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Streamin' With a Purpose

Streamin' With a Purpose

By Sylvia Montgomery

Streamin' With a Purpose provides wisdom and tips to help everyday people begin earning income by living out their purpose. We understand we have to earn an income to sustain ourselves, but we shouldn't have to spend a majority of our day on a job we're not passionate about. It's time to spend your day doing what brings you passion. It's time to start streaming income from your purpose.
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Episode 51: The Key To New Businesses Staying in Their Zone of Genius with Kelle' Thorpe

Streamin' With a PurposeSep 05, 2023

Episode 51: The Key To New Businesses Staying in Their Zone of Genius with Kelle' Thorpe
Sep 05, 202333:55
Episode 50: Serial Entrepreneurship - Curing Diseases One Business at A Time With Brian Cook
Jun 20, 202336:28
Episode 49: In Production with Karen Simon
May 23, 202332:58
Episode 48: Tara McGee - The Journey of An Overcomer

Episode 48: Tara McGee - The Journey of An Overcomer

Tara McGee is on a journey of purpose and ensuring her family and team feel valued. Born and raised in a small town in Mississippi, Tara McGee, who is a 3rd generation entrepreneur is passionate about helping business owners and individuals realize their organizational and employment potential. As President and Owner of Staff4U, Inc, established in 2013, she partners with organizations to create a holistic workplace culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. This is achieved through their three pillars which are staffing, training, and consulting. Tara holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Jackson State University and a Master of Business Administration from Virginia Wesleyan University.

Additionally, Tara has added the title of co-author to her talents. She is co-author of She’s Got The Power, an anthology where twenty-five women share their journey and feelings about money and wealth. Another co-author anthology is We Won’t Quit in which couples share life-changing experiences, along with practical advice, strategies, and prayers.

With all that, most importantly, Tara considers herself an overcomer that is family oriented and truly humbled by her God-given talents.

Connect with Tara and the Staff4U, Inc. team at 757-745-7900 or contact and let them assist with your organizational or employment

needs. For Speaking opportunities connect with Tara at

Mar 07, 202330:40
Episode 47: Building a System For Your Passion With Jordan Ellis
Dec 13, 202233:03
Episode 46: Scale Up Your Business With JuJuan Buford

Episode 46: Scale Up Your Business With JuJuan Buford

On this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to JuJuan Buford. JuJuan is a Managing Partner, Co-Founder, serial entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker. JuJuan started his career in the banking and investment advisory industry, transitioned into business ownership, and is enjoying entrepreneurial success in the sales and business development, technical assistance, and real estate investment industries.

As an ardent advocate for entrepreneurship, JuJuan believes entrepreneurship is empowerment, and the surest means to help people live their best lives, and take control of what happens at their kitchen tables, and in their communities.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, you can connect with JuJuan at

Dec 06, 202201:00:06
Episode 45: Kylene Redmond: Not Your Stereotypical Black Girl

Episode 45: Kylene Redmond: Not Your Stereotypical Black Girl

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Kylene Redmond, also known as Black Diabetic Girl. in 2010, Kylene was misdiagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Then in 2011,  she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This brought awareness to the seriousness of the chronic disease and how people who looked liked her could easily be misdiagnosed based on stereotypes. Kylene soon became an advocate in the diabetes community, focusing on the diversity and inclusion of people with diabetes in the Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Indigenous communities. Kylene also created an environment that allowed her to market items that would allow women to express themselves. 

She represents her community by speaking at various conferences and participating on panels that discuss diversity and inclusion, adulting with diabetes, self-care, and other topics important to people living with diabetes, their caregivers, and the healthcare industry.

Kylene is the founder of Blackdiabetic Girl and co-founder of Dope Diabetic Girls, both of which give women safe spaces to discuss all things diabetes and find like-minded women to connect with and learn from. Her newest project is Girl Chat - a platform where she hosts conferences and retreats for women discussing all things diabetes and focus on the importance of self-care.

You can connect with Kylene on social media, Instagram @blackdiabeticgirl, Twitter @blkdiabeticgirl or visit the website

Nov 22, 202244:33
Episode 44: The Power of Pushing Forward With Angela Mosley
Nov 08, 202237:28
Episode 43: Trust the Burdens to be Blessings With Adrienne Henley
Nov 01, 202250:38
Episode 42: Unveiling Your Purpose with Coach E

Episode 42: Unveiling Your Purpose with Coach E

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Coach E. Coach E has over 20 years of experience in the business and finance industry. Her mission is to educate, empower, and inspire people to take control of their finances, businesses, and lives. She started her journey as a mortgage loan officer and soon became a licensed financial services professional. From there, she founded two companies, You are an Asset Financial Group, a premier provider of financial services, and Everything New, a coaching company that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses and attain financial literacy. In addition to those companies, she is also the founder of ELITE Youth Worldwide, a non-profit organization that provides business and finance education to youth around the region of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. With her wealth of experience and knowledge, Coach E is perfectly positioned to help you improve your business and finances.

You can connect with Coach E at 

Oct 25, 202240:18
Episode 41: Living Unapologetically With Jovita Miller
Oct 18, 202238:32
Episode 40: Take The Leap of Faith: It's Worth It With Elizabeth Montgomery

Episode 40: Take The Leap of Faith: It's Worth It With Elizabeth Montgomery

In today's episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Elizabeth Montgomery. Elizabeth is a child of God who took a leap of faith in 2018 because she was tired of what she was doing; she wanted something different. At that point, she started her business, Liz Kitchen, and then followed it up with Healthy Hair, Healthy Life. Elizabeth believes that one of the most valuable life lessons she's learned about her purpose is that it's not about her, and she uses that mantra in everything she does in her businesses. 

In today's episode, Elizabeth shares some life lessons as an entrepreneur - advice that is extremely beneficial for anyone considering entrepreneurship or anyone who's sick and tired of being where they are and ready for something different. When God is telling you there's more, but you don't know where to turn, listen to Elizabeth's story. It will motivate you to listen harder to what God is trying to tell you.

To learn more about Elizabeth's catering business, you can find her on Instagram at #lizzkitchen_804.

To learn more about her loc, hair braiding, and all-natural hair products, you can find her on Instagram at #healthyyhairhappylifee.

Oct 11, 202244:14
Episode 39: Being Intentional, Consistent and Present with Lyneshia Johnson-Woodland

Episode 39: Being Intentional, Consistent and Present with Lyneshia Johnson-Woodland

Oct 04, 202234:09
Episode 38: Antonio Clinkscales: The Way to Wholeness

Episode 38: Antonio Clinkscales: The Way to Wholeness

In today's episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Minister Antonio Clinkscales. Minister Clinkscales is a pastor, educator, business owner, author, speaker, conference host, and community advocate who is passionate about healing the mind, body, and spirit. As Founder/CEO of LifeWay Services, a mental health counseling company, he uses his training in trauma and spiritual calling to fuse both the science and spirituality of healing into a transformative message of hope for the hurting and lost. His national conference of “Tackling Trauma Together: The Way To Wholeness” is changing lives by placing people on a mental trajectory toward one's divine purpose. Professionals in the medical and mental health industries recognize his strategies as revolutionary and partner to assist in helping people overcome their past pain in order to live in their present prosperity.

You can connect with Minister Clinkscales on his website at 

Sep 27, 202201:02:01
Episode 37: Quniana Futrell: The Making of a Champion

Episode 37: Quniana Futrell: The Making of a Champion


In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we talk with Quniana Futrell. While Quniana Futrell holds several titles — award-winning storyteller, speaker, transformational coach, philanthropist, and leader of champions — when you meet her, you meet a woman whose purpose cannot be contained. Whether you are experiencing her from behind the camera, front and center on a stage with a microphone, or in intimate conversation, what you see is what you get.

Living her life by the motto, "Change the Family, Change the World® Quniana Futrell is the epitome of resilience. Quniana's life is a testimony of how as a young woman, her mother was often incarcerated, leaving her lost in more ways than she could imagine. It would take years of misplaced anger, shattered self-esteem, and grief for her to forgive her mom. Yet, she learned the power of doing her healing work before it was too late. She is fueled by a mission to help others heal in individual and group coaching from their momma trauma as a Certified Trauma Professional through her proven Trauma Ain't Normal® program.  An award-winning director and executive producer, her docu-series, Why My Mom, grapples with the deep-seated issues few can tackle and tell with such compassion and humanity. Quniana is also a member of the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and is committed to making a change in her community.

You can connect with Quniana on IG, Twitter, and Facebook at authorqfutrell or her website

Sep 20, 202236:03
Episode 36: Humble Beginnings With Tremaine Wills

Episode 36: Humble Beginnings With Tremaine Wills

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking with Tremaine Wills, MBA. Tremaine is an Investment Advisor, Tax Strategist and Accountant. She is the owner of Mind Over Money, LLC, a Register Investment Advisor firm that focuses on helping ambitious black women entrepreneurs manage their personal and business finances. Tremaine is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and is passionate about building wealth in our community. This passion led her to create and develop Greater Academy and Greater Elite, programs that help clients get comfortable with investing and taxes, investing over $1.2 Million, and saving clients thousands of dollars in their tax liability. 

Tremaine was recently named Top 50 under 50 by the Association of African American Financial Advisors, Top 100 Financial Advisors by Investopedia, and nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by Black Brand, the Hampton Roads Regional Chamber of Commerce.

You can connect with Tremaine on IG at @tremainewills and @incomeassetsandimpact or through her business website at

Sep 13, 202240:15
Episode 35: Regina Price: Called to Faith, Hope, and Light

Episode 35: Regina Price: Called to Faith, Hope, and Light

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we talk to Minister Regina Price, M.Ed. Minister Price is a caregiver, speaker, author, certified Prepare and Enrich coach, marriage commissioner, and a notary public. She is recognized as a woman of “Great Faith” and was licensed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in May 2000. 

Minister Price has authored four books, F.A.I.T.H. Forsaking All I Trust Him, F.A.I.T.H. Confessions, Faith Hope and Light – A Journal through Life’s Journey, Put Some Faith In That Funk, and she is co-author of the best-selling anthology, Flawed and Still Favored - The Beauty and The Boss. She is the founder and CEO of A Lite 4 Life LLC, dedicated to sharing an inspiring message of faith, hope and light to those in darkness and despair, and experiencing past and present trauma. She has a passion for the incarcerated; over 100 copies of her “Faith” books have been placed in jails and prisons. 

She has been featured in local papers and magazines and received the IShine Magazine Outreach Influencer Award. As a certified Prepare and Enrich Coach, Minister Price provides pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling and enrichment, giving couples the knowledge and skills to confidently foster and feed resilient relationships and marriages. She is an advocate for citizens transitioning back into society from incarceration, children in need of mentors and those dealing with the trauma incurred by domestic violence. Ten percent of her book proceeds support these services. 

Minister Price facilitates Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) awareness workshops in jails, prisons, schools, churches, conferences, retreats, and non-profit organizations. These workshops help the hurting recognize, confront, and conquer the traumatic experiences that have a negative, lasting effect on their health and well-being. She then teaches them how to overcome, find freedom, forgive themselves and others, get to know God, discover purpose, make a difference, and live a victorious life by faith and trusting God. 

Minister Price is a bright light shining within our communities and has a lot of wisdom to share about purpose. Take a listen to her story here.

For more information on A Lite 4 Life LLC products and services visit or email

Sep 06, 202228:40
Episode 34: Unmasked with Crystal Vessels

Episode 34: Unmasked with Crystal Vessels

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we talk to Entrepreneur and Non-profit founder Crystal Vessels. Crystal Vessels, a native of Virginia, has always believed in bringing out the beauty in others. This passion led her to a career in cosmetology, for which she has been successful for more than 25 years. She perfected her trade and became a licensed cosmetologist and in 2006 opened her own hair salon, X-Clusive Reflections. In 2007 she became a certified makeup artist and as a result of her work was featured in several magazines and nominated for the Golden Scissors Award.

In 2010, Crystal expanded her horizons by becoming a licensed cosmetology instructor. She also became manager of Main Event Models and her own group, XCR-Models. But Crystal knew she was destined for something even greater. In 2013, she founded UnMasked as a way to give back after years of donating her time and talent to families in need. She recognized a need within the community to serve individuals and their children who were victims of domestic violence and children of life's extenuating circumstances due to no fault of their own. With a lot of hard work and dedication, Crystal was able to make UnMasked a 501(3)c non-profit organization. It has since received several awards for all of its work in the community. 

Every year UnMasked, X-Clusive Reflections, the XCR Team, and volunteers along with the help and support of other area stylists and barbers, provide a "FREE" back-to-school FunDay event. School-age children are provided backpacks filled with school supplies as well as free services including hair care, food, clothing and entertainment. Attendance at these events has grown to over 400, with over 100 children receiving free hair care services. UnMasked has launched several other community functions, which include an annual purse drive, distribution of hygienic, toiletries, hair care products, collection of paper products and supplies, holiday giving/dinners, toys, food, coat drives, and financial support.

UnMasked has also started other outreach programs to support different needs in the community such as UnMasked youth group F.I.R.E., Inspiring Women, and Positive Men of Influence. 

In today's episode Crystal shares that when we're following our purpose everything aligns as it should. Unknowingly, her salon opened up the door to her nonprofit. She originally thought her purpose was to travel and beautify others with her hairstyling technique, but little did she know that it would be the non-profit that God would have her commit most of her time to and the hair salon that would pave the way for it to even happen. Hear more of Crystal's story in today's episode.

Crystal is always looking for volunteers or other businesses to partner with for her community efforts. If you're near or in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area and looking for a collaborative effort that fits your mission, contact Crystal through her website or Facebook.  

May 12, 202239:03
Episode 33: Building One Financial House at a Time With Larry Lewis

Episode 33: Building One Financial House at a Time With Larry Lewis

On this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Larry Lewis. Larry Lewis is from Virginia; he grew up in the Richmond City area and attended public school there. Larry took several courses after high school at Richmond Business College ( Small Business Management ). He spent nearly 40 years of his life working for A. H. Robins Pharmaceutical Company. In 2013, in his mid-fifties, Larry's life was forever changed when he joined Primerica Financial Services. Larry retired from A.H. Robins and since 2016, he has been a Regional Vice President in the financial services industry helping families build their financial houses. In 2019, he and his wife Yolanda opened the doors of their own Primerica office and have not looked back. Larry has 31 active licensed representatives in his Agency. He and Yolanda Lewis have three lovely children.

If you're interested in the financial services, would like to learn more for yourself, or are interested in building a business for yourself, reach out to Larry at 804-852-8434 or you can email him at On Tuesdays, Larry hosts a webinar for people just like you. Reach out to learn how you can join in.

Apr 19, 202254:40
Episode 32: Building a Legacy and Making an Impact On The World With Sabrina Williams

Episode 32: Building a Legacy and Making an Impact On The World With Sabrina Williams

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Sabrina Williams. Sabrina is a Career Reinvention Specialist, Life Coach, Transition Coach, & International Speaker. She is cultivating leaders, careers and communities with her unequivocal coaching and empowerment programming.

As an inspirational coach and advocate for individuals and organizations across the globe, Sabrina is one of the nation’s top professional speakers. Known for her profound insight and transformative style, Sabrina is impacting generations and lives with her distinct brand of coaching, training and consulting.

For over 20 years, she’s dedicated her career to educating and equipping others to realize and reach their full potential; especially serving the economically and socially disadvantaged populations.

Sabrina is also a distinguished workforce development and economic empowerment specialist, owner and CEO of Strategically Inspired Solutions (also known as SIS Motivation) and Co-Owner of N&S Travel Partners with her husband Namon Williams.

Her in-depth knowledge and expertise have enabled her to work with local, state, federal and international agencies and organizations.

Sabrina plans to leave a legacy and create generational wealth for her five children and four grandchildren – while making a big, bold and sustainable impact on the world.

Sabrina shares so much of her wisdom in this episode. She encourages everyone to become the CEO of their life. Don't ever give up on your dream; always pursue your purpose. Stop the excuses and do it afraid because it's only then that you become the master of your craft. Fear will only keep you from living your purpose and sharing your brilliance with the world.

You can connect with Sabrina on Facebook at SisMotivation and N&S Travel Partners; IG @sis_motivation; and on LinkedIn at Sabrina Williams. 

Apr 12, 202244:51
Episode 31: SuperDuper Hugs With Sonya Lewis "The Big Hug Lady"

Episode 31: SuperDuper Hugs With Sonya Lewis "The Big Hug Lady"

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Sonya Lewis. Sonya is the daughter of the Most-High! She is the mother of three wonderful children (one of which is her daughter-in-love). She is the proud and blessed grandmother of three beautiful grandbabies. She is The “BIGHUG Lady” Founder and CEO of BIGHUG Lady LLC, cultivating positive change in the earth, through you. She is the host of the weekly show, BIGHUG Conversations, where she inspires others to EMBRACE purpose by spotlighting individuals who have already taken a journey to self-discovery and are LIGHTING UP their corner of the world. She is a Certified Life Coach, taught under the direction of Doreen Rainey, CEO & Founder of The Society of Life Coaches, and she is your guide to the place where passion and purpose collide, revealing your true and authentic self, feeling like you just received the BIGGEST HUG EVER from the Most-High Himself! 

Sonya helps us to see that our purpose is already within us. We have to embrace who we are in God, trust Him at His word for who he says we are, and trust the process. When we can trust God for what He says, it doesn't matter how uncomfortable it makes us or the sacrifices we make. We continually search outside of Him for answers, but He is the one with the answers. And the answers are already there. 

Sonya helps us to see there is power in saying "Yes."

Allow Sonya to help YOU EMBRACE Purpose. This is what she was created for!

Connect with Sonya through her website at and click on "Work with Me", or go straight to it here:

Apr 05, 202258:26
Episode 30: Women's History Month: Finding Your Voice and Having Compassion
Mar 29, 202214:06
Episode 29: National Women's History Month - Making Friends With Beverly and Alyssa Samuel

Episode 29: National Women's History Month - Making Friends With Beverly and Alyssa Samuel

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we talk to Beverly and Alyssa Samuel. 

Beverly Samuel is co-author of the children’s book, Make New Friends, with her daughter, Alyssa. She retired from the United States Department of Agriculture as a National Program Leader. She developed an interest in Diversity & Inclusion on a task force at the federal level. She worked for more than 25 years as an Extension Agent. Alyssa is a Management Consultant on federal government contracts. Their story of Make New Friends was inspired by their family’s life experiences in school, work, and the community.

Make New Friends is a children's book that focuses on diversity, inclusion, and equity targeted to first and second graders. Together Beverly and Alyssa share a story that was inspired by their family’s experiences in school, work, and the community. Their purpose is to promote children's acceptance of diversity and inclusion. The story also has lessons that adults can glean to learn about diversity and inclusion. 

You don't want to miss the opportunity to inspire and educate those around you. You can find Make New Friends on iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble:

Mar 22, 202234:28
Episode 28: National Women's History Month: Sacrifice is Not For the Faint of Heart - Talking with Shellia Smith and Delores Tyler

Episode 28: National Women's History Month: Sacrifice is Not For the Faint of Heart - Talking with Shellia Smith and Delores Tyler

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to sisters Sheila Smith and Delores Tyler who have taken great pride and care to ensure they are being obedient to their call. How would you respond to the call to take in four small kids (two of which are toddlers) that you barely know and at a point when you are free to live your best life?

That was the call for Shellia and Delores, and they not only answered it, but they committed their lives to it and continue to be there today as often as needed to ensure that others have what they need. 

Without obedience and humility, it's hard to sacrifice completely, and so we're focusing on all of these traits in this episode as we continue to lift up women who are impacting their community in awesome ways.

In Shellia's words, "there are takers and givers. Only go into a [full sacrificial commitment as this] if you have a giver's heart. If you are expecting anything in return, then don't do it."

Take a listen to these ladies as they give all of us some great advice for sacrificial commitment.


Mar 15, 202231:32
Episode 27: Women's History Month - Braving The Unknown With Amy McCune

Episode 27: Women's History Month - Braving The Unknown With Amy McCune

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we talk with Amy McCune. Amy is an organizational development coach with a focus on leadership development and personal development. Her certifications in Lean Six Sigma and Facilitation and her work as a National Trainer have given her insight into how to connect the business process to the people who implement those processes. She teaches leaders how to create genuine, meaningful relationships for a strong and collaborative working environment. 

Amy’s meanderings have taken her through all fifty states in the U.S. and over 50 countries worldwide. It’s her goal to visit more countries and experience all that life has to offer.

Amy shares with us her fearless journey as she courageously travels the world one country at a time, embracing the different cultures and customs for no other reason than she just wants to. Amy's dream has not only been to travel the world, but she believes that is what she has been purposed to do, lifting the lives of people all around the world, one country at a time.

Amy's purpose journey will fill your heart with a longing to do more or to at least do what you've always dreamed of. Hear her inspiring story of courage, love, and hope for a better world.

If you'd like to check out Amy's leadership development and personal development courses, visit 

Mar 08, 202253:25
Episode 26: Women's History Month: Her Strength Lies from Within - A Visit With Mary Rollins "Mona Me"

Episode 26: Women's History Month: Her Strength Lies from Within - A Visit With Mary Rollins "Mona Me"

Mary Rollins is the owner and operator of Elegant Weddings by Mona Me. Since 2009, Mary has been living her purpose. Her goal is to make the clients' dream a reality, whether they are planning the wedding of a lifetime or a simple gathering. With over 12 years of experience, creativity, and knowledge, Mary strives to make each event a breathtaking experience.

Mary not only caters to the needs of her clients, but she also caters to the needs of her community. For over 10 years, she has been humbly blessing countless (over a hundred) women in her community in a special way. She always wonders how she will do it, but her strength and tenacity just take over. 

If you want to connect with Mary for your next event, visit her website at and on Instagram #elegantweddingsbymoname

Mar 01, 202243:41
Episode 25 Part I: Powering Up With "Butts in the Seat Queen" Kearn Cherry

Episode 25 Part I: Powering Up With "Butts in the Seat Queen" Kearn Cherry

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Kearn Crockett Cherry. Speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning businesswoman, Kearn Cherry, is a female tycoon with a "leg-up" in successful entrepreneurship. Laying to rest any stigma surrounding the stagnancy of female leadership in the Deep South, Kearn has enjoyed more than two decades of excellence, as the CEO of a thriving health care business on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Kearn hosts a portfolio holding countless awards, acknowledging her abilities; locally, nationally, and internationally. She is a recognized figure in both business and communal leadership, holding membership and chair positions on diverse councils and local organizations.

While cherishing a well-earned reputation in business, it has been her ability to gather the masses that classifies Kearn Cherry, as a household name. The Success Women’s Conference is an award-winning- business leadership conference attracting an annual audience of over 1100 attendees worldwide. Iyanla Vanzant, Lisa Nichols, and Robin Roberts are some of the few “powerhouses” to take center stage; leaving Kearn Cherry and her contributing partners with a reputation for revolutionizing the way women interpret both public speaking and business, on a global scale.

In 2001, Kearn Cherry effortlessly graced the pages of one of the most popular publications in the world, Essence Magazine. Featured in both their local and international publications; Kearn was recognized as the “Comeback Queen”, confirming her commitment to exemplify dynamic business agility. Today, Kearn is a familiar face on several Magazine covers, all testifying to the entrepreneurial giant, she truly is. Out of many publications highlighting her expertise; Speakers Magazine, Sheen Magazine, and her very own, Power-Up Speakers Edition Magazine; are amongst her favorites.

Proving to be an unshakable force for over 25 years, Kearn Cherry has been blessed with the ability to integrate the outstanding professional ethics she acquired throughout her generation, and seamlessly translate its importance, to rising millennial audiences. In 2020, Kearn facilitated her very own business networking platform.

Giving birth to Amazon’s best-selling book, Trailblazers Who Lead: Unsung Heroes, a manuscript comprised of 29 stories featuring several well-respected female entrepreneurs, moguls, and business professionals. In the midst of its release, Kearn also facilitated two innovative web conferences: the “Level-Up Your Visibility Virtual Summit” and the “Power up Summit”. Both by which, featured the best of multi-generational entrepreneurs, influencers, authors, and business professionals, all offering top-tier advice, recommendations, and business exhortation to professionals, entrepreneurial hopefuls, and those facing the unforeseen challenge in maintaining a successful business during a global crisis.

Enthusiastic about the future, Kearn remains diligent in helping entrepreneurs reach their destined potential. She is currently creating a book anthology titled; “Make It Happen”, a manuscript dedicated to those with an unyielding resilience to succeed, a quality Kearn Cherry embodies all too well.

If you're interested in planning your own events, but need some coaching along the way, connect with Kearn at for her upcoming group coaching.

If you're interested in being an upcoming speaker for some of her events, go to or

Feb 22, 202246:44
Episode 24: Meditating and Affirming With Bianca Guzman

Episode 24: Meditating and Affirming With Bianca Guzman

Feb 15, 202227:21
Episode 23: Building it All Out With Mariana Mbemba
Feb 08, 202241:56
Episode 22: The Magic of Krystal Vernee'
Feb 01, 202245:21
Episode 21: SiMMs Reflections on January

Episode 21: SiMMs Reflections on January

Did you miss an episode of Streamin' With a Purpose in January? Don't worry. In this episode, Sylvia breaks down the month by providing some key points/lessons learned during the month.

To connect with our guests, go to their podcast episode to learn more.

Jan 30, 202215:01
Episode 20: Talents vs. Gifts With Vanessa Sawyer

Episode 20: Talents vs. Gifts With Vanessa Sawyer

In this episode of Streaming' With a Purpose, we talk with Vanessa Sawyer. Vanessa Sawyer hails from Virginia with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance. She has worked at Travelers Insurance Company in the Private and Non-Profit Department for over 20 years as a Management Liability Underwriter.  The total duration with the Company is 34 years.

Vanessa has served as a Christian Education Servant Leader at Mount Oni Baptist Church for nearly ten years, teaching the word of God and leading the efforts of the teaching ministry during most of that time. Vanessa believes that the purpose of Christian education is to tell God’s story about living in His Kingdom and preparing hearts, hands and minds for service. God reveals to us that He is our Lord, the creator of all things. 

Vanessa uses the opportunity to teach God's word wherever she goes and takes time out today to talk with us about the difference between gifts and talents as they relate to us finding our purpose. 

Vanessa is always willing to share God's word. If you're interested in discussing this topic or other biblical principles, she is available by email at 

Jan 25, 202253:06
Episode 19: Feeling Confidant with Keisha Smith

Episode 19: Feeling Confidant with Keisha Smith

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we talk to Keisha Smith. For many years hurt, shame, and embarrassment hindered Keisha from sharing her story. Now, she humbly shares her breathtaking personal experiences with childhood molestation/rape, the loss of her mother and daughter, low self-esteem and bullying.

Keisha speaks life that drives you to walk in faith into purpose. She is the voice of the voiceless for sexual assault and is known as The Silence Breaker. A story that is familiar to so many others, Keisha shares her powerful life-changing messages of faith and survival in truth and transparency to ignite, inspire, and transform her audience to become fearless, confident, and empowered.

Keisha is the Founder and CEO of Keisha Smith Enterprises. Over the past 12 years, Keisha has helped aspiring entrepreneurs take the leap of faith to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. She published her first book Where Silent Secrets Lie, in 2018, where she shares some of her personal experiences of sexual abuse.  In 2019 The Purposeful Experience Mentor/Coaching program was launched and has helped hundreds of women across the U.S. find their voice and walk in their purpose.  Keisha is also the Founder and Executive Director of Crowned for Purpose Non-Profit Organization, Flawed & BeYOUtiful Corp, A-List Tax Solutions, Host of Konversations with Keisha, and Founder of the Emerging Authors Club.

She’s a native of Hattiesburg, MS, but currently resides in the Metro Atlanta area. Keisha is a true example of “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. In her darkest hours, God revealed to Keisha her true identity and she is passionate about serving others. Keisha has one goal in mind — to help ignite, inspire, and transform women around the world to find their voice and stand in their truths. Grounded in her faith, she understands that her purpose is far greater and there’s no turning back.

You can connect with Keisha on IG @iamkeishhsmith or from her website. You can find her book, Where Silent Secrets Lie at Barnes & Nobles and on Amazon. 

Jan 11, 202229:54
Episode 18: Taking Issue With 'Ms. Correcto' Andrea Butler

Episode 18: Taking Issue With 'Ms. Correcto' Andrea Butler

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we talk to Andrea Butler, a descendant of the Fulani tribe, Gettysburg-obsessed Marine Corps brat, and lover of all things magazine-related.  Andréa Butler is an entrepreneur - Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Sesi, the only international teen magazine for Black girls. She's a writer and public speaker who reps hard for the culture, especially when it comes to Black teen girls. Prior to launching Sesi, Andréa worked as a high school English teacher, and after that, became a senior editor at LivingSocial. 

Her friends call her “Ms. Correcto,” because she is all about that editing life. Ms. Correcto is now in charge of what issues are published as she saw a need for Black teen girls to be better represented and sought out to do just that. 

If you want to connect with Andrea, email her at You can also find copies of her magazine at Barnes & Nobles and Books a Million.


Jan 04, 202238:03
Episode 17: SiMMs Reflections on December and What's Coming in January
Dec 28, 202113:04
Episode 16: Connecting Through Purpose With Bianca Guzman
Dec 21, 202127:09
Episode 15: Living in The Moment with Chrystal "Chryssy" Robinson
Dec 14, 202136:36
Episode 14: Breaking Through with Karena Calhoun

Episode 14: Breaking Through with Karena Calhoun

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we're talking to Karena Calhoun. Karena is a North Carolina native currently doing life with her best friend and husband in Virginia.  She’s a Certified Mindset and Life Coach guiding women through unveiling their authentic selves, discovering their purpose, and crushing their goals!  Karena offers a range of programs and services - from individual and group coaching to webinars and summits.  Karena is also an international podcast host. Karena tells us that we all have a purpose and have the capacity to live up to it. She says your purpose is why you are here, so can you really pour out your purpose on a part-time basis? 

Connect with Karena at linktree/coachkarina. 

Dec 07, 202142:28
Episode 13: November Reflections
Dec 02, 202116:36
Episode 12: Keeping it Real With Damon Cunningham, Host of Two Mics Up

Episode 12: Keeping it Real With Damon Cunningham, Host of Two Mics Up

In this episode of 'Streamin With a Purpose,' we're talking with Damon Cunningham. Damon aka damednydc was born and raised in New York and is now a proud resident and host of the Two Mics Up podcast coming to you live and direct from the DMV area (DC/Maryland/Virginia).

Damon believes in working hard daily to help educate, empower and positively impact people within our community.  These beliefs and values are the core and foundation of the Two Mics Up platform, where he and his co-host, Lisa, work to incorporate one of these values in each episode. They look to highlight small businesses, organizations, or individuals working hard to leave a positive lasting impact on our communities through their services or products.

Connect with Damon on his website at; email at; and Instagram at @damednydc. 

Nov 23, 202139:41
Episode 11: Making a Fresh Start with Eleanor Ward
Nov 17, 202148:48
Episode 10 with Beth Griffith: Advocating for Renewed Color of Renewable Energy
Nov 09, 202139:16
Episode 9 - Tracee Fisher: Teaching Without Limits

Episode 9 - Tracee Fisher: Teaching Without Limits

On this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we meet Tracee Fisher. Tracee is an educator,  entrepreneur,  veteran, wife and mother.  Originally from Tennessee, Tracee served in the USArmy and has been married for 25 years.  She is now a co-owner of Chalk N' More with her husband as well as completing a Doctoral Degree in Education.  Owning an educational store has become part of her journey as an educator.  Tracee says that teaching is her passion and what she knows God designed her to do.

Listen to Tracee's story to learn how she went from teaching with no desire to be a business owner, to a full-blown business owner with her husband.

Feel free to reach out to Tracee at You can find the store on Facebook at 

Nov 02, 202134:05
Episode 8 SiMMs Reflections for October and What's to Come in November
Nov 01, 202114:08
Episode 7 - From Lay Off to Life with Pamela Lockley

Episode 7 - From Lay Off to Life with Pamela Lockley

Pamela Lockley is the Founder and CEO of Passion+Purpose=Prosperity, a Change Agent fulfilling her purpose to help others discover and refine their unlimited God-given potential. Faith in God and his word is her driving force and foundation upon which she lives. Pamela believes that God has created us with unique gifts designed to equip us to reach our intended purpose and assignments in life. As a coach and facilitator, Pamela is passionate about assisting powerful women to turn their core skills and unique gifts into profitable online businesses.

Pamela leverages her business acumen and entrepreneurial success to empower and inspire women to own their power and leverage their core skills as a springboard to building a life without limits all while achieving financial and time freedom. With the time freedom that Pamela has created for herself, she travels, spends time with family, and enjoys living the life of her dreams...." without limits."

Pamela accredits her newfound success to the day she got laid off from the corporate world. 

Pamela believes that Dreaming Big is the start of every big accomplishment. "Your life won't go where your mind will not take it."

In this interview, Pamela shares how the layoff from her corporate job took her to where she was meant to be. 

You can reach out to Pamela by email at

Oct 19, 202125:37
Episode 6 Samantha Minor, Making Moms Over From The Inside Out

Episode 6 Samantha Minor, Making Moms Over From The Inside Out

On this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we meet Samantha Minor. Samantha is a mom of seven, a Florida realtor, she owns an online boutique that caters to women and promotes self-care, and she has a podcast, A Minor Mom Makeover. On her podcast, Samantha shares insight on what it's like to be a mom, still pursue your dreams, take time for yourself, and not feel guilty or worry about being judged. It's taken many years for her to feel comfortable in her own skin and discover her purpose, but she now knows that her purpose is to help women all over the world feel good about themselves. In today's podcast episode, Samantha reminds us that when it comes to our purpose, we have to do it afraid. Take a listen.

You can find Samantha at her podcast, A Minor Mom Makeover, and on Instagram at #samanthajademinor. 

Oct 12, 202128:07
Episode 5 - Turning Pain Into Purpose With Andrea Rose Butler

Episode 5 - Turning Pain Into Purpose With Andrea Rose Butler

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, we meet Andrea Rose Butler who says her pain is her gift to the world. Whatever you go through, just keep moving. Find your purpose in whatever you go through. 

Andrea is a native of Jamaica, West Indies and Army veteran who served her adopted country both on foreign and domestic soil. She is a survivor of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and breast cancer. Andrea has taken the things that have happened to her in life and turned them into building blocks for the meaning and message that she brings to the women she encounters, providing hope and healing through a relationship with Christ Jesus. She is a Licensed Minister of the Gospel, and author of the following books: “Single Parents in Pursuit of God: Thriving in a Barren Place,” "Becoming a Woman God Can Use: Lessons from God’s Female Board of Directors," "Reflections from a Thirsting Soul," "The Writer’s Toolkit for Beginners," "The Incredible Journey: Shattered but I’m Not Broken," "Renewing Your Dreams: Living Purposefully at Any Age," and "Just for Me: The Power of God's Promises." Andrea is also a conference speaker and lyricist. She is the founder and president of The Becoming Woman’s Network, LLC, which reaches out to women around the world via the Internet to inspire them to reach their God-given destiny and purpose, as well as The Becoming Woman’s conference and Life on Purpose workshops. She is the co-founder of The Becoming Woman’s Foundation, a 501c3 organization whose vision is to provide the much-needed care and resources primarily to young ladies, aged 16-25, who are transitioning out of the foster care system and/or living in underserved communities.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Her goal is to create a bridge between the women they serve and the resources & services they need and to empower them to become independent and self-sufficient adults who will have a positive impact on their communities.⠀

To learn more about The Becoming Woman Foundation, please visit our website at You can email her at⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

If you're an extreme introvert or have experienced extreme pain in your life, you will be inspired by Andrea's story. Take a listen to how she blesses others through her pain.

Oct 05, 202141:48
Episode 4 - SiMMs Reflections and What's To Come

Episode 4 - SiMMs Reflections and What's To Come

In this episode of Streamin' With a Purpose, Sylvia reflects on lessons learned from the month, highlights The Purpose to Prosperity Virtual Summit with visionary Pamela Lockley, and gives us the rundown on how the special guests for the month of October.

Note: the Purpose to Prosperity Virtual Summit is November 11 - 13, 2021. More information can be found at

Sep 28, 202116:13
Episode 3 - Doing It All - Prospering In All Gifts God Has Given Me (Charliese Brown Lewis)

Episode 3 - Doing It All - Prospering In All Gifts God Has Given Me (Charliese Brown Lewis)

In this episode of Streamin' with a Purpose, we hear from Charliese Lewis. Charliese has discovered a way to walk into all of her multiple passions fully and is living a life of purpose.

Charliese is an educator, author, editor,  publicist, podcaster, and instructor who provides platforms for others to use their voices to be genuine,  empowered, and courageous. She holds degrees in English/Education, Journalism, and Higher Education. She works as a College and Career Coach at Fayette County Public Schools and is the  Executive Director of the Louisville Literary Arts. Lewis is president of Robert and Charliese Lewis Ministries Inc., which she co-founded with her husband. In 2018, the company published From the Test to the Testimony: An  Anthology of Women’s Faith Stories and now assists clients in self-publishing their written works.  She is co-producer of The ‘After Church’ Experience Radio Show and It’s About Time:  Conversations with Charliese and Youlonda podcast and YouTube channel. Lewis is listed in the Notable Kentucky African Americans Database for her contributions to education and for being crowned the 1996 Kentucky Derby Festival Queen.

You can connect with Charliese at; and Twitter at @charlieseblewis.

Sep 21, 202124:37
Episode 2 - Non-Traditional Teaching with Jade Weatherington

Episode 2 - Non-Traditional Teaching with Jade Weatherington

This episode of Streamin' With a Purpose features Jade Weatherington, teacher, educator and CEO. 

Jade Weatherington, M.Ed, CEO and Founder of Teacher Jade's Writing Academy started her career wanting to become an educator.  During her student teaching, she realized that working as a traditional educator was not her calling.  However, she continued to pursue education as a career pathway working in varying positions within the traditional school setting while exploring non-traditional settings such as teaching online and teaching at international schools.  Finally, she made the decision to leave public schools altogether and create her own online academy which proved to be successful.  She is now training teachers to offer her courses and providing coaching and consulting to those that want to leave the traditional school setting.

Listen to how Jade broke from the norm and built her own teaching academy. 

You can connect with Jade at 

Sep 14, 202128:34