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Stories Behind the Grind

Stories Behind the Grind

By Aidan Vuocolo

Tactical tips for your business to help you simplify, strategise and scale up the impact you are having in this world.

Building a community of like-minded founders to enable you to take back control of your business and your destiny.
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#18 Empowering Women To Be Their Best With Heidi Jones (Squad WOD)

Stories Behind the GrindJun 06, 2018

#42 Using Technology to Make People More Profitable with Stewart Marshall
Mar 12, 201929:16
#41 Success, Alignment and Men's Mental Health With Michael Lauria
Mar 03, 201930:55
#20 How To Optimise Your Service Business With Mitch Hills (Mastered Marketing)
Mar 02, 201928:19
#40 Keeping The Planet Clean With Green Caffeen
Feb 24, 201924:25
#39 Building High Performing Teams To Grow Your Venue With Alan Borges
Feb 18, 201947:05
#38 Defining Culture and Improving Founder Mental Health with Aaron Birkby...
Feb 10, 201937:07
#37 Five Lessons I've Learnt Podcasting

#37 Five Lessons I've Learnt Podcasting

After a year of podcasting, I share my Five Top Lessons learnt.

It's honestly been one of the most enjoyable things I've done, and can't wait to share with you more episodes in 2019.

Always great to hear from you, let me know who you are by sending an email to

Feb 06, 201907:20
#36 Finding Your Life’s Purpose With Amanda Biccum
Feb 03, 201925:10
#35 How to Find Clarity And Deal With Overwhelm with Bronwen Sciortino (SheIQ Life)
Jan 12, 201932:37
#34 How To Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset With Tony Whatley (365 Driven)
Jan 06, 201931:19
#33 Transformation and Growth with Celina Celeste

#33 Transformation and Growth with Celina Celeste

On this episode listen to my conversation with Celina Celeste who runs a successful podcast agency, helping others to launch their very own podcasts. 

We discuss

Celina's backstory and how she got to where she is today

How Celina started her podcast

The biggest change Celina saw when she started to change

Attracting the right people by being who you really are

What Celina does to foster strong mental wellness

What Celina’s willing to sacrifice to be the person she could be

On becoming a friend to yourself

Controlling self-hatred

Changing negative emotion into positive ones

What Celina’s definition of grind is

Connect with Celina


Dec 28, 201835:20
#32 How Perfect Grind Daily CEO, Henry Wilson, Grew To Be The Worlds Leading Coffee Publication
Dec 22, 201832:18
#31 How to start refining your business processes without spending money
Dec 15, 201805:34
#30 How to remain positive and foster joy with Grayson Marshall Jr - The Coach of Coach's
Dec 11, 201827:22
#29 How to Craft your Effective Marketing Strategy with Melissa Forziat
Nov 25, 201857:39
#28 Not enough time?
Nov 17, 201804:22
#27 Mastering the Fundamentals with Zach Benson
Nov 09, 201818:44
#26 How I Started This Podcast...
Nov 03, 201804:13
#25 Finding A Mentor and Marketing With Data Driven Storytelling - Rohit Bhargava (Playbook Media
Oct 20, 201829:52
#24 How To Attain And Retain Great Staff With Sam Holman (Black Lab Coffee Co)
Oct 02, 201825:21
#23 Pushing Through Belief Systems To Become Unstoppable With Amy Applebaum
Aug 13, 201846:30
#22 How To Market When You're A Startup With Gerard Doyle (Fractal)
Jul 21, 201852:11
#21 The Grind - Episode 8 (Giorgina Venzin)

#21 The Grind - Episode 8 (Giorgina Venzin)

Welcome back to Stories Behind the Grind. My name is Aidan Vuocolo and today on The Grind I talk to Giorgina Venzin, Co-Owner of the Venzin group currently managing 6 hospitality venues in Brisbane.
Jul 02, 201802:44
#19 How to Dress For Success With Clare Sheng (The Fitting Room)
Jun 16, 201817:40
#18 Empowering Women To Be Their Best With Heidi Jones (Squad WOD)
Jun 06, 201819:46
#17 Resiliency, Routines and Rest with Monique Lindner

#17 Resiliency, Routines and Rest with Monique Lindner

In this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to my conversation with Monique, ex-project manager turned Mindset & Transformational Coach. Monique helps business owners to turn their pain into their power! Monique has been through hardships, including being pronounced clinically dead at the age of 19. In this Episode: How Monique balances her hectic schedule. The importance of routines. How dancing helped Monique express herself even whilst living with chronic diseases and prevented suicide. The importance of scheduling time for yourself Why motivational speaker events aren’t all that successful over the long term Why personal development never ends What happens if you can’t do your full morning routine The 5 second rule Monique’s advice on resiliency The most important life advice that Monique experienced Turning pain into power Monique’s TED Talk The Power of Resiliency: Get my free Ebook on how to launch your Cafe and Save money Contact me at
May 26, 201836:05
#16 The Grind - Episode 7
May 14, 201800:57
#15 Interview on Macro v Micro,Business v Art with Jason Malouin (Jason Malouin Photography)
May 02, 201838:05
#14 Success, Failure And Family Business With Raymund Venzin (Venzin Group)
Apr 23, 201822:37
#13 Success, Failure And Family Business With Giorgina Venzin (Venzin Group)

#13 Success, Failure And Family Business With Giorgina Venzin (Venzin Group)

In this episode of Stories Behind the Grind, listen to my conversation with Giorgina Venzin, co-owner of the Venzin Group, a family business running establishments such as Mons Ban Sabai Thai (voted best thai restaurant in QLD three years in a row), PawPaw and Piggy Back Café.

In this Episode:

What it is like to work in a family business with family dynamics

How important a business plan is or isn’t

What happens when it doesn’t go to plan. The importance of pivoting.

Valuable advice received by Giorgina

The importance of patience and investing in your future

The sacrifices Giorgina’s made on the journey

Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate all of you. Stay tuned for the next episode.

Get my free Ebook on how to launch your Cafe and Save money

Contact me at
Apr 15, 201816:07
#12 Fitness And Entrepreneurship With Ed Turney (Rockstar Kickboxing)
Apr 08, 201827:10
#11 The Importance Of Aligning Your Values With Kim Toovey (Suki + Open Pantry Consulting)
Mar 30, 201812:31
#10 The Grind - Episode 6
Mar 29, 201804:03
#9 The Grind - Episode 5
Mar 25, 201807:18
#8 Putting Family First And Knowing Your Why With Ryan Friedman (Dudl Media)
Mar 14, 201830:41
#7 The Grind - Episode 4
Mar 09, 201801:28
#6 The Grind - Episode 2
Mar 07, 201801:32
#5 The Grind - Episode 1
Mar 07, 201801:33
#4 The Grind - Episode 3
Mar 01, 201804:23
#3 Playing Your Bigger Game With Nat Hodges (Nxt Lvl)
Jan 06, 201825:04
#2 Making A Social Impact With Max Wasley (Youth Without Borders)
Dec 30, 201729:19
#1 How To Build Your Personal Brand with Justin Hannan (Reiterate Media)
Nov 18, 201740:20