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Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery Podcast

Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery Podcast

By Mark Meincke

Become a Paid Subscriber: The Trauma Recovery Podcast for #Military, #Veterans, #First Responders, and their families. #PTSD Recovery is a tough road, and it can not be travelled alone. Here is how OTR helps. 1. Listening to the show is a form of peer support. Hearing stories from people who have been there, done that...just like you , is a POWERFUL thing. Knowing you are not alone IS healing. 2. There are a LOT of resources out there. I find the resources, and bring them to the show. 3. Know that you are NOT alone
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Ep #171. Christine Walker, Editor of "At Ease! Veteran Magazine"

Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery PodcastDec 22, 2021

Ep. #295. I am a Freemason. Here is my confession.

Ep. #295. I am a Freemason. Here is my confession.

Ep. #295. I am a Freemason. Here is my confession.

I've been out of the lodge since 2012, and I do toy with the idea of joining again.

Since 2006, I've heard every accusation against the Masons that I can imagine. The most common is that we run the world and/or worship the devil. What I find is that once peoples minds have been made up, that's it. No discussion can be had.

To diminish the fact that I'm an ACTUAL Mason, it's always the same comment: "you just didn't get high enough to learn the truth". This has ALWAYS been said to me as a statement, never once has anyone ever asked, "did you make it to the highest levels?" People prefer to assume, instead of ask.

I was a Master Mason, sat as a Senior Warden, and was elected to be Master of the lodge, Sherwood #183.

Masonry does not have a vertical hierarchy. Instead, we have a system of lateral progression, which is baffling to most folks. We don't hold office above each other. Instead, we walk WITH each other as guides on our journey.

Our system is a threat to the notion of hierarchal establishments. It's little wonder that we are attacked so often, and so viciously.

Are all Freemasons good people? Nope. Definitely not. Just like EVERY group of people, we have some bad apples, and a whole lot of good eggs. Veterans, Police, Nurses, Trades people, Politicians, ....all are groups of individuals. Some are bad, some are good.

The lessons of freemasonry however are wonderful. Faith, Hope, Charity. Good stuff. Brotherly love, and harmony. Very good stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Be well.

May 22, 202330:49
Ep. #294. What is Emotional Abuse?

Ep. #294. What is Emotional Abuse?

What is abuse?

Abusers rarely, if ever realize they are abusive.  If you call them out on their behavior, they will often react with something to the tune of, “You’re too sensitive, suck it up, quit your whining”.  

If you point out their lack of empathy, they will simply deny your claim and trivialize your concerns. Or, they may justify their lack of empathy by stating that you are not “deserving” of empathy. 

Abusers are often heard to be judging others, especially those who disagree with them.  Any opposition to their view-point  is met with insults of some sort. They’ll say things like:

Read a book once in a while (to suggest you are uninformed, or uneducated)

Oh, did you read that on the internet? (assuming your source of information is inferior to theirs…even though they use the same methods that you do.)

And where did you get YOUR masters degree in this topic? (attacking your credibility, and ignoring the fact that if you can read, or if you can listen to actual experts, then you can be informed.  Also…where is THEIR masters degree in the same topic they say you’re not able to have an opinion on?)

Or, they will react with a trivializing label to lump you into a category they deem to be inferior to themselves. Such as; conspiracy theorist, lib-tard, far right, far left, tin foil hat, extremist, etc…

Abusers tell you through their actions or words that YOUR opinion does not matter.  Your thoughts are not worth consideration, and your voice is not worth listening to.  If your thoughts and voice have no value to an abuser, then neither does your very existence.

In every genocide, groups of people have been trivialized as not worth listening to, not worth empathy, not worth the air they breath.  It may seem like a leap, to compare a garden variety abuser with a genocidal maniac…but it’s the same.  The mentality is the same, the only difference is the degree of abuse.  The degree of abuse is proportionate to the power held by the abuser.  The greater the power, the greater the abuse. 

A dictator who is also an abuser will think nothing of killing those who oppose him, not just because he sees opponents as a threat..but because he sees them as inferior.  An abuser feels that those who are inferior, do not have the right to protest, be heard, or to speak out.  An abuser is perfectly comfortable marginalizing those they feel are inferior by denying their basic rights of speech, assembly, protest, and movement. All