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Sustainable Success: The Podcast for living longer stronger

Sustainable Success: The Podcast for living longer stronger

By Richard Chartrand

All things involving quality of life issues including, fitness, nutrition, finances, music, philosophy and sense of purpose
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Joint Friendly Fitness with Bill Desimone

Sustainable Success: The Podcast for living longer strongerAug 20, 2021

Mark Houghton

Mark Houghton

Bio from Mark.  I began lifting weights at the age of 16 in 1982 . 39 years later , now aged 55 , I still love the challenge and rewards of resistance training.  I have worked as an instructor in a gym, advised bodybuilders for contests, as well as judging such contests . I have used the strength and musculature gained to help in athletics competition , but my biggest success has been in competitive bodybuilding which has not only provided me with numerous victories and high placings , not only on the UK , but in Europe, the USA and Canada. The highlight being in 2012 , when aged 47 I won the BNBF Overall Masters Title and in the process gained my DFAC Pro Card.

Oct 21, 202101:11:33
What is the "best" way to train strength? - with Dr Bryce Lee

What is the "best" way to train strength? - with Dr Bryce Lee

Dr. Bryce Lee is a former Surface Warfare Naval Officer turned Director of Therapy and Co-founder of StrengthSpace, a provider of resistance-based exercise and physical therapy services.

Bryce became a Body By Science and high-intensity strength training devotee and advocate following a string of acute and overuse training injuries he incurred during his time as a CrossFit, kettlebell, and powerlifting addict.

Bryce’s doctoral program focused on orthopedic conditions, chronic pain and how pain relates to mechanical disorders like tendonitis and osteoarthritis. Bryce decided that he wanted his patients not just making physical progress but mental as well, so he opened the StrengthSpace clinic.

Important topics and moments from the Podcast

  • 7:32 - How Physio Therapy has grown in scope of what you need to know
  • 16:00 - Relationships and differences between strength training and physiotherapy
  • 18:20 - Younger people don’t invest in fitness like an older high performer
  • 20:40 - Almost everyone with a sports background, has major injuries
  • 30:30 - How to enjoy functional independence in your later years
  • 31:45 - Fast Twitch fibres - Emergency Muscles, never get used
  • 35:11 - What do your muscles really need?
  • 37:18 - What is the “best” way to exercise muscle?
  • 44:06 - What do you want to exercise for?
  • 50:18 - Clinging to old ideas of exercise

Instagram strengthspaceva

Aug 30, 202156:20
Joint Friendly Fitness with Bill Desimone

Joint Friendly Fitness with Bill Desimone

Bill DeSimone Author of "Joint Friendly Fitness"

I talk with Bill DeSimone about his new book: Joint Friendly Fitness.

Joint Friendly Fitness is a revolutionary program that reveals the simple secrets to staying pain-free, injury-free and in shape. It takes the guess work out of training by showing you how to create your own personal fitness program to suit your needs and lifestyle. The book includes:

  • A 12-week workout plan for beginners and those with joint issues.
  • How to assess joint pain or injury before you harm yourself even further
  • A unique rehabilitation program for people with chronic joint problems including arthritis
  • A new training technique called "Prehab" designed to avoid injuries rather than just rehabilitating them.
  • How to create a fitness plan that fits around your life such as at home, work or even on the go
  • The secrets to staying injury- and pain- free for life!

All of these are made possible by one simple technique, which is also revealed within the book. This revolutionary method makes it easy to incorporate flexibility training into any activity you do. It can easily be applied during routine tasks such as washing up, gardening or walking the dog(!) and it's a great way to have fun with kids too – teaching them valuable lessons about health and fitness at an early age.

It was designed specifically with arthritis sufferers in mind so there's no heavy lifting involved.

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast, and get as much out of it as I have!

Follow Bill at:

Looking fir a virtual or face to face exercise instructor who follows a lot of the same principles as Bill?
Contact Sustainable Success - Strength Training to receive your free complimentary workout

Aug 20, 202149:32
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