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Real with Teal

Real with Teal

By Teal Cooper

My mission is to change the way we operate as entrepreneurs. With this podcast, I hope to expand people's mindsets by stepping into a higher state of consciousness, to follow their deepest desires, break free from from societal programs & limiting beliefs to become in alignment and live their utmost fulfilling life.
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17. Season 1: | SOLO acne breakthrough

Real with TealFeb 04, 2023

17. Season 1: | SOLO acne breakthrough
Feb 04, 202315:02
16. Season 1: Dating Journey to Self Love with Blaire Ward
Feb 04, 202350:09


Introducing the Real with TEAL podcast. Join Teal for deep and meaningful conversations with the top thought leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs to discover what truly creates fulfillment and more importantly learn how we can all live our utmost fulfilling lives while achieving our deepest desires.

Feb 04, 202301:14
17. Never Settle with Carissa Stanton
Apr 22, 202244:28
16. Break The Matrix with Tiffany Paul

16. Break The Matrix with Tiffany Paul

Today we get real with Tiffany Paul about breaking free from societal programs & limiting beliefs, doing the inner work, and going after your dream life.

Tiffany is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the founder of Slept Life a curated sleep marketplace. Owner of travel business which took some major pivots due to covid, and she recently launched a Consulting business for influencers developing their own product-based brands.

Tiffanys is the host of a podcast called Break The Matrix and today we really tap into what breaking the matrix really means.

She empowers people to break free from the societal programs aka the matrix and inspires people to wake up to their truth, their desires, and what they actually want instead of what they should want.

Connect with Tiffany on IG @iamtifffanypaul

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Apr 08, 202259:47
15. Overcoming the Ego with Brandon Blum
Mar 25, 202240:56
14. Finding Your Soul Purpose with Michael Armstrong

14. Finding Your Soul Purpose with Michael Armstrong

Today's episode I get real with Michael Armstrong. Michael is a Soul Purpose Coach who helps people thrive in their space of genius. As a former tech entrepreneur, he has built multiple startups, sold a company and spoken about the evolution of social media at tech conferences. Michael has grown a social media following of over half a million people talking about the infinite nature of souls. He is dedicated to illuminating the untapped potential each of us have within so we can live our best life yet.
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Mar 11, 202239:32
13. Finding Flow in Alignment VS Being in Resistance with Christina Rice

13. Finding Flow in Alignment VS Being in Resistance with Christina Rice

Today I get real with Christina Rice or better known as Christina the Channel. Christina is an intuitive channel, celebrity energy healer, author of Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe, and founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing, who guides individuals to break through – without the bullshit – so they can live an authentic, abundant, and aligned life. Christina has helped thousands of people master the energetics of their businesses, relationships, and health through The Channel Collective, as well as programs like No BS Business School and Abundance Accelerator. She is also the host of her own podcast of 6 years, Christina the Channel, and founder of The Podcast Connector. Today we dive in on all things energy, manifestation, entrepreneurship, and de-glorifying the struggle throughout the journey. We chat about what it means to find your flow while co-creating with the universe versus being in a constant state of resistance. 

Order Christina's book Manifestation Mastery on Amazon! 

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Join her membership to raise your frequency and upgrade your life. 

Mar 04, 202201:31:10
12. Find Your Gifts & Remember Your Power with Whitney Eckis
Feb 25, 202234:40
11. Let’s Get Gritty with it | SOLO

11. Let’s Get Gritty with it | SOLO

GRIT is one of my favorite words & it’s one of our core values at VendiBean. Today I get real about our startup journey, redefining what hard work looks like and that struggle is not a requirement for success. Connect with me @teal.cooper
Feb 18, 202222:33
10. Ditch the Timeline & Stay Present with Samantha Pantazopoulos

10. Ditch the Timeline & Stay Present with Samantha Pantazopoulos

Getting real with Sam Pantazapoulos about her perspectives on mindset, work/ life balance, staying present & manifestation.  Sam is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vizer, an app designed to give people healthier habits while making working out more meaningful by giving people the opportunity to donate meals to those in need as a reward for working out. She just turned 26 and is crushing the entrepreneurship life by leading a team of 10 employees & focusing daily on awareness, being present, and truly balancing starting a company while also prioritizing her mental and emotional states of being. We dive into her journey of building Vizer. She shares the scrappy moments and what entrepreneurship has taught her about herself. She shares her views on manifestation, what entering a higher state of consciousness looks like, and the importance of ditching the timeline and choosing to stay present instead.  Connect with Sam @sampantazopoulos Connect with me @teal.cooper Share with a friend & Tag @realwithteal 
Feb 11, 202230:39
9. Let's Get Real About Imposter Syndrome | SOLO

9. Let's Get Real About Imposter Syndrome | SOLO

Imposter syndrome is something that I believe comes and goes in our life whenever we step out of our comfort zone and evolve into something new.  Today I share my experiences with imposter syndrome and how I've learned to face it. I give you some tangible practices that has helped me to stop give the voices power that prevent us from playing BIG. If this episode helped you in any way or resonates please share & review  If you enjoyed this episode I would love to hear from you! Screenshot / Share / Tag @realwithteal Connect with me @teal.cooper
Feb 04, 202209:32
8. Perception is EVERYTHING with Trevor Jensen
Jan 28, 202231:38
7. Manifest Your Dream Life with Lindsay Rose
Jan 21, 202245:00
6. Breakthroughs in Joshua Tree | SOLO
Jan 11, 202213:24
5. Forget about the "How" with Michael Sutton
Jan 11, 202251:57
4. Getting Real About Breakups | SOLO
Jan 11, 202214:40
3. Fill Your Cup Up First with Kayleigh Christina
Jan 11, 202227:53
2. Attract More Abundance Into Your Life with Lauren Guerrieri
Jan 11, 202244:23
1. About TEAL | SOLO
Jan 11, 202221:05