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SUX - The Sustainable UX Podcast

SUX - The Sustainable UX Podcast

By SUX - The Sustainable UX Network

Hello and welcome to SUX - The Sustainable UX Podcast, the podcast for designers, UX people and digital product builders who want to make an impact for a sustainable future. We are Bavo and Thorsten and we are two of the founding members of “SUX - The Sustainable UX Network”, a non-profit initiative and community, that drives sustainable and responsible UX based on the UN SDGs in various ways.
With the SUX Podcast we invite you to meet wonderful people from around the world and to get inspired by their way of trying to save the world through and within UX, Design and Tech.
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SUX EP 04: "Endineering & Sustainability" with Joe Macleod

SUX - The Sustainable UX PodcastMay 16, 2023

SUX EP 04: "Endineering & Sustainability" with Joe Macleod

SUX EP 04: "Endineering & Sustainability" with Joe Macleod

Did you know what the ending of a customer relationship has to do with Sustainability? No? Well, than this episode is perfect for you:

We had a very special and inspiring guest. The worlds first Endineer (yes, Endineer) Joe Macleod. Joe wrote two books about this topic and with his company AndEnd he works on how we design better endings of customer relationships.

We spoke about the importance of better endings of the customer relationship and its strong relation to sustainability.

It became a very deep and inspiring conversation, about endineering and sustainability and Joes personal way into the whole topic. If you want to learn how to become an Endineer and why you should become one to design more sustainability products, you should not miss this new episode of the SUX podcast. 

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Endineering cohort course 7. Starts Sept 12th.

A 25% off discount code for SUX audience.

CODE: 25offendscohort

More about the Endineering Cohort

Endings For Businesses

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The Endineering book

Ends book

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Discount code: HA44R

Discount code: GB56T

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May 16, 202301:16:16
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SUX - Teaser

SUX - Teaser

Welcome to the SUX podcast! 

Strap in for a wild ride of insights and mind-blown experiences as we hear from people passionate about sustainable UX and how they make impact. We’ll dive in with experts and discover along with people just breaking into the field. 

Thank you for being here with us as we make this a podcast by and for the sustainable UX community.

Bavo & Thorsten

Nov 02, 202201:14