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TECHnically in Business

TECHnically in Business

By Eyinimofe

The TECHnically in Business podcast is a place where I, a female ‘non-techy’ millennial share my many triumphs and challenges on the journey to building a global tech business from home in Lagos, Nigeria.

The podcast will have a lot of relevant and actionable steps you can take if you are also young in business as I share a lot of behind the scenes, thought process content.

TECHnically in Business is a must listen for young ambitious and uncommon women forging their path and creating their own success on their own terms.
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I severed ties with a Baker (Part 1)

TECHnically in Business Oct 19, 2019

I severed ties with a Baker (Part 1)

I severed ties with a Baker (Part 1)

This is a story about the 2nd and last time we removed a baker as a partner on the platform.

Like any startup founder of an online marketplace will tell you, sometimes you have to sever ties with a vendor partner who violates one of the terms of the agreement. 

Oct 19, 201907:27
How I let my 1st (almost) customer get away

How I let my 1st (almost) customer get away

This is a podcast about the first customer we could have sold to but didn’t 😊
Oct 18, 201907:12
Podcast name change notice

Podcast name change notice

The Official unveiling of the “TECHnically in Business Podcast with Eyinimofe” name change.
Oct 10, 201902:19
EP. #3: 7 ways I reduced my online business startup costs
Apr 11, 201921:54
EP. #2: Starting and naming my podcast

EP. #2: Starting and naming my podcast

In the second episode, I will tell you "how" I started my podcast and the process I went through choosing my podcast name. In this episode alone, you have been shown how super easy it is to start your own podcast and have been shown the tools I have used to get off the ground in less than 2 days. 

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Mar 09, 201926:45
EP. #1: Introductory episode
Feb 26, 201911:31