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No Fluff MSP Marketing

No Fluff MSP Marketing

By Taher Hamid

Built by the marketing team that organically built Alltek Services from a small 3 person IT shop to a $4 million Managed Service Provider, No Fluff MSP Marketing cuts through the nonsense and provides actionable marketing advice that actually works for MSPs.
This podcast is structured to be listened to starting at episode one if possible.
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Never Autopost Blogs on Your MSP Website

No Fluff MSP MarketingNov 27, 2023

Never Autopost Blogs on Your MSP Website

Never Autopost Blogs on Your MSP Website

There's no SEO value in autoposting blogs to your website. Depending on what service you use, it can also confuse search engines making it harder for you to rank the custom content your prospects might have found.

You do not get penalized for posting duplicate content on your website, but it does have some negative effects we cover.

Short tip today but this one is so important it deserves its own episode!

Nov 27, 202320:16
Direct Mail for MSPs
Nov 20, 202333:10
Owning Your Brand with Mike from Tekie Geeks

Owning Your Brand with Mike from Tekie Geeks

I got an email from Mike a few weeks and instantly fell in love with his brand.

They have gone all in on the super hero theme and it's incredible.

They didn't do it half-way, they went ALL IN!

Highly recommend giving this one a listen. We discuss differentiators, owning your brand, and the highest return marketing they've seen at their MSP!

Nov 13, 202353:18
A Conversation With Will Slappey from IT Voice

A Conversation With Will Slappey from IT Voice

Will has been on an acquisition crusade over the last 4 years and is now the head of a 120+ employee MSP called IT Voice.

What originally started as a conversation about how he built his LinkedIn "personal brand" morphed into an engaging and interesting conversation around growth, leadership, marketing and his content process.

Highly recommend checking this one out and adding Will on LinkedIn. He understands content and he's quite the impressive dude!

Oct 30, 202301:05:05
Client Retention and Satisfaction with Marnie Stockman

Client Retention and Satisfaction with Marnie Stockman

I was at TechCon Unplugged last month (an incredible event BTW). I've seen Marnie on LinkedIn and always loved her content.

She got on stage at that event and started presenting and I just couldn't help but think "Dang... she's so cool."

She summed up effective Account Management and dropped absolute GOLD for about 45 minutes.

I reached out to her right away to try and get her on the podcast.

In this episode, she provides more detail on some of the points in that presentation, teaches me how to properly recruit for another Account Manager, and explains why sometimes client gifts are good... and sometimes they're bad!

I really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too!

Oct 23, 202358:12
The MSP Marketing Budget Conversation

The MSP Marketing Budget Conversation

We need to have a marketing budget intervention.

If you don't have a solid process in place to expand your marketing budget as it creates a return, you probably won't hit the goals you're striving for.

Unfortunately, it's the classic chicken and egg dilemma. You can't get a return without an investment, and you don't want to invest without a return.

In this episode, we discuss expectations of marketing, ROI, and a process to reasonably expand your marketing budget as your return from marketing grows.

Every listeners that is currently investing in marketing or planning to should listen to this episode.

Oct 16, 202330:23
Get the Flywheel Started at your MSP

Get the Flywheel Started at your MSP

I was introduced to the Flywheel concept in undergrad. The President of the tiny association I was part of spoke about it like it was a law, an undeniable truth.

I witnessed the flywheel for the first time in that tiny association that went from a few people to one of the largest associations at that school.

Understanding this concept and embracing it will set you up for success on your marketing and sales journey. Trust me.

Oct 09, 202319:33
Expanding "Word of Mouth" for your MSP
Oct 02, 202316:02
Local SEO for MSPs
Sep 25, 202329:26
MSP Account Management Discussion with Brian Doyle at VCIO Toolbox

MSP Account Management Discussion with Brian Doyle at VCIO Toolbox

Your current client base is your hottest market. Account Management is one of the most important marketing and sales tools you have at your disposal.

With the right process, technology, and people, Account Management will help you retain customers, make them happy to buy more services from you, and send you more business through referrals.

If you haven't heard our original Account Management episode with the Account Manager at Alltek Services, please check that out as well!

Sep 18, 202301:06:55
FTC Safeguards Marketing Opportunity for MSPs
Sep 11, 202348:48
Learning to Love Stock Photos

Learning to Love Stock Photos

We have a love hate relationship with stock photos. In this episode, Steven discussed why stock photos are usually a hinderance and how you can make them awesome again!

Sep 04, 202312:04
Protect Your Time If You Want To Grow Your MSP

Protect Your Time If You Want To Grow Your MSP

A simple but true episode today. We'll discuss the importance of delegation and time management. As well as provide actionable examples of how this has changed our business and career!

Aug 28, 202325:09
Ensuring Success with a Marketing Coordinator at your MSP
Aug 21, 202337:05
A Conversation with Two MSP Sales Guys

A Conversation with Two MSP Sales Guys

There was a great discussion on the MSP Camp Facebook page about hiring the right sales person and ensuring their success.

It's not an easy thing to do. That's a fact.

It's hard finding someone that will actually be successful in the role. On this episode, we review our early failures and what we believed help us find success in this space!

Curtis and I have been friends since day one in our new roles. Without his assistance over the years, I don't think I would have succeeded.

Aug 14, 202301:04:48
It's a Marathon not a Sprint with George from BVOIP

It's a Marathon not a Sprint with George from BVOIP

George has a big personality. He also is a self taught marketer that has grown his companies significantly.

In this episode, he sheds light into how we got started with MSP, some of his unusual but effective marketing strategies, and some great tips to help MSPs get more out of their marketing.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and I hope it helps in your own journey to grow your business!

Aug 07, 202301:02:29
MSP Camp Update for 2023
Jul 31, 202320:58
Growth Mindset - Be Obsessed With Growing Your MSP
Jul 24, 202338:10
MSP Website Best Practices - Part 2

MSP Website Best Practices - Part 2

Steven's first solo podcast!

In this episode, Steve outlines additional recommendations to transform your website from a boring set of static pages, to a lead machine.

Check it out and give Steven some love if you liked it :)

Jul 17, 202309:38
Server 2012 EOL Episode
Jul 10, 202336:52
Value Based Pricing for MSPs with Ben Smith

Value Based Pricing for MSPs with Ben Smith

Ben Smith is the founder of ClubIT which is an Australia based MSP. He's had some tremendous results from his value based pricing approach with his clients.

This phrase is spoke about a lot in our industry so it's great to hear from an MSP that successfully implemented this approach.

He provides specific examples and the process he took to increased his revenue significantly within his current client base.

Really enjoyed this conversation with Ben! I hope you find it helpful too.

Jul 03, 202348:28
MSP Sales Process with Brian at Feel Good MSP
Jun 26, 202350:42
MSP Mergers and Acquisitions with Hartland Ross from The Host Broker
Jun 19, 202351:59
Social Media Marketing for MSPs
Jun 12, 202356:36
Packaging and Pricing MSP Services with Nigel Moore
Jun 05, 202301:18:26
Marketing and Managing Co-Managed IT with Bob Coppedge
May 29, 202356:47
What to do when your MSP prospect ghosts you
May 22, 202323:32
 Building Referral Partners for your MSP
May 15, 202320:10
Vertical Specific Marketing for MSPs with Dan De Steno
May 08, 202342:36
 Bonus- Random Marketing Idea
May 02, 202303:05
Offer to Be a Presenter For Your Clients
May 01, 202311:22
Managing Marketing Vendors for your MSP
Apr 24, 202326:23
Using ChatGPT 4 in your MSP Marketing

Using ChatGPT 4 in your MSP Marketing

I know we're late to the party, but better late than never I suppose!

In this episode, Maurice and Steven lay out some recommendations on getting the most out of ChatGPT 4 for your marketing.

Any other tips you might have? Let us know!

Apr 17, 202327:22
 Account Management for MSPs
Apr 10, 202341:32
Sending a monthly newsletter to your MSP Clients
Apr 03, 202317:51
What you should include in your MSP Sales Presentation
Mar 27, 202337:38
Marketing an MSP in a Recession
Mar 20, 202324:27
Mental Health Tips for MSPs

Mental Health Tips for MSPs

Going a little off topic from marketing on this one, but it's important.

This can be a stressful industry. Whether you're small or large, each come with their own set of challenges. 

Focusing on your mental health is critical to sustainable success. 

In this episode, we go over some tips to help you focus on something even more important than marketing - your mental health. 

Mar 14, 202315:34
MSP Website Best Practices
Mar 13, 202341:20
How To Get More Referrals From Your MSP Clients
Mar 06, 202324:38
Interview with a Cold Caller - James with QuickPass
Feb 28, 202344:14
Telemarketing for MSPs with Special Guest Bob Howard (Founder of Contact Science)

Telemarketing for MSPs with Special Guest Bob Howard (Founder of Contact Science)

Due to popular demand, we brought on the founder of Contact Science to discuss Telemarketing/Cold Calling for MSPs. He's been doing this for 20 years and shares excellent advice to all MSPs that currently have a caller and those looking to add one to their marketing strategy!

We also discuss our official partnership with Contact Science. MSP Camp provides the scripts we use at our MSP, but Contact Science are true experts in this realm so we recommend our members and listeners reach out to them for additional guidance on the topic. They have been instrumental to our success using telemarketing!

Feb 27, 202345:56
Should You Be Advertising Your MSP
Feb 20, 202328:08
How to hire a marketing intern or coordinator for your MSP
Feb 13, 202328:58
Marketing and Sales Lessons with Rob Rae

Marketing and Sales Lessons with Rob Rae

Rob Rae may be one of the most famous individuals in the channel. Despite that, he is exceedingly humble and down to Earth. 

I met Rob the first few months working at Alltek Services, when I was as green as it gets. Seeing what this dude did made me want to think bigger and aim higher!

I caught Rob during his hiatus so I took full advantage. We had a wonderful conversation around finding a differentiator, marketing, and sales that should be applicable to anyone listening.

I hope you enjoy the conversation and we appreciate you listening to the podcast!

Feb 06, 202301:08:41
My brother and the Legend Adam Hamid
Jan 30, 202358:48
Finding a True Differentiator for your MSP
Jan 23, 202323:57
Blackpoint and the importance of marketing and selling MDR
Jan 16, 202333:32
A Case For Break Fix
Jan 09, 202312:59
The MSP that gave away a Telsa
Jan 02, 202342:13