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Bench talks

Bench talks

By SynBioNL

The podcast about the current landscape of Synthetic Biology in the Netherlands. Hosted by Darshak Bhatt and Marjolein Crooijmans, from SynBioNL.
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An IMPACTful dream of iGEM Eindhoven

Bench talksOct 14, 2022

Engineering synthetic microbial communities with Ákos Kovács
Sep 13, 202346:19
Biosafety and genetic safeguards with Enrique Asin Garcia
Jul 24, 202345:21
Discovering novel antifungal agents with Kristina Haslinger and Sonja Billerbeck
Jun 22, 202347:37
Engineering photosynthetic organisms with Sarah D'Adamo and Sandra Irmisch
May 02, 202347:55
Synthetic metabolism with Lennart Schada and Nico Claassens
Feb 25, 202344:32
Into the mind of bioartists: with Lizah van der Aart and Michael Sedbon
Dec 18, 202246:24
SynBio Supervisors with a Dream
Nov 26, 202237:48
A nano-yet-golden dream of iGEM Leiden
Oct 21, 202227:01
Dreaming of colorful diagnostics with iGEM Wageningen
Oct 18, 202225:58
An IMPACTful dream of iGEM Eindhoven
Oct 14, 202228:21
A Nanobuddy dream by iGEM Groningen
Oct 11, 202226:45
Teaser: Meet the BioDreamers
Oct 05, 202200:25