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By Micah-Shalom Kesselman

We are a podcast dedicated to exploring the many worlds and settings available for the Genesys RPG system. We will dive into each and every setting released on EDGE's storefront and Foundry community content program in chronological-ish order. Each setting exploration sequence includes an episode for setting introduction and discussion with hosts Lindsay, Micah, and Tyler, an actual play episode (or two), and an episode interviewing the setting author. Released every other week, join us as we delve Genesys' myriad settings.

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Episode 3-2: Writers' Table Talk with Guillaume Tardif

Table/flip/Nov 01, 2022

Episode 3-2: Writers' Table Talk with Guillaume Tardif

Episode 3-2: Writers' Table Talk with Guillaume Tardif


We talk to Guillaume Tardif about the writing, development, and setting of Inquisition. Guillaume also gives us a ton of information on the coming second version of Inquisition which he is currently developing. As usual, this meanders a good bit but includes a lot of great discussion about writing a product in English as a second language, tools that could be helpful for anyone producing written content for really anything at all, and a lot more.


Inquisition is available on DriveThruRPG at

This episode is an experiment with a different editing workflow. It is much faster to produce this way, but it also results in a final episode that sounds rawer than other more tedious workflows. Give us your feedback on whether this trade-off is worth it via our Discord!

Additionally, the At the Table segment will be published after this--editing is just running into continuous delays due to life events. After that, though, Table/flip/ will be going on an inter-season break until February to give us some breathing time for our respective holiday seasons (and year's close for work). We will continue recording through most of the break, so expect a much more consistent release schedule in season 2!

Nov 01, 202201:44:25
Episode 3-0: Setting the Table for Inquisition

Episode 3-0: Setting the Table for Inquisition


We discuss the Inquisition setting, by Guillaume Tardif, and our characters for the subsequent community play! Inquisition is a dark fantasy setting available on the Foundry. We also talk about how jealous we are of Vin Diesel and how he lives his life.


This is the first session 0 that uses the new titling scheme--expect to see it consistently as we go forward ("Episode x-0: Setting the Table for X"). While these recorded episodes are being published, we'll occasionally do a d20Radio Network spotlight here in the show notes. This episode's spotlight goes to Me and Steve Talk RPGs, which covers a ton of ground across many different RPGs. One of my favorite TTRPG podcast episodes is one of their episodes, where they discuss characterization of NPCs and tie in wrestling. It's a fantastic episode and is one I often think back on when trying to figure out how to characterize adversaries in our community plays.

* We mistakenly said that Starcana was not part of the initial wave of Foundry releases--this is incorrect. The initial wave of settings that came out with the launch of the Foundry includes Familiar, Inquisition, Starcana, and Something Strange.

Oct 04, 202257:07
Episode 2-2: Writers Table Talk with Chris Witt

Episode 2-2: Writers Table Talk with Chris Witt


Micah is running solo in this Writers' Table Talk as Chris Witt chats a bit about his Familiar setting as well as about producing content for the Foundry in general.


As of this episode, Table/flip/ is a part of the d20Radio network of podcasts! This also marks a new release schedule for the podcast. From now on, we will publish on alternating Tuesdays off of this Tuesday.

Sep 20, 202201:15:15
Episode 2-1: Familiar AP

Episode 2-1: Familiar AP


A group of familiars are on the hunt for their missing familiar friend. Without the guidance of their masters, it is sure to be a treacherous investigation. They must deal with some rude fowl before checking in on their friend's last known location. From there, a trail of clues leads them to an encounter that just might be a bit too much for our diminutive animal protagonists to overcome on their own....


Although one of the PCs in this AP has access to primal magic for healing as a relatively low XP character, it typically requires a quite advanced character to gain access to primal or divine magics in the setting, and thus the heal spell. Moreover, we made a mistake in having familiars not inherently understand masters, though it worked out in the adventure--in the setting RAW, familiars can indeed understand masters even though they cannot be understood by masters without the use of magic.



Run by ANBR

Continent by ANBR

Helix by Break of Reality

Star by Break of Reality

Spirit of the World by Anthony Vega

Skywarriors by Tilman Sillescu

Turkish March (Mozart) by Ohad Ben Ari

8 Bit Victory Fanfare Melody by Adam Pietruszko

Birds Of Prey Crow Calling Single Caw by Selkor Studio

Teen Spirit Male - Snapping Multiple Fingers At Once, Repetitive by Borrtex

Real Voices - Male Lifting Heavy Object, Straining by EVG Sound FX

Farm Life    Group Of Geese Cackling Together by Beison

Farm Life   Many Geese Honking Hissing In A Paddock by Beison

Frog Ribbit Singular by Db Studios

Odds and Ends - Food Cupboard Rummaging by Glitchedtones

Jungle And Rainforest   Geese Calling Honking by Front Row Sfx By Pole Position

Jurassic Sounds   Wings Flapping Soaring by Samantha Schellenberg

Living   Single Crow Short Cawing by Articulated Sounds

Door, wood, balcony, open, slam by Lukas Tvrdon

Hands - High Five, Three Versions by Martin Scaglia

Practical Magic   Smoke Puff by Cristian Lucchetta

Timber Footsteps   Hopping Both Feet Barefoot by Tovusound

Young Reactions   Girl Gasping Long by Vadi Sound


Electric Ooze Spell

Flame Wave SFX

Magma Pool Eruption

RPG - D&D Ambiences Vol. 4 - 48 Windy Autumn Day

Void Spell 1







Mean Geese:


Aug 30, 202202:05:36
Episode 2-0: Familiar Session 0

Episode 2-0: Familiar Session 0


We discuss the Familiar setting, by Chris Witt, and prepare a set of pregen characters for this sequence's Actual Play session. Micah says "Kids on Bikes" a whole lot, Lindsay incorrectly asserts that snakes are cute, and Tyler informs us that New Hampshire is full of flies.


Familiar can be found on DriveThruRPG at

Aug 16, 202252:42
Episode 1-2: Writers' Table Talk with Sam Gregor-Stewart

Episode 1-2: Writers' Table Talk with Sam Gregor-Stewart


Sam Gregor-Stewart, head of EDGE Studio and co-author on Shadow of the Beanstalk, joins Micah and Tyler to discuss the writing of Shadow of the Beanstalk and working in the Android setting.


Shadow of the Beanstalk can be found at various outlets, including DriveThruRPG at

The FFG Live Play mentioned in the discussion can be found at the following links (in sequence):
Aug 02, 202201:05:58
Episode 1-1: Shadow of the Beanstalk

Episode 1-1: Shadow of the Beanstalk


An unlikely trio try to make their way upstalk and on to Heinlein; however, they find themselves pulled into a secret from deep within Haas-Bioroid's R&D. Meanwhile, a Haas-Bioroid SysOp finds his task of tracking down a rogue bioroid may be more than he initially bargained for.


This is our very first actual episode of Table/flip/ and it is certainly a doozy! Speaker sound quality got a little messed up and also didn't really hit the level of clean-up that I'd have liked, but expect that to improve in future episodes.

Also, I forgot to mix in the introduction of 4lyx's player, and podcast cohost, Tyler. 4lyx is a hacker and special SysOps for Haas-Bioroid.



Drone Production Element Imaging Atonal Steady Constant Heavy Rumble 02

Drone Production Element Imaging Tonal Deep Ethereal Powerful Bass 01

Emergency Elevator Open Door With Key Maximum Security 01

Foley Metal Drag And Scrape 01

Household Entertainment Center Sliding Door Open 01

Industry Tool Torch Weld 01

Production Element Title Transition Distortion Electronic 07

Production Element Title Transition Sweep Drone 02

Science Fiction Sci-Fi Torch Weld 01


20 25 People Murmuring In Auditorium - Gain Walkers

Cinematic Darkness   Sci Fi Emergency Alarm Texture Deep Hits Gassy Release - Sampletraxx

Cyber Weapons   Sci Fi Machine Gun Rapid Burst Of Fire - Sound Response

Cyberpunk   Texture Cargo Spaceship Takeoff - Unrealsfx

Electricity Fast Flash Charge And Burst Impact - Boom Library

Electrostatic   Low Glitchy Whoosh - Alberto Sueri

Foleys Stuff Falling Crash Debris - Db Studios

Inversion   Reverse Particles Time Flow Atmosphere - Adam Pietruszko

Mechanized   Elevator Door Opening - Soundbits

Old Beetle Car   Trying To Open Locked Side Door Exterior - Mad Robot Sound Lab

Public America   Bar Crowd Walla After Work - Articulated Sounds

Rising Tension   Warm Mysterious Glow Evolving Tonal - Phil Michalski

Sci Fi Tech Big Hydraulic Door Open Reverberant Motion - Phil Michalski

Tbilisi   Airport Terminal Pa Announcement Call For Boarding Names - Rei Elbaz

Tinnitus    G Tone Ringing Glitchy - Artlist Original

Vibrant Transitions   Big Gust Of Wind Whoosh Right To Left - Andy Rapaporte


Bending Reality Spell

Electric Ooze Spell

Michaël Ghelfi - Sci-Fi Ambiences Vol. 1 - 17 Inside the AI

Michaël Ghelfi - Sci-Fi Ambiences Vol. 1 - 18 Space

Michaël Ghelfi - Sci-Fi Ambiences Vol. 1 - 19 Volcanic Planet

Outpost Sisyphus - Ops Tower (Room Tone) - Short Loops Patreon Exclusive

Ship Crash

Void Spell 1



Micki Snead:

Rend 6N79H2:

Rin Sufukai:


Haas-Bioroid Loss Prevention Agent:

Private Military Contractor:


SEA Yellow Jacket:

Jul 19, 202202:54:43
Episode 0: Preview Trailer

Episode 0: Preview Trailer

In this episode, I introduce myself and the podcast to audiences, and give a short explanation for the podcast format as we explore the settings available for Genesys.

Intro and Outro music is Best of Luck, by Katrina Stone.

Other music: None.

Ambient sounds and/or effects: None.

May 22, 202203:39