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Steve Williams And Friends

Steve Williams And Friends

By Steve Williams

It's been my dream to host my own talk show. I am a retired IT guy whose involved in Lions and Toastmasters, plus I have a variety of other interests. My guests will include my friends and others from all walks of life. My podcast will avoid politics and focus on the positive things in life. Visit for more.
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A Visit With The Elvis Cup Guy

Steve Williams And FriendsJul 20, 2023

A Visit With The Elvis Cup Guy

A Visit With The Elvis Cup Guy

YouTuber and avid Elvis fan Wade Jones (a.k.a. “The Elvis Cup Guy”) stopped by for a visit. He and Steve talked about all things Elvis, music, and history

Wade’s YouTube Channel:

Jul 20, 202301:08:32
A Visit With The Professional Summarizer
Mar 10, 202326:19
A Visit From Bruce Blackman of Starbuck

A Visit From Bruce Blackman of Starbuck

Atlanta's own yacht rock legend Bruce Blackman of Starbuck tells the story about the song "Moonlight Feels Right" and what he's up to these days.

Visit Bruce's website to listen to and purchase Starbuck's 1976 album Moonlight Feels Right (from the original unaltered master recordings), watch his YouTube videos, and purchase his autobiography.

Please click here to watch (and chill to) Bruce's video for his newest song "Soft Dog".

"Moonlight Feels Right" is also featured on Steve's Live365 internet radio station "Chillin' With Steve".

Aug 18, 202223:52
Thoughts On Bowling

Thoughts On Bowling

In this episode, Steve gives his thoughts on bowling, remembers bowling legend Mark Roth, and talks about his bowling idol Pete Weber.

Nov 28, 202109:01
A QSO With Jim Reed

A QSO With Jim Reed

Steve (ham radio callsign KC4AZO) had a really fun conversation (QSO) with his fellow ham radio friend Jim Reed (N4BFR). 

A longtime amateur (ham) radio enthusiast, Jim founded to be an "elmer" (ham radio mentor) online to fellow hams.

We talk about ham radio, Tesla, Edison, roadtripping, and Jim's involvement in the "maker" community.

To learn more about ham radio and how you can earn your "ticket" (ham radio license), visit the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) at

Jun 24, 202153:20
"Anybody Can Sing" - Stacie Court
Apr 28, 202148:54
Apr 01, 202109:07