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TIBI Talks

TIBI Talks

By Tag It Brand It

TIBI Talks is a podcast where we talk about personal, economic, and community development from the lens of branding and digital marketing. We believe that #lifeisabrand and we want to talk about things that will change the world, things that are going to restore through connections. We will be providing knowledge, wisdom, understanding through creativity, technology, innovation, restoration, you know...Life
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Episode 6 | Starting + Launching a Company w/ In the Sky Norfolk

TIBI Talks Mar 24, 2022

Bonus | Celebrating our Wins #minicast

Bonus | Celebrating our Wins #minicast

Hi, It's Tre'elle here, and I'm the founder of Tag It Brand It. I wanted to share a win with you all on this episode because it allows you to get to know me as a founder and human. Here's a brief overview. I attended a 2 day coaching session centered around the WHY (personally and professionally). I discovered that I am on the right track, and gained a language to articulate my why with others in my world. The WINS shared will be heartfelt and true. 

I not only connect to my deeper why, I share what happened right after. 

Please enjoy this vulnerable mini talk. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message in my DM @iamtreelle or via email :) 


Jul 10, 202233:03
Episode 7 | Right Hands, Right Pockets

Episode 7 | Right Hands, Right Pockets

In Episode 7, we discuss knowing the right hands and the right pockets to present and position your brand as far as investors and investments are concerned. We watched several episodes of Shark Tank and saw a common theme. Let's talk about it!

Jun 09, 202231:30
Episode 6 | Starting + Launching a Company w/ In the Sky Norfolk

Episode 6 | Starting + Launching a Company w/ In the Sky Norfolk

Our first guest on our show is the founder of "In the Sky Norfolk," Mrs. Christina Harris. Christina Harris was a celebrity make-up artist, braid stylist, and entrepreneur. As a creative, Christiana, alongside her husband Roy, created a company that serves you luxury creative spaces in the sky. Located Downtown Norfolk, on the 16th Floor, In the Sky offers two rooms for intimate date nights, paint nights, mircroweddings and much more. If you can think it, you can create it... In the Sky. 

We sat with Mrs. Harris, to learn more about her passion and pursuit in starting her company. She a boss when it comes to building powerful brands. She also has a rental company for luxury decor called "For Creatives, LLC" where she provides spaces and decor to build a brand experience. We had the opportunity to film her in IN THE SKY ROOM B. No lie, it's Bad and Boujee! So, during our episode with IN THE SKY as our guest, we had the opportunity to ask her questions as to how she started her business, what gave her the idea, and how can she encourage a future entrepreneur to move forward in their dreams. 

During our interview, she mentioned how powerful it is to have your husband's support when it comes to reaching your dreams. Christina's husband plays a pivotal role in her success as the guy who gets things done, while providing moral, emotional, spiritual and physical support. You can check out their relationship by visiting their YOUTUBE channel, as they share how to build residual income using PEERSPACE.COM

Christina Harris is a phenomenal woman of God, who believes that it's her faith that carried her through the tough times experienced in entrepreneurship. She is a leader beyond entrepreneurship but in her community of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. She is an active member of Dream Church VA. She's walking in success and the Sky is not the limit for her and her company, she beyond this atmosphere! Its an honor to host her on episode 6! Make sure you tune in and follow her by visiting her IG &  WWW. Follow IN THE SKY @intheskynorfolk on all social media platforms. 

Mar 24, 202245:11
Episode 5 | Shift Our Focus

Episode 5 | Shift Our Focus

Shifting our focus has a lot to do with shifting our mindset. We have to break the habits of being ourselves in order to see change. In a current book I'm reading by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself, the introduction and chapter 1 allowed me to share this tidbit of information with you. In order to see different results, we have to change the way we see. Our behaviors will change and our mind will develop new ways to send and receive input based on your shift. 

When it relates to this episode, I open up sharing a lot about myself as a business owner. I learned that behaviors and mindset, impacted the world around me, including my business. In my earlier years of being a small business owner, I did things that jumped the curbs. I purchased an LLC, business license, obtained my EIN, without a clear vision. To be quite honest, that wasn't bad either! I call that faith. What I learned was my I pursued my company from the lens of grad school education, trending Instagram profiles, and ignorance to myself. I didn't fully grasp my superpower until I unlearned behaviors that told me how to strategize. I learned the core of my personality that's never changing or is not dependent upon if things are well or not. I learned what was great for my soul and I ended breaking the World's perspective and embracing the supernatural of my brand by listening to what already was in me. 

I was a creative long before a Master's Degree. I've been creating all of my life. From beatboxing with my brother, to photography classes in high school, to singing in choirs, and marching in band with my clarinet. I've been creating my life around me since I found my voice to choose my friends, classes and course of my life. I've been filming and editing videos since my days of playing the Sims, so why did I allow the pressures get to me. 

I had to shift my focus. I had to change the way I saw myself, my Innermost, and what's around me. I had to break the habits of trends, yoke my eyes to the things that are above and not in my peripheral vision, become narrow in my vision and walk, shifted from a 70mm to a 20mm lens to regain the appreciation of the things that truly matters. 

Money is not my driving factor, it's never been and will never be. I found fulliment in the smiles and reactions of people who I served. I found a trend that I help those to help others. I don't brand vain brands (anymore) but brands that give back. 

Now, tune in and insert yourself in my shoes as I share the way I shifted my focus. 

Mar 14, 202238:25
Episode 4: Generating Loyal Customers

Episode 4: Generating Loyal Customers

Loyalty is the understanding your value and the audience who will appreciate the communication of your product, service and belief.  Before you can make your way down the marketing funnel, you must first have to believe in your value, your story, your message and your solution that you are providing to the earth. 

Next, you must connect with the emotional intelligence of your audience by communicating that passion with authority and confidence. In the text book, "Art of the Start 2.0," the author mentioned that people want to have faith in your product and encouraged readers to perfect the product and make it good enough. That way you won't have to worry about a marketing strategy, you've invested in something that is good and good for the people. Your job is to get the people who are with you to believe in the movement that you have created, or that you are creating, whether it's the movement of a product, or service, or whatever it is that you're presenting, people will become loyal to it. 

So, we want to discuss loyalty in episode four, because we think this is something that we need to understand as business owners, entrepreneurs, or people in general who is promoting or who are promoting something in the earth.

Listen to more episodes by visiting and join us in our courses by visiting 

Mar 01, 202233:31
Episode 3 | Value and Pricing #letscommunicate
Feb 22, 202226:49
Episode 2 | Do vs. Mean (What does your brand mean vs what it does)
Feb 15, 202227:34
Episode 1 : Partnering with the Future

Episode 1 : Partnering with the Future

TIBI Talks is a brand new podcast where we share with you personal, economic, and community development from the lens of a digital marketing & branding company. Our first episode targets the future. We open by sharing our experience of watching a YouTube channel that highlighted 10 of the Worst Cities to Live in the State of South Carolina. What we've identified in the video were larger problems than statistics alone. 

The video revealed the issues in communities that lacked innovation and creativity. Where there is no vision, the people will perish (Prov. 29:19), but we'd amplify the proverb by stating, "Where there is an absence of creativity or creative solutions, the people, economy, and communities will die. 

This is why we share what it means to partner with the future. We believe that if we have an understanding of history, culture, and values, we'll be able to bring forth a solution to break the continuous cycle of economic depression in certain regions. This is the step in the right direction, not only for the state of South Carolina, but everywhere! 

To partner with the future is to partner with innovation, technology, authenticity, and most importantly people. We must provide the spaces to cultivate the soil, while focusing on the mindset and the voices of the people. 


Feb 08, 202221:46