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Talking Teaching with Karl Millsom

Talking Teaching with Karl Millsom

By Karl Millsom

A weekly series of conversations with teachers from around the world discussing their experiences in teaching and education.
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Episode 14 – Geoff Jordan

Talking Teaching with Karl MillsomSep 17, 2020

Episode 14 – Geoff Jordan

Episode 14 – Geoff Jordan

Geoff Jordan is a Ph.D. Tutor in distance learning MA TESOL at Leicester University and a self-described anarchist.  His writing on Second Language Acquisition and English Langauge Teaching have earned him a reputation for being outspoken, and his passion for these topics shone through in this conversation.  

We talked about Geoff's history as an EFL teacher and his transition to teaching at the university level and touched on a vast array of research topics in the field of language learning. This one is particularly dense, so you might want to take notes and do some additional reading when you're done watching! The links below will point you in the direction of more depth on many of the topics we discussed  


 Geoff's Blog:  

Geoff's Book, "Theory Construction in SLA":  

A recent article from Geoff on coursebooks:  

And his course on TBLT:  

Glen Fulcher on the CEFR:  

Earl Stevick's "A Way and Ways": 

 Works from John Fanselow:  

Also mentioned: Long. M. (2007) Problems in SLA. Chapt. 3: Age differences and the sentitive periods controversy in SLA   

Watch the video of this conversation on the Rebel Teacher Network Youtube channel:

Sep 17, 202001:49:59
Episode 13 – Sufyan Christian
Sep 08, 202001:35:60
Episode 12 – Emma Cann

Episode 12 – Emma Cann

A conversation with Emma Cann.  

Emma works with hardworking teachers and school leaders to develop strategies to find the clarity, confidence and calm to face challenges and manage stress without overwhelm or burnout.   

She helps them create healthy, mindful and productive teaching environments which allow passionate professionals to do what they love and have their greatest impact.   

We talked about Emma's journey away from and ultimately back into the classroom, the work she does to provide support and motivation to teachers and the ubiquitous problem of teacher burnout.  


Emma on LinkedIn:  

Emma on Facebook: (@emmacanncoaching)  

Emma on Twitter: (@emmacanncoach)  

Emma's Website:  

Watch the video of this conversation on Youtube:

Sep 01, 202001:54:18
Episode 11 – Anita Modestova

Episode 11 – Anita Modestova

A conversation with Anita Modestova.  

Anita Modestova is a CELTA qualified teacher, psychologist and business trainer. She specialises in teaching general English to adults, low levels and also delivers seminars on how to build your career as a self-employed teacher.   

Anita manages her own professional development community for teachers of English - Teachers Teach Teachers: 

We talked about Anita's experience as an English teacher and occasional Russian teacher, her work in teacher development with Teachers Teach Teachers, and we looked at some of the similarities and differences between our teaching contexts, Indonesia and Russia  


Find Anita on Facebook: 

Teachers Teach Teachers: 

Teachers Teach Teachers on Facebook: 

And on Instagram: 

The book Anita talked about is Advising and Supporting Teachers by Dr. Mick Randall:

Watch the video of this conversation on Youtube:

Aug 21, 202001:51:17
Episode 10 – Richard Jones-Nerzic
Aug 10, 202001:38:43
Episode 9 – Richard O'Neill

Episode 9 – Richard O'Neill

A conversation with Richard O'Neill.  

Richard O'Neill is a master storyteller brought up in the nomadic storytelling tradition. Storytelling is at the heart of his culture and his professional life, where he works with children and adults alike.  

Richard is the author of a number of children's books, and award winning plays for adult audiences, a number of which have been broadcast on national radio. He has been awarded 'National Literacy Hero' status.  

We talk about the value of storytelling on a number of social and cultural levels, how Richard's Nomadic upbringing has affected his professional endeavours and the role of stories in education.  


Richard's personal website and blog:   

Richard's corporate website:  

Instructional Coaching with Karl Millsom:

Watch the video of this conversation on Youtube:

Jul 24, 202043:08
Episode 8 – Hugh Dellar
Jul 16, 202001:15:40
Episode 7 – Monica Kochar

Episode 7 – Monica Kochar

A conversation with Monica Kochar.  

Monica is a maths educator and teacher trainer who was inspired to be a changemaker for maths curricula after she saw the damage to self esteem caused by bad maths teaching.   

Monica has worked over the years to create her own approach, drawing from many sources, which she calls Humane Maths.   

We talked about the reasons that so many students have an aversion to maths and how to turn that around as well as how she works with other teachers to implement her own approach, Humane Maths, more widely.  


Monica's Youtube channel:  

Monica's Website:

Check out the video of this conversation on Youtube:

Jul 09, 202001:17:44
Episode 6 – Emma Hagedorn
Jul 02, 202001:08:47
Episode 5 – Jan MacWatters
Jun 25, 202001:03:05
Episode 4: Simon Kitson
Jun 18, 202001:25:27
Episode 3 – David Ardley

Episode 3 – David Ardley

A conversation with David Ardley.  

David is an Assistant Head at his school in Switzerland and has had a long and varied career teaching Design and consulting with schools around the world to develop their design facilities.  

We talked about applied learning, the unique characteristics of Deisgn as a subject and the importance of preparing teachers to use ICT effectively.  


 David's blog  

An education journal curated by David  

David on LinkedIn

Watch the video version of this conversation on Youtube

Jun 11, 202001:34:29
Talking Teaching #2 – Heide Frank
Jun 04, 202050:58
Talking Teaching #1 – Aimée Skidmore

Talking Teaching #1 – Aimée Skidmore

A conversation with Aimée Skidmore.  

Aimée is an educator with over 23 years of teaching and leadership experience in both public and private secondary schools in Switzerland and the U.S.  

We talked about teaching in the time of Covid-19 and our hopes for the future of assessment.  


A dedicated space for teachers from around the world to share experiences, ideas and best practices.   

The home of the wonderful Jennifer Gonzalez, whose podcast should be on every teacher's playlist.

Aimée's Youtube Channel, where you'll find her daily reflections, amongst other things.

Find out about the JLA Cert. TESOL, available in class and online, designed and delivered by Karl Millsom.

May 28, 202001:05:20