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Girl, its Time to Thrive

Girl, its Time to Thrive

By Taylor Squeglia

"Girl, it's Time to Thrive" is a podcast about empowering women in every aspect of their being. We will cover finances, health, fitness, relationships, motherhood, career, and self-love and everything in between.
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Small Steps, Big Moves Financially

Girl, its Time to ThriveNov 08, 2021

03. My 3 business tips for starting out
Mar 15, 202229:23
02. Moms, You are Enough with Diary of an Honest Mom
Mar 08, 202232:18
01. 3 Ways to Be Kind in a Cruel World

01. 3 Ways to Be Kind in a Cruel World

Welcome to season 2! 

A quick life update, because it has been a wild month off from podcasting. 

Today, I am sharing my vulnerability about cyber bullying and 3 ways to combat it. Let us shine more light in this dark world!

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Food Blog: Hangry is an Emotion

Mar 01, 202222:29
13. I launched The Confident Cook Course & The 5 Minute Grocery List
Jan 31, 202216:12
12. 3 Reasons Why You Should Plan Out Your Meals
Jan 24, 202210:38
11. Using the Power of Pinterest to Grow Your Business with Sandy Park
Jan 17, 202226:54
10. Finding Balance in your Health and Fitness Journey with Lena Siotis
Jan 10, 202227:41
9. Shift Your Mindset this Year

9. Shift Your Mindset this Year

This episode may be the unpopular opinion and hard truth, but I dive into mindset shifts that you can start today. I dive into positive thinking, manifestation, positive words, and opening yourself up to limiting beliefs. 

If you are ready to make 2022 you're year, then sign up for my Free 3 day Strategic Goal Planning Workshop and get ready to level up this year! Be open to what you are capable of. You have the ability to achieve anything you put your mind to. I believe in you. 

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Jan 03, 202217:59
8. Turn your Resolutions into Smart Goals you Accomplish

8. Turn your Resolutions into Smart Goals you Accomplish

Every year around this time people begin to talk about their resolutions. I for one love the idea of one chapter (year) ending and speaking out what you want for the next chapter. However, around 68% of Americans quit their resolutions by February 1. That is only 4 weeks into the year and many people fail, aka quit their goals.

In this episode I talk about ditching your resolutions and using the SMART goals framework. I did not create SMART goals, but I have mastered the framework and added to it. That is why I am offering a free 3 day Strategic Goal Planning workshop starting Tuesday January 11, 2022. I used this framework to go from $0 saved to over $11,000 saved within a year. I used this framework to hit all of my health and fitness goals. I have taught this framework for around 10 years to clients. I believe in the framework so much, that I wanted to offer it you for free. I want you to accomplish all of your goals in 2022. I believe in you! Let's ditch the statistic of failing by February 1 and achieve our goals this year, I mean after the past 2 years we all deserve a year of success!

Click Here -----> Join the Free 3-day Workshop

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Included in the workshop:

  • Private FB group- where I will host all 3 days of teaching
  • Live teaching that will last around 40 minutes with a Q/A
  • Workbook that will encourage you to create strategic goals
  • Interactive activities during each lesson
  • Saved teachings until January 27, 2022
  • Support from myself and the community 

Join the Workshop Here

I hope to see your pretty faces there, let's make 2022 our year! 🍾

Dec 28, 202110:39
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Dec 20, 202110:05
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Nov 29, 202141:40
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From 0 to Six Figures with Kyleigh Sage
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Small Steps, Big Moves Financially
Nov 08, 202107:11
Episode 1: The Trailer

Episode 1: The Trailer

Welcome, to "Girl, it's time to thrive"! Episode 1 is all about my vision for this podcast. How I came up with the concept and where I want it to go. You will meet me, Taylor Squeglia, a foodie chef turned food blogger using her business finance degree to now help millennial women cut back their expenses and save for their future. This show is so much more than what I can do to help you. This show will feature strong women who have expertise in areas I do not. This show is about women empowering women, so every single woman; no matter race, background, or financial status has the chance to thrive. 

So, girl it is your time to thrive!

You can learn more about me at:

Find Free resources at:

Sign up for my "Host the Holidays on a Budget Masterclass" at

Nov 01, 202103:44