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Miguel's Readings

By Miguel's Readings

Listen the audio version of Miguel Guhlin's blog entries. The text version is available online at . You can also follow Miguel's work via Twitter -
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Technology End of School Year Procedures

Miguel's ReadingsMay 15, 2018

TCEA Responds: Beginner's Guide to Classroom iPads

TCEA Responds: Beginner's Guide to Classroom iPads

This second grade teacher has new iPads, but needs ideas on how best to use them for learning. Check out all of the resources we provide her.
Aug 01, 201813:56
Microsoft iOS Apps on Your iPad
Aug 01, 201807:14
Principal Whack-a-Mole with Your iPad
Aug 01, 201808:40
Chromebook Apps for Young Learners
Aug 01, 201804:21
Back to School: Five Tips for CTOs
Aug 01, 201807:48
Go Large: Share Your Message Full Screen
Aug 01, 201805:22
Infographics Made Simple
Aug 01, 201808:22
Make Thinking Physical: Coding Your Creations
Jul 10, 201804:41
Five Google Docs Hacks
Jul 10, 201806:50
Google Drive Cleaner: Remove Duplicate Files
Jul 10, 201808:38
Five Ways to Succeed with Personalized Learning
Jul 10, 201811:00
Humanities Go Digital: Coding and Storytelling
Jul 10, 201807:14
5E Modeling: Engage with Google’s Applied Digital Skills Lessons
Jul 10, 201813:29
Lesson Planning: 5E Model + Tech with the ISTE Standards (Part Two)
Jul 10, 201808:08
Project Management Fundamentals
Jun 22, 201816:43
Create Interactive Learning with a Choice Board

Create Interactive Learning with a Choice Board

Innovative teachers empower students through the use of the choice board, either in paper or digital format. Learn how and see examples in this blog.
Jun 18, 201805:45
Battle Royale: Gaming in Schools
Jun 18, 201809:23
TCEA Responds: Google Shortcuts
Jun 18, 201802:26
TCEA Responds: OneNote with Google Classroom?
Jun 18, 201808:27
TCEA Responds: Making Connections
Jun 18, 201806:32
Microsoft Teams Updates
Jun 18, 201804:04
Design Thinking Learning
Jun 18, 201811:25
Napkin PD: Solving Problems Together
Jun 18, 201808:39
When Text to Speech Matters
May 29, 201810:22
TCEA Responds: Google Shortcuts
May 29, 201802:52
UDL Chromebook Opportunities for Learning
May 29, 201805:13
Panic Pendants: Increasing School Safety
May 29, 201806:21
Make Innovation Possible
May 29, 201806:08
Infographics Templates with Google Slides
May 29, 201807:09
A PBL Approach to Texas History
May 22, 201808:30
Napkin PD: Transform Learning with Google Tools
May 22, 201810:14
Lesson Planning: 5E Model+Tech with the ISTE Standards (Part One)
May 17, 201811:31
District Data Warehouse: Proposal Process
May 16, 201810:42
Technology End of School Year Procedures
May 15, 201806:50
Growing Your Technical Support Staff
May 15, 201807:07
Kindling STEM Learning in Your Classroom
May 15, 201807:38
Coaching Made Less Difficult
May 15, 201811:55
Simple Video Tricks
May 15, 201809:21