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Talesha Talks

Talesha Talks

By Talesha Kim

This is the Talesha Talks Podcast for women who conquer! I'm your host, coach and life lover Talesha Kim. It is my personal mission to help you live your best life, have radical joy, and turn perfectionism into purpose.
In this podcast you will explore the meaningful parts of your life, reinvent yourself and turn your dream life into a reality. Yes you really can have it all!
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More Than You Can Handle

Talesha TalksAug 05, 2022

More Than You Can Handle

More Than You Can Handle

Have you been experiencing fear, lack of trust and uncertainty? Me too!

Let God’s wisdom show you how magnificent you are. Let it show you your potential, your light, your strength and power to rise up as a Goddess.

In this episode, I go deep into a story of how this thought comforted me. Please reach out and tell me your thoughts!

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Instagram: @taleshakim


Aug 05, 202226:40
Going all in on your LIFE

Going all in on your LIFE

Going all in on your life requires you to FEEL your feelings. Tune in today to find out how you can go all in on your life and live the life you desire. Even if you're experiencing grief and loss.

If you loved this episode go ahead and leave it a 5 star review along with your takeaway from the episode.

Thank you for sharing it on IG and with your friends and family. It means the world to me. 

Jul 12, 202226:11
The Nasty Jealousy and Comparison

The Nasty Jealousy and Comparison

Link Here:

Find Me:

Instagram : @taleshakim Facebook : Talesha Kim Email :

Jun 28, 202222:40
Authority & Expectation
Jun 22, 202226:18
The Hidden Powers of Validating Your Feelings
Jun 13, 202214:46
The end of an era... And what's to come

The end of an era... And what's to come

The most needed things to be said are often the most difficult to speak out loud.

I've been on a journey and am finally stepping into the type of coaching that God has been asking me to do... For a every long time.

This podcast is not over... It's getting a much needed upgrade.

I'm going to hit the pause button and came back at you full force the end of August and beginning of September.

It's time for intentionality, purpose, and direction here on the podcast. And I can't wait to bring that all to you.

I'll see you back soon, and until then, join me on my socials:

Instagram: Talesha Kim

Facebook: Talesha Kim

Facebook Community: Grief to Growth

Jul 12, 202113:45
Making Movement in Your Business
Jun 14, 202144:58
Jun 07, 202124:19
Money Energy & Mindset
May 31, 202145:38
Holding space

Holding space

To connect with my amazing coach, click here:

Three tips to holding space:

1- Reassure the person that you hear them. That you see their pain and they aren’t alone.

2- Breathe, when emotions and feelings get heavy people tend to hold their breath. This stops the energy from moving and then stay trapped. We want this to move and to do that move your lungs. It will also help the person sharing to get into a more calm space and awareness of what their deeper true feelings are. I didn’t realize how in my practice people aren’t paying me to solve their problems. They are paying me to hold space, to listen, to ask questions and prompt them to find their solutions. When I made this connection people started flooding in. because what they wanted wasn’t actually what they needed.

And that is true for any relationship. Look up human evolutionary needs and discover how you can better understand people based on these needs. And if you’re a coach. This will change the way you help people.

3- Allow them to feel. If they apologize for their feelings encourage them to feel it, honoring them in that process and not jumping in to solve the problem. Let them cry, let them say hurtful things, let them vent whatever it is they need. 

Lets stay connected: 

Find me on Facebook at Talesha Kim and IG as Talesha Kim

May 28, 202127:38
Emotional clarity and taking the next step
May 17, 202127:57
Time Management
May 10, 202125:08
Emotions Can Effect the Flow of Money
May 03, 202136:52
Emotional Healing For Business Success
Apr 26, 202126:01
Bring Yourself In Your Brand
Apr 19, 202132:51
Be a peace maker
Apr 12, 202114:45
Mental Health & Journaling
Apr 05, 202146:00
Personal development's impact on marriage
Mar 30, 202145:23
Crossing The Divide
Mar 23, 202149:43
Managing Stress
Mar 15, 202128:29
Healing with chronic illness
Mar 08, 202139:07
Inauthenticity Causes Burnout
Mar 01, 202129:14
Chatting with McCall
Feb 22, 202137:52
Who am I and whose am I?
Feb 15, 202111:23
Owning Your Personal Power
Feb 08, 202144:42
Stop making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself

Stop making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself

Today we talk about 3 common excuses that will hold you back.

1: I don't have enough time.

2: I'm not good enough to succeed.

3: I don't have money. 

What would your life look like if you believed in yourself more? for more information on coaching with me. 

Feb 01, 202130:44
Implementing Healthy Living Into Your Day
Jan 25, 202131:43


It can feel like no matter what you do nothing is going your way. That you're trapped in this cage of misery. You try to escape it but eventualy feel like there is no point. That nothing will work for you. And while that feels like a very real reality there can be hope. In this episode I want to help you rediscover that hope and reclaim your life. 

Jan 19, 202115:46
Branding with Travis Brady

Branding with Travis Brady

Talesha Kim talks with Travis Brady on building your brand the Next Gen way. 

Jan 11, 202140:52
Vision for Success
Jan 05, 202126:17
Answering your Questions Part 1
Dec 29, 202028:48
Embracing the awkward
Dec 21, 202035:39
Do you know your emotional intelligence level?
Dec 16, 202025:21
Making Homes More Holy
Dec 07, 202043:00
Dec 01, 202030:06
How to Say Yes and No
Nov 23, 202041:13
Chaos is an Internal Feeling
Nov 16, 202024:45
From Self Hatred to Self Love
Nov 09, 202041:01
You get to Decide

You get to Decide

What things can change in your life, if you started today, by making one positive self-improvement choice?

Nov 03, 202022:35
Positive Parenting with Emotionally Charged Children
Oct 26, 202040:10
How to improve your money conversations with your husband

How to improve your money conversations with your husband

Paul and I had simple mindset shifts that changed the whole trajectory of our marriage and lives. We went through some big hurdles and learned along the way of how to better support each other. 

Listen to this episode to see our evolution and ask yourself where you can improve in your own marriage. Because after all money is a relationship and you can either avoid it or embrace it. In our home we chose to embrace it and decided to go from a fixed negative mindset of we "can't afford" this to How can we make this happen.

Paul shares to start somewhere get a book or take a class just start.

If you're looking for free resources to start your journey be sure to head to my website:

And if you have any questions from this episode with things you want us to talk more in-depth on, please send your questions to 

Be sure to leave a review on this episode to be put in for a drawing to receive discover a trapped emotion you have that is keeping you stuck in your life. 

Oct 20, 202054:02
From Survivor to THRIVER with Katie Hansen

From Survivor to THRIVER with Katie Hansen

You are unstoppable no matter what life throws at you. Katie Hansen is a thriver of domestic Violence and is here to share her message with you. whether you're in a domestic violence situation, know someone who is or are in a challenging time of life this episode will open your understanding and help you rediscover your truest self. 

You can find Katie at:

IG: redhead_forrealz

Facebook: Katie Hansen

Podcast: Katie's Crazy Corner

Oct 12, 202031:25
How to Have Challenging Conversations

How to Have Challenging Conversations

In this episode I share clear and concise tips to have maneuver your way through them. This will help you to heal relationships in your life.

I can tell you from personal experience that having challenging conversations is important, and the more you show up and heal your relationships the more your life feels better.

Facebook Group: WE: Women Empowerment Society

Oct 05, 202022:42
Yes! You can free your trapped emotions

Yes! You can free your trapped emotions

You are a powerful creator of your existence. You know mindset is crucial to your growth and development. Now you get to learn how important it is to recognize your emotions and how to free them from your life. I hope you know that you can live without the heavy weights of emotional turmoil. In this podcast you will explore several ways to jump start your healing through releasing your trapped emotions. 

Facebook Group: WE: Women Empowerment Society



Sep 28, 202027:06
Yes! You do Have Trapped Emotions

Yes! You do Have Trapped Emotions

Today's episode is all about trapped emotions. What they are, why they show up, and how you can become aware of them.


Sep 21, 202018:15
Lessons to Learn

Lessons to Learn

In this episode I wanted to share with you valuable lessons I learned about life, business, home, personal care and adventure to help you take action, feel connected, and live with radical Joy.

Sep 10, 202017:06