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Psychedelic Conversations

Psychedelic Conversations

By Susan Guner

Revolution to renaissance, with the help of scientists, researchers, journalists, activists and organisations we can overcome our shared history of political and cultural stigmatisation of psychedelics and accelerate the vital progress that is needed more than ever in a post-covid world.

Psychedelic Conversations Podcast is your hub for engaging in deep subjects around serotonergic hallucinogens that alter perceptions, affect cognitive processes and induce mystical and spiritual experiences.

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Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | Changal-Sapuro #9

Psychedelic ConversationsApr 11, 2021

Psychedelic Conversations | Lena Franklin, Jeff Glattstein - The EAST Institute

Psychedelic Conversations | Lena Franklin, Jeff Glattstein - The EAST Institute

Welcome to the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver, Colorado!

In this episode we delve into Lena and Jeff's background story and what brought both of them to work with psychedelic medicine. We discuss the distinction between a psychedelic-assisted therapist and a medicine person, their structured healing program "The EAST Method", their microdosing program "Embody", and their partnership with "The Bonefrog Foundation" - helping veterans with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and combat-induced PTSD.

00:00 - Fire Moment

00:32 - Introduction

01:44 - Lena's Background

03:29 - Jeff's Background

06:49 - Medicine People

08:21 - The Medicine Path

12:21 - The Intention Is One

13:42 - The EAST Method, Embody

17:24 - The Bonefrog Foundation

20:40 - Last Words Of Wisdom

23:41 - Outro

About Lena:

Lena grew up in a hybrid Vietnamese Buddhist and Southern Presbyterian home. Her mother, originating from the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, taught her meditation and spiritual rituals when she was a young child. Lena grew up traveling back and forth from Vietnam visiting her family in the Mekong Delta. These spiritual roots deeply inform her life’s work of teaching meditation and ancient forms of spiritual healing to the world.

During Lena’s first year in graduate school, her beloved Vietnamese mother suddenly passed from a stroke. This traumatic loss returned Lena to the spiritual seeds her mother planted within her. Lena went on to study ancient healing traditions abroad, including in Peru where she received her healer’s rites from the Q’ero Shamanic Tribe.

Lena’s intelligent integration of meditation, transpersonal psychology, energy medicine and shamanism is an integrative and powerful approach to multi-dimensional healing. Lena’s unique work has been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Magazine and The Telegraph in addition to TV networks such as Bravo and Lifetime.

About Jeff:

Jeff is a Shaman, Energy Medicine Man, and Conscious Business leader. Merging the ancient traditions and modern science, Jeff integrates his successful business experience with his passion for the healing work he’s called to share with humanity.

Jeff’s formal education includes earning a BS in Biology and Physics with advanced studies in Integrative Energy Medicine, Intuitive Medicine, Energy Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Jeff has trained with and been initiated into numerous Shamanic tribes and was given the opportunity to learn from Shamans in China, Tibet and Peru, the traditional healing power of Plant Medicines.

Now, Jeff is seeing clients from all over the globe for deep energetic, soul healing in addition to staying active in the Conscious Business space. Jeff has been featured on TV networks such as Lifetime and Discovery and has written for magazines and books.







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Psychedelic Conversations Podcast is designed to educate, inform, and expand awareness.

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This show is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide mental health or medical advice.

About Susan Guner:

Susan is a trained somatic, trauma-informed holistic psychotherapist with a mindfulness-based approach grounded in Transpersonal Psychology that focuses on holistic perspective through introspection, insight, and empathetic self-exploration to increase self-awareness, allowing the integration of the mind, body and spirit aspects of human experience in personal growth and development.

Sep 24, 202323:50
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