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The Tata Show

The Tata Show

By Tata

Real talk about what's going on in Tata's world..
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E9: Talk Time with Tata and Rocky

The Tata ShowNov 27, 2019

E9: Talk Time with Tata and Rocky

E9: Talk Time with Tata and Rocky

Hi and Welcome to the Tata show.  I am your host Tata. Tonight my special guest is a good friend of mine that I have known for a long time, Roxanne otherwise known as Rocky.  Whenever we get together we end up talking for a long time.  We both just have a gift for gab...That is when I came up with the idea of having her on my podcast.  We always have topics to talk about so here is the first of many episodes we will record for any one who wants to talk real talk with Tata about all different kinds of issues..  Relationships!.... YES.....Online Dating?.... YES....Fashion! Yes.... MEN?,<<<<< HELL YEAH!1...

But first a word from our sponsor:

Tata TopShelf presents...BarTata Premium Quality Bar Products sold on Amazon:

Tata's Website - Go here to subscribe to Join the BarTata Family and get special discount codes on my products thru my emails. 


You can see a video of this podcast on YouTube under Tata TopShelf

Thank you for listening !!

Tata for Now!!


Nov 27, 201925:27
E8: "...I am Michelle*"

E8: "...I am Michelle*"

The Tata Show PODCAST: Episode 8, I am Michelle…

Hello!! and Welcome to the Tata Show.  Thank you for stopping by.  I am your host Tata.  You might be thinking, okay Tata why did you say “I am Michelle”.  Well, yes you are right, I am Teresa not Michelle.  But I put that caption as my title because it reminded me of a conversation I had with my son Diego.  I was making tacos for dinner one day and he asked me if we had any sour cream for the tacos.  I said that we were out of sour cream.  Then he said, "oh man, sour cream is the most important part of the taco."

I said, really! the most important part?

Sour cream, shredded cheese, tomatoes ..yes they are important in the family structure.. they represent the kids, family members, pets.

the meat of the taco is the father or male figure of the family, bringing substance and foundation.

But the shell is the most important part because it holds all the other important parts together.  It's fragile but strong, it's thin skinned but thick enough to keep it together under pressure.  The shell is the mother/the female. I am the shell...I am Michelle*

I want to dedicate this episode to my mom, who is the strongest woman I know.  She has been thru alot and sacrificed so much for us kids.  I wish there was more I can do for her to show her I appreciate her.  I get my strength from her.  She is my shell. 

 And to my dad (may he rest in peace) He is always with me, guiding me.  It took a while to hear him, but i can hear him now.  Happy Birthday Dad!! And you were right, I will love you forever.

Thanks for listening. I want to give you some quick updates on my Amazon journey.

Amazon updates.

Celebrate the Sweetness of You and remember that the Joy is in the Journey!..

Tata for Now!


Facebook @TataTopShelf

Instagram  #tatatopshelf



Oct 20, 201910:10
E7: If Ya Don't Know...Now Ya Know!!

E7: If Ya Don't Know...Now Ya Know!!

Welcome to the Tata Show!! I am your hostess for the evening, Tata..  Thank you for stopping by and listening.  I very much appreciate that.  And I really mean it because that leads me to the subject of this podcast.  As many might know, I started an online business several months ago.  I developed and created my own Private Label Brand called BarTata under my business Tata TopShelf.  BarTata's bar products can be found on Amazon.  

I have an online women fashion store called RueTata.  but Im focusing on my Amazon Store at the moment but eventually would like to see that grow too.  So, I may be wrong but isn't my family and close friends suppose to support you in your endeavors.   I mean, don't they want you to succeed.  I get no support from my family and not really my close friends either.  I do get support from acquaintances and co-workers, and strangers.  I am very much appreciate that.    When this question was posted on one of my FB group on entrepreneurial journeys,  many expressed the dissatisfaction with their family members and close friends not supporting them.  I wasn't alone.  Whew!! I was glad about that because then I think that my family are like other families with entrepreneurs in the family.   You see, I am the first.  Most of my family work for someone or a company.  Which is great too because I do too. I work for the state full time.  And a business owner on the side.  Anyways, I am the first to have a business and I think they expects me to fail.  But failure is not in the business not working. Failure is in not getting back up and keep going.  That is the only failure I know.  

So okay what is the Amazon thing doesn't work?  What if no one buys my products?  Well, then I keep going and find another product that does.  And I won't stop until I succeed.  F.A.I.L.   First attempt in learning.  

The only close friend that has been very supportive. I wanna give a shout out to my longtime friend, Patti Peterburs.  Thank you girl.  You are my rock!  love ya.  

To quote the infamous rapper Notorious BIG...If ya didn't know, now ya know.....

So wanna give you an update on my products and my journey thru the Amazon...

Second product 5in1 Spork is live on amazon. 

My next product is a 4 piece Copper Finish Stainless Steel Boston Cocktail Shaker set with glass, japanese jigger 4 sizes and a hawthorne strainer.  Beautiful!!  Coming to Amazon end of the October...

Next product after that is a Moroccan Design Martini Glass.  Elegant, Classy, BarTata..Beautiful.  Ima try to get that in before Christmas.  Well thats it for Tata.  Thank you for listening and remember the Joy is in the Journey....Tata for Now!

Oct 09, 201914:12
E6: Updates on Tata TopShelf presents...

E6: Updates on Tata TopShelf presents...

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Tata Show.  I am your host, Tata.  Today episode is going to be a good one but it will be short one.  I wanted to give you some updates on whats going on in Tata's world.  

As you may remember, I recently launched my Amazon store called Tata TopShelf.  I sell Premium Quality Bar Tools and Accessories under my brand name BarTata.     

My second product has been shipped to the Amazon Fulfillment Center.  I''m so excited about this product.  It is a must have for anyone who has a home bar, or is a bartender.  Tata TopShelf presents....BarTata's latest product:  the 5-in-1 Bar tool Spoon Fork Knife Bottle Opener and Can Opener is perfects for camping, hiking, all outdoor activities.  Save the Planet:  instead of plastic spoons and forms, use this tool.  Saves space, time, and money. 

It will be available for purchase in about a week.  I'll attach the link in the show notes.  If you want to sign up for updates and discount codes for new products, subscribe at my website, the link is in the show notes. -  to purchase the 5-in-1 BarTata's Spork  -  to sign up for updates. 

This week, I will be bar-tending in the VIP Section at the PGA (Professional Golf Association) tour in Napa, California, which is about 1 1/2 hours away from me.  I will be staying at the beautiful Silverado Resort and Spa Hotel for 5 days.  I've bar tended in VIP Sections at weekend long music festivals concerts like Coachella, and at Sporting Events but never for 5 days straight.  I'm excited about it because it gives me the opportunity to make good money for my new business but worried that my elbow and wrist with tendinitis will cause me pain and I won't be able to perform as a bartender.  Im sure I am just nervous and talking that crazy talk but I do think about it.  But ultimately, this is a great opportunity for me and I would also want to share that with you.  I will come back after the gig is over and discuss my experiences.  Im also going to bring my new bar tools and I'll be show off my up and coming newest BarTata's Cocktail Shaker 4 piece Set Copper Finish .   It's so beautiful and premium quality.  BarTata's Crown Collection has a Copper Finish Boston Cocktail Shaker with mixing glass, Copper Finish Japanese Jigger, and Copper Finish Hawthorne Strainer.  This set is being manufactured right now exclusively for Tata TopShelf.  You can purchase the set soon on Amazon.   

Well, I think that is it for now.  Thank you all for listening and staying tuned in.  I so appreciate you listening and supporting me in this journey.  Like I always say...the Joy is in the Journey... okay stay tatalicious my friends...  Tata for Now!!


Sep 23, 201914:25
E5: Brain-Priming..What is It?

E5: Brain-Priming..What is It?

Welcome to the Tata Show. I am your host, Tata. Im excited about today's show. For several months now, I've been listening to a podcast called Epic Success with Dr. Shannon Irvine. She is an expert in brain priming. Dr. Shannon Irvine, has a PhD in NeuroScience and has extensive knowledge of in the study of neuro-hacking. You gonna want to check this out. It's changing the world according to Tata.
excerpt from her website:
The secret to epic success is retraining how we think
Turns out, it’s not about finding a new strategy or hustling harder. At the end of the day, strategies are just a vehicle, and work is just a tool. It’s you who matters.
As I earned my PhD, I discovered that our brains are able to change — a property called neuroplasticity — and that I could hardwire new ways of thinking, acting, and being. When I dug into this internal work and combined it with the strategies I’d been relying on for years, I was finally able to integrate my life and my business. I could take time away to spend with my kids, increase my impact through my nonprofit, and grow my revenue.
My experience and research has led me to create my 7-Figure Framework, a proven strategy for rewiring your mind to think, act, and be a successful entrepreneur. As a driven entrepreneur like me, I bet you can relate. If you feel the way I felt, you’re in the right place. Through my neuroscience-based framework, you too can transform your limiting thoughts into empowering truths, which will catapult you to your most epic life.
Joy is in the Journey.
Facebook @TataTopShelf
Sep 03, 201919:15
E4: Meet, Prey, and Love or ??

E4: Meet, Prey, and Love or ??

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Tata Show. I am your host.... Tata.  This Episode 4 is called Meet...Prey....and... Love or limerence. ??  Humm What can that be? 

I want to apologize for taking so long to do another podcast.  I've been experiencing tendinitis in my elbow and wrist and it has been causing me some pain, so Ive had to limit my time on my computer.  Also Ive been really focused on starting my business and that has consumed my time.  But frett not my little ones, I am back and sexy as ever!! hehe...

But I do need to mention that one big thing that help with my tendinitis was the pain freez rub CBD product.  That help alleviate the pain in my elbow and wrist so much... thank you CTFO for those products.  

Quick shout out to my sponsor:  Changing The Future Outcomes (CTFO), an CBD oil based company here in California.  I've been using their products now for a few months now and I'm loving them.  So definitely check that out if your interested in their products.  Link is in the show notes. 

Here is a link:

And If any one is interested in selling these products, you can sign up. Link in the show notes.

Okay, now on with the show!!

MEET:  Meet me.  Hello Im Tata,  youre hostess.  So I wanna talk a little about me.   

Bartender for Hire, Entrepreneur, full time government worker, and full time mom.  WHEW!!

Facebook Page:  Tata Topshelf

Amazon:  New Brand called BarTata, specializing in Bar Accessories and Tools.  (launching in September 2019)

Online Woman Fashion store:

PREY:  Prey as in the hunted and the prey...not pray like in spiritual way.

CEOs, Catholic Priests, Boy Scouts, Weinstein and all those movie producers...

LOVE: or    ......... Limerence?  What the heck?

..the state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one's feelings but not primarily for a sexual basically a romantic relationship.

Aug 15, 201917:24
Episode 3: Do You for online dating profiles
Jul 08, 201928:21
Episode 2 - One Way Highway

Episode 2 - One Way Highway

Real talk...........Catfishing
Jun 23, 201910:33
The Tata Show, Episode 1 Intro

The Tata Show, Episode 1 Intro

Deep discussion on relevant topics. Relationships. Money, Fashion, spirituality..
Jun 19, 201902:44