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The Black Women’s Book Collective

The Black Women’s Book Collective

By Black Women's Book Collective

The Black Women's Book Collective is a podcast hosted by Ashanique and Zenobia to honor both literary and emotional intelligence. We gather with Black Wombyn/Womxn/Women creatives in the spirit of art, healing, and learning as they share their journeys and their sacred work. We exist as a book club and sisterhood that supports one another through communal processing and moving discussions.

Join us every third of the month in Los Angeles for snacks, sharing, and sisterhood!
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Episode 7: Season 1 Finale : We plan and God laughs

The Black Women’s Book CollectiveDec 14, 2020

Episode 7: Season 1 Finale : We plan and God laughs
Dec 14, 202042:37
Ep: 6 Centering Brown Girls with Khristi Lauren Adams

Ep: 6 Centering Brown Girls with Khristi Lauren Adams

Rev. Khristi Lauren Adams is a speaker, author, youth advocate and ordained Baptist minister.  Khristi is the author of Parable of the Brown Girl which is published by Fortress Press and released February 2020. The book highlights the cultural and spiritual truths that emerge from the lives of young black girls. She is currently working on her next book, Unbossed: Learning from the Righteous Leadership of Black Girls (Winter, 2022) with Broadleaf Books.

 She works as the Firestone Endowment Chaplain and an Instructor of Religious Studies and Philosophy at The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Khristi also works as Interim Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the Hill School. She is the Founder & Director of “The Becoming Conference”, an annual conference designed to empower, educate & inspire girls between the ages of 13-18. Khristi is a graduate of Temple University with a degree in Advertising and a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary where she obtained a Master of Divinity degree. Khristi is an alum of the 2017 class of Lead New Jersey, a select group of fellows participating in a year-long program designed to educate, transform, and empower the next generation of leaders from the public, social, and private sectors. She also currently sits on the advisory board for Word Made Flesh, a non-profit organization existing to serve among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor.

Keep up with Khristi @khristiadams

Purchase "Parable of the Brown Girl” at Amazon

Learn more about Khristi at

Nov 15, 202054:08
Episode 5: Poetry as a Language w/ CieraJevae
Oct 11, 202051:30
Episode 4: Untold Stories w/ Lauren Francis Sharma

Episode 4: Untold Stories w/ Lauren Francis Sharma

Lauren Francis-Sharma is the author of the critically acclaimed novel ’Til the Well Runs Dry and the recently released Book of the Little Axe. On this episode, you will hear how Lauren shifted from her longtime career as a lawyer into a full-time writer while still managing being both a wife and mother. She takes us on a journey of her writing processes, pivoting during COVID-19, the importance of supporting the everyday writer and her expansion of vulnerability.  Her writing inspired by her grandmother  is a reflection of her West-Indies roots, giving power to the untold stories of the everyday woman entailing a rich combination of both nonfiction and fictional characters. Keep up with Lauren on Instagram  @Laurenfsharma Lauren discussed how she became a writer at Purchase 'Til The Well Runs Dry' and 'Book of the Little Axe' on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Book Shop.  Learn more about Lauren at Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @BlackWomensbookcollective @TBWBC

Sep 13, 202044:33
Episode 3: Push Through w/ Nicole D. Vick

Episode 3: Push Through w/ Nicole D. Vick

Nicole D. Vick, public health advocate and author of Amazon’s Bestseller “Pushing Through: Finding the Light in Every Lesson ” takes us on a journey of combining her passions for public health, social justice and equity within marginalized communities. Displaying all of her wonderful Black Girl Magic, lean in as Nicole embraces her new title as an author as she explores her healing and writing processes. 

Keep up with Nicole  at 

Purchase "Push Through" at Watch Nicole's Ted Talk at 

Learn more about Nicole at Follow us on Instagram & Twitter  @BlackWomensbookcollective @TBWBC

Aug 09, 202044:03
Episode 2: Get Over Yourself w/ Tamika Christy

Episode 2: Get Over Yourself w/ Tamika Christy

 Tamika Christy, author of “Never Too Soon” & Anytime Soon takes us on her journey as she takes her dad’s advice to “get over yourself” in order to claim her passions for writing. Claiming her new crown as a writer, she delves into completed family relationships. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter  @BlackWomensbookcollective @TBWBC
Jul 12, 202045:43
Episode 1: Why TBWBC?

Episode 1: Why TBWBC?

Tune in to our first episode as Hosts Ashanique and Zenobia discuss the Who, What, and Why of the TBWBC Podcast.

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