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Raw - Heart & Soul

Raw - Heart & Soul

By Tanya Carroll

In a world that feels like it has been turned on it's head in 2020, people are evaluating their lives more than ever before.

Each Monday, join Tanya Carroll, a long time coach, as she talks with guests who have struggled with, and come out the other side, a journey to live their soul purpose.

If you are wondering what the next step is to take, or you want to hear how others navigated the self doubt, this is the podcast for you!
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The honour of being a deathwalker - Zenith Virago

Raw - Heart & SoulJun 03, 2021

The honour of being a deathwalker - Zenith Virago

The honour of being a deathwalker - Zenith Virago

In the western world, in my experience, many people have fear around and associated with death and dying. At least this has been my observation.

I lost my first husband, Brian, to Melanoma cancer 16 years ago and his passing was far from a celebration of his life. Whilst I am comfortable in the celebration we had at home after his funeral, there are many things that I would change if I could, about the way he passed away.

As many people in my community have also witnessed, watching a loved one pass away a slow and painful death, is one of the worst experiences you can go through in life.

In this episode I speak with Zenith Virago, who is a deathwalker. She is someone I am thrilled to share with you, in the hope that some elements of what we speak about, help spark a conversation for you with your loved ones.

We talk about:

· How a deathwalker can help support you in life and in passing

· What it means for men to be given the space to show emotion

· The difference between a policy and a law

· Voluntary assisted death

The topic of death is not easy. No-one wants to cause their loved ones grief at the thought of them not being Earthside in a physical capacity. If there is one thing I have learnt from this conversation it is that we have many more choices than we think we do, when it comes to the legalities of our passing, as well as how we want to be celebrated.

Jun 03, 202153:43
People have multiple rockbottoms - Jack Nagle

People have multiple rockbottoms - Jack Nagle

Jack’s first step into the world of addiction was around the age of 12 when he smoked pot behind Chadstone shopping centre with a mate’s older brother's friends. It quickly escalated into drinking and taking MDMA.

By the age of 17 he was a fully blown ice addict stealing from his family to fuel his habit.

It was a moment of clarity when he realised he didn’t have enough money to buy a Big M – and the symbolism behind that – that saw him reach out to his family for help, that started his path to recovery.

In this episode Jack and I discuss:

· The honest reasons why people take drugs

· Rehabilitation that saves but sometimes keeps people in perpetual fear

· Alternative methods of recovery that have better outcomes

· Not seeing relapse as inevitable

· Changing the underlying programming that fuels the fire of addiction

· Giving yourself permission to forgive

Jack is the kind of person whose story stays with you long after you stop listening to him talk. The fact that he survived addiction, psychosis and his multiple suicide attempts is testament to the fact he was meant to share his story and change the perception of standard addiction treatment.

Believing in what you know and what you see to be true, and standing up for what you feel in your gut is the right path, takes courage in a world where people’s lives are at stake.

Show notes:

1.48 – The first time, around the age of 12, that I used drugs and why

4.09 – A desperate need to feel accepted and to fit in

8.02 – Hiding it from my parents wasn’t difficult

9.48 – When the wheels of the ‘normal’ life start to fall off

13.00 – People do drugs because it is an amazing experience

14.12 – ‘I love you, but we can’t keep living life like this and I have to protect your younger brother.’

18.23 – People have multiple rock bottoms

19.55 – Reaching out to family for help for the first time

21.40 – Where is the disfunction in a family who lives with an addict?

26.44 – Crossing the line you never think you will cross

29.44 – How the words you use around disease and recovery, matter

34.22 – Stepping outside the standard systems of rehabilitation

37.09 – I believe in asking the question why

39.50 – Universal law and adaptation

42.40 – Chaos cycles

44.08 – Giving yourself permission to change your mind

45.21 – Connection Based Living

52.17 – Spontaneous remission

54.40 – Working outside government mandates

57.08 – Building a program that is proactive rather than reactionary

You will find Jack here:

You will find Tanya here:

May 23, 202101:04:55
Behind the scenes coaching the coaches of high performance surf athletes - Gee Cormack

Behind the scenes coaching the coaches of high performance surf athletes - Gee Cormack

Gee Cormack is one of the world’s best surf coaches. Her programs are being coached all over the world including with the high performance surf athletes of Australia. She is passionate about helping people bring out the best in their surfing, but Gee also works in the mental health space of surf therapy.

Gee established and runs all women’s Surf Chix Surf School on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. This has given women a place where they can feel safe to learn how to surf, from the perspective of women who understand the ocean.

Gee is a highly sought out coach for Smooth Star, a modality that marries surfing to a form of skateboarding that mimics movement in the ocean.

In this episode you will learn:

· How you see yourself when your life changes completely

· Not all mental health therapy works for everyone in the same setting

· How the world of surfing is changing

· Land based training for surfing athletes – how important is it

· The difference in coaching women and men in surfing

This is a fascinating look into behind the scenes of how the sport of surfing is evolving and how land based training and wave pools are changing the way we train our upcoming youth in the sport.

Show notes 

0.34 – When did Gee start snowboarding/skiing?

3.19 – Retirement at 20 and learning what life after training to be an Olympic athlete is like

4.37 – How did you cope with the change in your identity – and growing up with dyslexia

6.16 – Growing up with family members who have significant mental health problems

7.30 – Moving to a remote area of Bali in the search for understanding of what was going on inside her brain

9.16 – Being the best and learning to believe in myself

11.37 – Being a better person for everyone else at the expense of your own health

14.45 – When did Gee’s surf coaching career begin?

20.20 – Comparison of severity – and how we get out of that mindset

21.49 – The intensity of therapy in the confines of four walls

25.12 – The bubble around coaching high performance athletes

26.52 – How important is land based training for surf athletes?

28.40 – Speed generation – the most important element of surfing

30.20 – Strengthening neural pathways – minimal movement, maximum energy

39.00 – What are the major differences between coaching women and men?

46.46 – Coaching with coaches

You can find Gee here: 

You can find Tanya here:

May 16, 202155:38
Should the AFL's concussion rule be extended from 12 days to 30 days? - Peter Jess

Should the AFL's concussion rule be extended from 12 days to 30 days? - Peter Jess

This conversation brings up a lot for discussion in terms of not just current and retired players of the AFL but society as a whole and how head trauma can be the catalyst of the downward spiral in mental health.

Peter and I also discuss how head trauma might affect children as young as 6 years of age, who are playing impact sports that result in head trauma.

All of these have wide implications how we look at and treat mental health and often the extension of that, domestic violence.

To say this is an important conversation is a gross understatement.

In this episode we discuss:

· Neurological impairment as a result of brain trauma

· The four pillars by which we measure brain impairment

· The concussion rule in the AFL

· Women playing AFL

· Children and brain trauma

As a parent and grandparent, and an avid supporter of AFL this conversation has left me questioning if I have truly evaluated the risk versus rewards of contact sport. And as Peter says, are we treating the brain with the respect we should, when we have three weeks off with a hamstring injury and just 12 days for a brain injury?

Show Notes:

1.28 – When Peter’s career of managing AFL players began

4.38 – Managing negotiations of Nicky Winmar’s contract

7.23 – Concussion rules in the AFL

8.17 – The four pillars by which to measure brain trauma – mood, behaviour, cognition and motor skills

9.07 – Neurological impairment

9.43 – Staggering statistics in former AFL players who are showing symptoms of brain trauma, including structural damage

12.01 – Dylan Grimes and does delayed concussion exist

14.44 – Primary testing prior to playing AFL

18.44 – Danny Frawley and Shane Tuck

19.46 – CTE and how it is diagnosed

22.23 – Shaun Smith’s record payout and the Bradford Hill causation paradigm

25.00 – Children playing AFL and the research of Vicky Anderson into children’s brain trauma

26.40 - Prevention and mitigation strategies

28.06 - Nick Riewoldt’s comments in regard to players being able to make their own decision on playing after a concussion

30.09 – Player education on brain trauma

29.45 – Insurance policies not being fit for purpose

32.26 – Women in AFL – the dose rate of brain trauma as a result of concussion is lower in women than in men – Jacinda Barclay

33.30 – Maggie Varcoe

37.40 – How do we make the game of AFL safe?

You can find Peter here:

You can find Tanya here:

Instagram: rawheartandsoul

May 09, 202141:40
Teenage drug addiction - with Stacey Brown

Teenage drug addiction - with Stacey Brown

This episode comes with a trigger warning.

Can you imagine living everyday not knowing if the next phone call you are going to receive is going to be the one telling you that your child had died as a result of a drug overdose?

That is where you will find my guest on this episode, Stacey Brown.

Two years ago, her life and that of her family was upended when her 17 year old son tried to commit suicide by driving his car into a tree. Two months prior to this, Dylan accidentally overdosed at home using household products.

In this podcast Stacey and I, in a very raw and difficult conversation discuss:

· A history of substance abuse

· Mental health and the failing health care system

· Unconscious enabling

· When the popularity of supporting a cause wears off

Stacey’s family’s trauma is being played out behind closed doors all over the world. With much courage Stacey is sharing her pain in the hope that it helps break down the stigma that surrounds mental health and substance abuse.

Show Notes:

1.28 – Nothing like I could have expected and everything I needed

1.51 – A life crisis and complete change in career, starting from the ground up

4.10 – Reiki and my own healing journey

6.11 - My son the fighter, the varsity football player and now drug addict

7.53 – Overdose on household products and mental health

9.00 – A history of substance abuse

11.12 – Your body goes into shock when you experience major trauma

15.50 – Begging to keep my son in rehab care

18.00 – How has your son’s mental health affected your family

19.32 – Community support after the initial accidental overdose

25.50 – Unconscious enabling

30.36 – You can’t say you didn’t know

31.50 – How do we prevent this?

37.00 – What support do you need to fulfill your soul purpose?

38.11 – When the popularity of supporting a cause wears off

39.30 – What can families do to prevent this trauma?

40.30 – What is your best parenting advice?

May 02, 202144:08
Scott Darlow

Scott Darlow

Scott Darlow is someone that I had wanted to speak with on my podcast for some time. I saw him play back up for Eskimo Joe in late 2019 and new that he was someone with an interesting story. I also knew that he would challenge my perceptions and some of the ways in which I was raised.
This is an important episode in a few different ways, but mainly because it has opened the door wider to me on what began as a journey of confronting, accepting and doing better in the area of racism in my own life.
In this episode Scott and I speak about:
· Currency and what that means to us each individually
· Luck – does it really exist
· Generational lenses
· Michael Gudinski and who he was to Scott

Show notes
0.26 – Who is Scott Darlow?
3.01 – A change in direction of career after a life changing event
4.29 – Currency
5.40 – Michael Gudinski and ‘for me, life is about how you are going to spend your one true currency
7.10 – ‘Man, you’re so lucky.’
12.04 – Why is culture important?
17.03 – What is your spiritual practice?
21.19 – Generational lenses
24.29 – Have you had to defend your culture because of the way you look?
26.46 – FLUTE
27.21 – How far have we come since Kevin Rudd’s ‘Sorry’? And how can we improve?
29.00 – Shepparton High School – the new super school
31.00 – Intercultural understanding
32.50 – What is it about your culture that you think the world needs to know about?
34.55 – What did Michael Gudinski mean to you?
38.50 – Unrealistic expectations
39.48 – How can we support Australian music artists?

You will find Scott here:

You will find Tanya here:
Instagram: rawheartsoul
Facebook: Raw - Heart and Soul Podcast
Apr 26, 202145:33
Amelia Hill

Amelia Hill

Amelia Hill is living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Environmental Illness.

These terms might sound vague or nondescript, but essentially it means that your body reacts badly to many things in our environment.

Do you know that mild headache you get if you spend time in the ‘perfume’ section of a department store? That is a chemical sensitivity reaction. Now multiply that to include any smells that are not found in nature – almost everything in human lives right now – and your body reacts in a way that leaves you unable to get out of bed and even just opening your eyes takes a monumental effort, that is where you find people like Amelia.

It is a world of complete isolation.

It is a world of frustration of not knowing the cause or how to seek treatment.

It is a world where even a hug from a loved one can mean that you spend the following weeks in bed.

It is a world where hope is a commodity that comes and goes.

It is also a world that is a mystery to many doctors.

This episode is raw. It is at times, difficult to listen to. Amelia shares her life with me and we discuss:

· Finding hope when even the last of her doctors has none

· How fighting for your mental health is just as important as your physical health

· Loneliness in a world where physical contact is non-existent

I came out of this podcast a better human than when I went into recording it. I feel blessed that Amelia felt comfortable enough to gift me her full story. Completely raw and authentic.

Thank you Amelia xx

Show Notes:

1.10 – Who is Amelia Hill?

3.38 – The beginning of when Amelia’s health took a deep nose dive

6.00 – Living life in a bubble – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

8.17 – Why sharing your story is so important

9.06 – Am I imagining this?

11.59 – How do you cope with the loneliness?

14.00 – Doing what you need to do, to stay alive

14.58 – Acute Inflammatory Bowel disease

16.25 – What is your bigger purpose?

23.00 – ‘When I thought I would die’

23.40 – What has been the most challenging thing you have been through

30.00 – How could doctors ignore the physical symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

34.40 – Creating alternative options for recovery

43.06 – When people don’t actually want a solution as an option

45.00 – Amelia loses her best friend and biggest support, her Mum.

48.12 – Shingles virus – Neurotrophic Keratitis and complete rupture of her cornea

51.60 – A pivotal point and positive change – complete and utter defiance

55.21 – Losing my last hope in the medical world

1.00.00 – Environmental medicine

1.07.00 – Our most valuable resource for understanding human isolation

You can find Amelia here:

You can find Tanya here:

Instagram – Raw Heart and Soul

Apr 18, 202101:12:52
Paul Mondo

Paul Mondo

During the height of the covid 19 pandemic in 2020, the Early Learning sector of Australia was brought to its knees. In an area that has always been a political pawn, and what I consider an easy target, there was a push to stand up and change policy to allow Australians to continue to be able to work in essential services, with the knowledge that their children would remain cared for in the centres that had delivered that service.

It was thanks to Paul Mondo and those he worked closely with, as well as staff in Early Learning centres, that parts of our economy were able to adapt and move forward in what was a time of chaos.

In this podcast Paul and I discuss:

· The importance of support of Australian families as an extension of the care of their children

· Implementing nationwide changes that could improve outcomes for children

· Changing perception of community in regard to those who love to work in Early Learning centres

Show notes:

1.34 – How did Paul end up working in Early Learning Services?

5.36 – When did being a man in a female dominated industry become noticeable to you?

9.22 – Community perceptions of men in the Early Learning space

10.29 – Wages for men

13.50 – Better outcomes for children

14.30 – The curriculum of Early Learning services

16.25 – Why are there differences from state to state in the name Early Learning and the first year of school and how that affects children

22.15 – Composite classes and social maturity in children

25.48 – Advocacy in the Early Learning space

31.02 – Policy changes that saved the sector from complete collapse

35.16 – The guilt some parents feel placing young children in the care of others

40.05 – Frontline care

47.08 – Soul purpose

53.10 – What is it about this sector and what you have found, that you think the world needs to know is amazing?

You can find Paul here:

You can find Tanya here:

Apr 11, 202158:57
Joanna Rushton

Joanna Rushton

Co-dependant relationships. What does this mean and how do you recognize if you are in a co-dependant relationship?

Jo Rushton is a beautiful human with a wealth of experience and wisdom in the area of relationship with others and self. Jo is a Faculty member of the Chek Institute and The Masters Way where she helps people in all areas of their mental, spiritual and physical health.

In this podcast we explore:

· Chaos cycles

· Co-dependant relationships

· Inter-dependant relationships

· The importance of understanding how you create your circumstances

This episode will be available on Spotify at 7am on Monday 29th March. Subscribe for notifications and I would love for you to leave a review on iTunes.

You will find last week’s episode with Mike Fitch here:

Show notes:

1.30 – How Jo ended up in Australia and working for the Australian Navy

5.06 – A change in direction of career

6.12 – Meeting Paul Chek

7.45 – Creativity in cooking

9.41 – Becoming Chek Institute Faculty

13.05 – The Masters Way

17.30 – ‘Matter represents the third dimension’ and frequency

21.06 – ‘And the universe has this beautiful law of resonance…’

24.20 – The child archetype

27.10 – What is a co-dependant relationship?

32.05 – The catalyst of waking up

35.20 – Becoming overwhelmed by the ego’s needs

38.50 – Chaos cycles

44.04 – Non violent communication – Dr Marshall Rosenburg

45.01 – Inter-dependant relationships

47.41 – Our first co-dependant relationship

48.26 – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

57.01 – Get clear in what you want and what you don’t want

You will find Jo here:

Intstagram - jo_rushton_

You will find Tanya here:

Mar 28, 202101:01:43
Mike Fitch

Mike Fitch

In my opinion the term functional movement has been bastardised over the last 5 or so years. To the point that you can justify any movement or exercise as functional.

In this conversation, Mike and I discuss what functional fitness really is and just how important the connection between quadrupedal and bipedal movement is for human health.

We also talk about the importance of being conscious IN YOUR body and health and how functional movement modalities can improve not just your physical health, but your cognition and brain health!

I hope this episode inspires you to be curious about how you can move more effectively for the purpose of not only longevity of life, but also to have fun. Because having fun is an essential element to any changes that occur in your body and in your thinking!

Show notes:

0.50 – Who is Mike Fitch

4.00 – ‘Cutting my teeth in New York’

4.50 – A change in movement disciplines

6.54 – Textbook anatomy versus functional anatomy

7.48 – Those who have led the way in the fitness world as leaders:

Paul Chek

Vladimir Janda

Thomas Myers

Phillip Beach

11.20 – What is Animal Flow

13.20 – The history of Animal Flow

16.50 – Educating people who educate people

18.30 – Bridging the gap between quadrupedal movement and bipedal movement

19.30 – ‘And we rarely return to the environment that was so important to our development…’

19.50 – Not burning our development bridges

21.08 – Earning the right to fight with gravity

23.00 – Variability in load and experiences

24.00 – Animal Flow for children

27.30 – Animal Flow as stand alone or implementing it to be sport specific – adaptation

30.00 – Animal Flow in surfing

31.53 – ‘Going back to that original thing that I mentioned earlier about improving communication, connection and function…..’

32.44 – How important is tribe and community?

35.22 – Is this your soul purpose and Mikes somewhat surprising answer

39.20 – Mike’s message to the world and giving yourself permission to be bad at something

You can find Mike here:

You can find Tanya here:


Paul Chek –

Vladimir Janda –

Thomas Myers –

Phillip Beach –

Mar 21, 202144:25
RC Nakai

RC Nakai

RC Nakai

For me, this podcast was like speaking with a wise Grandfather. RC’s wisdom and spirit is physically able to be felt in the way he speaks about his cultures and how he sees we can improve our relationships with all cultures.

We talk about how he shares what he says is not his gift to the world, through playing the flute, but how he shares prayer through what he does in concert.

At times I felt in awe of RC’s ability to see and express simply how we are all the same in being immigrants from all over the world and in the way that he speaks about traveling to different countries as being somewhat of an extension of all of the land that we inhabit.

This conversation was truly a privilege and one that I will treasure as one of the gifts being able to bring you the Raw – Heart & Soul podcast has given me personally.

1.05 – RC describes his cultural background

3.00 – Family history and why they were known as the Wanderers

7.39 – Relationships between people of the Americas and the South Pacific

12.40 – Finding the native American flute

17.00 – ‘I’ve only made three flutes.’

18.00 – 11 or 12 Grammy nominations that are awards sitting in a drawer

23.22 – ‘Music is the language that we use to pass down history, from one generation to another. From one individual to another.’

27.56 – What is your spiritual practice

29.56 – ‘Who taught you? I don’t know it just came. I said you have a sense of awareness don’t lose it. I said you know what the world is really about, but they are going to train you to forget all of that, and follow something that doesn’t exist. I said, it’s in you. I said, you are the essence of what we call in my cultures, all life.’

36.53 – How covid has affected RC’s travel and touring

38.11 – Giving people a prayer

39.54 – I still have a dream

46.47 – Political systems and how they control us

You can find RC Nakai here:


You can find Tanya here:

Instagram: tanyaacarroll

Mar 14, 202150:38
Season 2 - Meghann Birks

Season 2 - Meghann Birks

In this podcast we talk about Meghann's diagnosis of ADHD when she was an adult, and what that meant to her in being able to understand why she struggled in some areas of her life.

This is a raw conversation that at times leaves both of us in tears.

Subscribe to the Raw - Heart and Soul podcast on Spotify and iTunes to be notified when this episode goes live at 7pm on Monday 8th March.

Happy International Women's Day!

Show notes:

Intergenerational trauma  - 13.45

Gabor Mate – Scattered Minds - 14.00

Addiction   - 14.45

Genetics or not - 17.40

Whose responsibility is it? - 18.30

Receiving a diagnosis - 20.10

Things are not linear - 23.50

Removing the shame - 27.03

Hyper focused - 28.08

Additives in food and sleep routines - 30.00

What if I fit some of the benchmarks - 31.00

When are meds appropriate - 32.40

Natural stimulants - 34.43

AA - 36.10

Plant medicines - 40.05

Vulnerability versus courage  - 43.45

Do you love and allow yourself to be loved by your children fully – 49.35

Midlife vulnerability - 55.47

The gifts of ADHD - 59.15

Mar 07, 202101:08:41
Raw Bites - Justine Vaisutis 2

Raw Bites - Justine Vaisutis 2


Feb 17, 202103:07
Raw Bites - Justine Vaisutis 1

Raw Bites - Justine Vaisutis 1

Who do you see as the most vulnerable in our society when it comes to human rights?

Feb 17, 202103:15
Raw Bites - Paul Taylor 2

Raw Bites - Paul Taylor 2

Neuroplasticity of the brain.

Feb 17, 202103:00
Raw Bites - Paul Taylor 1

Raw Bites - Paul Taylor 1

What is spirituality?

Feb 17, 202102:33
Raw Bites - Corey Wilkes 2

Raw Bites - Corey Wilkes 2

What is the EB Foundation?

Feb 17, 202102:26
Raw Bites - Corey Wilkes 1

Raw Bites - Corey Wilkes 1

Men's mental health.

Feb 17, 202105:27
Raw Bites - Chris (Chick) Jones 2

Raw Bites - Chris (Chick) Jones 2


Feb 17, 202101:58
Raw Bites - Chris (Chick) Jones 1

Raw Bites - Chris (Chick) Jones 1

You didn't panic on the inside?

Feb 17, 202104:45
Raw Bites - Monica Meldrum - 2

Raw Bites - Monica Meldrum - 2

International Women's Day

Feb 17, 202102:39
Raw Bites - Monica Meldrum - 1

Raw Bites - Monica Meldrum - 1

It is bigger than you.

Feb 17, 202104:28
Raw Bites - Christopher M Jones - 2

Raw Bites - Christopher M Jones - 2

'Happiness is a byproduct of meaning and purpose.'

Feb 17, 202104:01
Raw Bites - Christopher M Jones - 1

Raw Bites - Christopher M Jones - 1

Points of Light.

Feb 17, 202102:27
Raw Bites - Meghann Birks - 2

Raw Bites - Meghann Birks - 2

A coach's role.

Feb 17, 202102:34
Raw Bites - Meghann Birks - 1

Raw Bites - Meghann Birks - 1

The 'both and' concept of expansion.

Feb 17, 202104:34
Raw Bites - Sean Croxton - 2

Raw Bites - Sean Croxton - 2

'Most people aren't afraid of their future goals.....'

Feb 17, 202102:11
Raw Bites - Sean Croxton - 1

Raw Bites - Sean Croxton - 1

'You do have control of your life!'

Feb 17, 202102:03
Dave Hollis

Dave Hollis

Dave Hollis is a father of four, an author and a thinker and speaker.

The former Disney film distributor chief, responsible for the relaunch of the Star Wars franchise, the Avengers series, and mega-hits such as Frozen and Beauty and the Beast, left his prestigious post at Disney for a complete change in career two years ago.

Dave and his then wife, Rachel moved from LA to Austin Texas to start the incredibly successful Hollis Co. Their company and equally their public profiles expanded rapidly to become two of the most sought after public speakers in the US.

Until recently Dave was the CEO of Hollis Co, but after a series of life changing turns, Dave found himself in the middle of a pandemic re-evaluating his identity and where his career and life was going next.

I have followed Dave on social media during the last few years and have seen him navigate a very public and traumatic separation from his wife in 2020, whilst being authentic and real in his experiences of the emotional rollercoaster that is the changing of relationship with someone you love.

It is this ability to share his reality, and to openly speak about his feelings and emotions, that I believe, makes him a leader in the mental health space, as well as being a darn good human.

Show notes:

2.12 – Connecting through reality of what it means to be a human

7.55 – Pivotal points in Dave’s life

10.28 – Creating an empathy bridge

13.30 – The first thing Dave did after he realised his identity was going to change dramatically

16.00 – Untethered Soul book

20.17 – Giving yourself permission to sit in your feelings even if it is uncomfortable

27.20 – How can women hold space for men’s emotions?

37.50 – The transition from the Hollis Co to the new future

38.50 - Faith

42.45 – Declaring 2020 was going to be the ‘best year ever’

46.20 – What should I do next and working with children

49.40 – Challenging decisions in following a different fulfilment

53.60 – Choosing to leave the dock of familiarity to find growth

55.25 – That’s not what ships are built for

57.08 – Your struggle is a reflection of your humanity

You can find Dave here:

You can find Tanya here:


Get out of Your Own Way – Dave Hollis

The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman

The Five Languages of Apology – Gary Chapman

The Untethered Soul – the journey beyond yourself – Michael A. Singer

Dec 22, 202001:02:56
Craig Harper

Craig Harper

Craig Harper

Craig Harper is one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance, resilience, self-management, leadership, corporate change, communication, personal transformation and more broadly, human behaviour.

Craig has worked as an Exercise Scientist, Corporate Speaker and Consultant, University Lecturer, AFL Conditioning Coach, Radio Host, TV Presenter, Newspaper Columnist and successful Business Owner. He hosts a successful podcast called ‘The You Project’, is the author of seven books and is currently completing a Ph.D in Neuropsychology.

I am a big fan of Craig Harper’s work, but it wasn’t always that way. In his evolution from being one of the biggest names in the fitness industry, and having an ego that went with that title, to being the kind and humble person he is today, I have learnt that my own judgments of people are often a reflection of things I need to work on in myself.

Craig Harper has always been genuine and authentic, but it took my own growth the see the value in his work.

If it wasn’t for his guidance, and a large push from my time in isolation as a result of covid in Melbourne, this podcast might not have eventuated.

Show Notes

6.15 – How do we create sustained change, behaviour, progress and the absence of motivation

13.33 – Imposter syndrome

16.47 – Reframing failure

21.10 – Why I don’t drink at gigs where people are drinking

22.18 – the meaning of self-awareness

22.38 – ‘I believe a lot of us live this life on autopilot and for many people it’s an autopilot that’s not working for them.

26.10 – Michelle Errichiello

32.08 – Stepping into the thing that scares you

33.11 – Creating connection in a new medium

43.07 – Vulnerability and being a people pleaser

47.20 – Life, death and theology

53.20 – How people’s identity and beliefs become intertwined

56.60 – Transformational moments and soul purpose

58.30 – quote for wave

60.35 – Putting on your big girl pants

You will find Craig here:

You will find Tanya here:

Dec 20, 202001:02:57
Layne Beachley

Layne Beachley

Layne Beachley

7-time world champion Layne Beachley is widely regarded as the most successful surfer in history. The only surfer to claim 6 consecutive world titles, Layne’s story is the testimony to the power of self-belief.

A traumatic childhood ignited a flame of desperation to prove she was worthy of love. Layne’s affinity for the ocean and competition created the perfect storm to achieve her dream of becoming the best of the best.

Learning how to lose taught her how to win. 19 years on tour, 29 tour victories, 7 world titles (6 won consecutively), 5 in a state of fear.

Her career was an emotional rollercoaster of happiness, injury, adventure, depression, failure and ultimately, success.

An officer of the order of Australia, Chair of Surfing Australia, and founder of the Awake Academy, Layne lives a life of unapologetic honesty, sharing her experiences with humour and humility, standing firm in her values with a clear vision for the future. Her sights are firmly set on cultivating connection, growth and happiness in humanity.

Show Notes:

0.47 – The stigma attached to mental health

2.59 – Teenage suicide and the affects of covid

5.31 – Childhood shame and patterns

8.27 – How learning she was adopted fuelled Layne’s career

10.20 – I am enough

13.20 – Mentoring with Craig Harper and pushing myself out of my comfort zones

15.03 – Meditation and the role that plays

17.05 – Signs of depression in others

21.36 – Comparison and when the tools don’t work

23.00 – Trigger warning around suicide

25.06 – WOW and ‘got an issue, get a tissue’

25.48 – Andy Irons

28.16 – Tyler Wright

33.35 – The roles Layne took on as an ambassador in surfing

34.40 – Soul purpose – Awakening others awakens me

41.00 – Kirk, Layne’s husband, diagnosis of prostate cancer

44.00 – Cancer

46.50 – Human potential

You can find Layne here:

You can find Tanya here:


Dec 15, 202053:43
Paul Chek

Paul Chek

Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness.

For over thirty years, Paul’s unique, integrated approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of many of his clients, his students and their clients. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed.

Author and educator, Paul has written numerous original contributions to the orthopaedic rehabilitation and strength and conditioning fields and is a regular contributor to many publications and websites. He is the author or co-author of 11 books, both printed and digital, and has produced hundreds of videos as well as 50+ advanced level home study courses and live workshops designed for the fitness and clinical professional.

Paul is a frequent guest on podcasts, radio and internet radio shows. His recent interviews with Mind-Pump Media and Onnit have been among the top 10 downloaded shows in the podcasts history.

He is the founder of the CHEK Institute, based in California, USA and the P-P-S Success Mastery Coaching Program, as well as the host of the popular podcast, Living 4D with Paul Chek.

I have known Paul for 15 years and to say his work has been a major influence on my career and the health of my clients, would be an understatement.

His study and life’s work makes up the fabric of what I coach and teach. His work has changed my life.

Show Notes:

1.58 – Paul’s experience with a ‘cutting edge’ diet and how far away from holistic he really was

5.20 – Metabolic typing and how it revolutionised his work with clients

12.38 – physical challenges that don’t heal inevitably lead to relationship and religious belief issues

14.59 – You cannot see in someone else that which you cannot see in yourself

17.41 – defining the soul and how is it different from the mind or spirit

20.13 – The difference between GOD and God

31.21 – Disconnect from consciousness and soul loss

33.47 – Reintegration of soul fragments

44.45 – psycho-neural immunology

47.00 – The seven chakra system

49.50 – why sleep is so important

52.46 – living in a disease maintenance system not a health system

53.33 – Paul’s soul purpose

55.09 – soul contracts

1.03 – souls filling the role in the collective

1.04 – unconditional love, limitation and illusion

1.11 – ‘All religious experiences are designed to protect you from the direct experience of GOD’ – Carl Jung

1.15 – Nirvana

1.17 – How do you separate GOD from religion

1.23 – reincarnation

1.26 – what brings Paul Chek joy

1.31 – how will you know when your work is done here

1.34 – Bill Gates

1.34.40 – my dream for the world

1.35.40 – the rate at which we are consuming the resources on the planet relative to what is available


Carl Jung


David Bohm

You can find Paul here:

You can find Tanya here:

Dec 13, 202001:41:40
Ryan Hurst

Ryan Hurst

After a training accident ended his competitive gymnastics career, Ryan moved to Japan and competed in various martial arts until another injury made him re-evaluate his priorities in life.

As co-founder and Head Coach at GMB Fitness, his mission is to show everyone that you can define your own fitness as a sustainable and enjoyable part of your life.

A very humble and honest guy, Ryan Hurst is someone I have a lot of time for. After careful consideration of my invitation to be a guest on Raw – Heart & Soul, I am truly grateful for this open conversation that exemplifies the human he is.

Ryan is a world leader (my words, not his!) in helping people understand that fitness – in whatever way you define that – is different for every person and a constant ebbing and flowing of exploring what that means to you on a personal level.

Ryan shows us that connecting with how you feel when you move is far more important than counting reps or getting abs.

This episode is somewhat longer than my normal shows because Ryan and I got lost in the flow that is an exchange between two friends.

In this episode we discuss:

1.55 – MovNat

3.30 – The early origins of GMB

8.03 -  How Ryan ended up in Japan

11.40 – Empathy and service to the community

22.00 – what you see is what you get – being true to who you are

24.12 – joining the dots of where life has led you

25.10 – one of the biggest influences on Ryan’s life

27.30 – meeting Jarlo and Andy, the other two co-founders of GMB

29.00 – Ryan’s philosophy around movement

32.15 – what is truly important to me

36.20 – where is GMB going and the method

43.22 – aging and how that affects our movement

46.15 – you decide how the practice is going to go

49.40 – eating skills

52.45 – finding your own voice

56.40 – not comparing yourself to anyone else

1.02.16 – growth in vulnerability

You can find Ryan here:

You can find Tanya here:

Dec 06, 202001:19:08
Glenn Ostlund

Glenn Ostlund

Glenn Ostlund has an MA in Folklore and Mythology from Indiana University. He is a prolific podcaster, hosting and producing the MytholoGuy podcast, Infants on Thrones, Bathing with God, and The Spriritual Dimension of the Beatles. Glenn recently published his first book, Bathing with God, which is a memoir or sorts – detailing how a former Mormon missioinary – turned accidental defacto atheist – found a way to explore the possible existence of God through a deep dive into science, reason, imagination and fiction. Show notes: Unpacking family and extended family values and programming – 1.60 Mormonism as a religion – 3.00 Polygamy – 6.83 Mormons belief around the levels of heaven – 8.03 The three books that led Glenn to studying folklore – 12.55 Rigidity around beliefs – 16.91 Belief around the idea of God – 19.70 Obstruction to reality – 25.08 What is soul – 27.04 Getting fired from a podcast – 31.90 Where ‘Bathing with God’ came from – 35.90 Infants on Thrones – 37.50 Plant medicine experience – 39 Purpose – 46.70 References Richard Dawkins – the God Delusion From Scythia to Camelot – C. Scott Littleton & Linda A. Malcor Legends of Scythia – Yulla Handy Unpublished Revelations of the Church of the Latter Day Saints Ben Stein – Intelligent Design Brian Green – theoretical physicist
Nov 29, 202055:53
Justine Vaisutis

Justine Vaisutis

Justine Vaisutis

Justine is passionate about equality, human rights and a fari go for everyone. She has spent move than 15 years working in organisational and cultural change to support safer and more inclusive workplaces, address systemic discrimination and improve people’s access to employment, education and public life.

Prior to this Justine was a journalist for 10 years, writing for Amnesty International and Lonely Planet.

Outside her current role as Head of Education and Engagement, for the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission of Victoria, she is the Secretary of RoundTrip Foundation, which works with international partners to support sustainable, grassroots development.

Show notes:

1.10  – What is the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commision of Victoria?

2.24 – What are human rights?

4.05 – How does Victoria differ in legislation from the rest of Australia

12.40 – The freedoms we experience in Australia

13.35 – Sophie McNeil – We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know

14.08 – The issues asylum seeker and refugees face in terms of human rights

15.32 – Are we applying stereotypes based on our own fears?

17.50 – Intersectionality

19.30 – Amnesty International

21.20 – The fundamental notion

24.40 – Lonely Planet

27.10 – Defining what soul purpose means

29.00 – The common thread. Obligation, privilege and curiosity

32. 00 – Whole Kids Australia

34.30 – RoundTrip Foundation

38.40 – The Bakery school

42.40 – How can we be better people in our community?


You can Tanya here:

Nov 22, 202045:32
Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor

A former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, Paul is an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Neuroscientist who is currently completing a PhD in Applied Psychology, where he is developing and testing resilience strategies with the Australian Defence Science Technology Group & the University of Tasmania. 

He is the Director of The Mind-Body-Brain Performance Institute, where he delivers resilience, leadership and executive performance workshops to a large range of Australian and overseas companies as well as the Australian Military. 

Paul is also the host of the MindBodyBrain project podcast.

Nov 15, 202001:04:20
Corey Wilkes

Corey Wilkes

When Corey's daughter Tilly Wilkes was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) in 2011, it turned his world upside down. The Wilkes family had never heard of the words 'Epidermolysis Bullosa' and to learn of the painful and cruel life their daughter was about to face was devastating. 

Once they adjusted to taking care of Tilly and learning to bathe and bandage their newborn’s open wounds, they accepted the fact that Tilly’s condition wasn’t curable, and they were inspired to create awareness amongst their wide network. Corey made a promise to his little girl ,that he will one day find a cure for her.

 The Wilkes family established the Cotton Ball, a large biennial Gala event to raise funds for EB. The events were so successful it fuelled their determination to cure their daughter and all EB sufferers. In 2016, the family with some close friends, established their own not-for-profit to raise significant funds to invest into science and medical research that will lead to a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa. 

The EB Research Foundation was born and last week announced they have united with EB Research Partnership USA to become the largest global organization focused on funding research to discover treatments and cures for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a group of devastating and life-threatening genetic disorders that affect individuals from birth. 

Our shared mission to find treatments and cures for EB will be better served by uniting our organizations and driving research further to cure EB as quickly and efficiently as possible and making Corey's promise to his little girl a reality.

Nov 08, 202046:04
Chris (Chick) Jones

Chris (Chick) Jones

Chris (Chick) Jones 

Chris Jones is a sporty minded former chartered accountant from Wales. When he came to Australia he transitioned into becoming a Chek Professional and 15 years ago, with some colleagues opened a physical training studio, Primal Movement on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where he is still practicing today.

Chris is now the sole owner of Primal Movement and is a husband to Nicky and Father of two beautiful children.

Close to three years ago Chris was holidaying with his young family when he was caught in a significant windstorm, where he sustained life threatening injuries when a large tree fell on him. Whilst trapped for two hours under the tree and the subsequent rebuilding of his pelvis and some of his internal organs, Chris found and drew upon his quiet and humble inner strength to not only survive the injuries, but to walk again and return to his family and the job he loves.

This episode of Raw- Heart and Soul is personal and at times I found it difficult to keep my emotions under control. Chris is part of my Chek family, and when the news of his accident came through, I understood just what a serious position he was in. And I worried for his life and his family, and if he survived, how he would recover.

We talk about the methods he instinctively used in order to stay alive until help arrived, the pain and trauma he experienced during and after the accident and how he found the drive to put everything he had into his rehabilitation, when the outcomes where completely unknown.

Please join me in sharing what is an ongoing journey of learning about what I would say is courage, but what I know Chris would disagree and say is, just doing what he had to do.

Nov 01, 202046:46
Monica Meldrum

Monica Meldrum

Monica is a successful entrepreneur with a track record of leadership and innovation, and a strong commitment to creating change for the future. With over 15 years’ experience in the health and food industry, Monica has won numerous awards for entrepreneurship and business leadership including being named in Westpac's Top 100 Women of Influence. Her business Whole Kids has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of Certified Organic, Additive and Allergen Free snacks for children, the proceeds of which are funding programs to improve social equity for children around the world. Acting from the belief that everyone should have the chance to invest in brands they love, Whole Kids has just launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign that is a first for the industry and gives customers the opportunity to buy shares in the business and receive rewards for coming on the next journey at Whole Kids, to scale the business.

Oct 25, 202041:12
Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones

Chris Jones lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, Natalie and 3 living children. Their son, Mitchell Jones passed away from heart failure in 2013. He had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a catastrophic muscle wasting disease that is fatal. Prior to his son's passing, Chris started a Facebook page entitled Mitchell's Journey which has since gained international attention as both a place for healing and insights on the often-misunderstood world of grief and healing. Most notably, Mitchell's Journey has become a beacon of hope to many and an invitation for its readers to live a life of significance. In all of his writing and speaking, Chris shares an unparalleled view of a terminal child's experience through the medical system, then what happens on the other side of medicine, long after a patient is sent home to die.

In all of his writing and speaking, Chris shares an unparalleled view of a terminal child's experience through the medical system, then what happens on the other side of medicine, long after a patient is sent home to die.

Oct 18, 202047:24
Raw - Heart & Soul with Meghann Birks

Raw - Heart & Soul with Meghann Birks

Meghann Birks is a transformation coach and speaker with nearly two decades of experience. Working one on one and in groups (and soon via online courses!), she uses a wide range of modalities and works intuitively to help her clients live a life guided by joy and purpose. She is particularly fascinated by the role of narratives in shaping our realities, and how we can rewrite the script. She loves working with creatives to help them find their voice and bring their ideas to life. Working with her is not for faint of heart as she will take you DEEP, but loves exploring the depths alongside her clients.

Oct 11, 202057:17
Sean Croxton

Sean Croxton

Sean Croxton is a money mindset and personal development expert. A former holistic health coach, Sean grew a successful practice using YouTube, podcasting, and social media to attract clients. As the founder of Underground Wellness, he hosted over 300 health-based interviews on his UW Radio podcast and created 7 popular online health events, including The Digestion Sessions and The Depression Sessions. In 2015, Sean stepped away from the health industry to pursue his dreams in the personal development space. He is the creator of Money Mind Academy and host of The Quote of The Day Show, the internet’s #1 daily motivational podcast.

Oct 04, 202051:57
What is Raw - Heart & Soul?

What is Raw - Heart & Soul?

This is a brief summary of what you can expect when tuning in each week to the Raw - Heart & Soul podcast. 

My aim is to bring you conversations with guests who have been through, or are going through the journey of finding what their soul purpose is. I delve deep into how they uncovered that for themselves, as well as the experiences for growth they had along the way. I am a person who learns from not just the end result but in all of the raw, emotional and testing times that happen between the pages of the stories.

I hope you find these conversations thought provoking as well as inspiring.

Oct 03, 202001:22