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SubverCity Transmit

SubverCity Transmit

By SubverCity Transmit

An interdimensional fictional transmission.

SubverCity Transmit is a LGBT themed fantasy, horror and science fiction transmission featuring tales of the queer, freaky, outcast and otherwise lost. A.M. Onymous, the "only slightly mad" descendent of the Hatter, is the chic host and narrator of the broadcasts that originate from the brightly lit depths of an underground transportation hub.

SubverCity Transmit is now a part of Dark Quill Productions. Please consider becoming a patron at
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TX010 - Garden

SubverCity TransmitFeb 20, 2020

TX010 - Garden

TX010 - Garden

We check back in with the rest of the SubverCitizens in the wake of A.M's disappearance! What will they do without their dearest of cheerleaders?!

This episode’s story, “Garden” was written by Damien Krsteski. Damien writes science fiction and develops software. His stories have appeared in New Myths, Metaphorosis Magazine, Plasma Frequency, Flapperhouse, Kzine, The Future Fire, Devilfish Review, Mad Scientist Journal, Bastion, and others. You can follow his updates at and @monochromewish.

The music during the performance of Garden is by Nanohex. To stream the full dark ambient album "Garden" please visit

This episode was written by Erin B. Lillis and Corin Reyburn. The featured voices include:

Our new theme song is by Glomag and more music by him can be found here:

Sound effects sourced from

To contact us or submit stories, please visit our website at   SubverCity Transmit is a Krockett and Greyvn production.

Thank you for listening!

Feb 20, 202029:35
TX009 - Untamed

TX009 - Untamed

A.M. is still lost somewhere in the AdverCity but she's hacked the system in order to deliver a spooky spec fic in time for Halloween.

This episode's story, "Untamed," was written by S.H. Cooper - a Florida based author with a penchant for horror. She has penned short story collections, co-wrote the podcast, Calling Darkness, and is a regular contributor to the award winning anthology series, The NoSleep Podcast. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband, pets, and a cup of Earl Grey.

For more information on Cooper’s latest projects you can check her out on Twitter @MsPippinacious and her website

 The voice of A.M. Onymous is Erin B. Lillis

Credits were read by Mary Buelow.

Music by Sequel Police / Reminiscor / -1419 from Fugue

Sound effects sourced from

To contact us or submit stories, please visit our website at  This episode was written by Erin B. Lillis.   

Thank you for listening!

Oct 20, 201925:20
TX008 ? - A.M. Gets Abducted (The Sapphic Cast)

TX008 ? - A.M. Gets Abducted (The Sapphic Cast)

A.M.'s been abducted and taken to the AdverCity! HELP!

Alex Woods, the creator of The Sapphic Cast, has decided that her Scandinavian accent is too difficult to understand for English speakers so she goes on a mission to find a host and narrator for their show. Together with their sidekick duck, Snipps, they dig a tunnel to the center of the earth to find the semi-retired host of the SubverCity Transmit, A.M. Onymous.  

A.M. then narrates a story called “Retail Therapy” by Erin B. Lillis. Sit down and enjoy!   

“Retail Therapy” is featured in a book of horror stories that all take place in the same mall, ”Tavistock Galleria: Short Horror Stories From America’s Retail Wasteland,” which can be purchased on Amazon here:

A.M. Onymous and the SubverCity Transmit locations and characters appear courtesy of Krockett and Greyvyn Productions. The Sapphic Cast podcast’s first season can be listened to in your favorite podcast player. If you’re interested in submitting stories to SubverCity Transmit’s OR The Sapphic Cast's future episodes, you can find more information here:

A.M. Onymous is voiced by Erin B. Lillis  

Señori is voiced by Jose Perez.  

The producer of this episode is Alex Woods (and voiced by Alex Woods). Alex can be followed on Twitter here: 

Snipps appears as himself. You can follow him on Facebook here:

Music used in this episode:  

Additional sound effects from:

  1. ZapSplat:  
  2. Free To Use Sounds:  
  3. PMSFX:     

You can contact us at : and Twitter (

Jun 02, 201940:43
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