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The Strong and Lean at Any Age Podcast

The Strong and Lean at Any Age Podcast

By Susan Niebergall

Welcome to the Strong and Lean at Any Age Podcast! I am Susan Niebergall of Susan Niebergall Fitness, and I specialize in getting people strong and lean, and I want to talk about all things training, nutrition, and mindset at every age 😀💪🏻
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Chronic Pain with Dr. Josh Smith

The Strong and Lean at Any Age PodcastOct 23, 2023

Getting Back to Training After an Injury, What is Progressive Overload, Tips for Peri Menopause with Jordan Syatt
Nov 10, 202301:04:58
Chronic Pain with Dr. Josh Smith
Oct 23, 202301:10:23
It's Never Too Late: Beth's Story
Aug 18, 202354:31
Self Sabotage, Maintenance Mindset, Over Training vs. Under Recovering with Jordan Syatt
Jul 31, 202355:42
American Ninja Warrior Ginny MacColl
Jun 30, 202301:06:06
Body Recomp, BCAAs, How to Change UnHealthy Behaviors, and Genetic Testing for nutrition and Fitness with Jordan Syatt
May 31, 202349:26
Muscle building and getting stronger - Are they the same thing?, Is it OK to give someone a compliment about their body?, the Ozempic Craze with Jordan Syatt
Apr 27, 202301:09:31
Macros vs. Calories, A Big Mistake People Make with Strength Training, Plan, Plan, Plan and more with Ari Cohen, @nutrifitbyari
Apr 18, 202355:41
"Balancing Hormones", How Often to Test a 1 Rep Max, Our Favorite Traits About Each Other, Can You Build Muscle from Resistance Bands Only, and MORE with Jordan Syatt
Mar 17, 202352:18
Hip Replacement and Training Around Injuries with Shawna Kaminski
Feb 28, 202357:28
The Truth About Body Recomp, Training for Hypertrophy vs. Strength, What are we the most proud of from 2022, How we started all of this with Jordan Syatt
Feb 01, 202359:15
Training the Older Adult with Robert Linkul
Jan 12, 202301:01:54
How to Overcome Your Inner Critic, Overtraining, "I can only lose fat on 1100 calories", and our "Plans" for the Holidays, with Jordan Syatt
Jan 02, 202358:34
Consistency vs. Rigidity, Real Talk About Motivation, Why People Struggle with Nutrition, Does Strength and Cardio Change During Maintenance, and more with Jordan Syatt
Nov 30, 202252:42
Bulk/cut vs. Maintenance, The Worst Part About Working Together, BCAA and Creatine Pros and Cons, Jiu Jitsu and More with Jordan Syatt
Oct 24, 202201:00:08
The Realities of Building Muscle with Won Dolegowski
Oct 03, 202252:09
Teeny McNeenee, Jiu Jitsu, Binge Eating, and Learning to Live With the Mundaneness of Consistency and Losing Timelines with Jordan Syatt
Sep 13, 202243:13
Rapid Fat Loss, and Mental Health and Fitness with Jordan Syatt
Aug 10, 202248:09
Muscle Building With Won Dolegowksi Part 1
Jul 23, 202235:05
Eat It! and Your Questions with Jordan Syatt

Eat It! and Your Questions with Jordan Syatt

Order Jordan's Book Eat It here:

In this episode, Jordan and I answer your questions:
Is food addiction a thing?
What types of exercises for menopause
Does Cortisol and insulin make people stay fat?
Is the hype about reverse dieting true and how do you know if you need to do it
Starvation Mode
Why upper/lower splits instead of full body workouts
And more.......
If you want to join us in the Inner Circle, you can join here: And you can get Jordan’s book:
Jul 08, 202257:60
What's the Skinny on Skinny Fat?
Jun 28, 202233:51
How Much Muscle Can You Build in a Year, What Are the Actual Benefits of Lunges that You Don't Get From Squats, Why Chin Ups Vs Pull Ups with Jordan Syatt
May 18, 202250:48
Difference between Gaining Strength and Gaining Muscle, Our Favorite Thing About Working With Each Other, and Maintaining Weight with Jordan Syatt
Apr 28, 202253:28
Arthritis 101 with Dr. Alyssa Kuhn
Apr 13, 202259:01
Cardio, Best Barbell Exercise for Beginners, Insulin Resistance with Jordan Syatt
Mar 30, 202244:31
A Bone Spur, Arthritis, and Afib: A New Reality.
Mar 25, 202235:04
How Much Weight Gain to Expect with a Reverse Diet, Suggestions for Always Being Sore and Can you Be An Intuitive Eater and Still Lose Fat?
Feb 21, 202244:25
Emotional Eating, Warming up, How to Not Count Calories
Feb 08, 202254:58
Why Women Struggle with Building Muscle, Scale Fluctuations, and the Power of Maintenance with Kurt Rawlins
Jan 24, 202201:03:59
My Top 4 Things You Need to Be Doing to Make Weight Loss Easier
Jan 11, 202229:51
Newbie Gains, How to deal with Anxiety, and Tips for Excessive Eating and Drinking Over the Holidays with Jordan Syatt
Dec 30, 202157:15
Are body set points a thing?, Strength vs. Hypertrophy, and How Jordan and I met and Started Working Together, with Jordan Syatt
Nov 27, 202158:19
Mindless Eating, How to Track Successfully, and Weight Loss for Busy People, with Sam Forget
Nov 12, 202154:18
Getting Strong with Candace Smith

Getting Strong with Candace Smith

In this episode I chat with my former d Candace Smith. You will find her on instagram @beauty_of_strength. Candace and I talk about: The importance of strength training
Recommendations for starting out
And even RV life as a Candace is currently traveling the country via RV!!
Nov 02, 202158:43
Fit at 71? It's Never Too Late
Oct 22, 202157:29
Can you Build Muscle at the age of 60, Insight from the new study on your metabolism isn't slowing down like you might think, and more of YOUR questions with Jordan Syatt
Sep 15, 202153:06
Uh Oh,....There's an Unruly Passenger in the Fat Loss Car
Jul 30, 202123:21
What is the Difference Between Successful Dieters and Unsuccessful Dieters?
Jul 20, 202122:01
Does Menopause Affect the Way You Should Approach Fat Loss?

Does Menopause Affect the Way You Should Approach Fat Loss?

Our Calorie Cycling Challenge begins on July 6! If you would like to join us, go to: www. and sign up. You will get a free month in our Inner Circle as a part of the challenge!

In this episode, Jordan and I do a live Q and A and we cover:
-Does Menopause affect the way you should approach fat loss?
-Is a "smart" scale worth it? Is it accurate?
-When in maintenance do you track or eat intuitively?
-How to track at restaurants
-How to eat pizza and get lean
-Yes or no to BCAAs?
-And a bunch more

You can learn more about the Inner Circle here:

Jun 29, 202148:32
When Should You Reduce your Calories?
May 27, 202121:28
How To Find Balance on the Weekends with Jordan Syatt
Apr 26, 202146:54
The Joy of Movement and the Hutt Mutts with Jenny Hutt

The Joy of Movement and the Hutt Mutts with Jenny Hutt

In this episode, I am joined by Jenny Hutt from the Sirius XM Radio Show Just Jenny. Jenny is 51 and talks about her own personal journey with weight, weight loss, and how she found the joy of movement #movementmovement. We also talk Peloton, and the Hutt Mutts and my 20 year old cat (listen at the end 😂)
You can find Jenny on Instagram: @justjennyhutt and be sure to listen to her radio show on SiriusXM, The Just Jenny Show
Apr 12, 202101:00:58
Traits of Successful Dieters
Mar 24, 202121:26
How to Finally Start Believing in Yourself with Jordan Syatt
Feb 24, 202144:39
The Psychology of Fat Loss with Jared Hamilton

The Psychology of Fat Loss with Jared Hamilton

In this episode, I speak to my amazing friend and coach, Jared Hamilton. We dive deep into his Psychology of Fat Loss course.
We tackle topics like:
How mental health and fitness are so deeply intertwined
Why people know what to do, but still don't do it
The role of self sabotaging behaviors and how to turn that around
Dieting from the inside out
Years of false beliefs and how to put them in the past

This episode could very well change your life. Go grab your coffee and let's get started.
You can find Jared on all social media platforms: realjaredhamilton
Feb 12, 202155:54
Is It Ok to Come in Under Your Calories?
Jan 04, 202115:35
How to Track When Healing from an Eating Disorder, Menopausal fat loss, with Jordan Syatt
Dec 23, 202051:12
The Importance of Fitness As We Age with Pam Sherman
Nov 30, 202001:03:25
Stress Eating, What to do when you have "plateaued", The All or Nothing Mindset, how we met, and more with Jordan Syatt
Nov 09, 202053:13
From Addiction to Helping Others with Brad Jensen

From Addiction to Helping Others with Brad Jensen

In today's episode, I speak with my good friend Brad Jensen (@thesoberbodybuilder on Instagram). He shares his story of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, hitting rock bottom, and how he turned it all around to help others with their health and wellness goals. His story is one of the most inspiring I've ever heard, and I think you will feel the same
He's the perfect example of Its Never Too Late to change your life. If you are struggling in any aspect of your life whether it's fat loss, building muscle, or anything else, you need to listen to this episode and realize you can change whatever you want.
Oct 23, 202001:00:26