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Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla

Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla

By Teja Kummarikuntla

The Exploiting Podcast is a weekly show with Conversations and Unicasts, Hosted by Teja Kummarikuntla. We resonate by diving deep into the exploiting actions by the incredible Technical, and Business leaders. With Unicasts we amplify the wisdom in the world that could help us to transform. Sounds exciting? Come exploit with us at:
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Sudharsan Ravichandiran: On Authoring Best-Selling Books in Data Science

Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla Apr 02, 2023

Sudharsan Ravichandiran: On Authoring Best-Selling Books in Data Science
Apr 02, 202315:36
Heath Slawner: On How To Find Your WHY?
Feb 13, 202201:11:53
Boris Paskhaver: On Business Economics to Software Engineering
Nov 14, 202101:15:43
Jalem Raj Rohit: On How to Clutch Data Science From Academia to Industry
May 23, 202101:00:46
Paul Azunre: On Balancing Passion and Profession | Music and Machine Learning
May 09, 202153:03
Nidhi Thakkar: On How to Build Career In Data Science From Academia to Industry
Mar 28, 202101:00:52
Marco Faella: On Building a Seriously Good Software
Mar 15, 202148:34
Craig Dennis: On Becoming a Developer Educator
Feb 14, 202150:37
Dr. Justin Chan: On Making Data Driven Decisions | DDI
Feb 07, 202101:37:07
Reuven M. Lerner: On Understanding the Crux of Consulting and Training
Jan 31, 202101:16:43
Christian Clausen: On Grounding The Five Lines of Code with Consistency
Jan 17, 202156:49
Bhavesh Bhatt: On How to Propel and to Prepare for Data Science Interviews
Jan 10, 202101:27:45
Roy Osherove: On Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone | Elastic Leadership
Dec 28, 202001:07:57
Yan Cui: On Becoming an AWS Servlerless Hero

Yan Cui: On Becoming an AWS Servlerless Hero

What does it take to be consistent on a certain technology and build a career with valiant efforts? 

Yan Cui, AWS Servels Hero, Developer Advocate at and helping companies around the world adopt serverless as an independent consultant and the host of the Real-world serverless podcast shared his journey behind becoming a burning monk in the cloud ecosystem

Book: Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition | Manning Publications



Nov 30, 202056:51
Gianluca Mauro: On Making AI Democratic | Founding AI Academy
Nov 23, 202001:10:04
Prateek Narang: On How to Build an Effective Path in Engineering
Nov 16, 202001:03:05
Mat Leonard: On How to Start, Shift, or Build Career in Data Science
Nov 02, 202001:11:19
Unicast: On Bursting The Brain Biases and BRules

Unicast: On Bursting The Brain Biases and BRules

The most significant types of thinking we adopt from friends, family, and society are typically biased by the rules that have been created by people and the culture scape; putting those rules into execution may end up in a lack of fulfillment, figuring out and knowing what rules to follow and what rules to break can make you empowered with a Purpose.

In this episode of Unicast, Teja spoke about his idea of Breaking the Bruels, The Bull S*!t Rules from the book “The Code of The Extraordinary Mind” for clearing the biased thinking in our lifestyle.

Oct 26, 202007:21
Todd McLeod: On How to Become Healthier, Wealthier and Happier

Todd McLeod: On How to Become Healthier, Wealthier and Happier

What's a true fulfillment mean to a human?, is that Knowledge, Money, or fame, or something beyond that? or something which is always with us? Identifying the true potential and purpose of an individual and letting that purpose become the passion with a lot of wisdom can be a life-changing fulfillment. Todd and Teja spoke about the incredible journey of becoming Healthier, Wealthier, and Happier.




Oct 19, 202001:34:08
Paul Orland: On Applying Machine Learning in Oil and Gas Industry | Founding Tachyus
Oct 11, 202043:23
Bob Belderbos: On How To Build and Grow Communities In Technology | Founding PyBites
Oct 05, 202054:14
Unicast | ELI5 ON: Explaining Machine Learning To A Five Year Old
Sep 27, 202005:52
Rathinamurthy R: On Disrupting The Way Developers Learn | Founding Crio.Do
Sep 14, 202035:08
Unicast: On Chasing Grit With Transformation
Sep 06, 202004:16
Miguel Morales: On How Reinforcement Learning Aligned With Human Learnings
Aug 30, 202001:26:36
Unicast: On Killing ANTs, Automatic Negative Thoughts
Aug 24, 202005:19
Michael Kennedy: On Building a Successful Podcast in Technology | Self-employment
Aug 17, 202001:30:48
Unicast: On Hiking Your Own Hike
Aug 10, 202007:01
Josh Starmer: On Founding StatQuest, and Pivoting Career into YouTube | Self-employment
Aug 02, 202043:15
Unicast: How to Transform your Actions with One Percent Rule
Jul 27, 202004:36
Frank Kane: On How to Become a Successful Online Instructor in Technology | Self Employment
Jul 19, 202049:11
Luis Serrano: On Unlocking The Intuition Behind Math and Machine Learning
Jul 06, 202001:15:52
Balamurugan SP: On Transforming Vernacular Learning for 6 Years
Jun 29, 202059:26
Saikiran Sondarkar: On Disrupting the Education with LetsUpgrade
Jun 15, 202051:07
Introduction: Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla
Jun 03, 202001:02