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Strong Women, Strange Worlds

Strong Women, Strange Worlds

By Strong Women

Our mission is to elevate the voices of women and other underrepresented gender identity authors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror; to highlight stories featuring strong female and non-binary characters; and to share these stories with readers of all ages.
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Morgan Chalut - Hunter

Strong Women, Strange WorldsMar 13, 2023

Morgan Chalut - Hunter
Mar 13, 202332:20
S.I. Clarke - Consider Pegasus
Mar 06, 202330:29
Joan Marie Verba - Twelve
Feb 27, 202330:03
Samantha Bryant - Going Through the Change
Feb 20, 202336:45
Karen Hough - Ground Control

Karen Hough - Ground Control

Karen Hough is a writer, editor and blogger with an Honours BSc. in Human Kinetics. She's more than just a finicky grammar nerd, though a finicky grammar nerd she is.  As a Canadian, I can handle either neighbor or neighbour, and prefer to go without the Oxford comma, but can be flexible if needed. My favourite thing is creating content with impact, whether it be your work of fiction, news release, website or article.

She lives with my husband, three energetic kids and a codependent office dog, boring impressing them all with stories about how she used to be a nutritionist, personal trainer and national-level fitness competitor.

Her first novel, Ground Control, was published in early 2021 by Lights Out Ink Press. It was re-released in June 2022 by Sley House Publishing, on whose Tales of Sley House 2021 I collaborated as editor.

You can find Karen on social media at the links below.





Feb 13, 202332:34
Barbara Krasnoff - The History of Soul 2065

Barbara Krasnoff - The History of Soul 2065

Barbara Krasnoff divides her time between writing short speculative fiction and editing tech as Reviews Editor for The Verge.

Her book The History of Soul 2065 is coming out in June, 2019 from Mythic Delirium Books. It is a “mosaic novel” made up of interconnection short stories about two uncanny families through several generations.

Her short fiction has appeared in a variety of publications, including Space & Time Magazine, Electric Velocipede, Apex Magazine, Doorways, Sybil’s Garage, Behind the Wainscot, Escape Velocity, Weird Tales, Descant, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Amazing Stories, and the anthologies Fat Girl in a Strange Land, Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy tales of challenging the norm, Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring ’20s, Crossed Genres Year Two, Descended From Darkness: Apex Magazine Vol. I, Clockwork Phoenix 2, Such A Pretty Face: Tales of Power & Abundance, and Memories and Visions: Women’s Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Barbara is also the author of a non-fiction book for young adults, Robots: Reel to Real (Arco Publishing, 1982).

You can find Barbara online at the links below.



The Verge

Feb 06, 202332:30
Jenn Gott - The Private Life of Jane Maxwell
Jan 30, 202330:05
Elaine Pascale - Ripped to Shreds
Jan 23, 202331:51
Valerie Valdes - Fault Tolerances
Jan 16, 202333:27
Terri Bruce - Whenafter

Terri Bruce - Whenafter

Terri Bruce has been making up adventure stories for as long as she can remember. Like Anne Shirley, she prefers to make people cry rather than laugh, but is happy if she can do either. She is the author of the paranormal/contemporary fantasy "Afterlife" series, which includes Hereafter (Afterlife #1) and Thereafter (Afterlife #2), and several science fiction and fantasy short stories, including "Welcome to OASIS" ("Dear Robot" anthology, November 2015), "The Well" ("It's Come to Our Attention" anthology, Third Flatiron Press, February 2016), and "The Lady and the Unicorn" (NH Pulp Fiction "Live Free or Dragons" anthology, Plaidswede Publishing, Fall 2016). Her third novel, Whereafter (Afterlife #3) releases March 15, 2016.

Jan 09, 202335:52
Kristi Petersen Schoonover - Tidings
Aug 12, 202227:15
Karen Heuler - The Splendid City
Aug 05, 202234:12
Kate Heartfield - The Embroidered Book
Jul 29, 202226:50
Elle Ire - Dead Woman's Pond
Jul 22, 202227:47
Carol Gyzander - Forget Me Not
Jul 15, 202229:26
Britta Jensen - Eloia Born
Jul 08, 202231:11
Claudia Blood - Company Assasin
Jul 02, 202230:33
Amy Grech - Bruised and Battered Nevermore
Jun 24, 202226:06
Anne Nydam - The Extraordinary Book of Doors
Jun 18, 202226:12
E.C. Ambrose - Drakemaster

E.C. Ambrose - Drakemaster

E. C. Ambrose writes knowledge-inspired adventure fiction, including DRAKEMASTER (Guardbridge, April 2022) about a clockwork doomsday device based on Su Song's astronomical clock of 1090 CE, the Dark Apostle series about medieval surgery, and the Bone Guard archaeological thrillers.  She is a graduate of, and sometime instructor for, the Odyssey Speculative Fiction Workshop, and lives in the blustery Granite State where she thinks of plot twists from the bench of her floor loom. Find her on Facebook or visit her website to learn about all of her work.

#historicalfiction #ancientcultures

Jun 11, 202229:27
Patricia Correll, Juniper Bird
Jun 04, 202221:22