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Moveable Do

Moveable Do

By Steve Danielson

Composer and conductor Steve Danielson interviews other living composers to learn about their journeys, successes, and learning experiences. Each episode features an interview with the composers about their lives plus a review of 4 of their pieces (including audio!). To become a guest, or to suggest one, email
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Fahad Siadat

Moveable DoSep 22, 2020

Juhi Bansal
Jun 06, 202353:47
James Knox
May 30, 202301:02:46
Sarah Rimkus
May 23, 202301:00:06
Dwight Bigler
May 16, 202301:02:51
Dawn Sonntag
May 09, 202301:05:51
Jessica French
May 02, 202354:55
Diederik van der Laag
Apr 25, 202301:04:03
Andrew Morgan Smith

Andrew Morgan Smith

Let's go to the MOVIES! This week, I get the opportunity to chat with film composer Andrew Morgan Smith who, among other things wrote the music for the 2023 films, "The Old Way" and "Bunker." We talk about growing up in Louisiana and his influential teachers. We also chat about what it's like working for the Mouse (Disney). Then, I invite Andrew to play "Schumann, or not Schumann, that is the question." For more information about Andrew Morgan Smith and his music, visit For a full archive of episodes and a list of previous guests, visit Keep the Music Moving!

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Twitter: @MoveableDo

Apr 18, 202350:15
Janice Kapp Perry
Apr 11, 202351:03
Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
Apr 04, 202301:09:08
Moveable Snippet - Colin Eatock (The Lord is Risen)
Mar 28, 202307:16
Moveable Snippet - Soheil Shirangi (SAMAT)
Mar 21, 202309:42
Moveable Snippet - Frida Vasquez de la Sota (Obertura 19)
Mar 14, 202306:18
Moveable Snippet - Anthony Mosakowski (Resonet in Laudibus)
Mar 07, 202307:41
Moveable Snippet - Sami Seif (Orientalism)
Feb 28, 202317:47
Moveable Snippet - Mark Whitefield (The Seventh Wave)
Feb 21, 202306:29
Moveable Snippet - Sonya Leonore Stahl (Princess of the Northern Lights)
Feb 14, 202313:43
Moveable Snippet - Leandro Ragusa (Preludio para el Nuevo Mundo)
Feb 07, 202307:50
Moveable Snippet - Dario Argentesi (Bagatelluzza)
Jan 31, 202308:45
Moveable Snippet - Daniel Cueto (Puma)
Jan 24, 202311:23
Moveable Snippet - Mickie Wadsworth (If Butterfly Were Shade)
Jan 17, 202310:25
Moveable Snippet - Diederik van der Laag (Nigredo/Nevermore)
Jan 10, 202310:34
Moveable Snippet - Melanie Gearig (Solace)
Jan 03, 202304:37
Moveable Snippet - Jonathan Rippon (O Captain, My Captain)
Dec 27, 202206:29
Moveable Snippet - Stephen Weatherford (I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day)
Dec 20, 202214:19
Season 5 Closer - A Soldier's March
Dec 13, 202221:10
Christopher Tin
Dec 06, 202247:60
Matthew Lyon Hazzard
Nov 29, 202201:01:41
Al van der Beek (The Piano Guys)
Nov 22, 202250:35
Sherry Blevins
Nov 15, 202201:00:55
Katerina Gimon
Nov 08, 202250:21
Moveable Snippet - Knowing Hymn
Nov 03, 202225:41
Brent Michael Davids
Nov 01, 202201:05:11
Ethan Sperry
Oct 25, 202256:29
Justine Koontz
Oct 18, 202247:27
Giulio De Carlo
Oct 11, 202237:39
Moveable Snippet - Hilary Weeks (Beautiful Heartbreak)
Oct 06, 202206:38
Hilary Weeks
Oct 04, 202249:07
Reginald Unterseher
Sep 27, 202256:51
Laurie de Leonne
Sep 20, 202258:38
Paul Honey
Sep 13, 202201:00:60
Ola Gjeilo
Sep 06, 202253:28
Season 5 Preview (Bonus)

Season 5 Preview (Bonus)

Just a quick preview/bonus episode talking about the upcoming Season 5 of Moveable Do. Plus, Steve shares a new piece called As God Is, We May Be. See you in 2 weeks for the launch of Season 5 on September 6! Keep the Music Moving!!

Aug 23, 202206:31
Moveable Snippet - Joseph Virgilio (I Giochi Vecchi - The Old Games)
Aug 09, 202207:01
Moveable Snippet - Makaela Joy Bragg (Melody in Grey)
Aug 02, 202207:21
Moveable Snippet - Justine Koontz (Insomnia)
Jul 26, 202211:02
Moveable Snippet - Terry Shaw (Still I Rise)

Moveable Snippet - Terry Shaw (Still I Rise)

Moveable Snippets will bring you one piece that a composer would like to share with the world. Today's Moveable Snippet comes from composer Terry Shaw and his piece "Still I Rise" with text from Maya Angelou. If you have interest in this piece, please contact me and I'll get word to Terry. Keep the music moving!

Jul 19, 202206:37
Season 4 Closer - Bwana Ni Mchungaji Wangu
Jun 14, 202208:08
Steve Danielson
Jun 07, 202255:21
Reena Esmail
May 31, 202256:32
Craig Courtney
May 24, 202249:51
Jennifer Lucy Cook
May 17, 202250:24
Chrysanthe Tan
May 10, 202201:00:34
Eric Whitacre - Episode 50!
May 03, 202201:10:34
Nazo Zakkak
Apr 26, 202253:57
Bryon Black II
Apr 19, 202201:10:51
Moveable Snippet - Eric Hunter (Benediction for a New Life)
Apr 15, 202206:53
Kurt Bestor
Apr 12, 202201:03:10
B.E. Boykin
Apr 05, 202235:45
Bonus - NW-ACDA Composer Fair (Part 3)
Apr 01, 202216:04
Andrew Maxfield
Mar 29, 202254:36
Sarah Quartel
Mar 22, 202241:56
Bonus - NW-ACDA Composer Fair (Part 2)
Mar 18, 202214:36
William White
Mar 15, 202258:19
Bonus - NW-ACDA Composer Fair (Part 1)
Mar 11, 202213:38
Roger Emerson
Mar 08, 202258:58
Season 4 Preview
Feb 25, 202202:41
Moveable Snippet - Rollo Dilworth (Joshua)
Feb 01, 202208:14
Moveable Snippet - Starkeeper (Epilogue to a Magnificent Story)
Jan 24, 202206:00
Moveable Snippet - Giselle Wyers
Jan 17, 202208:58
Moveable Snippet - Saunder Choi
Jan 06, 202211:02
Moveable Snippet - Donald Callen Freed
Jan 01, 202208:00
Season 3 Closer - The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Nov 23, 202114:24
Moveable Snippet - Tim Attride
Nov 19, 202107:04
George M Atwell
Nov 16, 202153:30
Sergio Barer
Nov 09, 202154:58
Zanaida Robles
Nov 02, 202151:10
Melissa Dunphy
Oct 26, 202101:09:15
Moveable Snippet - Joseph Virgilio

Moveable Snippet - Joseph Virgilio

Moveable Snippets will bring you one piece that a composer would like to share with the world. Today's Moveable Snippet comes from composer Joseph Virgilio and his piece "Le Notte Delle Cappelle Medicee" for SSAA choir. To learn more about Joseph, check out his published works through Forton UK, Bergmann Edition, and Music for Brass.

Oct 21, 202106:41
Jonathan Campbell

Jonathan Campbell

This week, Dr. Jonathan Campbell takes Moveable Do on a journey through the Midwest as we talk about music publishing, conducting, and singing. We also talk about some wishes and plans for a rather unusual cantata. Featured on this episode: "The Final Harvest," "Sorrow and Sadness Shall Flee Away," "The Lone Wild Bird," and "Hush the Ocean Wild." Find his SoundCloud stream at For more information about this podcast and a full archive of episodes, visit do. 

Oct 19, 202155:29
Natalie Dietterich
Oct 12, 202159:21
Moveable Snippet - John Paulson
Oct 11, 202110:23
Moveable Snippet - Engelhardt Unaeb
Oct 07, 202108:56
Karen Siegel
Oct 05, 202101:04:30
Loretta Notareschi
Sep 28, 202146:02
Moveable Snippet - Joyce Vickery
Sep 27, 202106:42
Moveable Snippet - Tom Council
Sep 24, 202108:20
Dan Bradshaw
Sep 21, 202101:03:49
Moveable Snippet - Iris Szeghy
Sep 16, 202112:23
Dan Carter
Sep 14, 202101:04:06
Moveable Snippet - Bryon Black II
Sep 12, 202108:20
Wayne Lytle (Animusic)
Sep 07, 202101:13:04
Moveable Snippet - Joy Byford
Sep 02, 202108:30
Andrea Ramsey
Aug 31, 202154:34
Moveable Snippet - Keane Southard
Aug 30, 202110:01
Moveable Snippet - Andrew Maxfield
Aug 27, 202105:21
Kurt Heinecke
Aug 24, 202101:07:23
Season 2 Closer (Bonus!)
Apr 27, 202112:21
Paul Aitken
Apr 20, 202101:09:31
Ellen Gilson Voth
Apr 13, 202157:56
Eric William Barnum
Apr 06, 202101:05:56
Libby Larsen
Mar 30, 202101:01:56
Russ Howard
Mar 23, 202152:08
Joan Szymko
Mar 16, 202101:05:53
Rosephanye Powell
Mar 09, 202101:02:49
Jen Wagner
Mar 02, 202155:12
Mari Esabel Valverde
Feb 23, 202158:14
John Muehleisen
Feb 16, 202101:00:04
Sarah Riskind
Feb 09, 202148:11
J.D. Frizzell
Feb 02, 202158:36
Moira Smiley
Jan 26, 202153:53
Jake Runestad
Jan 19, 202152:05
Take Me Back (Bonus!)
Dec 01, 202008:53
Rollo Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth

This week, Dr. Rollo Dilworth talks about his influences from a very young age up to the present. He also talks about his work with young, developing voices and takes a couple questions from some younger listeners. Featured on this episode, "I Sing Because I'm Happy," "Joshua," "I Dream a World," "Gift to be Free," and "Why a Caged Bird Sings." And from the 150 works he has published, what was the first? For more information about this podcast, visit

Nov 24, 202048:14
Dan Forrest

Dan Forrest

This week, Steve sits down with Dr. Dan Forrest and talks about some of his greatest influences and the lessons he learned about writing a melody and keeping things simple. Featured in this episode: Shalom; fermata; and et Deus ispiravit, the silent kiss, and Epilogue from the breath of life. Also, advice that Dan would give to himself 20 years ago. For more information about this podcast, visit

Nov 17, 202001:01:48
Chad "Sir Wick" Hughes

Chad "Sir Wick" Hughes

From Jazz to R&B, from concert band to orchestras, Dr. Chad "Sir Wick" Hughes, talks about his diverse musical styles. Hear how his path from Michigan to Kansas to Louisiana and finally to Atlanta shaped his musical ideals. Featured on this episode: "Tale of Two Fools," "Ruth and Boaz," "I Thank You Lord," and "Visions of a Renaissance." And what is a "Novical" anyway? For more information about this podcast, visit 

Nov 10, 202056:01
Dale Trumbore

Dale Trumbore

Composer Dale Trumbore discusses her journey to composition through the lens of self-doubt and self-mastery. Featured on this episode: "Infinitely and Without Apology," "Faster," "Fifteen Ways to Splinter a Sunset," and "How to Go On." Also, hear about how her writing and composing go hand in hand. For more information about this podcast, visit

Nov 03, 202056:25
Chris Fraley

Chris Fraley

Hawaii-based composer Chris Fraley discusses how his background as a math and science wiz influences his love for counterpoint. Featured in this episode: "Eire's Call," "The Plains," "Hine Ma Tov," and the premiere of the recording of "A Light Exists In Spring." Plus, experimentations with Just Intonation. For more information about this podcast, visit

Oct 27, 202057:13
Jocelyn Hagen and Tim Takach

Jocelyn Hagen and Tim Takach

Composers Jocelyn Hagen and Tim Takach discuss what it's like to be married to another composer and how they balance their work and family lives. Hear how they both have unique compositional styles and working methods. Featured on this episode: "Hands" and "Hummingbird" by Jocelyn; "Helios" and "Neither Angels, Nor Demons, Nor Powers" by Tim. Also, learn about the formation of their a cappella duo, Nation. For more information about this podcast, visit

Oct 20, 202055:44
Brian Tate

Brian Tate

This week, composer Brian Tate talks about his music education journey that took him around the world - across three continents! He also talks about his work as a clinician for musicians as well as business leaders. Featured on this episode: "Gate, Gate," "Hold Me, Rock Me," "We Are One," and "Take Down These Walls." What does Brian do in his free time? The answer may surprise you! For more information about this podcast, visit 

Oct 13, 202054:08
Ally Czyzewicz

Ally Czyzewicz

This week, Polish-Italian-American composer Ally Czyzewicz talks about her love of choral music and her musical production called "Our Family." Featured on this episode: "Cien," "Diversity," "Aurora," and "Jesenia." You'll also find out about her band, Casimir Effect. For more information about this podcast, visit 

Oct 06, 202035:02
Judy Rose

Judy Rose

Join me as I talk with Judy Rose about her journey from West Virginia to Oregon and how she eventually came to write original choral spirituals. Featured on this episode: "Om Shanti Om," "I've Found Me a River," "A Jubilant Day," and "You're Not Alone in This World." Come meet the Native American flute named Quiet Bear. For more information about this podcast, visit

Sep 29, 202059:27
Fahad Siadat

Fahad Siadat

This week Dr. Fahad Siadat discusses how he is working to combine the worlds of new music composition and advocacy-driven choral music. Featured in this episode: "Epilogue in A-Flat Minor," "The Vast Sea," "The Beacon (Be Sturdy and Full of Hope)," and "The Valley of Wonderment." See if we can answer the question: an epilogue to what? For more information and a full episode archive, visit 

Sep 22, 202059:36
Mike Merrill

Mike Merrill

Dr. Mike Merrill discusses his major influences as a composer including his saxophone playing and years living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Hear him discuss meeting and wooing his wife and what piece he'd like to have on a deserted island. Featured in this episode, "Loch Lomond," "Ecce Sacerdos Magnus," "Hateful is the Dark Blue Sky," and his oratorio, "The Martyrdom of the Saints." For more information, visit

Sep 15, 202001:00:07
Giselle Wyers

Giselle Wyers

Dr. Giselle Wyers, professor of choral music at the University of  Washington, talks about her path from budding singer to internationally  acclaimed composer and conductor. Featured on this episode: "The  Waking," "The Lonely Land," and the choral cycle "And All Shall Be Well"  as well as the answer to the question, what did Giselle want to be when  she grew up? For more information visit

Sep 08, 202050:14
Evans Mbinji

Evans Mbinji

This week, Steve interviews Evans Mbinji, composer, arranger, conductor, and teacher from Nairboi Kenya. Evans describes the difference between sacred and non-sacred music performance in Kenya. He also talks about what he learned from choirs in the USA when he was on exchange here in 2018. Music featured on this episode: "Simama imara," "Bwana Nipe Pesa," and "Jambo Bwana." For more information about this podcast, visit 

Sep 01, 202036:28
Saunder Choi

Saunder Choi

Steve talks with Filipino composer Saunder Choi about growing up in Manila, his feelings when he moved to Boston and then to LA, and how his viewpoint as an immigrant shapes his compositions. Featuring excerpts from "Brothers of the Sea," "The New Colossus," "Leron, Leron Sinta" and "Ang Tren." Plus the answer to the question, "What is the first song that Saunder remembers singing?"

Aug 25, 202043:01


Steve introduces himself and the podcast to the world. And why is it called Moveable Do anyway?

Aug 19, 202007:17