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Tapestry Art Church

Tapestry Art Church

By Tapestry Art Church

Tapestry is a church focused on expressing the Gospel through the arts. We are based in the Phoenix Metro Area.
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Articulate Series: Performance Artists

Tapestry Art ChurchSep 24, 2018

#makersgonnamake: Face of the Deep
Nov 06, 201815:28
Articulate Series - Verse and Rhyme: Poets in Scripture
Oct 01, 201844:07
Articulate Series: Performance Artists

Articulate Series: Performance Artists

The beauty of the performance art in Scripture, is that individual pieces have a stand alone significance, but taken as a whole, which is no small task, they convey a sense of adventure and creativity, and an attention to detail that is exact in its presentation.

In fact, Moses, one of the prophets we examine later, ended his career by not following script. He was leading a huge number of people through the desert toward the end of his third act, “Thunder Mountain” and was told in one scene to strike a mysterious boulder that was following the people, and a river of water came bursting out. In a later scene, he was told, very specifically, to speak to the rock, but in an angry fit of improv, he struck the rock again, and he was fired. (Numbers 20:10-12) When you’re laying out a series of prophetic cues over multiple thousands of years, you have to stay on script!
Sep 24, 201801:11:60
Episode 2: An Interview with Armando Heredia

Episode 2: An Interview with Armando Heredia

Today's episode is a portion of an interview with Armando about Tapestry Art Church. Special thanks to Top Floor Studios Podcast for letting us use this portion of an upcoming episode
Sep 19, 201818:50
Articulate Series: Peter’s Fulcrum - What is an Art Church?

Articulate Series: Peter’s Fulcrum - What is an Art Church?

There is a lot if excess noise on the live recording, sorry! What if the best way an artist can express the message of the gospel is a painting or sculpture? What if the message needs to be celebrated in stanzas by a symphony? What if art wasn't a way to help convey the message, but was the message?
Sep 12, 201826:24