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St Pete Soul

St Pete Soul

By Brittany Ranew

People fall in love with the Sunshine City every day! As a local real estate professional, I often get asked what are the best local spots to hang out at, whether that’s a new restaurant or brewery, or classic St Pete staples that have stood the test of time. Whether you are a newbie or a long-time ‘Burger, let me take you on a journey around St Pete, discovering hidden treasures and re-discovering classics. Local business is the heart and soul of any thriving community. Let’s tell their stories, showcasing all that local funk that keeps St Pete special! Let the Sunshine City warm your soul!
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Bunch of Sunshine | Merritt Horan Capurro

St Pete SoulOct 14, 2021

Agricultural Disruptor Brick Street Farms is Bringing Farm to Fork in a City Near You! With Founder Shannon O'Malley

Agricultural Disruptor Brick Street Farms is Bringing Farm to Fork in a City Near You! With Founder Shannon O'Malley

Have you ever stopped to wonder how far that produce had to travel to get to your grocery store? Did you know that it likely traveled over 1600 miles to get there and exchanged hands 5 times before landing on the shelves? Mind blowing, right? Shannon O'Malley, CEO and Founder of Brick Street Farms, has been disrupting traditional ways of agriculture since she founded the urban farming company right here in our Sunshine City. Shannon's background as an electrical engineer and her husband's background in technology offered the perfect partnership to bring this dream to life. They use innovative technology to automate their large-scale, vertical farming in shipping containers, which provides a soil-less, climate controlled system, operating independently from land, climate or seasons. Their leafy greens are certified non-GMO, chemical free and wash-free, all grown sustainably using 90% less water and 30% less energy. With their unique "Hub" model, they can produce over 60 acres each month on less than a 1/3 acre city lot. That, my friends, is sustainability in action. They are farm to fork in less than 36 hours! I could go on forever with all the details that will blow your mind, but how about we just dive into the episode and hear it from Shannon herself? I promise it will have you thinking differently about where and how you buy your produce.

Want to learn more? Visit their website here.

Shop their Farm Store and get your hands on that fresh produce!

Hours and location:

Brick Street Farms

199 20th St S, St Pete FL 33712 in the Warehouse Arts District

Thursday 10 am to 7 pm

Friday 10 am to 5pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm

Membership offerings are detailed here. Memberships support their non-profit, Desert Farms Foundation, bringing the farm directly to communities without access to fresh food.

Sep 07, 202359:30
Finding Joy and Living Your Life to the Fullest with Joy Coaching Founders Ilene & Alli
Jul 21, 202349:30
A Holistic Approach to your Health and Life with New Way Health Coach, Jennifer Gilman
Jun 27, 202346:43
Spreading the Magic of St Pete Through a Travel Guide with Authors, Meredith Gaunce & Melanie Bowman
May 05, 202339:11
Gift Giving as an Art with Allie Padin, owner of The Canary

Gift Giving as an Art with Allie Padin, owner of The Canary

Those of you that know me really well, know that gift giving is a love language of mine. Well, I can tell you that Allie Padin, owner of The Canary, has this talent in spades. Allie opened her shop in November on the coveted 600 block of Central. She specializes in creative gifts and home furnishing, a "happy store" that is fun to shop and has something for everyone! In our conversation we learned how her background with retail and curating stunning window displays for major retailers along 5th Ave in NYC helped fuel her passion for design and creativity. Outside of the retail space, Allie pursued interior design in Westchester New York. Like so many others, she was ready for a change of scenery and after visiting someone she knew in St Pete, immediately fell in love and quickly moved here. She had always wanted to open a gift and home store and when the opportunity presented itself, she took it. If you have shopped inside The Canary already or even just walked by the window, you've probably noticed her adorable shop cat, Gator. She will jokingly say that Gator is the real reason people stop by, and while that might be true, I also think it's because you can't help but have your mood lightened when you step into the sunny shop, aptly named The Canary.


The Canary

655 Central Ave



Apr 07, 202351:22
Making Fashion Sustainable with Valhalla Resale
Mar 08, 202343:06
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Carrying on your Grandfather's Legacy through Food with Huggers Food Truck
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A Cherished St Pete Staple Gets New Life with Lonni's Sandwiches
Oct 31, 202236:30
Designing Your Florida Lifestyle with Nicole Lynn Interiors
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Allergen Free Fine Dining Experience with Sol - A St Pete Bistro
Aug 29, 202258:24
BONUS EPISODE: Brittany Ranew Featured on The Real Estate Sessions Podcast

BONUS EPISODE: Brittany Ranew Featured on The Real Estate Sessions Podcast

Bonus episode alert!! I've known Bill for almost as long as I've lived in St Pete Florida and I have always credited him with helping me take my first step to launching this beloved podcast of mine, St Pete Soul. Bill started his award winning podcast, The Real Estate Sessions, back in 2015 and he has had so many amazing guests on there. So when he asked me to be a guest on his podcast in June of this year, I was so honored and very excited! It was finally my turn in the hot seat! Hope you enjoy getting to learn a bit more about yours truly :) Thanks for listening! 

Aug 09, 202230:10
Rooftop Collective | Gabrielle Troyer
Jul 28, 202201:05:11
BLU Luxe Island | Margaret & Desiree

BLU Luxe Island | Margaret & Desiree

It's Island Time! Well, BLU Luxe Island time to be specific! This soapery curates handcrafted, locally sourced, natural and delightfully scented bath and body products inside their shop along the coveted 600 block of Central Ave in Downtown St Pete. What we put in and on our bodies matters and with owners Desiree & Margaret at the helm, you're getting a product that is not only good for your skin but also looks and feels luxurious. They believe we all should take time out of our busy schedules to treat ourselves! 

When they started this business a year ago, they may not have been intending to become leaders in the community but with a recent rebranding and name change, they took that a step further. In this podcast, Desiree explains that the word "BLU" is an acronym that stands for "Brown Like Us." They strive to use their platform and success in business to encourage others that look like them to also build businesses and they hope to provide resources for them too. They are building a legacy of entrepreneurship and financial freedom within the community one sale at a time!

Be sure to stop by their store and say hello!
BLU Luxe Island
657 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Open Tuesday - Sundays

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Craft Kafe | Teddy Skiadiotis

Craft Kafe | Teddy Skiadiotis

This episode is a personal favorite of mine because I got to interview the owner of my favorite place in St Pete, Craft Kate! Teddy Skiadiotis has created a haven for those with celiac disease and gluten-free lifestyles! The love and passion he has for providing quality food clearly comes through when you visit Craft and I think it comes through in this podcast interview also.  You will get to hear his story and why he's so passionate about providing a place for people to eat safely. His food is so good, you would have no idea the entire menu is gluten-free! Listen in and get to know Teddy a little bit and be sure to stop by Craft Kafe for some treats and the best pour-over coffee in town! 

In Today's Episode you'll learn: 

  • Where the idea came from and why it's so important to him 
  • Why he moved from St Pete from New York 
  • How he started the business with successes and failures along the way 
  • How he trained his staff and created his "ethos" 
  • How they have shifted due to Covid and are constantly innovating 

Be sure to check out Craft Kafe on all social media platforms @craftkafe and visit their website at

Oct 02, 202052:10
MISRED Outfitters | Sara Stonecipher

MISRED Outfitters | Sara Stonecipher

In Episode 3, we sit down with the fabulous, Sara Stonecipher, owner of MISRED Outfitters. In my eyes she is the matriarch of the 600 Block of Central! She is almost single-handedly responsible for making the block what it is today, one of the most sought-after parts of downtown for retail space. You will hear the passion pouring through her voice as she shares the journey of her business and all the ups and downs. So check out our conversation and when you're done, go stop by her store, shop a little and say hi!
Aug 27, 202043:09
Bayboro Brewing

Bayboro Brewing

The episode features James Coleman, owner of Bayboro Brewing in the growing Warehouse Arts District in St Pete. St Pete's brewery scene has flourished in recent years and Bayboro Brewing is a welcomed addition. James' idea was to provide a welcoming, relaxing vibe where locals can hang out and feel like they are a part of the neighborhood. In this interview you will learn how they have overcome different obstacles time and time again to bring their vision to life and offer up a unique craft beer experience.

*Editor's Note: You may hear some construction noises at times as it was still a bit of an active construction site during the interview. Edits were done as best as possible to try to keep the interview seamless. Happy Listening! 

Jul 29, 202039:28
Love St Pete

Love St Pete

This episode features Elizabeth Longden, one of the founding partners of Love St Pete. Love St Pete is a local based apparel and product based business in St Pete, with the goal of growing into a marketing outlet focused solely on highlighting locally run businesses in St Pete. In this conversation, we learn why Elizabeth loves St Pete so much and how the idea came about to start Love St Pete. 

Jun 12, 202034:24
St Pete Soul Podcast Introduction

St Pete Soul Podcast Introduction

Hi friends! Thanks so much for tuning into this podcast! I wanted to give a brief insight into why I created this podcast. It's to simply showcase local, small business! I hope you learn more about our local businesses as you listen. If you like what you hear, please drop a review on Apple Podcast! And if you are a local business owner that would love to be featured, please reach out. I'd love to connect :)

 Happy Listening! 

Jun 12, 202002:28