIWIN sustainable investments on their website!

📢PS: this episodes shoutout goes to Aspiration bank. Their mission is to help you put your money where you values are - meaning NOT 

funding fossil fuels or coal with your money! They are a certified B corporation and a member of 1% for the planet + you can offset your footprint and plant trees every time you are using your card!

Pull your support for the polluters of this world and show the big banks that you will not stand for dirty money! 

by joining a "green bank" instead and putting your money towards a more just and sustainable future!💚

I appreciate your eager ears💚Thank you for listening

See ya next episode👋🏼



Aug 05, 202133:23
A Talk with Isaias Hernandez

A Talk with Isaias Hernandez

Today I'm Talking to Isaias Hernandez who is an environmental educator who 

in his words: "loves to (un/relearn)".

Which makes him (in my opinion:)) a very positive, open-minded and well educated human being.

He inspires and educates about intersectional environmentalism, zero-waste/low-waste living,

environmental justice, climate news, veganism and so much more!

In this episode we're Talking about Isaias upbringing in Los Angeles, eco-anxiety, social injustices regarding the

climate crisis, his college time and him finally living somewhere where he has a beautiful garden to grow things

and play around in 😍🌼🍄

Thank you Isaias for joining me and having this real, open and educational Talk - it was lots of fun getting to chat to you😃

Go check out Isaias website and IG page as well! It is a source of colorful and useful knowledge💚

📢PS: This episode's shoutout goes to Climate Farmers. They are a purpose-driven movement for a future in which humans live in harmony with the planet we live on. They believe that the first step towards that future is regenerative agriculture. 
Agriculture in Europe is in the process of a major transition, adapting to a change climate. They believe this is a unique chance to support its transition towards one which is beneficial for farmers, ecosystems, climate and society. 
They welcome anyone identifying with this vision to join them or you can support them with a donation as well!

Thank you for listening👋🏼

I appreciate your eager ears💚



Jul 27, 202142:21
A Talk with Evan Graham Arango from Ojairoots Farm

A Talk with Evan Graham Arango from Ojairoots Farm

If you want to know more about creating healthy soil,

regenerative farming, the magic of composting :) and what happens at the regenerative farm Ojairoots Farm

on a regular day, then this is the episode for you👨🏼‍🌾

Farmer Evan Talks to me about how he started growing vegetables in his own garden to selling his produce to friends,

family, local stores and restaurants all the way to running a regenerative #notill farm.

He tells me about the power of healthy soil and a bit about what is happening in "agricultural politics".

Maybe you'll hear something that helps you #levelup your own backyard veggie beds😉

go visit Ojairoots Farm website and follow them on IG @ojairoots 🌿


📢Todays #shoutout goes to the organization Oceana. Oceana seeks to make our oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were.

Which means that they are trying to protect this planet's biggest ecosystem and all marine life. Go check out their website and support them by donating, spreading the word or even joining them if you live near the ocean and have a chance to be a part of their team!🐋

Thank you for listening👋🏼

I appreciate your eager ears💚



Jul 01, 202145:12
A Talk with Nathalie from "Ona Healing"

A Talk with Nathalie from "Ona Healing"

In this episode I am Talking to Nathalie Daccach from Ona Healing.

She tells me about Spirit Coaching, Earth Circles, Kundalini, breathing and meditation, how she 

implements that into her holistic health service and coaching and how it all connects back

to us and nature🌿

We Talk about grounding, coming back to nature and what you can do when you feel like you have a lack of connection to yourself and nature.

Nathalie also tells us a bit about sustainability in her daily life and how she handles eco-anxiety.

And no, this is not just hippie stuff;)) no judgement here, if this doesn't really speak to you 

then maybe it's exactly the thing you should have an open mind about and explore more🌞

Maybe you'll find out something about yourself that has been hiding away and if you want some

guidance and coaching then allow yourself to contact Nathalie via her website "Ona Healing"💚

📢Todays shoutout goes to Animal Rebellion. They are an anti-speciesist movement with a shared vision of change

wanting to create a world that protects beings of all species, for generations to come. Also known to do sit-ins at McDonald's and recently responsible for paralyzing their supply chains in the UK with blockages lasting from 19-30 hours!!!

Go check them out and donate/join them in their incredible endeavors 🤍🤍

Thank you for listening👋🏼

I appreciate your eager ears💚



Jun 24, 202133:60
A Talk with the surfing Senator of Tasmania

A Talk with the surfing Senator of Tasmania

Senator Whish-Wilson is one for the history books in my opinion🏄🏼‍♂️
In this episode we Talk about his work as a Senator and member of the Green Party.
He tells me about the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill of 2020 in Australia and how he was the first Senator to raise the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans 10 years ago.
We Talk about environmental issues he is seeing unfold live and in color in his own home state and he gives us an insight about
the problems with the fishing industry and much more.
I'll finish up by quoting him on the correlation of environment and economy:
"What people need to understand is that you can't separate economy and the environment.
The environment is the economy. You can't put a price on clean air, clean water or health."

Thank you for listening!
I appreciate your eager ears💚
See ya next episode👋🏼

Cheers, Stella

PS: Thank you Senator for taking the time to share your knowledge and opinions.
You have an admirable spirit, great values and I appreciate your fighting for nature,
fighting for what is right and being a change maker one can look up to.

Jun 10, 202143:51
Talking about climate change history and systemic change
May 31, 202118:48
convincing supermarket chains to go plastic free and Talking a friend out of fast food chains :))

convincing supermarket chains to go plastic free and Talking a friend out of fast food chains :))

Story time about trying to convince a supermarket chain to go plastic free in their produce section,

why we as customers can navigate supply and demand and what governments should do in that area.

Telling you about my Talk with a friend, about him "trying" to stop eating at fast food chains

and how we can all walk through life a little more AWARE.

Including a little challenge for YOU to consciously experience life and everything YOU see and use daily for one day

in order to see things for what they are.

Interested? Go give it a listen!

I appreciate your eager ears💚

See ya next episode👋🏼

Xx Stella

May 20, 202126:35
A Talk with Magdalena from Free Minded Folks

A Talk with Magdalena from Free Minded Folks

I'm Talking to Magdalena Muttenthaler who is the founder and CEO of Free Minded Folks the impact magazine where you

can read and shop all about sustainable lifestyle choices and products, from cooking utensils and recipes to sustainable jewelry, 

green travels and bathroom products all the way to creating sustainable living spaces in your home in the most aesthetic, beautiful ways.

Magdalena is also the founder of Free Minded Folks - Agency where she and her team scale and guide start-up and "Impact businesses".

So if you're one of them - feel free to get in touch!

We are Talking about sustainable changes in everyday life and how her magazine can help guide you as well as

the changes that big businesses and politics are/should be making.

Magdalena gives us all a fresh outlook on 'sustainable solutions and options' that can be found everywhere if you just look for them!

And there is some Talk about education, awareness and politics to spice it all up :)

It was a true pleasure Talking to Magdalena and I can only encourage you to 

go check out:

Free Minded Folks impact magazine on Instagram

Free Minded Folks agency on Instagram

I appreciate your eager ears💚

See ya next episode👋🏼

Xx Stella

May 10, 202142:12
A Talk with Dessie Georgieva about conscious fashion and sustainability in our daily lives
May 04, 202144:14
Talking about habits/beliefs/stages of change and grief and the change we need in this world!

Talking about habits/beliefs/stages of change and grief and the change we need in this world!

> how habits and beliefs can stop us from changing things we know are bad.

> what is important, what should we focus on and why we need systematic, radical changes.

> relating the stages of change/grief models to why do we often get defensive/mad when we get confronted with information relating the 

environment/animal cruelty/inhumane acts in this world.

> what is it that is really important and what should we focus our energy on?

+ an impromptu storytelling with an imaginary guided tour through my garden in spring:))

I appreciate your eager ears💚

and encourage you to share your thoughts/questions/ideas on my instagram @thrive_bynature 🌱

Xx Stella

Apr 26, 202134:09
A Talk with Mao from the sustainable active/swimwear company Dula

A Talk with Mao from the sustainable active/swimwear company Dula

this Talk is one with the wonderful Mao from the company Dula.

we're Talking about the way that plastic is recovered from oceans and landfills to make their beautiful apparel

as well as the small things that they do as a sustainable company to make every detail as eco-friendly as possible

and how the ocean waste makes its way to becoming something that will look better on us than clogging up waterways!

as I always say: find a company's sustainability report on their website and make your own judgement of their efforts and

Dula definitely is a great example for that.

🌻go check out @dulaaustralia on instagram as well!

Thank you for creating this episode with me Mao💚

I appreciate your eager ears friends and I hope that you 

enjoy this episode👋🏼



Apr 21, 202122:05
LNG terminals, the EU-Mercosur trade and evasive polititians

LNG terminals, the EU-Mercosur trade and evasive polititians

in this episode I am catching you up on the german government pushing along fossil fuels and destructive energy projects 

and what the EU-Mercosur trade means for the environment, animals and people.

I am giving you a lot of objective information which I am breaking up with some rants about evasive politicians and 

meaningless responses to important issues ;)

sounds fun?

i think so:))

I appreciate your eager ears💚

feel free to leave me a review, follow and share with friends and family if you like it!

Xx Stella

PS: the platform I talked about is 

it is an amazing way to hear about projects around the world that are being fought by environmental organizations/private citizens and to start your own petitions if you like!

Apr 17, 202123:38
A Talk with Miha from Treecelet
Apr 12, 202136:15
sources of oxygen production + carbon capture and release

sources of oxygen production + carbon capture and release

short and juicy Talk about sources of oxygen production (forests, oceans, swamps),

How is carbon captured and when is it released by the same systems that capture it?

What can we as consumers do to minimize our impact on environmental destruction (and remember this is not all on us as consumers

but the huge industries are obviously not changing their ways as long as we are supporting them so it's good to know 

how we can use our power as consumers to force change into a positive direction!)

All in all - enjoy getting in some important information and

listen in with your friends, families or pets :)

I appreciate your eager ears🤗

DM me questions or topic requests on my instagram @thrive_bynature 💚

Apr 08, 202113:08
EnvironmentTalk with my sister

EnvironmentTalk with my sister

Stuff about the environment, how "unsustainability" can be habitual,

judging people at the grocery store,

what we have changed as a family (food, clothing, consuming, cleaning products, veganism all the way 

to sustainable cigars :))

I hope you enjoy this episode that includes passion for nature, tips and rants and many giggles!

Apr 04, 202135:24
Fashion industryTalk 1

Fashion industryTalk 1

First talk about the fashion industry.
Some things about what challenges the fast fashion brands when pursuing more sustainability
and on recognizing sustainability efforts and just some overall no BS talk about how companies
try to make us think that they actually care.
Apr 04, 202117:47
introductory rambling

introductory rambling

This is just a short introduction to this podcast with a few infos on what this it is going to be about and what you can expect.
I hope you have gotten an idea and taken away something you liked from this first :))
(slipping in a PS: yes, my voice fluctuates. let's just say it adds some charm ;) )
Thanks for taking a chance on me
Mar 31, 202131:44
March 30, 2021

March 30, 2021

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Mar 30, 202100:31