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The Storyteller's Tavern

The Storyteller's Tavern

By The Storyteller's Tavern

Mush Hughes and Leigh Northrup talk with makers and artists to learn more about the stories behind their projects and their creative journeys so far. Thanks for joining us here in the tavern!
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Episode 0 - Welcome to the Tavern

The Storyteller's TavernSep 28, 2022

Chapter 3:9 - Kristin Stockdale & WORKBENCHcon
Jun 07, 202319:05
Chapter 3:8 - Luke Gelman (@lukeinthegarage) and Justin Bailey (@campfirewoodworks)

Chapter 3:8 - Luke Gelman (@lukeinthegarage) and Justin Bailey (@campfirewoodworks)

The sun was literally and figuratively setting on the last real day of Workbench Con, and the stars aligned such that we were able to connect with Luke Gelman and Justin Bailey.

Luke (@lukeinthegarage) is a garage scientist from Chicago. As he puts it: he might have a plan, and me might not have a plan, but he knows either way, it doesn't matter: it's about the ride. Justin (@campfirewoodworks) is a self-taught woodworker and maker who splits his time between his garage shop and the great outdoors making a variety of bespoke wood products from cutting boards to weaving looms.

We caught up with these fine lads and got to know more about them, and their stories. We dig into, among other things, Ignorant confidence, making twelve-year-olds look like idiots, the secret to excellent chocolate chip cookies… and then we kinda turn into a cooking podcast for a couple minutes. Apologies in advance to Five Guys.

More Luke:

More Justin:

Thanks to @workbenchconference and @totalboat for making this chapter happen!

The Storyteller's Tavern is hosted by @MakerMushand @thetinkerteacher

May 31, 202340:03
Chapter 3:7 - TotalBoat(@TotalBoat) - Mike (@totalbmike) & Kristin (@total_kristinb)

Chapter 3:7 - TotalBoat(@TotalBoat) - Mike (@totalbmike) & Kristin (@total_kristinb)

Whenever there's a gathering of makers, for some time now you can be all but sure that there will be some Epoxy People in the crowd repping TotalBoat… and whenever there's TotalBoat out in the wild, you're all but guaranteed to see Mike and Kristin. Workbench Con was no exception!

Mike Mills (@totalbmike) is CEO and Founder of TotalBoat (which itself is a part of the larger Jamestown Distributors business that has been around since the 1970s). Mike started TotalBoat in 2004 with just a few marine products, but since then has been at it nonstop, and is now what we here at the Tavern would consider an essential element of the Maker World these days.

Kristin Browne (@total_kristinb) has been with TotalBoat since 2015 and has been in the photo and marine industry for her whole career. When she's not on boats, she's planning the events that TotalBoat attends each year, planning social media strategy, and helping to manage the network of TotalBoat Ambassadors.

Both Mike and Kristin find the most joy in working with the Ambassadors and doing fun events around them and their content.

While we were at Workbench Con, we sat down with them and got to hear the TotalBoat origin story, learned more about their role in making the Maker community as we know it, heard about what their crew did during lockdown, and a got to know a little bit about what’s coming next.

More TotalBoat:

Thanks to @workbenchconference and @totalboat for making this chapter happen!
The Storyteller's Tavern is hosted by @MakerMush and @thetinkerteacher

May 24, 202329:30
Chapter 3:6 - Jess Crow (@crowcreekdesigns)
May 17, 202338:14
Chapter 3: 5 - Rex Krueger (@rexkrueger)
May 10, 202327:05
Chapter 3: 4 - Chris Giffrow (@cowdogcraftworks) & Justin Dietrich (@dietrichnsons)
May 03, 202338:37
Chapter 3: 3 - House of Esperanza (@house.of.esperanza & @erinnmakesthings)
Apr 26, 202327:32
Chapter 3: 2 - Mark Robertson (@mark.thebuilder)

Chapter 3: 2 - Mark Robertson (@mark.thebuilder)

Mark Robertson (@mark.thebuilder) is a woodworker in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, and takes joy in growing the woodworking community and sharing the story of his process alongside what he makes. Mark helped welcome new folks to Workbench Con, and we were immediately taken with his journey and the passion with which he shares it. We caught up with Mark early in the weekend to learn more about him and how he got to be what he's doing now.

He tells us about how he got his start learning from, and then teaching to, his grandfather; how he helps grow a mindset of asking vs. earning; and where he finds the positive in being different.

More Mark:

Thanks as always to @⁠workbenchconference⁠ and @⁠totalboat ⁠for making this chapter of the Tavern happen!

The Storyteller's Tavern is hosted by @⁠MakerMush⁠ and @⁠TheTinkerTeacher⁠

Apr 19, 202325:55
Chapter 3: 1 - Char Miller-King (@woodenmaven)
Apr 12, 202329:26
Chapter 2 - Conclusion
Apr 05, 202324:13
Another Round: Grant Maginnis

Another Round: Grant Maginnis

In which we discuss @nodabrewing's Cheerwine (@drinkcheerwine) Ale, order food, jump out of our skin when a crate of silverware gets dropped (5:00 minute mark, watch out), discuss what to do when wood smells like wood, talk about some more storied wood, the circular nature of time, and the oldest red hickory tree in the world.

Mar 29, 202318:37
Episode 19 - Grant Maginnis
Mar 29, 202332:55
Another Round: JBird the Vandal

Another Round: JBird the Vandal

We let the mics roll with Jbird the Vandal. It's mostly about bands that we've played in!

If you're listening via Spotify, you can give us feedback with the player, otherwise shoot us a DM or leave us a comment on Instagram to let us know your thoughts on these "Another Round" episodes.

Mar 22, 202315:13
Episode 18 - Jbird the Vandal
Mar 22, 202340:16
Episode 17 - Andrew Thiessen
Mar 08, 202330:40
Episode 16 - Super Daft Bros

Episode 16 - Super Daft Bros

The stuff that Ian & William of Super Daft Bros (@superdaftbros) make is hard to summarize in just a couple of sentences, so this is out of character, we've included some of their work in this post that you should check out before listening to this episode. Are they makers? Are they artists? Are they awesome? I mean, the answer to all of those is yes, and it's hard to pick which to list first. Regardless, we had a blast talking with them about origin stories, embracing the nerd, our deepest ever build story so far about the joys and trials of building a 1/64th scale model of Hogwarts, and as we almost always do, the importance of embracing, sharing with, and teaching the Maker community.

More SuperDaftBros:

Episode Shout-Outs:

Mar 01, 202328:41
Chapter 3: 0 - Tiff Marchand & WorkbenchCon Preview
Feb 25, 202327:59
Episode 15 - Madison Dunaway
Feb 22, 202328:12
Episode 14 - Jacob Daugherty

Episode 14 - Jacob Daugherty

Jacob Daugherty (@otherdogdesign) is a Charlotte area maker and serial hobby collector who is currently focused on 3d printing and lasers who will be the first to tell you that he loves to make stuff and is terrible at selling it. We tell some stories about nurturing a network, falling into flow, and the inextricable balance of making and sharing. Episode Shout-Outs: Grant Alexander @the_grant_alexander & the whole Clamp Cast (@clampcast) crew Jimmy Diresta @jimydiresta Bob Clagett @iliketomakestuff Dean Duplantis @dean_duplantis Brett Mcafee @skullandspade13 Andy Birkey @andy_birkey Fools with Tools @fwtpodcast Wes from @geeksmithing Thanks as always to Afton Pub & Pizza (@aftonpub) for hosting this chapter of the Tavern! The @sttpod is @MakerMush and @TheTinkerTeacher
Feb 15, 202323:59
Episode 13 - David Taylor
Feb 08, 202325:46
Episode 12 - Joel Bonasera
Feb 01, 202332:42
Episode 11 - Chapter 1 Conclusion
Dec 28, 202217:57
Episode 10 - Brett Mcafee
Dec 14, 202222:24
Episode 9 - Chad Grosklags & Jacob LaRocca

Episode 9 - Chad Grosklags & Jacob LaRocca

Two of our last storytellers from Maker Camp this year are Chad Grosklags of Mancrafting (@Mancrafting), and Jacob LaRocca of Rocket Props (@RocketProps).
Chad is based out of Atlanta and is an all-around Maker, specializing in, among other things, powder coating, welding, woodworking, and knife making.
Jacob hails from Boston and is an electrical and mechanical engineer, specializing in props and cosplay, and a whole host of other Maker Skills.

We get a chance to dig in with them about how making stuff has been a boon to mental health; the joy that comes from sharing not only what we make, but how and why we make it; and we explore pushing the envelope to the edge of failure - and what happens when you push too far.

You can find Chad:

You can find Jacob:

The Storyteller's Tavern is:
Mush Hughes (@MakerMush)
Leigh Northrup (@theTinkerTeacher)

Dec 07, 202228:16
Episode 8 - Jon & Walter Peters
Nov 30, 202221:12
Episode 7 - Jimmy DiResta & Grant Alexander
Nov 16, 202232:01
Episode 6 - Andrew Szeto
Nov 09, 202220:14
Episode 5 - Leah Hartmann & Sam Ciferno Skidmore
Nov 04, 202223:35
Episode 4 - Dave Miao
Oct 26, 202219:56
Episode 3 - Jared Geddes & Brittney Carbone

Episode 3 - Jared Geddes & Brittney Carbone

Our stories this time come from Jared Geddes, AKA The Evening Woodworker, and Brittney Carbone, who shares her work as
We talk about their similar entry touchpoints into the human side of Maker Community, the exciting world of Contact Dermatitis, the path from necklaces to nightstands, and share a thank you to the teachers who got them started on their journeys.
A quick heads up - we did our best with timing, but the Friday Night Karaoke does kick off just as we're wrapping up this conversation, so thanks for sticking through some of the rowdiness that erupts at the end of this episode!

Jared Geddes - The Evening Woodworker

Brittney Carbone -

Oct 19, 202213:18
Episode 2 - Lindsay Zuelich
Oct 12, 202219:18
Episode 1 - Leigh Northrup

Episode 1 - Leigh Northrup

Leigh Northrup is a Makerspace Teacher at Cannon School in Concord, NC. Leigh shares with us about the journey from professional America to being a makerspace teacher, lighting Legos on fire, embracing the epic fail, and what you can learn from making quadratic sound diffusers that don't diffuse sound.

Oct 05, 202214:53
Episode 0 - Welcome to the Tavern

Episode 0 - Welcome to the Tavern

Welcome to the tavern! Here's what this whole thing is all about.

Sep 28, 202206:37