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By Media Leads

This show was built to be the ultimate resource for expert coaches and consultants like you to build your brand, grab the attention you deserve, and break out of the murky waters of sameness.

You'll learn how the top consultants are growing their businesses and get access to the latest tools and resources so you can save your time and energy for doing the work that matters - serving your clients.

Welcome to Strategy + Action.
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Ep91 Deborah Southgate - Overcome Your Biggest Challenges (Turn Them Into Projects)

Strategy + ActionNov 07, 2023

Ep91 Deborah Southgate - Overcome Your Biggest Challenges (Turn Them Into Projects)

Ep91 Deborah Southgate - Overcome Your Biggest Challenges (Turn Them Into Projects)

In this insightful episode of Strategy + Action, host Jason Croft has an in-depth conversation with Deborah Southgate about applying project management principles to personal development. Jason sets the stage by sharing how he met Deborah in the Brand Builders Group community and was impressed by her unique approach to coaching people through major life changes.

Deborah then shares her powerful personal story of reaching a low point in her late twenties when her health, relationships, and work-life were all unraveling. After realizing she needed to take control, Deborah drew on her professional project management skills and began viewing her personal growth as a project with defined goals and action steps. This allowed her to methodically work through getting her health back on track, starting a business, meeting her husband, and finding happiness again.

Jason does an excellent job guiding the discussion and drawing out the details of Deborah's "Project You" methodology. He highlights how it provides helpful structure while still being customized for each person's unique goals. Deborah explains the step-by-step process, from initiating the project and setting goals to developing a realistic plan, managing risks, tracking progress, and celebrating wins along the way.

This is a fascinating conversation about an innovative approach to personal development that could help many feel "unstuck" and make meaningful progress in their lives.

Nov 07, 202344:08
Ep90 Nick Kennedy - The Audacity to be Successful

Ep90 Nick Kennedy - The Audacity to be Successful

Welcome to Episode 90 of "Strategy + Action" with your host, Jason Croft. In this captivating interview, we dive deep into the incredible entrepreneurial journey of the remarkable Nick Kennedy.

In the first half of this power-packed podcast, Nick shares his awe-inspiring journey, starting very simply as a college student selling pancakes out of his dorm room. A keen problem solver from the outset, Nick realized he could create solutions and help others along the way. He takes us through his remarkable trajectory, from being part of a company that sold a check-in kiosk business for eight figures to launching and selling a thriving private plane subscription service company, Rise.

However, Nick's journey doesn't stop at entrepreneurship; it's just the beginning. Discover how he transitioned into executive coaching for CEOs, where he helps leaders not only confront their emotions but also focus on personal and professional growth. Nick's insightful take on leadership is that it's not just about external strategies but, even more importantly, about understanding one's own emotions and being introspective to make a positive impact on the world.

In the second part of this engaging interview, Nick delves into the critical role of a coach and the profound value of having someone guide you through your challenges. He differentiates between offering advice to friends and coaching clients, highlighting how clients are more likely to heed advice due to the financial investment they've made.

Nick shares a personal anecdote about his collaboration with Jason to create the transformative "Seven-day Audacity Challenge." This challenge revolves around making audacious decisions to drive personal growth. It's a journey of empowerment and self-discovery that Nick believes is essential to unlocking one's full potential.

The interview further emphasizes the pivotal importance of having a coach or mentor who can challenge you, helping you navigate both your personal life and your career. Nick's firm belief in the power of audacity and taking calculated risks is evident throughout the discussion as he draws on his own life experiences.

Nick Kennedy goes on to describe his coaching practice, focusing primarily on "tip-of-the-spear" leaders, individuals who are responsible for their organization's payroll. His services extend to one-on-one coaching and a remarkable group coaching program, the "Kennedy Leadership Program."

In addition to his coaching services, Nick generously offers a treasure trove of free resources, including his informative newsletter, transformative courses, and a valuable book he authored, "The Good Entrepreneur." The book not only provides valuable insights and a deeper look at his story but also offers actionable tasks to guide you on your journey to becoming a better entrepreneur.

Don't miss this extraordinary episode and make sure to check out Nick's newsletter, courses, and book, "The Good Entrepreneur," to ignite your own path to success.

Oct 18, 202347:45
Ep89 Elle Petrillo - Elevate Your Personal Brand and Skyrocket Sales

Ep89 Elle Petrillo - Elevate Your Personal Brand and Skyrocket Sales

Are you ready to supercharge your personal brand and take your business to the next level? In this insightful episode of Strategy + Action, host Jason Croft sits down with the wonderful Elle Petrillo, a branding and sales expert from Brand Builders Group. Together, they dive deep into the world of personal branding and sales strategies that can transform your entrepreneurial journey.

In the first part of the interview, Elle shares her invaluable insights into personal branding and its paramount importance in today's digital landscape. Discover how Brand Builders Group helps mission-driven messengers, including entrepreneurs and service-based professionals, solidify their online reputation and become household names in their industries.

Elle and Jason emphasize that it's not just about getting more leads; it's about focusing on what's next for the clients you already serve. Learn how to navigate the ever-changing world of sales and develop a resilient mindset that can handle rejection with grace. Elle's wisdom will reshape the way you approach sales conversations, ensuring you ask the right questions to uncover your potential customers' concerns and provide tailored solutions.

In the second half of the interview, Elle delves into the art of sales, breaking down crucial tactics and strategies that can skyrocket your success. Discover why letting your customers speak without interruption is a game-changer and why tracking and analyzing your sales process is a must for growth.

Elle also shares the eight key components of a successful sales system, from lead generation and nurturing to closing deals and promoting through testimonials. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode will provide actionable insights to enhance your sales approach and brand building journey.

Elle's expertise extends to helping you prevent those pesky "maybes" in sales and mastering the art of closing through effective questioning and objection handling. Plus, learn the secrets of upselling and building a referral process that can unlock new revenue streams for your business.

Are you ready to amplify your personal brand, drive consistent, high-quality leads, and make a more significant impact in your field? Elle's insights will guide you on your path to success. So, don't miss out!

To take the next step in your personal branding journey, connect with Elle Petrillo and her team at Brand Builders Group. Schedule a complimentary 60-minute call with one of their strategists to gain clarity on your goals and unlock your roadmap to success. You can also find Elle on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Don't let your personal brand stay in the shadows. Elevate your brand, transform your sales game, and unleash your full potential with the guidance of Elle Petrillo and Brand Builders Group. Start your journey to success today!

Oct 10, 202342:27
Ep88 Andrew L. Anderson - Unlocking Your Ultimate Purpose: Discover Your Life Mission

Ep88 Andrew L. Anderson - Unlocking Your Ultimate Purpose: Discover Your Life Mission

Explore the profound journey of self-discovery and discovering purpose in life in this captivating episode of Strategy + Action with host Jason Croft and guest Andrew L. Anderson!

In the first half of this thought-provoking episode, they dig into the power of creating a life's mission, unraveling its multifaceted layers and its profound connection to ideas like legacy and creativity.

Andrew Anderson shares his remarkable journey from never envisioning himself as an author to an awe-inspiring moment in the majestic Zion National Park, an incredible story of how he felt a divine calling that led to the birth of his book, "Strength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow."

Discover the transformative process of finding one's life mission and how it becomes a beacon of purpose, particularly during challenging times. Andrew's insight into guiding individuals seeking meaning and direction in their lives is truly enlightening.

Uncover the hidden truth that success in business and family can still leave you yearning for more without a clear life mission. Jason and Andrew delve into the idea that recognizing the purpose behind your pain can catalyze immense personal growth.

But here's the kicker – your life's mission doesn't need to be grandiose; it can be deeply personal and profoundly meaningful. Andrew hints at the idea that life missions can evolve and change over time, promising a deeper dive into the discovery process and its tangible impact on your life.

In the second half of this episode, Jason and Andrew venture further into the essence of a life mission – it's not just about the destination; it's the journey that matters. Discover the significance of finding a mission that stirs your soul and fuels your inner fire.

Andrew candidly shares his own journey of discovering his life mission at a young age and how it has been his guiding star ever since. Gain insights into the concept that a life mission can expand and evolve, encouraging you to embrace change and growth.

Andrew emphasizes the incredible value of serving others as a means to unveil your true passion and purpose. Don't worry if you haven't found your passion yet; by helping others, you might stumble upon your calling and the ultimate fulfillment you seek.

The episode concludes with Andrew's inspiring journey into coaching and speaking, born out of a challenging period in his life. Witness his remarkable transformation from teaching to real estate, and ultimately, to coaching and speaking – all thanks to the unwavering support and belief of someone who recognized his potential.

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery, growth, and purpose in this episode of "Strategy + Action." Explore the evolving nature of your life's mission and consider how service can unlock your true passion and direction in life.

Oct 03, 202351:42
Ep87 Aaron Walker - Building a Business That Transforms Lives

Ep87 Aaron Walker - Building a Business That Transforms Lives

🚀 The Mastermind Movement: Transforming Lives and Businesses Worldwide 🌎

Author, speaker, coach, business owner, and family man Aaron Walker is on the show today.

If you don't yet know "Big A", well you're in for a treat.

From a first meeting and mastermind with Dave Ramsey, Aaron's trajectory in life was forever shifted and led him to the massive impact he's had today on hundreds of men's lives (and their families).

He was encouraged by a mastermind member to start coaching, which he fell in love with. This led to podcast interviews and eventually the formation of mastermind groups, which have grown to include participants from around the world. Aaron emphasizes the transformative power of these mastermind groups in people's lives.

He also touches on the distinction between coaching as a high-paying job and building a business that can generate income even when you're not actively involved, highlighting the importance of creating an asset for the future.

Throughout the conversation, Aaron emphasizes the significance of surrounding oneself with trusted advisers and being part of a supportive community, emphasizing the value of vulnerability and transparency in building strong relationships.

Aaron goes on to discuss how he got involved in hosting mastermind groups and the growth of his mastermind community:

1. Aaron Walker started doing podcast interviews to share his story and was featured on John Lee Dumas's "Entrepreneur on Fire" podcast. This led to 15 one-on-one coaching clients after the first episode aired.

2. Despite initially not wanting to start a mastermind, Aaron started one and eventually expanded it due to high demand. The mastermind groups have grown over the years.

3. The mastermind framework focuses on sharing personal and professional goals in areas such as relationships, personal development, professional growth, spirituality, and physical health. They use a digital accountability tool to track progress.

4. Members in these groups hold each other accountable, which leads to the adjustment of goals as they achieve more than expected.

5. They have also developed a Success and Significance Scorecard to measure progress in all five areas of life.

6. Aaron emphasizes the importance of building a community, cross-pollinating between groups, and leveraging the relationships within the mastermind for networking and collaboration.

7. The community includes members from different countries and backgrounds, creating a diverse and supportive environment.

8. Aaron and his team have created resources, including a Mastermind Playbook, to help others build and scale their own mastermind groups. They emphasize sharing knowledge rather than hoarding it.

9. The interview touches on Aaron's faith and his commitment to personal and professional growth within a supportive community.

10. The interview concludes with an invitation for interested individuals to visit their website and apply to join their mastermind community.

I encourage you to check out this powerful interview with Aaron and see if Iron Sharpens Iron is right for you.

Sep 19, 202352:41
Ep86 Marlana Semenza - Teaching Others How to Think of Us

Ep86 Marlana Semenza - Teaching Others How to Think of Us

"If you don't teach people how to think of you, then they'll make it up on their own."

In this episode of Strategy + Action, the wonderful Marlana Semenza, a photographer and visual strategist, and I dive deep into the power of visuals in building a strong brand image.

📸 Marlana explores the difference between a documenting approach and a storytelling approach in photography, emphasizing the importance of conveying a message or story through images on a website.

🌟 Key Takeaway 1: "Fake it 'til you make it" is a poor strategy and Marlana explains why.

🌟 Key Takeaway 2: Breaking through the noise is crucial. In a world full of photographers vying for attention, understanding your target audience and having a visual strategy that resonates with them is essential to attract the right clients and differentiate yourself from the competition.

🌟 Key Takeaway 3: Be intentional in how you present yourself. Marlana highlights the importance of aligning your true essence with both your copywriting and photography. By teaching others how to think of us, we can shape the perception of our personal brand and attract the opportunities we desire.

Don't miss this captivating conversation on how photography can impact your brand strategy and reputation.

Aug 08, 202335:19
Ep85 Eric Ryan - How to Break Free from Boring Marketing (especially on LinkedIn)

Ep85 Eric Ryan - How to Break Free from Boring Marketing (especially on LinkedIn)

"You can't get anyone to do anything until you get their attention first."

America's Sweetheart Eric Ryan is on the show today!

And we're talking all about his mission in life to shake business owners into not making boring marketing on LinkedIn (I think his Manifesto is in the works).

For some reason, when it comes to creating content to showcase our companies, our default as business owners is too often to "play it safe".

But if we don't do something different and engaging (yes, attention-getting!) then we might as well be doing nothing.

✨ Here are 3 key takeaways from our conversation:

1️⃣ Showcasing Personality Pays Off: Eric believes that LinkedIn offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals and brands to express their personality and uniqueness. In the past, time and money constraints made it difficult, but now, it's more accessible and affordable. So, don't be afraid to show your true colors and stand out!

2️⃣ Authenticity is Key: Many people present themselves differently on camera, but Eric encourages authenticity, especially in the B2B world. Most of us have a unique personality that sets us apart. Embrace it, be real, and watch the magic unfold!

3️⃣ A Golden Age of Video: According to Eric, we're in the beginning of a video revolution. While commercials used to be expensive and limited to TV, now, anyone can create videos with their phone. He suggests that small to mid-sized businesses should experiment with creative and low-production videos, as constant content creation is key in the online world.

🎧 Tune in to the full episode (link below) to dive deeper into Eric's journey, his Offensively Creative approach, and how he helps entrepreneurs showcase their true selves through engaging content. Trust me, you don't want to miss it! 🙌

Watch on YouTube or listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform.

And don't forget to share your thoughts and takeaways in the comments below. How can you be even a little more creative in your marketing today?

Aug 07, 202334:22
Ep84 Randall Craig - How to Show Up as a Thought Leader (and not just an expert)

Ep84 Randall Craig - How to Show Up as a Thought Leader (and not just an expert)

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Developing Trust and True Thought Leadership to Grow Your Business

Get ready for an extraordinary episode of Strategy + Action with our incredible guest, Randall Craig, alongside your dynamic host, Jason Croft!

Randall Craig is a master at transforming organizations, particularly the big players in today's business landscape. He's here to share his wisdom, experience, and groundbreaking insights.

🚀 Our conversation kicks off with a captivating exploration of thought leadership. We're not just talking about being an expert; Randall takes us beyond that. We delve into what it truly means to be a thought leader and how to reach that elite level in a way that actually moves the needle in our business, rather than for some vanity metrics or words on a website.

🤝 But that's not all—we also deep-dive into the art of building trust. Discover how to establish genuine connections with your potential and existing clients. Randall provides invaluable frameworks to evaluate where you currently stand in terms of thought leadership and trust. These frameworks empower you to assess your presence and take purposeful actions to increase your thought leadership and level of trust.

🔍 This episode isn't just about evaluation; it's about growth and progress. Randall equips you with practical markers to guide your journey towards becoming a trusted thought leader with goal of enabling you to make meaningful strides in your professional endeavors.

🌟 Are you ready for an amazing, insightful, and transformative conversation? We thought so! Join us on this thought-provoking and enlightening episode of Strategy + Action, where we unlock the secrets to developing trust and achieving true thought leadership.

Jul 11, 202345:15
Ep83 Lydia Sugarman - RevOps Power and Running Your Business from a Single Login

Ep83 Lydia Sugarman - RevOps Power and Running Your Business from a Single Login

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = RevOps and Running Your Business from a Single Login

Welcome to Strategy + Action with your host Jason Croft!

In this episode, Jason interviews Lydia Sugarman.

Lydia is the CEO of Venntive, a robust software that delivers a complete, seamlessly integrated RevOps CRM solution, designed to support your business now and enable scaling up to enterprise.

📊 The core functionality of Lydia's company, Venntive, is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. And trust us, having a well-organized database to manage your contacts is the key to unlocking your business's full potential. It's not just about sales and marketing; it's about building a network of potential clients and strategic partners.

💡 Ever had important tasks slip through the cracks? We all have! But Lydia's amazing system tackles this issue head-on. She'll share invaluable insights on how to prevent things from falling through the cracks and keep your business running smoothly. With her guidance, you'll master the art of follow-up and witness the incredible impact it has on your bottom line.

🌐 Discover how Lydia's database seamlessly integrates with every aspect of your business. From sales and marketing to operations and beyond, she'll teach you how to harness the power of a unified system that simplifies your workflow. Say goodbye to scattered tools and hello to efficiency and productivity!

🔔 Hit that subscribe button and be sure to turn on notifications so you never miss an episode of Strategy + Action. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey together. Let's revolutionize the way you run your business—watch now!

Jul 09, 202332:17
Ep82 Bodhi Aldridge - Creating a Path to Freedom Through the Power of Commitment

Ep82 Bodhi Aldridge - Creating a Path to Freedom Through the Power of Commitment

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Creating Alignment and the Path to Freedom Through Commitment

🔥 Get Aligned, Find Freedom, and Create Presence! 🔥

Welcome to another mind-blowing episode of Strategy + Action with your host, Jason Croft! Today, we have an extraordinary guest who will ignite your spirit and transform your life. Get ready to dive into a captivating conversation that will leave you inspired and motivated to take action!

In this episode, we are joined by the phenomenal Bodhi Aldridge, a true beacon of wisdom and transformation. Bodhi specializes in guiding men to find their center and achieve unparalleled alignment. We often hear about the importance of alignment, but Bodhi takes it to a whole new level, breaking it down into intricate details that will revolutionize the way you perceive and approach life.

Discover the three crucial areas where men must seek alignment in order to create a powerful presence that resonates with everyone around them. Bodhi reveals the secrets to connecting with your authentic self, embracing stillness, and finding your true purpose. Prepare to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery that will unlock boundless opportunities and transform your world.

But that's not all! Bodhi also unveils the profound impact of commitment on creating freedom in your life. Learn how unwavering dedication can open doors you never thought possible, enabling you to embrace a life of abundance, fulfillment, and limitless possibilities.

This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge, covering an array of thought-provoking topics that will leave you spellbound. Bodhi's expertise and genuine passion for helping men shine through as he generously shares practical strategies and actionable steps to enhance your life and relationships.

Buckle up for an awe-inspiring conversation that will captivate your heart and spark a fire within your soul.

🎬 Watch now and embark on the path to greatness! 🎬

Jun 15, 202301:18:26
Ep81 Dena Woulfe - Discovering Hidden Health Solutions & Building a Powerful Network

Ep81 Dena Woulfe - Discovering Hidden Health Solutions & Building a Powerful Network

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Hidden Solutions and Powerful Networking

Coaches and consultants can be instrumental in finding the hidden causes of problems in your business. Dena does that with your health.

Welcome to another episode of Strategy + Action, where we bring you insights from experts in wide-ranging disciplines. I'm your host, Jason Croft, and today we have the pleasure of welcoming Dena Woulfe to the show. Dena is an expert in identifying hidden health problems and providing solutions that transform lives. She is also a successful business owner who made the transition from being a nurse for 20 years to running her own business.

During our conversation, Dena shares her incredible technology that helps diagnose health issues that may be affecting mental and physical performance. She also talks about the challenges she faced when transitioning from nursing to owning a business, including the importance of networking.

Dena moved halfway across the country during her transition, and she had to quickly learn how to build a network of like-minded individuals to grow her business. She shares some of the strategies she used to build relationships and find a community that supported her business growth.

As someone who has benefited from Dena's amazing networking skills, I can attest to the power of purposeful introductions and building a strong network. Dena's insights and experiences will inspire you to take action in your own life and business.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of Strategy + Action with Dena Woulfe.

Apr 27, 202338:35
Ep80 Chris Felton - How to Overcome Your Money Challenges and Shift the Story

Ep80 Chris Felton - How to Overcome Your Money Challenges and Shift the Story

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Knowing What to Change When Nothing is Working

In today's episode, we dive into a topic that many of us can relate to: the moment when we realize that what we've been doing isn't working. Whether it's in our personal or professional lives, we can find ourselves stuck in a rut, endlessly optimistic that things will get better if we just keep pushing harder.

Our guest, Chris Felton, is a seven-figure entrepreneur, bestselling author, and coach who has experienced this very same struggle. He shares with us his own journey through the darkest times of his life, and how he (with the strong support of his wife) finally accepted that they needed to make a change. Chris provides valuable insights into how to navigate this challenging season, including how to accept the reality of the situation, how to identify the tools needed to make a change, and how to take meaningful action to move forward.

If you're feeling stuck or are leading a team or organization that needs to pivot, this episode is a must-listen. Chris's book, Think and Grow You, is a powerful resource for anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives. Tune in to learn how to embrace the power of strategy and action to create a better future for yourself and those around you.

Apr 18, 202345:59
Ep79 Kim Lebbing - Getting Through Mental Barriers in a Single Session to Transform Your Business

Ep79 Kim Lebbing - Getting Through Mental Barriers in a Single Session to Transform Your Business

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Transforming Your Business in One Session

In this episode of Strategy + Action, host Jason Croft sits down with mindset coach, Kim Lebbing to discuss the idea of overcoming blocks in business that prevent growth and progress.

Kim has an amazing and unique approach to addressing these blocks and has helped countless clients completely transform their businesses and personal lives in just a single session with her.

During the episode, Kim shares stories of clients who have achieved amazing results with her help either one-on-one or in her group coaching.

Tune in to hear more about Kim's powerful approach to business and personal transformation.

Apr 13, 202345:28
Ep78 Adam Kasix - How to Overcome Deep-rooted Frustration

Ep78 Adam Kasix - How to Overcome Deep-rooted Frustration

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Overcoming Deep-Rooted Frustration

In this episode, host Jason Croft and the wonderful Adam Kasix talk in depth about overcoming deep-rooted frustration in life that sits beneath the surface and is at the root of keeping us from reaching the heights we know we are meant for.

They delve into the feeling of being stuck and the nagging frustration that can come from not pursuing what you really want in life, whether it's a professional or personal goal. Adam helps clients identify the root cause of their frustration and guides them through taking action toward a better future.

This conversation is full of energy and insights that will inspire listeners to take that big first step toward overcoming their own frustrations. Tune in to hear more about Adam's incredible story and his proven coaching process, The Seven Pillars of Revolutionary Freedom.

Apr 10, 202347:40
Ep77 Jürgen Strauss - Transforming Your Business and Life with Podcasting

Ep77 Jürgen Strauss - Transforming Your Business and Life with Podcasting

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Transforming Your Life and Business with Podcasting

In this episode, Jason welcomes Jürgen Strauss, a podcasting expert and host of the Innovabuzz podcast, to discuss the transformative power of podcasting in both life and business.

While podcasting is a great way to build your client base and invite ideal clients as guests, there are also so many ancillary benefits to starting a podcast, including the opportunity to meet amazing people and build a community.

Jason and Jürgen delve into the many ways podcasting can benefit your life and business, and how Jürgen is expanding his podcast into a full-fledged community.

As you hear Jürgen's compelling story and wonderful conversational style, you quickly see how he's got over 550 episodes under his belt and still going strong.

There is such power in having a thriving podcast as a marketing pillar in your business.

Check out this episode to find out how Jason and Jürgen have put that pillar in place in their businesses and why you should too.

Apr 06, 202338:55
Ep76 Ernesto Mandowsky - How to Embrace the Chaos and Tame it with Systems

Ep76 Ernesto Mandowsky - How to Embrace the Chaos and Tame it with Systems

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Taming the Chaos as a Solopreneur

In this episode, host Jason Croft invites Ernesto Mandowsky to discuss the challenges of being a solopreneur and how to manage the chaos that comes with it.

Mandowsky shares his insights on embracing chaos and developing systems and processes to manage it effectively. He also shares his personal journey of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

This conversation is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their productivity and manage their business's chaos effectively. Tune in to discover actionable strategies to tame the chaos and grow your business.



Mar 30, 202338:41
Ep75 Janet E Johnson - Catapulting Your Success with Expert Advertising

Ep75 Janet E Johnson - Catapulting Your Success with Expert Advertising

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Catapulting Your Growth with Expert Advertising

In this episode of Strategy + Action, host Jason Croft welcomes Janet E Johnson, an expert in online advertising, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads. Together, they dive into the world of digital advertising and explore what it takes to create successful ad campaigns.

Janet and her team are constantly working with clients to create and test new ad strategies, and she shares her insights on what it takes to define audiences and optimize for success. They also discuss the importance of testing and data analysis to make informed decisions on what's working and what's not.

Janet outlines exactly who would benefit most from her services, as well as the important factors to consider before diving into running ads. For those who are ready to take their business to the next level, Janet and her team offer a shortcut to growth by adding fuel to the influx of leads and conversations.

Tune in to this episode of Strategy + Action to learn from an incredible expert on how to maximize your online advertising efforts and take your business to new heights.

Mar 27, 202337:41
Ep74 Maxine Cunningham - Connecting the World with the First Knowledge Marketplace

Ep74 Maxine Cunningham - Connecting the World with the First Knowledge Marketplace

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Connecting the WorldWelcome to Strategy + Action, the podcast where we bring you inspiring stories and insights from experts who are making a difference in the world.

In this episode, we are thrilled to have Maxine Cunningham as our guest. Maxine is the co-founder and CEO of Pick My Brain, a platform that facilitates conversations and connections between people from all over the world. Her mission is to enable 10 million conversations, and she's well on her way to achieving that goal.

In this episode, Maxine shares her incredible story of how she started the platform, the inspiration behind it, and the first steps she took to make it happen. She also talks about the unique approach she took in building the platform and how it's attracting people from all over the world to join her mission.

But Pick My Brain is not just a platform for one-on-one conversations. Maxine shares how it works for universities, corporations, and other organizations to facilitate connections and knowledge sharing.

Host Jason Croft dives deeper into Maxine's story and you'll hear about her recent travels to Pakistan and Dubai, where she continues to spread the message of connection and collaboration.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who believes in the power of connection and wants to make a difference in the world. So join us for Strategy + Action with Maxine Cunningham!

Mar 21, 202301:02:09
Ep73 Anke Herrmann - Realizing When Tech is the Least of Your Problems

Ep73 Anke Herrmann - Realizing When Tech is the Least of Your Problems

Welcome to episode 73 of Strategy + Action, where we explore the intersection of business strategy and action with industry experts. In today's episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Anke Herrmann, an author, business coach, and online tech mentor.

We dig in deep on today's topic: Tech is the Least of Your Problems, delving into the misconception that many entrepreneurs have when building their business online. They often believe that technology is the biggest obstacle to success, but in reality, it's just a small piece of the puzzle and probably not the step they should start with.

Anke shares her insights and experiences working with clients who come to her with what they think are tech problems when trying to put their business together online or transitioning from one-on-one coaching to creating a course. She explains that many of these so-called tech issues, such as choosing the right platform, are not the real problems at all. Instead, they have yet to address the crucial steps that come before choosing a platform.

Throughout the episode, we talk about how Anke peels back the layers for her clients, helping them decide if the software they thought they needed is the right tool for the job and more importantly, helping them focus on the essential aspects and real next steps in the process of building their business.

Anke also stresses the importance of meeting clients where they are and understanding the problems they're struggling with the most. By making clients feel heard and understood, even if their issues aren't the ultimate problem, entrepreneurs can build trust and establish a strong foundation for their businesses.

This is a must-listen for anyone looking to avoid common pitfalls and achieve long-term success.

So tune in to episode 73 of Strategy + Action with guest Anke Herrmann, and discover why tech is the least of your problems when it comes to building a thriving online business.

Mar 17, 202334:05
Ep72 Markus Kaulius - The Staggering Power of Getting 1% Better

Ep72 Markus Kaulius - The Staggering Power of Getting 1% Better

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Staggering Power of 1% Better

I am beyond excited to have Markus Kaulius as our guest today.  Markus is the CEO of the sports nutrition powerhouse, Magnum Nutraceuticals which he built from the ground up over the last 18 years.  

He is also an incredible leader and global speaker, helping high achievers find fulfillment beyond career success and guiding them toward living a truly meaningful life.  With his unique perspective and vast experience, Markus shares insights on how to balance the pursuit of career success with personal fulfillment, and how to create a holistic approach to your life's goals. 

Markus's energy and passion are contagious, and you will feel his excitement as he shares his wisdom and insights with us. 

Get ready to be inspired by Markus Kaulius on Strategy + Action. 

Let's dive in!

Mar 15, 202345:09
Ep71 Frank Agin - How to Network Intentionally and Build a Business Around Connection

Ep71 Frank Agin - How to Network Intentionally and Build a Business Around Connection

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = How to Build a Business Around Connection

Our very special guest, Frank Agin, has built an entire business around the skill of connecting and networking.  I've been amazed by his intentional and crafted approach to understanding whom people are looking for in their business and how he can connect them. 

Frank is the president of AmSpirit Business Connections, which empowers entrepreneurs, sales representatives, and professionals to become successful through networking. 

He also hosts the Networking Rx podcast and is the author of several books, including LinkedWorking which he co-authored with Lewis Howes, and Foundational Networking.

In this episode, we dive deep into the art of networking, exploring ways to be intentional with our connections and how to do it better. We discuss Frank's core networking business, AmSpirit, his monthly networking groups, and how he helps people thrive and connect in each of them. 

Join us as we learn from the best and discover how we can use networking to achieve our own goals. 

Mar 13, 202347:31
Ep70 Joe Blackburn - How to Embrace Risk to Grow Your Business

Ep70 Joe Blackburn - How to Embrace Risk to Grow Your Business

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Taking a Risk for Your Next Level of Growth

In this episode, we have a very special guest - Joe Blackburn.  Joe is an expert in helping his clients bridge the gap from standard growth to expansive success. 

We dig into the topic of risk and how important it is to embrace it while getting consistent feedback from a trusted group of people around you.  Joe shares his journey of leaving behind a lucrative and successful career of 20 years to pursue his passion for helping others. 

He discusses the incredible results he creates for his clients through his company, Lion's Eye Coaching, and his mastermind program, where he guides high-achieving individuals from multiple industries toward expanded growth and success. Joe's tough love approach ensures that his clients don't settle for mediocrity and instead reach their true potential.  He emphasizes the importance of expanding your scope and opening up to new possibilities. 

This episode is packed with insights and inspiration for anyone looking to take their business to the next level. So, join us as we dive into this fascinating conversation with Joe Blackburn. 

Let's jump in!

Mar 10, 202341:42
Ep69 Chris Michel - How to Stop the Self-Inflicted Harm of Your Sales Process

Ep69 Chris Michel - How to Stop the Self-Inflicted Harm of Your Sales Process

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Stopping the Self-inflicted Harm of Your Sales Process

Welcome to Strategy + Action, the show where we explore the intersection of intentional strategy and purposeful action. In this episode, we dive deep into the concept of self-inflicted harm in the sales process with guest Chris Michel. Chris is a sales and business coach, specializing in the HVAC and plumbing industries. He helps his clients to refine their sales processes and perfect their pitches to drive more revenue and build trust with potential customers.

In this conversation, we explore how the lack of intentionality and purposefulness in our sales process can lead to self-inflicted harm. We discuss the importance of practicing sales scripts and honing our sales skills to build trust and overcome the walls that people put up in sales conversations. Chris also shares insights from his book, The Red Chair Experience, which has a powerful origin story and is already making a positive impact on the world.

Whether you're a sales professional or just looking to improve your communication and trust-building skills, this episode offers valuable insights and practical tips for creating a successful sales process. Join us as we learn from Chris Michel and discover the power of taking ownership and delivering what your prospects truly need.

Mar 07, 202350:09
Ep68 Terry Bean - Connecting, Powerful Coaching, and Guiding the Next Generation

Ep68 Terry Bean - Connecting, Powerful Coaching, and Guiding the Next Generation

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Connecting, Powerful Coaching, & Guiding the Next Generation

In this episode, we welcome the amazing coach, speaker, and author Terry Bean to the show. 

Terry shares that even though how he markets and approaches his coaching practice may be unconventional to some, the results are powerful.  We talk about how the best way to get results and progress faster is by going full speed in a direction and shifting course as necessary.   Terry has taken that approach not only in his coaching but also as an author and in building an incredible network.

Our conversation also delves into Terry's upcoming book, Finding Harmony, which has a powerful origin story that Terry shares with us. 

And of course, we get into one of Terry's superpowers, which is networking.  He takes us through how he first got started building impactful networks of people and how it changed everything for him.

You're going to love this episode with Terry Bean.  Make sure you reach out and see how Terry can help you develop your ultimate human potential.

Mar 03, 202333:53
Ep67 Robert Peterson - How to Create Happiness as an Entrepreneur

Ep67 Robert Peterson - How to Create Happiness as an Entrepreneur

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Cultivating Happiness as an Entrepreneur 

Robert Peterson is on the show today and we have a phenomenal conversation around the idea of happiness and what it means to really have that in your life as an entrepreneur.

If you're working for someone else, all of these same things apply, but we find that as an entrepreneur, it's even harder to cultivate at times because there doesn't ever seem to be a time to "switch off".  Especially if you haven't established those boundaries yet and structured your business in a way that allows you to have that "off" time away from the business.  

Robert and his wife, Noelle have built a coaching practice around this idea of finding that core element of why you started your business in the first place and making sure that you bring that front and center and use that as a filter to make some structural changes around everything that you do in your life and business.  

And we're not talking about making the business the core thing in your life above family or other relationships.  

Quite the opposite. 

So often we start a business for the freedom it can provide and to be in control of when we spend time with those close to us, and then that's the last thing we end up being able to do.  

What Robert is helping entrepreneurs do is define that core reason, set that as the primary goal, and build their business and life around it so that it's protected and they're moving towards that on a consistent basis. 

Check out this full episode and then reach out to see how Robert and Noelle can help you and your business.

Feb 28, 202337:05
Ep66 Stu Heinecke - Create an Unfair Advantage in Your Business with Radical Weed-like Collaborations

Ep66 Stu Heinecke - Create an Unfair Advantage in Your Business with Radical Weed-like Collaborations

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Unfair Advantage of Weed-like Collaboration

In this episode, we sit down with Stu Heinecke and have an absolute blast discussing his latest book, "How to Grow Your Business Like a Weed." 

Stu is a Wall Street Journal cartoonist, the amazing author of "Get the Meeting" and "How to Get a Meeting with Anyone," and an incredible guy that I had the good fortune to meet on LinkedIn.

We dig into the concept of radical collaboration and the importance of having something meaningful and unique to collaborate around.  Stu shares his insights on how to grow your business like a weed and the anchor point that people can grab onto, making collaboration easy.  

We talk about having a unique selling proposition and taking it several steps beyond to become a "category of one" in your business.  By doing so, potential collaborators will reach out to you because it's just so obvious once it's out there, and they have something to grab onto. 

This is a powerful tool for you to use in your own business. 

So, join us for this fascinating conversation, and let's jump in!

Feb 20, 202358:07
Ep65 Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark - How to Develop Influence to Impact the World

Ep65 Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark - How to Develop Influence to Impact the World

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Real Power of Influence

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark is on the show to join me in digging into the topic of influence. Danielle shares her unique perspective on the idea of having influence over herself and then moving through the world in a way that influences others.

She has been involved in digital marketing for 15 years. Her company, Influence Builder, focuses on digital marketing and influencer marketing, with a further focus on building community. She recommends that people build their community on the platform they are most comfortable with and where their ideal clients are most active. Additionally, she notes that a third of LinkedIn users are not on any other social media platform, making it a potential option for building community.

Being influential starts from within, learning to be balanced and show up at your best.  Emotional intelligence is key to being influential and is a pathway that business owners should focus on in 2023. Influencing is much deeper than manipulating others and making sales; it is more foundational and speaks to those who may not consider themselves influential.

Everyone has intentions and ways of moving through the world, whether they have taken the time to formalize them into goals or not. When someone takes the time to influence themselves by knowing who they are and what their mission is, they gain confidence. This confidence is attractive and also creates a ripple effect that attracts other influential people.

Knowing what you are here to do and leading by example is the key to becoming an influential force in this world.  There are three circles of influence, starting with yourself and then expanding to those with whom you have a trust factor and then those with a curiosity factor.  To reach more people and be an example for more, the next step is to know the direction in which you want to go.

Danielle believes that before beginning a strategy, it is essential to have the right mindset. This will help ensure that the right direction is taken and that any necessary pivots or switches in direction can be made quickly and effectively. Knowing where you want to go in your business is the next step, and it is important to take incremental steps in that direction rather than running full speed without a plan.

Check out this amazing episode and learn how truly be influential.

Feb 02, 202353:52
Ep64 Drew Deraney - How to Transform Lives By Solving Your Own Problem

Ep64 Drew Deraney - How to Transform Lives By Solving Your Own Problem

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Transforming Lives By Solving Your Own Problem

In this powerful episode, I talk to  Drew Deraney, a man who has faced his own struggles and is now on a mission to help others. 

Mental health can be a difficult and taboo subject for men, but Drew is breaking the mold and starting important conversations. As the founder of Men Supporting Men Collaboration Tribe, he is creating a safe and supportive space for men to express their emotions and seek help when they need it. 

This episode is a must-watch for anyone who wants to understand the challenges that men face when it comes to mental health and the importance of creating a supportive community. 

Feb 01, 202339:13
Ep63 Christine Burrows - The Power of Growth-minded Networking

Ep63 Christine Burrows - The Power of Growth-minded Networking

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Power of Growth-minded Networking

We're talking about a crucial aspect of growing your business as a consultant: networking.  

Finding the right kind of people to connect with can make all the difference in expanding your client base and building a successful business. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to go. 

That's why I'm excited to have Christine Burrows on the show to share her expertise on purposeful and efficient networking.  Christine runs Powered by Purple Ink, an organization that provides an ecosystem specifically tailored to connecting workforce consultants with like-minded individuals and potential clients. 

In this episode, we dig into the importance of finding the right networking opportunities and how joining a community like Powered by Purple Ink can help you grow your business in a meaningful way. 

One thing that really stood out to me during our conversation was how Christine emphasized that networking is not just about referring business to each other, it's about being purposeful in developing profitable collaborations. 

This is the kind of networking that's going to help you level up your business. 

If you're looking to expand your network and grow your business, check out this episode and connect with Christine!

Jan 26, 202333:10
Ep62 Ania Hulsman - How to Transition to Your Own Coaching Brand

Ep62 Ania Hulsman - How to Transition to Your Own Coaching Brand

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Transitioning to Your Own Coaching Brand

On today's episode, we have Ania Hulsman, an experienced Coach and Guide to business owners and founders who has spent several years honing her skills under a well-established brand and methodology.  But now, she has stepped back out on her own and created her own unique style of coaching.  

Join us as we delve into Ania's story, including why she chose to spend part of her career under another banner, the challenges she's faced, and the wins she's experienced as she builds her own brand.

This is a conversation that will resonate with anyone who's ever considered taking the leap and starting their own business.  Tune in now for valuable insights and inspiration on the road to building your own brand.

Jan 23, 202344:01
Ep61 James Shockley - Building Automation Into Your Sales and Marketing

Ep61 James Shockley - Building Automation Into Your Sales and Marketing

James Shockley the founder of Marketing Mate is on the show today and we're talking all about bringing automation to your sales and marketing inside your business.

With Marketing Mate, James helps coaches and consultants automate and streamline their sales and marketing processes. James and his team have developed a platform that goes beyond the typical CRM and helps automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more important and meaningful work.

If you're a coach or consultant looking to streamline your business and save time, this episode is definitely worth a listen. 

Jan 05, 202321:49
Ep60 Scott Aaron - The Power of Asking to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

Ep60 Scott Aaron - The Power of Asking to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = How to Ask on LinkedIn

I've got Scott Aaron on the show to discuss how to effectively ask on LinkedIn.  From courses and masterminds to building trust and creating engagement on your posts, Scott shares his expertise on how to show up professionally online, specifically on LinkedIn.

Don't miss this valuable conversation on the best ways to ask for what you want, whether it be a sale or simply more engagement with your content.

Tune in for a wealth of knowledge and actionable tips on how to succeed on LinkedIn and beyond.

Dec 27, 202242:18
Ep59 John Small Mountain Hill - How to Build a Sales Process for Real People

Ep59 John Small Mountain Hill - How to Build a Sales Process for Real People

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = How to Build a Sales Process without Losing Your Humanity

John "Small Mountain" Hill is back for a second appearance on the show.  He's written a fantastic book called, Selling From Scratch.

John is an amazing guy and phenomenal at training sales teams.  So much of both his expertise and his love of building relationships comes through in his book.

There was so much I wanted to dive into after reading it, but the number one thing was this idea of building out the necessary systems and processes for selling, while still maintaining the humanness of selling and interacting with another person throughout it.

And what I love about this interview, too, is that you'll notice a transition to another day where we redid a huge portion of the talk. 


Because one thing that I just love about John is that he really wants to give as much value as possible.  It's how he runs his group, his training, his consulting - everything.  When we did round one of the interviews, we just didn't quite nail it in terms of that complete answer.  So we jumped in for the second part, and I'm so glad we did.  We ended up just having a fantastic in-depth conversation around this whole idea, and I know you're gonna love it.  

Let's jump in!

Dec 15, 202201:03:57
Ep58 Chris Bogue - Creating Effective, Mercifully Short (and Not Boring) Video Content

Ep58 Chris Bogue - Creating Effective, Mercifully Short (and Not Boring) Video Content

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Creating (Mercifully Short) Videos That Aren't Boring

Chris Bogue is on the show today we're talking about the power of creating short, quick, enjoyable videos out there, both on the content marketing side of things - posting on LinkedIn to grab attention and educate your audience, but especially in the sales process.

Chris is a master at helping your message your prospects with these short little fantastic videos that are all about them.

Chris does an amazing job of grabbing attention on LinkedIn.  I came across his hilarious videos and jumped on a LinkedIn live he was doing, teaching folks about his process.

What's just as important - maybe more so - as the "grabbing attention" aspect of what Chris teaches, are the systems and processes that Chris helps his clients with in order to create this content.

He works with folks all the time who have never done this before.  Even though they're on board with the idea of doing video, they've bought his course or hired him directly, it's a foreign language for them.   They have no idea how to go about this.  So the process he takes them through not only makes it achievable and consistent but also helps them find their unique approach.

Chris is a sketch comedian and improviser who wrote and directed shows at Chicago's Second City Theater, but he also knows the sales world and knows what it takes to really move the needle when it comes to those direct outreach videos, for instance, and what to do once those videos work.

We had a blast talking about this subject, and I know you'll get a ton out of it.  So let's jump in.

Dec 08, 202201:00:28
Ep57 Robin Waite - Knowing Your Client's Pain and Charging What You're Worth

Ep57 Robin Waite - Knowing Your Client's Pain and Charging What You're Worth

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Knowing Your Client's Pain and Charging What You're Worth

Robin Waite is on the show today.

And we had an absolute blast talking through a couple of really key components to running a coaching and consulting practice.  Or heck, even if you're a freelancer offering services per hour.

We dig into really finding some solutions around that.  And I say solutions because there's a problem if you're simply trading your time for money like that on a per-hour basis.

We start off around the power of knowing your clients' pain points.  It's such an important aspect of a coaching practice (any business at all, really).  We discuss how to do market research to find out what your clients are struggling with.  Also, what are they aspiring to and what are they trying to accomplish?

When we can dig into what they're really struggling with, and then line that up with how we can bring solutions to those problems, we're going to find that perfect fit in the type of client we want to work with along with the solution that we can provide.

We start with the pain points but then we quickly dig into so many different areas that Robin is helping coaches and consultants and even freelancers with his Fearless Business program.

Make sure you check out Robin's books, including Take Your Shot, Online Business Startup, and Marketing Machine.

And Robin mentions in this episode, if you go to , he'll send you a signed copy of Take Your Shot!

This is a phenomenal and fun interview. So let's jump in!

Nov 30, 202255:03
Ep56 Nkiruka Nwasokwa - Close Your Prospect Before They Even Know What You Sell

Ep56 Nkiruka Nwasokwa - Close Your Prospect Before They Even Know What You Sell

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Closing Your Prospect Before They Know What You Sell

"You can pique someone's interest all day.  That doesn't mean that they're sold on the value of what you're offering."

Nkiruka Nwasokwa is a Quantum Revenue Expert for consultants and coaches who have novel, groundbreaking services that are difficult to explain.  

She helps them increase their sales in a matter of days - or hours - just by using a Viral Product Pitch.

It's extraordinary and mind-expanding when you hear her framework for creating this pitch.  

As Nkiruka takes us through the framework and examples of it in action in this episode, you instantly understand the power of creating a pitch like this for yourself.  But you also see how important the nuances are with how you construct it and the language you use.

This is what makes both the structure of the pitch and Nkiruka's expertise in crafting it so incredible.

Make sure you check out the full episode and reach out to her to see how a Viral Product Pitch could change your business.

Nov 15, 202201:07:16
Ep55 Laban Ditchburn - The Cultivation of Courage

Ep55 Laban Ditchburn - The Cultivation of Courage

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Cultivation of Courage.

Laban Ditchburn joins me on the show today and we're talking all about courage.

Laban is a phenomenal guy whom I had the good fortune to meet a few weeks ago in Drew Deraney's Profit Compassion group.

I jumped and grabbed his audiobook, Bet On You, which I highly recommend as well as his podcast, Become Your Own Superhero, where he interviews amazing people every week.

Laban has overcome so much in his life, including about every addiction you can imagine, which he talks about very openly in his book.  And he's transformed not only himself but his clients over the years.

And very specifically, this new direction that he's gone is really helping people cultivate that courage in themselves to change and to take action.

We get into the origin of where the label of The World's Best Courage Coach came from and how it goes far beyond some vanity thing that someone might think about when they first hear it.

This idea of courage is so critical and it's not the idea of never being afraid.  It's about setting that fear aside and doing the thing anyway.  And the most amazing outcomes can happen when you have that mindset and you take those actions.

We get into really specific instances of where we can use that skill, as well as how to cultivate that skill of having courage, and how we can even use it to separate ourselves from the millions of other people who do the exact same thing that we do.

Courage is everything when it comes to developing certainty in business, but even in your personal relationships, we know that we all are drawn to those folks who have that confidence and who know what they stand for.

So I'm excited for you to meet Laban and really benefit from everything that we dig into today.

Let's jump in.

Nov 08, 202246:06
Ep54 Anshar Seraphim - How to Train Others to Enable Their Success

Ep54 Anshar Seraphim - How to Train Others to Enable Their Success

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = How to Train Others to Enable Success

This is part three of our conversation with Anshar Seraphim.  It has been a blast having this amazing, in-depth, giant conversation around all these topics with him. 

I encourage you to check out parts one and two - episodes 52 and 53 - of our conversation because there are a lot of contexts there that we're bringing together in part three here. 

There's a lot of education that went into Part One and Part Two that Anshar really brings together in today's episode, making it very applicable to now go train someone else or even learn a new skill yourself.

Oct 25, 202230:39
Ep53 Anshar Seraphim - The Real Power of Personality Types

Ep53 Anshar Seraphim - The Real Power of Personality Types

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Real Power of Personality Types

Welcome to Episode 53 of Strategy + Action.  

Today is part two of my interview with Anshar Seraphim. If you haven't checked out part one, make sure you go and do that because as much as you'll learn from Anshar in this episode, you'll have even more context around his expertise and some of the things leading into today's discussion. 

In this episode, we're digging into one of my favorite subjects that I first heard him speak about, which is different personality types.  And I think most folks in the business world, the coaching world, and certainly in Corporate America, have heard about the different kinds of personality tests you can take.

People's reactions to them range from thinking, "Oh, it's a bunch of nonsense," to believing the tests are the Gospel - and everything in between.  I'm fascinated with them because they are an insight into people.  And people, of course, fascinate me. 

And there's a baseline that these tests give us that allows us to make sure that line of communication is flowing the way it's supposed to so that we're not speaking in a way that's not being received by the other person in the way that we intend, and vice versa.  So it's really powerful to have any kind of insight into people in a quick and efficient manner so that as soon as we meet someone, we can navigate that conversation in a much better way.  

Also, this isn't about putting someone in a bucket and leaving them there forever because you've decided who they are from the beginning.

This is simply a way to start.  This is a way to better navigate a relationship with someone, however high-level and casual or deep and intimate.  It's amazingly powerful and Anshar educates us on not only understanding our own personality type and figuring out what some of the others are but also how to quickly use that knowledge and apply it in all these different ways.  Alright, let's jump in.

Oct 17, 202259:47
Ep52 Anshar Seraphim - How to Get Your Clients to Apply What You Teach

Ep52 Anshar Seraphim - How to Get Your Clients to Apply What You Teach

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = How to Get Your Clients to Apply What You Teach

In this episode, and the next two episodes as well, we've got on Anshar Seraphim.

I have had a blast getting to know Anshar over the last couple of months.  I saw him in Steve Sims' interview and just was amazed at the subject matter of different personality types because all of that fascinates me.

But then I got the chance to get to know Anshar and he is so knowledgeable and experienced in so many areas from personality types, to sales, PR, copywriting, and so much more.

What he's done to teach himself these skills is impressive enough.  It's even more impressive when you then learn about Anshar's neurodiversity - his being almost nonverbal until age 11, due to undiagnosed autism.  He's had to work even harder than a lot of folks would just to function in these roles, not to mention excel in them the way he has.

And that's one of the things that's so incredible about his story, certainly.  But what he brings to these next few episodes ... get ready, because you'll be learning a mile a minute.  And it's not simply knowledge for knowledge's sake.  It's how you as a coach, consultant, or business owner, can apply a lot of these skills in ways that maybe you didn't even think about before to improve your marketing, have better sales conversations, and even get your clients to apply what they've learned.  But in this process, too, we learn how to use the same set of skills on ourselves so that we learn better in anything that we're trying to do.

I'm excited to bring you these next three interviews.  I know you'll hear several things that affect the way you do business from now on.

Oct 12, 202201:02:13
Ep51 Jay Haussman - Crafting a Winning Offer

Ep51 Jay Haussman - Crafting a Winning Offer

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Crafting a Winning Offer

We've got Jay Haussman on the show!  Jay works with coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers ... helping these folks in the expert industry who are really focused on building their business online.

What we dig into deep in today's episode is crafting a compelling offer.  It's usually where he starts with someone.  Sometimes they come to him for that specific help.  Other times they come to him for his expertise in building a business online, but he'll still start with crafting that winning offer.

It's such a critical component of your business.  If you don't have that dialed in, nothing else really matters. You can run all the ads in the world to it.  You can have all the sales calls in the world.  But if your offer isn't really dialed in and what your audience is wanting, everything else is going to fall flat.  But when you have that figured out, it makes everything else easier.

So that's what we dig into today and including his journey to getting to where he is now.  I love the journey he's been on and what he's jumped in and done over the last few years.

Oct 06, 202235:56
Ep50 Lisa Kipps-Brown - How to Thrive in Times of Transition

Ep50 Lisa Kipps-Brown - How to Thrive in Times of Transition

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Thriving in Transition. 

Lisa Kipps-Brown joins me for this great discussion around helping people thrive in times of transition, whether that's being at a point in your business where something major has to change in order for it to stay open, or if you find change being thrust upon your industry. 

Lisa's expertise is guiding people through those kinds of changes.   She certainly works with entrepreneurs, usually.  But even with that specificity, how she helps people really kind of runs the gamut, from helping those business owners with new technology or even put some systems in place so that they can either remove themselves from that business or set things up so that they can sell that business in a few years time.

She even helps folks who have retired and they'd really like to start their own thing to bring their expertise to the world.  And so now they're transitioning to that. 

We have a great discussion around all of these aspects of transition as well as her books and podcast.

Oct 04, 202235:45
Ep49 Jeremy Blubaugh - Using Personalization to Expand Your Business

Ep49 Jeremy Blubaugh - Using Personalization to Expand Your Business

Welcome to Ep49 of Strategy + Action.

Jeremy Blubaugh is on the show today and we dig in around this concept of personalization, particularly when it comes to outreach and trying to break through the noise as a sales rep or business owner. 

So often we find ourselves struggling for a chance to simply sit across from that prospect whom you know you can help if you can just get the opportunity to connect with them and have a conversation. 

Jeremy's entire business and expertise are around this concept of finding those personalized ways to connect to that other person, reach out to them, and get that meeting.

He does this for himself to get his clients, of course.  But his specialty is doing that for his clients.  They understand that the creative ways he uses to get in front of somebody are great, but they don't have time to do that themselves.  

That's where his company Coinflip Marketing comes in.  They handle all of that for their clients and find these new, innovative ways to get them in front of high-quality prospects.

Sep 27, 202237:26
Ep48 Larry Kaul - How to Find Real Clarity in Your Business

Ep48 Larry Kaul - How to Find Real Clarity in Your Business

Larry Kaul is on the show today. 

I met Larry on LinkedIn like many of my guests lately.  It's been a fantastic place to just really come alive and network with some amazing folks.  And Larry is a great example of that.

I had a blast having this conversation around the topic of clarity.  It's such a foundational skill to be able to identify exactly what you want to accomplish.  Today, we talk a lot about clarity when it comes to your business, both in starting one from scratch and when you're three years in, for example, and you keep hitting the same obstacles.

Larry has an amazing process for not only identifying those obstacles but finding the root obstacle of them all.  And then being able to help you work past that one so that you open up the floodgates.  Then you can figure out how to get to where you want to go.  And it sounds easy on the surface. Unless of course, you've been in that situation like I certainly have, and a lot of people I know have, which is either starting a business, creating a new offer, whatever that might be, and hitting those roadblocks sometimes just within yourself and struggling to figure out which direction you really want to go.  

So we dig into finding that clarity and really working through how he's helping his clients, how he helped himself, and what you can take away and do as well.

Sep 13, 202241:53
Ep47 Andrew McKinney - Thriving on LinkedIn, Powerful Market Research, and Improving Customer Experience

Ep47 Andrew McKinney - Thriving on LinkedIn, Powerful Market Research, and Improving Customer Experience

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Power of Market Research & Thriving on LinkedIn

I'm so excited to bring this episode to you. 

Andrew McKinney is on the show today. 

We have a phenomenal conversation around the really important and yet often overlooked topic of market research and the ways that it blends into the overall customer experience.

There's really no excuse anymore, no matter how small or giant your company is to not take advantage of this integral part of understanding what your prospects and customers think about your brand, your offer, or what you're thinking about offering

It's such a critical aspect of business, especially in the beginning days of starting up a company.  And it's easier than ever to actually do well at this. 

Another area we dig into deep is LinkedIn. 

Andrew has been on the platform for quite a while and has a huge following.  In this past year, he has experimented extensively on what's working and what isn't. 

Besides some individual tactics, what he has discovered and shares in this episode that is really important is the mindset that is really working on LinkedIn.  And not only the numbers aspect of what's working but  also what's working in terms of how to really connect with other folks on the platform. 

Aug 29, 202201:00:54
Ep46 Jane Paterson - Developing Your Speaking Superpowers

Ep46 Jane Paterson - Developing Your Speaking Superpowers

Today we've got Jane Patterson on the show, having an amazing conversation all around communication.

She is an absolute expert in giving people the tips and strategies to communicate better, whether that's speaking from the stage, doing well in a job interview, or talking with your kids at home.

But her genius goes so much deeper than that for folks by addressing what's actually stopping them from communicating in the first place. And that is a big aspect of this conversation and to the subject of communication overall, that honestly, I just never even considered.

So I love this conversation because she is such an expert at this and we go down several paths including why it's so important to focus on both sides of communication:  speaking and listening and how you can do both better.  We also discuss what it takes once you have that intention to become better at all of this as well as why you should.

The art and skill of speaking go so far beyond standing on a stage and giving a speech.  How you communicate with folks affects absolutely every area of your life.  So why not be great at it?

Aug 23, 202245:32
Ep45 Taylorr Payne - Creating the Systems to Scale Your Expert Business

Ep45 Taylorr Payne - Creating the Systems to Scale Your Expert Business

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Running Your Expert Business with Systems

Taylorr Payne is with us today from SpeakerFlow.  He and his business partner Austin Grammon have created this amazing solution for experts - speakers, coaches, consultants, and authors at all levels of their business.

The folks they serve are successful in what they're doing, but they often don't have the systems to run the business aspect of what they're doing or to truly scale. 

What Taylorr and his team have done with SpeakerFlow is solve those massive pain points, but then also provided the training and resources around all of this.  It's one thing to have the systems in place.  It's another thing to have the right mindset when you go into using these systems to make your business better and to actually want it to grow because you can handle that growth. 

So we cover a lot of topics in this episode including the fantastic podcast that they run, Technically Speaking, the marketing partnerships that they've developed so well, and the evolution of the core offer of SpeakerFlow.

Aug 17, 202241:58
Ep44 Jake Thompson - The Power of Consistency

Ep44 Jake Thompson - The Power of Consistency

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Power of Consistency

Jake Thompson and I just had a phenomenal conversation. I'm so excited to bring this to you. We cover so many topics in this one!

Usually, on the show, we like to kind of dig in around one main theme.  And my idea going into this was to talk about how to take consistent steps to get you to your end goal.  And we definitely get there in this one.

But we talk about so many aspects of how Jake helps people.  He's got a book called Compete Every Day.  His company with the same name which is both a clothing brand as well as speaking and coaching and training around this concept of improving and taking those kinds of necessary actions to get to your end goal. B

We dig into so much around this from how he got started, how he made a big pivot in his brand, including how maybe he did too much of a pivot at once, but it was still all worth it.  And he's doing just a phenomenal job right now helping large organizations and individuals through some of the same work to really improve their lives and improve their companies to get where they want to go.

As you'll hear in the interview, we just go right into it without the usual "Welcome to the show" banter.  It was great to catch up.  I know Jake from back when I was in Dallas through my good friend and past guest, Julian Pacino.  It's an amazing thing when you get really wonderful driven people in your life.  They attract more of them and I've had the good fortune to know some amazing people.  Jake is definitely one of them.  And I'm really excited to bring this interview to you.

Aug 08, 202201:01:37
Ep43 Dale Dupree - Bringing Humanity Back to Sales

Ep43 Dale Dupree - Bringing Humanity Back to Sales

Introducing the The Hardest Working Man on LinkedIn!

In this episode, we learn how to make sales like an actual human being instead of some caricature of a salesperson who only thinks about the numbers.

Dale Dupree is on the show and he is leading his own Sales Rebellion to change the way people think about sales and how salespeople operate.

He is a creative genius when it comes to finding new and unique ways to break the norm and get the attention of his prospects.  He uses his superpowers for good, of course, by making sure that everyone he interacts with understands that what he wants more than anything is to truly connect and get to know who they are and how he might be able to help.

We dive into so many great stories of hilarious ways he's gotten the attention of people he's tried to sell to and what this world of sales really means to him personally.

Jul 26, 202259:32
Ep42 JD Gershbein - Developing Your LinkedIn Mindset

Ep42 JD Gershbein - Developing Your LinkedIn Mindset

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = A LinkedIn Style Mindset

JD Gershbein is on the show today and we dig into developing your LinkedIn Style. 

This goes beyond LinkedIn and really applies to all the ways you can show up online or offline.  This gets into intentionality about when you're going to show up somewhere, what's your style?  Not necessarily the "I'm going to be that person who just lights up the room and dressed impeccably," although that's always great to strive for as well. 

But it really gets into just how you're going to show up.  We certainly do dig in a lot around how you present yourself on LinkedIn so that when somebody is considering connecting with you that the two and a half seconds that they go to your profile, or they see you putting out content of some kind, what's what version of you that they see?

It really pays to be purposeful and intentional with that as a reflection on you as a professional, your company if you own your own business or the company you're working for. 

And JD brings up the point that LinkedIn is still a business community.  So, just like how you're going to show up a certain way when you're interacting in the business world, a lot of that applies here on LinkedIn.  And so what JD has done is really gone full force into creating this LinkedIn Style Guide, his newsletter where he helps his audience with their style.  And then he speaks on this subject and works with clients to help develop their style on LinkedIn so that they show up the best way possible. 

So we have a blast in this conversation and we even get into how improv and what JT is doing all tie in together and the community he's building around that. 

May 03, 202246:35