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Sustainably In Love

Sustainably In Love

By Guilherme Braz & Sebastian Vivacqua

It is a show aimed at debunking sustainability, targeting one of the most environmentally polluting industries in the world, Fashion. We want to embark on an endless journey to help raise awareness and appreciate the efforts of so many sustainable fashion brands, entrepreneurs, investors, and consultants. Sustainability is the solution to massive environmental problems, and it is something that everyone is chasing nowadays, yet not everyone is doing it correctly and genuinely walking the talk on this journey.
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7: The Green Sprint w/Pamela Smit & Minou Schillings

Sustainably In LoveJul 29, 2020

22: Kids Made to Order Footwear w/Ulrik Schultz
Jul 28, 202123:44
First-Year Celebration w/Guilherme Braz & Sebastian Vivacqua

First-Year Celebration w/Guilherme Braz & Sebastian Vivacqua

We are celebrating our first year at Sustainably In Love, and we wanted to share with you how has the ride been so far. 

What have Guilherme and Sebastian learned in the last year from having so many great and interesting speakers? 

And what can you expect from future episodes? 

At the end of the day, we are doing this out of passion and we will continue growing sustainably in love. 

Special thanks to all our guest speakers, and to our thousands of listeners that have listened to our episodes in the last year. 


Jun 23, 202121:36
21: Fashion Corporations w/Samantha Jones
May 26, 202146:09
20: A tree planting journey/w Kasper Kupperman
Mar 31, 202120:06
19: Honest apparel w/Ramon Barbero

19: Honest apparel w/Ramon Barbero

What does it mean to create honest apparel?

Ramon Barbero Founder of Brava Fabrics has challenged from the start the educational aspect around what the sustainable, ethical, and social aspect in creating apparel really means. As a guest professor in business and law, he sincerely cares about rethinking fashion and is incredibly concern about slavery. He truly wants to help people lead with mindfulness about the criteria by how they make sustainable choices including caring for how they look after each piece of clothing they own.

You can find Brava Fabrics and Ramon on the below links:

Mar 03, 202118:38
18: Circular footwear w/ Chris Margetts

18: Circular footwear w/ Chris Margetts

In a moment where sustainability took the reigns of fashion content and storytelling, there’s a real greenwash danger associated - among multiple other factors - with the taking over of the biggest corporations applying the same sustainable messaging as the independent labels that had this approach as a distinctive factor. And even considering that parts of the chain become more sustainable, a lot - or even all - falls on the business models practiced.

To tackle the threat, smaller sustainable brands are always looking ahead and some are taking things to the next level: circularity. The early definition by Anna Brismar back in 2014 states that circular fashion applies the concept of a circular economy to sustainable development and concerns the entire life cycle of a product, from design and sourcing to production, transportation, storage, marketing, and sale, as well as the user phase and the product’s end of life.

How can we make this a reality when so many layers need to be applied and respected? It’s not easy, but some brands like Human Are Vain are doing this. The amazing path towards circular footwear led by Chris Margett is truly inspiring. And quite challenging to match a strict policy with the design goals of the brand (we all know how hard it is to make sustainable shoes look cool). Safe to say we all will be hearing a lot from Chris and HaV.

There’s much more to hear, let’s say from this conversation I got at least a brand new topic I hope to uncover soon.

You can find and connect with Chris on Linkedin:

More about the brand Humans are Vain:

Feb 03, 202130:33
17: Data-driven sustainable impact w/Maria Svantemark
Jan 13, 202121:51
16: Sustainability & Design in kids fashion w/Valeria Popov
Dec 23, 202022:53
15: Applied Biomimicry w/Fabian Feutlinske

15: Applied Biomimicry w/Fabian Feutlinske

Fabian Feutlinske is the founder of COBIOM and the Biomimicry Academy. He is a value-driven systems thinker and ecosystem designer who works and lives to make the world a better place, for both people and the planet. For this, he combines his skills and backgrounds in transformation consulting, cultural change, neuro, and cell biology, Biomimicry, Design Thinking, education, entrepreneurship, nature conservation, spiritual awareness, and empathy.

You can find Fabian on the below link:

Dec 09, 202021:31
14: Circular Solutions w/Connor Hill
Nov 25, 202027:31
13: Sustainable Sourcing at Tencel w/Walter Bridgham
Nov 11, 202019:50
12: AI meets fashion w/Alexandra Zaitseva

12: AI meets fashion w/Alexandra Zaitseva

When it comes to sustainability, tech is one of the cornerstones and probably the main enabler for scaling business best practices. In this episode, we had the pleasure to talk with Alexandra Zaitseva from, a groundbreaking company that automatically creates 3D body models, matches it to product data and user return behavior to guarantee the right sizing across all different brands in their database. A lot of advantages arise for presize clients in their conversion rates, but here at Sustainably In Love we focused on the amazing job the company is doing decreasing returns up to 74% in their portfolio. You can know more about Alexandra and presize below:

Oct 28, 202019:16
11: The importance of 100% organic collections in kids fashion w/Janos Pal

11: The importance of 100% organic collections in kids fashion w/Janos Pal

They say the children today will shape our tomorrow. If that is the case what impact can the clothes they wear as newborns and toddlers in their education when becoming the future fashion consumers? We took this idea in mind to talk with Janos Pal, co-founder of liilu, one of the most promising and fastest-growing kids labels in Europe. Despite the growth, the brand is a true believer of slow fashion, not only by the continuous bet on 100% organic cotton collections but also by consciously design oversize collections to enable the longevity of each garment, passed sibling from a sibling. You can know more about liilu below:

Sep 23, 202025:38
10: The 17 sustainable development goals w/Cecilia Landeros

10: The 17 sustainable development goals w/Cecilia Landeros

Why do the 17 sustainable development goals matter? In this 10th episode of the show, we got together with Cecilia Landeros who was nominated in the category of the Future Sustainability Leader #IEMAawards2020. She is a Sustainability and Environmental Consultant at Arup, someone that graduated with merits in sustainability, and with deep passion for promoting the 17 SGDs. These are the goals the UN has set forward for the world to achieve by 2030. What are the main challenges that will arise for us to achieve these goals? And how long will humans take to develop the awareness and consciousness to care for them?

Find out more about Ceci below:

Sep 09, 202037:36
9: Scaling Made to Order w/ Jess Fleischer
Aug 26, 202022:34
8: The Sustainable Journey of Renawibilitee w/Russ Avery
Aug 12, 202033:53
7: The Green Sprint w/Pamela Smit & Minou Schillings
Jul 29, 202029:05
6: A transformational mindset towards Human Impact w/Ed Andrew
Jul 22, 202023:46
5: The Pursuit of Less w/ Jakob Dworsky
Jul 15, 202030:17
4: Driving political change towards sustainability w/ Lisa Lang (Part Two)
Jul 08, 202025:41
3: What are we going to wear in Mars w/ Lisa Lang (Part One)

3: What are we going to wear in Mars w/ Lisa Lang (Part One)

Our title is our last question of an entire journey through technology in fashion with Lisa Lang. Among many other projects, Lisa founded ElektroCouture, The Powerhouse Group and fundamental. That granted several recognitions such as Forbes Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech, the top 100 most influential people in wearable tech worldwide, one of 25 leaders in fashion and technology worldwide, and has been listed as one of the 50 most important women for innovation & startups in the EU.

You can find Lisa and know more about her multiple projects on:

Jul 08, 202035:22
2: The Future in Athletics Apparel w/Erik de Groot
Jun 17, 202020:21
1: Green Marketing w/Akhil Sivanandan
Jun 15, 202019:37
0: An intro about the why for this show
May 25, 202008:06