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By Shikha Garg

Studio Dialogues is a podcast hosted by Shikha Garg, a watercolor artist and illustrator. She brings with each new episode renowned artists, art curators and creatives, who share their mindsets, journeys and creative processes. Follow the host at and on instagram @shikhagargartstudio and twitter @ShikhaGargArt.
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SD 004: Keeping your passion for art alive with Sikander Singh


SD 010 Studio Dialogues with Andy Evansen, and finding beauty in the ordinary!
Apr 07, 202359:44
SD 009 Studio Dialogues with Carsten Wieland and his lifelong journey with art and watercolor!
Nov 28, 202252:45
SD 008: In conversation with Milind Mulick on what inspires 'the beautiful mind'!!
May 30, 202248:28
SD 007: Painting intuitively & spontaneously with Stella Canfield
Apr 05, 202252:24
SD 006: Understanding Realism in Watercolors with Laurin McCracken
Oct 26, 202157:07
SD 005: Exploring different cultures to open up your mind as an artist: conversation with Angela Barbi
Oct 05, 202137:39
SD 004: Keeping your passion for art alive with Sikander Singh
Aug 26, 202131:38
SD 003: Approaching international watercolor affairs in a scientific way with Anna Massinissa
Aug 25, 202144:13
SD 002: Finding your sketching mojo with Sanjay Desai
Aug 17, 202133:43
SD 001: Finding subject matter with Praween Karmakar
Aug 10, 202125:38
SD 000: Intro to the Podcast

SD 000: Intro to the Podcast

Do you love art from the core of your being, you enjoy the company of like minded creators or you are a growing artist or want to take the first steps? If yes, then you are in the right place. I'm shikha Garg a watercolor artist and illustrator and founder of midniteOil Design and ShikhaGargArtStudio. 

Stay with me with for some interesting conversations with artists you love or will come to love. I will share insights into their journeys their mindsets and their creative processes. So tune in to Studio Dialogues and lets get talking!!

Connect with me on Instagram @ShikhaGargArtStudio.

Aug 10, 202100:36