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The Stresshacker

The Stresshacker

By Sue Smith

Leading Life Coach Sue Smith from talks you through techniques and advice for a happier, less anxious you.
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One of my favourite meditations

The StresshackerJan 02, 2020

Stress Free Healing - A Guided Meditation
Sep 18, 202117:50
Time To Heal Now - A Guided Meditation
Aug 21, 202119:23
COPD The Stresshacker And Salt Therapy Secrets

COPD The Stresshacker And Salt Therapy Secrets

With a special interest in COPD The Stresshacker Sue Smith interviews  an independent Salt Therapy Spa owner Clare Atkinson and discovers the amazing healing benefits of this little known treatment.  In these Covid times this approach could be just the thing you're looking for to improve a number of health issues and complaints, from respiratory issues to sinus problems.

Mar 15, 202124:45
Mindful Weight Loss Special pt 3/3 Develop The Right Mindset

Mindful Weight Loss Special pt 3/3 Develop The Right Mindset

In this third and final episode of the Mindful Weight Loss trilogy, Susan talks about the necessity to develop new neural pathways and explores  different ways to upgrade the psychological software of the mind. She believes the the best way to approach weight loss is from a positive perspective. Showing us ways to phase out old-fashioned thinking around food and dieting, Susan alerts us to the type of thinking that creates failure in our endeavours to lose weight. She offers insights to making lasting changes and create better thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food.  These changes are part of the Mindful Weight Loss Course and you can get yours now by nipping over to the shop at along with the other helpful programmes mentioned in this podcast. 

Sep 08, 202013:57
Mindful Weight Loss Special pt 2/3: How to get great results.
Aug 21, 202013:36
Mindful Weight Loss special pt. 1/3: My Journey Into weight loss
Jul 23, 202012:17
Mindfulness Special 3/3: Mindfulness revealed
Jul 16, 202012:01
Mindfulness special. Part 2/3: Mindfulness in Action
Jul 02, 202016:02
Mindfulness special. Part 1/3: What is Mindfulness?
Jun 18, 202009:49
A quick stressbusting session to get rid of anxiety, stress and anger
May 28, 202004:52
In a grieving world, how do we begin to heal?
Apr 18, 202013:43
Stresshacking your Anxiety - with Psychologies Magazine
Apr 02, 202012:01
Don't panic! How to stay in control of your anxiety
Mar 19, 202010:55
Working with parts of yourself
Mar 05, 202013:10
Are You Anxious About A Career Change?
Feb 20, 202008:35
Beat Anxiety, Depression And Burnout With Balance
Feb 06, 202008:49
Eight moments of mindfulness - guided meditation
Jan 23, 202008:25
Teaching your body to relax - guided relaxation

Teaching your body to relax - guided relaxation

Sue Smith - Life Coach and hypnotherapist at - wasn't always this calm. This is one of the first techniques she discovered and used frequently to help her combat the stress. It's so simple and effective. If you'd like to record your own personalised version of this, the script is available to download here.
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Jan 16, 202008:06
One of my favourite meditations
Jan 02, 202006:16