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UW Sustainability - "In Our Nature"

UW Sustainability - "In Our Nature"

By UW Sustainability

UW Sustainability's "In Our Nature" podcast features the people working to make the University of Washington a leader in sustainability.
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WOHESC 2019 opening keynote by Dean Lisa Graumlich

UW Sustainability - "In Our Nature"Mar 08, 2019

UW Tacoma sustainability with Genevieve Conley
May 15, 202328:48
UW Recycling with Adam Fehn
Mar 01, 202327:25
UW Energy Conservation with Norm Menter

UW Energy Conservation with Norm Menter

Norm Menter is the Assistant Director for Energy, Utilities and Operations with UW Facilities. Since 2013, Norm has managed the UW's Energy Conservation program. He talks about what the UW is doing around energy conservation, why it's important, and how it is the foundation for the university's strategy for decarbonization.

Dec 23, 202222:23
UW Sustainability Director Lisa Dulude
Nov 02, 202220:53
CSF Spotlight 7 Interview with UW Sustainability Director, Claudia Frere-Anderson
Sep 27, 202101:00:29
Tri-campus Q&A: talking sustainability with Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma
Apr 02, 202153:58
CSF Spotlight # 6 Interview with the U of Arizona Green Fund
Jan 14, 202156:51
CSF Spotlight #5: David Frantz, Committee Chair
Nov 20, 202001:03:01
Kate Simonen - 2020 Husky Green Award winner

Kate Simonen - 2020 Husky Green Award winner

Kate Simonen is the executive director of the Carbon Leadership Forum and Professor and Chair of the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington. Her research has focused on the innovation of construction materials and practices that will go a long way in creating a low-carbon future. For her work, she was one of the recipients of the 2020 Husky Green Awards which recognize people at the University of Washington who show dedication, leadership and initiative around sustainability.

UW Sustainability's Marilyn Ostergren talked with Kate Simonen about why she is a self-described "embodied carbon nerd," why she started working on reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings and more.

Carbon Leadership Forum home page:

Nov 05, 202019:25
CSF Spotlight #4: Ronnie Fang w/ Interactive Biogas Foodcart
Oct 23, 202048:12
Ursula Valdez - 2020 Husky Green Award winner
Oct 19, 202042:25
CSF Spotlight #3: Africa Now
Oct 05, 202046:58
CSF Spotlight #2: Anaerobic Digester
Sep 11, 202052:15
CSF Spotlight #1: Meet the Team!
Aug 28, 202041:04
Plastic Free July with UW Recycling
Jul 30, 202045:40
Sustainability Stories: Investing in intersectional sustainability with the Campus Sustainability Fund

Sustainability Stories: Investing in intersectional sustainability with the Campus Sustainability Fund

This is the audio from an online talk by Fotima Ibrokhim, Yahia Ali and Michael Diamond of the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF), as part of the Sustainability Stories @ UW series. 

The University of Washington's Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) is a student-run and student-funded grant program that works to support and facilitate intersectional sustainability projects on the UW campus. In the recent years, the CSF staff and committee has made the conscious and intentional decision to lead the CSF towards intersectional sustainability. The CSF team particularly recognizes the disproportionate ways in which climate change affects Black communities and excludes them from being a part of sustainability efforts. To provide more equitable support to the Black students, faculty, and staff at the University of Washington, a summer grant option in partnership with the UW Resilience Lab will be available for students to use in order to support further equity and inclusion work.   

CSF staff presented on the CSF’s work around intersectional sustainability, highlighted some existing funded student projects and discussed how students can utilize the new summer grant option for this work. Recorded on June 18, 2020.

See the video and more about the Sustainability Stories series:

Jul 10, 202041:15
2020 Earth Day talk: State of Sustainability at the UW with Provost Mark Richards
May 04, 202057:02
UW Creative Communications
Nov 15, 201931:06
UW Green Greeks Representative Program
Oct 09, 201918:26
" Campus Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion" - WOHESC 2019 opening plenary

" Campus Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion" - WOHESC 2019 opening plenary

Students and executive leaders from Washington and Oregon shared perspectives on integrating social sustainability across academic systems in this opening plenary at the 2019 Washington & Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC), hosted by the University of Washington on February 26-27. For more information on WOHESC:

Moderator: Terryl Ross | Assistant Dean of Diversity for College of the Environment, University of Washington

Jeanne Allen | Chair, Campus Sustainability Fund & Graduate Student Representative, Environmental Stewardship Committee, University of Washington
Teri Fane | ASPCC Student Body President, Portland Community College Cascade Campus
Angel Mandujano-Guevara | Graduate Student, Human Services Resource Center, Oregon State University
Taylor McHolm | Program Director, Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon
Natasha Martin | Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Professor at the School of Law, Seattle University

Introduction: Sharon Lee | Account Executive, Lucid Design Group

Mar 27, 201956:48
WOHESC 2019 opening keynote by Dean Lisa Graumlich

WOHESC 2019 opening keynote by Dean Lisa Graumlich

UW College of the Environment Dean Lisa Graumlich gave the opening keynote at the 2019 Washington & Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference, hosted at the University of Washington on February 26-27. She was introduced by Scarlett Foster-Moss,  Swire Coca-Cola, USA Vice President of Public Relations and Government Affairs.

More information on WOHESC can be found at

Dean Lisa J. Graumlich, Mary Laird Wood Professor, is the inaugural dean of the College of the Environment at the University of Washington. As dean, she leads a College with unparalleled depth and breadth in environmental systems: from the forests to the seas and from the depths of the earth to the edges of the solar system. As a scholar, Graumlich pioneered the use of tree-ring data to understand long-term trends in climate, focusing on the mountains of western North America. Graumlich has served as a faculty member at University of California-Los Angeles, the director of the University of Arizona's Institute for the Study of Planet Earth and Montana State University's Mountain Research Center, as well as executive director of their Big Sky Institute. She received her B.S. in Botany and M.S. in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her Ph.D. in Forest Resources from the University of Washington.

Mar 08, 201913:56
6 - UW Bothell Sustainability Coordinator Alexa Russo
Nov 28, 201817:11
5 - Beth Wheat
Aug 14, 201819:52
4 - Business sustainability and students
Jul 17, 201820:41
3 - UW Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF)
May 23, 201812:39
2 - UW Student Food Cooperative
May 04, 201816:56
1 - UW Sustainability
May 03, 201812:46