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There Is No Spoon

There Is No Spoon

By Stephen Ladd

Trying to change the external world (bending a spoon) to achieve happiness is a fool’s game; authentic transformations are an inside job. Join Renegade Life Coach Stephen Ladd for a bite-size, deep-dive exploration into how your mind works, the meaning of (just about) everything, and maybe even a glimpse of your true nature. Frustrated spiritual seekers and worn-out personal development peepers welcome. Come on in, the water’s fine...
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The Tao of Team

There Is No SpoonApr 29, 2020

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Jun 17, 202014:56
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The Tao of Team
Apr 29, 202019:56
Special CTFD Meditation Experience

Special CTFD Meditation Experience

“How to Calm the Fuck Down - A MindLESSness Meditation Experience". 

Unlike my usual podcast episodes, with this session it is suggested that you close your eyes, and allow yourself to enter into a deep state of relaxation. For that reason, if it’s not frickin’ obvious, please don’t listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery, or while grooming your cat or anything, really, that might suffer from less-than your full attention.

Instead, I suggest that you sit back, kick your feet up, and relax for a spell.

Note: Ideally listen to this with earbuds, headphones, etc.

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