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Swift over Coffee

Swift over Coffee

By Paul Hudson and Mikaela Caron

Swift over Coffee is a podcast that helps you keep your Swift skills up to date the easy way, hosted by Paul Hudson and Mikaela Caron. In each episode we chat about the latest developments in the Swift community, and also host an open ballot where you can share your views on important topics.

Follow us on Twitter at @swiftovercoffee.

Note: all the discussion from Mikaela and Paul is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. Our regular intro/outro music is also licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, and is called "Dropping out of School" by Brad Sucks.
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S3E5: The tastiest peach

Swift over CoffeeOct 02, 2023

S3E5: The tastiest peach
Oct 02, 202342:47
S3E4: They took a side quest
Sep 03, 202339:08
S3E3: Mikaela over Coffee
Jul 25, 202339:30
S3E2: File feedback, goodbye
Jun 28, 202335:15
S3E1: People want to get together
Jun 02, 202356:33
 S2E5: Merry Dubmas, Everyone!

S2E5: Merry Dubmas, Everyone!

In this episode: we celebrate Swiftmas and Dubmas all together, plus talk about remote conferences, tuple conformance, Mint, WWDC wishlists, and more.

Swift Package Index: 

Swift AWS Lambda runtime:

Adding CI support to SPM packages:

SE-0283: Tuples Conform to Equatable, Comparable, and Hashable –

SE-0270: Add Collection Operations on Noncontiguous Elements:

Paul’s pick: WWDC 2020 Student Challenge Submissions:

Erica’s pick: Mint from Yonas Kolb and GUI Rambo’s WWDC app: 

WWDC wishlists

Jun 21, 202001:30:11
S2E4: Erica vs the World

S2E4: Erica vs the World

In this episode: WWDC goes WFH, Swift gets some inspiration from JavaScript, and we review your awesome Breathe app submissions.

  • WWDC is online:
  • Swift Argument Parser:
  • SE-0279 Multiple Trailing Closures:
  • Push notifications may now be user for advertising (with consent)
  • Paul’s pick: Table, by Shawn Baek –
  • Erica’s pick: Slideas –
  • Challenge: Recreate the Breathe app animation from watchOS –

Mar 25, 202032:40
S2E3: Sim See Tee Ell

S2E3: Sim See Tee Ell

In this episode: Erica learns to pronounce things the Paul way, we're blown away by how good Swift 5.2's error messages are, and discuss listener views on the future of Swift.

  • Control Room:
  • iOS Dev Survey:
  • Swift Playgrounds for macOS:
  • New diagnostics in Swift 5.2:
  • Paul's first pick: CocoaHub –
  • Paul's second pick: Brisk –
  • Erica's pick: Joe Groff's Twitter feed –
  • Open ballot: Apart from async/await, what new feature do you most want to see in Swift 6?
Feb 28, 202040:57
S2E2: Proing the heck out of that bono

S2E2: Proing the heck out of that bono

In this episode: on the road to Swift 6, handling key presses in iOS, and whether to build an app or a website.

  • Xcode 11.4 beta:
  • On the Road to Swift 6:
  • SE-0276 Multi-Pattern Catch Clauses:
  • SE-0269: Increase availability of implicit self in @escaping closures when reference cycles are unlikely to occur –
  • SE-0110: Distinguish between single-tuple and multiple-argument function types –
  • SwiftCrypto:
  • Paul's Pick: pressesBegan() -
  • Erica's Pick: SE-0274 – Concise magic file names –
  • Open ballot: When should an app idea be an app, and when should it be a website instead?
Feb 13, 202040:54
S2E1: Have your State and eat it

S2E1: Have your State and eat it

In this episode: Swift 5.2 snapshots are available for download, Paul enjoys some property wrappers, and we dream about what SwiftUI 2.0 might bring.

  • App Updates for HTML5 Apps:
  • Swift 5.2 snapshots now available:
  • Swift for Good:
  • Paul's pick: Creating a property wrapper to give us SwiftUI's environment in UIKit.
  • Erica's pick: SE-0253 –
  • Open ballot: If you could change one thing about SwiftUI, what would it be?
Jan 29, 202039:55
S1E22: Why does Sean hate SwiftUI so much?

S1E22: Why does Sean hate SwiftUI so much?

In this episode: Sean's beard is staying in San Francisco, the NeXT era is ending, we discuss SwiftUI's forms system, and explore the many amazing new features from WWDC19.

- The NeXT Era Ends, the Swift Era Begins:

- WWDC 2019 Session Notes:

- WWDC 2019 The Things You May Have Missed:

- About SwiftUI:

- Paul's pick: SwiftUI's forms –

- Sean's pick: WWDC 2019 (Mind the Enthusiasm Gap) –

- Open Ballot: Now that the dust has settled, what was your favorite new feature announced at WWDC19 that *isn't* SwiftUI?

- Plus: your chance to win a massive pile of Swift books to enjoy over summer!
Jun 25, 201929:55
S1E21: Live from AltConf 2019
Jun 10, 201950:02
S1E20: Transcendental Swift
May 27, 201926:40
S1E19: Rotato rotato
May 13, 201929:58
S1E18: Big boy pants
Apr 29, 201929:33
S1E17: Now he sounds French
Apr 15, 201929:51
S1E16: Live from iOSCon 2019

S1E16: Live from iOSCon 2019

In this episode: the Swift style guide marches on to formal review, we pick out our favorite events at iOSCon, and discuss whether it's important for iOS developers to be skilled in more than one platform.

- WWDC ticket winners – who got lucky? (Spoiler: it was Paul.) (And not Sean.)

- SE-0250: Swift Code Style Guidelines and Formatter –

- SE-0249: Key Path Expressions as Functions –

- Paul’s first pick: Gwendolyn Weston's talk "The Business Case For Your Code" –

- Gwen's book, Intentional Friendships:

- Paul’s second pick: Being able to do some coding with Connie, a young coder, at iOSCon.

- Sean’s first pick: Niamh Power's talk "Better Together" –

- Sean's second pick: Getting to attend his first major conference and meeting lots of other Swift developers.

- Open ballot: Should mobile developers be skilled in more than one platform, e.g. Android or React as well as iOS?

Thanks to Skillsmatter in London for hosting our first live podcast episode!
Apr 01, 201925:25
S1E15: Shiny new side project
Mar 18, 201929:26
S1E14: Thank you for the paycheck
Mar 04, 201929:37
S1E13: Bizarre but legal
Feb 18, 201929:13
S1E12: Really alarming breakpoints
Feb 04, 201929:26
S1E11: Pandora's rabbit hole
Jan 21, 201929:59
S1E10: It's such a glorious week

S1E10: It's such a glorious week

In this episode: Swift 5 string interpolation gets its first real project, iOS 12 adoption flies ahead, we delve into the (apparently) ancient history of iOS development, and talk about Christmas. Er, WWDC.

- Menu bars on iOS:

- Templates using string interpolation:

- iOS 12 adoption now at 75%:

- Paul's pick: Storyboards vs programmatic UI –

- Sean's pick: How iOS Development Has Evolved -

- Open Ballot: Are you tired of Apple's simultaneous annual releases of all their operating systems, or do you like getting everything bumped all at once?
Jan 08, 201929:59
S1E9: Beard of Steel
Dec 24, 201829:59
S1E8: I'd call it Ten Code
Dec 10, 201825:42
S1E7: I was in prison for that time
Nov 26, 201827:32
S1E6: What is getting Sherlocked?
Nov 14, 201824:19
S1E5: It Worked That One Time
Oct 29, 201827:50
S1E4: Optional optionals
Oct 15, 201826:07
S1E3: Very powerful... and sweet
Oct 01, 201829:58
S1E2: Always on brand

S1E2: Always on brand

In this episode: it's iOS conference season, new devices from Apple, the first tips for Swift 5, and we look at what makes a great job interview for Swift developers. - iOSDevUK (, Swift & Fika (, and NSSpain ( - Optional binding for self: - Building Apps for iPhone XS: - Paul's Pick: compactMapValues() is coming in Swift 5 – - Sean's Pick: Surfacing Shortcuts by Joe Cieplinski –
Sep 17, 201829:21
S1E1: No magic bullets
Sep 01, 201826:18