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By STMicroelectronics

The audio versions of the posts we publish on The ST Blog. Listen at your leisure and learn more about what makes technologies great and innovations meaningful. Get more from technology to get more from life with STMicroelectronics.
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X-CUBE-IOTA1 2.0: A Software Package to Transition to IOTA 1.5 Chrysalis And All Its Benefits

The ST PodcastJun 01, 2021

Interview with Celine van Till

Interview with Celine van Till

Celine van Till is a world-renown athlete who will soon participate in the world championships of para-cycling. She's also an author and a motivational speaker. She sits down with ST, one of her official sponsors, to share her life story and the lessons we could all learn from it.

Jul 31, 202330:18
electronica 2022 with Akshay Misra

electronica 2022 with Akshay Misra

Akshay discusses battery management systems at electronica 2022.

Nov 18, 202211:46
electronica 2022: Gianluigi Forte talks about the 1st GaN system for fuel injection
Nov 16, 202210:00
smaXtec: an STM32WL and ST MEMS to better inseminate cows and prevent drug-resistant bacteria
Sep 20, 202210:07
Wayfinding Mark System from NFC Forum, 4 Catchy Images to Bring NFC to the Rest of the World
Jun 09, 202208:52
STM32 Embedded Displays: 1st HD Screen With STM32H7 So Projects of All Sizes Can Display Beautiful GUIs
May 10, 202205:16
embeNET and STM32WL: 6TiSCH Based Mesh Network Overcomes Big Challenges Plaguing the Internet of Things
May 05, 202209:14
NeoChrom GPU, New 2.5D Accelerator With Massive Hardware Optimizations for Rich UIs on STM32
May 02, 202206:39
TouchGFX 4.19: 2 New Features That Make Working with Texts and Graphs a Breeze
Mar 22, 202222:14
Transform Health Care and Save Lives with a SensorTile.Box and a BlueCoin
Mar 08, 202208:44
L9963E: 5 Things to Watch Out For in a Battery Management Solution
Feb 15, 202209:55
3 Powerful Lessons from NeuronicWorks and STM32 About Designing Reliable, Recyclable, and Energy Efficient Products
Feb 07, 202208:19
STM32CubeProgrammer and STM32CubeMonitor: See How Power Users Get More Productive on STM32
Jan 25, 202219:45
STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeMX, STM32 Finder: 3 Tools, 1 Unique Ecosystem to Empower Creators
Dec 10, 202119:18
NanoEdge AI Studio: 2 New Algorithm Families in 1 Comprehensive AI Solution
Dec 01, 202111:48
UVPANEL, 2 ST MCUs, and 3 ToF Sensors Help Kill Germs to Make Hospital Elevators Cleaner and Safer

UVPANEL, 2 ST MCUs, and 3 ToF Sensors Help Kill Germs to Make Hospital Elevators Cleaner and Safer

The UVPANEL elevator from UVENTIONS offers a way to automatically disinfect an elevator cart thanks to UV-C lights. See how sensors and microcontrollers make this possible. This is the audio version of a blog post.

Nov 29, 202110:37
Conversation on AR, VR, and more: Marie Tors and Bharath Rajagopalan

Conversation on AR, VR, and more: Marie Tors and Bharath Rajagopalan

Check out our conversation around AR, VR, and more between Marie Tors and  Bharath Rajagopalan. They talk about the challenges the industry is facing and how they are are viewing the current state of the industry.

Nov 17, 202133:35
Sierra Wireless: Navigating the Cellular Edge-to-Cloud Minefield on STM32 Systems
Nov 12, 202105:36
CLT03-1SC3 and CLT03-2Q3 or How to Make Smaller Digital Input Modules
Nov 03, 202110:43
GangFlasher-ST: The Swiss Army Knife of In-Circuit Programmers, 40 MB/s on an STM32MP1
Oct 26, 202108:20
TouchGFX 4.18: Improving Interactions with Users Through Videos and With Developers Through Collaboration
Oct 21, 202112:51
TapNLink: ST's NFC Tag for Your Microcontroller, This is Instant IoT for All!
Oct 19, 202111:56
STSAFE-A110 and Secure Cloud Connectivity, a New Way to Automate Device Registration
Oct 18, 202106:28
Raven: A Wireless Flash Controller Used TouchGFX and ST Authorized Partners to Make a Difference
Oct 07, 202108:52
2021 Sustainability Report: Accelerating Sustainability, Together
Sep 29, 202105:16
STM32U575 and STM32U585, 1st STM32U5 Now Available, Try LPBAM on our 3 Development Boards
Sep 28, 202105:47
ST25 NFC Tags Inside Phantom by Paco Rabanne or Lessons From the First NFC-enabled Fragrance
Sep 23, 202109:49
SIDO 2021 or Understanding the Trends That the Industry Is Adopting
Sep 20, 202104:41
Rubber Tapping Robot or How the STM32WL Helped Triple Yields
Sep 17, 202106:14
ESSCIRC and ESSDERC Grenoble 2021 Will Explore AI at the Edge, Material Innovations, and More
Sep 06, 202111:10
STM32U5, First ST MCU to receive PSA and SESIP Level 3 Certifications!
Aug 04, 202105:40
DH electronics or When a SoM Maker Relies on the STM32MP1 and the Open Source Community
Jul 19, 202106:28
BCD - Behind a Creative Disruption

BCD - Behind a Creative Disruption

In 1983 a group of researchers at SGS Microelettronica, the company that would later become STMicroelectronics, are trying to do something nobody has ever managed before. They are attempting to combine three different technologies on a single semiconductor chip. This is the story of how a group of brilliant minds took on that challenge and invented a technology that would change our favourite devices forever.

Jul 14, 202124:09
Teaching Embedded Systems with Roobopoli, a Smart City and a Smart Car That Comes in a Kit
Jun 30, 202104:58
NUCLEO-WB15CC: Bringing Bluetooth and Touch Sensors to More Developers
Jun 29, 202103:54
STM32G0C1 and STM32G061: New Peripherals and Controllers Make the STM32G0 More Polyvalent
Jun 24, 202107:42
Get Practical with Hardware: The New edX Course from Arm Education with an STM32 Nucleo Board
Jun 23, 202106:46
Edukit Tutorials: The New Way to Teach Control System Design
Jun 10, 202103:35
X-CUBE-IOTA1 2.0: A Software Package to Transition to IOTA 1.5 Chrysalis And All Its Benefits
Jun 01, 202108:56
ESDCAN03-2BM3Y: “Beat the Crowd”, A New Transient Voltage Suppressor for CAN Buses in High-Density PCBs
May 26, 202112:11
FP-AI-FACEREC1: Advanced Vision Now Possible on Microcontrollers
May 07, 202110:39
STM32WB5MM-DK, 1st Dev Kit for the STM32WB5MMG Module and What It Means for Engineers
May 06, 202103:59
electronica China 2021: Driving Efficiency with GaN and More Efficiently Driving with Teseo
Apr 12, 202107:23
CAN FD Light: The New CAN Bus Engineers Wanted and the Industry Needed
Mar 31, 202109:17
Mjølner, a TouchGFX Implementer and Partner or Why Ecosystems Matter
Mar 29, 202107:16
NUCLEO-WB55RG, a Simpler Development Board for the STM32WB MCU
Mar 26, 202103:51
Phytec and STM32MP1, What Can the phyCORE-STM32MP15x SoM Do for You?
Mar 22, 202112:36
Machine Learning Core Repository on GitHub, 4 Application Examples to Try Machine Learning in Sensors in Minutes
Mar 04, 202107:46
X-CUBE-AZRTOS-H7, The Most Extensive Integration of Azure RTOS Features on an MCU
Mar 01, 202105:46
MadeForSTM32 v2 for I-CUBE Packages Accessible Within STM32CubeMX
Feb 26, 202104:25