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Writing the Wrong Way with Jonathan Ball, PhD

Writing the Wrong Way with Jonathan Ball, PhD

By Writing the Wrong Way with Jonathan Ball, PhD

Writing the Wrong Way is the perfect podcast for serious writers who want to stand out in a crowded industry by becoming more productive while taking more artistic risks. Jonathan Ball is an award-winning author of dark, experimental artworks. He holds a PhD in creative writing and uses an analytical approach to show serious writers new ways to write, edit, and work so they can create innovative art that stands taller than the crowd.
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Pontypool Author Tony Burgess On Writing Horror Part 1

Writing the Wrong Way with Jonathan Ball, PhDMar 25, 2019

Adam Sandler's terrible movie Jack and Jill can make you a better writer
Sep 26, 202331:10
What do you want? (Part 2)
Sep 19, 202347:43
What do you want? (Part 1)
Sep 12, 202342:23
How to become a REAL writer
Sep 05, 202339:43
UCalgary Keynote on Horror Stories and The Eye Collector
Aug 29, 202301:15:59
Building the Meathouse with Dan Vadeboncoeur
Aug 22, 202356:42
10 Rules for Beginning Screenwriters like Dan Vadeboncoeur
Aug 15, 202354:35
Suzette Mayr on Being Haunted, Historical Research, and Winning the Giller Prize for Fiction
Aug 08, 202301:02:51
Dalnavert - A Ghost Story - a Lit Live Reading
Aug 01, 202314:23
The Writing Life - Questions and Answers - with Ryan Fitzpatrick
Jul 25, 202301:00:35
Effective Exposition with Elle León Nostas and Andrew Penczner
Jul 18, 202344:35
How NOT to Get an Agent with Emmy Nordstrom Higdon
Jul 11, 202357:58
Peter Chiykowski on The Story Engine and Generating Ideas

Peter Chiykowski on The Story Engine and Generating Ideas

Jonathan welcomes writer and illustrator Peter Chiykowski to discuss his Story Engine Deck and how it can help writers come up with new and original story ideas.

Get your own copy of The Story Engine Deck:

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Jul 04, 202301:00:46
Dennis Cooley on Building a Poetry Collection and Working on Multiple Projects
May 02, 202347:45
David Annandale on Doctor Doom, Warhammer, Horror, and Writing Tie-In Fiction
Apr 25, 202351:32
Matthew Medney on Science Fiction, Writing Collaborations, Comics, and the Business of Story
Apr 18, 202356:44
Aaron Giovannone on creating poetic tension and The Nonnets
Apr 12, 202352:28
Ryan North on Writing Fantastic Four, Squirrel Girl, Dinosaur Comics, and YA Graphic Novels
Apr 04, 202349:49
Oystein Ulsberg Brager on The Amelia Project and Experimenting with Audio Drama
Mar 28, 202342:22
Joe Fisher on creating the sci-fi audio drama podcast Midnight Burger
Mar 21, 202345:35
Jonathan answers your questions
Mar 14, 202301:08:44
Discussing micro-press publishing with Ryan Fitzpatrick
Mar 07, 202333:50
Discussing The Legend of Zelda with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Part 2
Feb 28, 202342:42
Discussing The Legend of Zelda with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Part 1
Feb 21, 202347:53
Grants: Background and Development with Lyndon Radchenka
Feb 14, 202332:08
Launching The Laundrymen Kickstarter with Steven Kaul & Lyndon Radchenka
Feb 07, 202335:36
Grant Budgets: Lyndon Radchenka asks the relevant questions
Jan 31, 202343:04
Natalee Caple on fictionalizing history 'In Calamity's Wake'
Jan 24, 202347:24
Christian Bök on AI Art and Writing
Jan 17, 202345:55
Planning 2023 with GMB Chomichuk, Justin Currie, and Lyndon Radchenka

Planning 2023 with GMB Chomichuk, Justin Currie, and Lyndon Radchenka

Jonathan welcomes back frequent collaborators GMB Chomichuk, Justin Currie (a.k.a. Chasing Artwork) and Lyndon Radchenka to talk about the past year of creating art, comics, and more. They discuss how 2022 went for them as creative professionals, and look ahead to an exciting 2023.

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Jan 10, 202301:00:34
Irene Bindi on ARP Books and leftist publishing
Dec 20, 202239:57
On publishing your first novel with Brady Tiel
Dec 13, 202259:09
GMB Chomichuk on the motivations of writing
Dec 06, 202237:11
Putting together support materials for writing grants with Lyndon Radchenka
Nov 29, 202201:00:43
Creating the 'She Wolf' comic with GMB Chomichuk
Nov 22, 202201:01:44
Heavy Metal Comics Panel at Winnipeg Comiccon
Nov 15, 202243:07
Writing Grant Project Descriptions with Lyndon Radchenka
Nov 08, 202233:41
A conversation about applying for writing grants with Lyndon Radchenka
Nov 01, 202201:14:50
GMB Chomichuk on writing short-form prose, and creating The Automatic Age
Oct 25, 202259:57
Chadwick Ginther on short stories and submitting your work
Oct 18, 202256:12
SM Beiko on Worldbuilding, Writing a Series, and the Publishing Industry
Apr 12, 202201:00:49
Jordan Scott on Writing Poetry and Picture Books and Using a 'Magpie' Process
Apr 05, 202250:09
Prose Poetry with Ryan Fitzpatrick
Mar 29, 202255:12
Structuring Story — Aliens Attack the Government! (Part 2 of 2)
Mar 22, 202201:13:27
Breaking Story — Aliens Attack the Government! (Part 1 of 2)
Mar 15, 202254:18
Celebrating the Resurrection of Dead Work (Kickstarter Funded!)
Mar 08, 202259:27
Chasing Artwork & GMB Chomichuk on Crowdfunding the Dead Work Anthology
Mar 01, 202245:47
Adam Petrash on editing the Dead Work Anthology
Feb 22, 202242:28
Collaborating on the Dead Work
Feb 15, 202240:46
Creating the Dead Work Comics (Kickstarter is Live Now!)
Feb 08, 202247:54