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Struggling Blessed BUT Not Alone

Struggling Blessed BUT Not Alone

By Teresa Guffanti

A Motivational, Inspirational, Hope, and Faith inspired podcast. Where the host Teresa shares her life stories of Struggles and interviews others on their struggles -storms of life. Teresa's faith and love for the Lord will take you on a journey To show you that God is for you and not against you. That Gods love for you is everlasting. She stands on the bible verse you can do ALL Things With Christ who Strengthens You Philippians 4:13 also that God will never leave you or for sake you Deuteronomy 31:8 Pleas check out this podcast it is not perfect but she will bring you hope 4 sure.
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A big thank you and words of encouragement

Struggling Blessed BUT Not AloneJul 24, 2023

A big thank you and words of encouragement

A big thank you and words of encouragement

As much as teresa, the host does not come on and do her podcast as much. She’s going to be very thankful today and share good news. What’s going on Arambel. And so much more. God is always working and she looks forward to thinking all of you for all the episodes and all the lessons. I hope you enjoy this and come back for more to listen to the host as she loves to share the good news of God
Jul 24, 202320:00
Trust the Lord with all

Trust the Lord with all

Oh welcome welcome one and all! Teresa shares as she’s been gone for such a while. What is going on now and how you just need to trust the Lord with all. Yep she’s always trusting and believing in her faith will show you. Not who she is, but who she trusts and believes in. All you need is a small mustard seed to pay. And God will get you through it all. The journey is not easy her life is interesting But her trust gets her through it each and every day.
Apr 27, 202325:18
Trust the process

Trust the process

The host teresa. Now is at a school for blind students. And she shares what’s going on and how she needs to trust the process of God working in and through her. As well as the process I’m going to rehab for they’ve got a whole process that really does work and trusting at all. She’ll show you how no matter what trouble you get in or what happens God will always work it out. Again, as you always know, her struggles are real and true. But she has so much faith in God that she knows he will bring her through it all. The storms of life are hard the devil tries. But as you know, no weapon formed against you because God says in his words, he will make sure that happens to trust the process and listening. It is a long podcast because as you know the host teresa. Will ramble on. But it’s a great one so listening and I hope you enjoy it. Have a blessed and wonderful day. And Romans 828 will always work.
Oct 08, 202247:45
On the move God is always working

On the move God is always working

This episode is where the host Teresa shares that she’s on the move again. What God is now working in her life and where she’s going next. And all of her friends and how they’re doing. From Luke Seibert and his podcast here I stand ministries. To Ann rights from inspirational journey stories that matter. And so much more why not listen and catch up with her and see where she’s going. She’s on the move again Yep God‘s got her moving. And there’s even a surprise from grandma struggles. Don’t miss out listen to it all from beginning to end and thank you as always
Aug 15, 202229:51
Planting a seed

Planting a seed

How God comes through. When we just sit with him. We don’t know when or how. But God shares with us to plant a seed. And how it will grow a mustard seed of faith will grow very strong. How the Bible is God‘s breath written by several authors. How Jesus is the way the truth and the light. The Bible is an amazing book. She shares that not one verse is important. But how the whole Bible or something we need to live by. She is the author teresa of this podcast and as always believes God will carry her through any storm of life. And will do the same for you. Trust believe and have faith in Jesus Christ
Jul 21, 202222:11
The struggle still happening but you’ve got to keep moving with faith!

The struggle still happening but you’ve got to keep moving with faith!

Just a few minutes with a host teresa. To share sometimes things don’t change right away but God‘s got a purpose. Hold on hold on tight for God‘s got a greater purpose for all. Join teresa she gives a little bit of a view of what’s going on next. And even when she doesn’t know she has that faith to keep moving.
Jul 02, 202209:51
Let’s talk about faith!

Let’s talk about faith!

This episode is all about faith. Teresa discusses what she believes what she knows and what she thinks is faith. How God will show up when you go first. Why not take a seat grab a cup of coffee and join in on today’s podcast. Teresa even has a special guest read Hebrews 11 wow amazing! Come on take a listen. God will show up when you start moving. It’s a faith walk. Have a listen. And have a blessed and wonderful day!
Jun 07, 202221:21
What does I am really mean!
Apr 26, 202220:54
Forgiveness and bitter Ness doesn’t live in our hearts and should not

Forgiveness and bitter Ness doesn’t live in our hearts and should not

This is an episode where Teresa the host just shares her thoughts. She rambles about forgiveness and bitterness. And how God will always come through. No matter the storm or struggle. Where she is today. And how she’s doing. And how we all must seek God‘s face on a daily basis. And how Jesus sits on the throne he’s the lord and lord and king of kings
Mar 16, 202219:34
Plans change but God is in control

Plans change but God is in control

Teresa the host of struggling blessed but not alone podcast shares how and what she thought for 2022 was going to be a life-changing event. It still will be. However, God‘s got a different plan the crashing story of what really happened really just a faith filled story. Of how she doesn’t know what’s going to happen but she needs to let her listeners know that the 2022 thoughts and dreams that she thought were correct. God changed it’s OK it’s all right. God is still on the throne she just gives an update of how only one month at the school and she’s back back where that’s why Baikal. Doesn’t matter all that’s the important thing is God is on the throne and he’s in control she’s seeking God‘s face to know what’s next listen to her short story. To let you know what is going on and how she’s not sure either but God is faithful and true. She always shares that he’ll never leave you or for sake you. And she totally can stand on that if nothing else the world may leave us the world may forsake us however as she shares in God‘s word Deuteronomy 31 eight God will never fail us he’ll never leave us or for sake us listen to the short podcast and just hear what she doesn’t really know what’s next but she will stay prayed up and share
Feb 11, 202213:50
Teresa‘s journey for next year 2022

Teresa‘s journey for next year 2022

Teresa the host from Struggling Blessed BUT Not Alone podcast. Shares all that she’s going through and her worst struggle ever. But how God comes through right on time. How he’s never late. And how he’ll help you just as well. Her struggles are real and true and hard. However she has so much faith she really truly believes that God‘s gonna get her through the next storm of life. Wait to hear all that she’s looking forward to doing next year. And a special prayer for each and everyone to hear. Hope you enjoy your holiday season. And welcome in 2022. And pray for each and everyone that God blesses you no matter what your storms of life are he is truly working. He comes right on time never a day late or a dollar shy
Dec 02, 202126:25
How God will show up right on time teresa story

How God will show up right on time teresa story

As a host teresa sounds really sad and is going through a lot. She really is however she shares how God is working how things are coming together. How the struggles are getting harder but God is really showing up right on time. How there is going to be a blessing after 12 months. What the update is happening in her life. Her thoughts her emotions are really hard at this time but she’s got to share. There’s someone out there in this world who needs the help so she does this episode and tells you her struggle and things of God‘s doing to make it all better. It will not be easy but listen to this episode and get the glory of God‘s taking her next. It’s an amazing update but a hard one at that
Oct 26, 202124:28
Terri Mays doesn’t waste not one of her gifts or talents when serving the Lord
Sep 26, 202146:15
When God whispers to you from under the bed

When God whispers to you from under the bed

Today on struggling bless but not alone podcast. I interview Tommy Jackson. Who is he wow wait till you hear. You may Google him and see all the titles he has. But the biggest greatest title he has is a child of the most high God. His life has not been easy. But he has a great man of faith. Who knows how to be obedient to the Lord. Come on and sit down and listen to this great and wonderful podcast with a wonderful man who loves the Lord. You won’t be shocked but you will be surprised. His greatest love is the Lord. He goes into the garden and sits at the throne. He knows he’s a man who doesn’t wavering his faith but knows to be obedient. To the king of kings and the great I am. Again just come and listen.
Sep 14, 202101:21:35
Encouraging and activating faith

Encouraging and activating faith

Teresa the host. Gives a raw and real discussion. With a no holds bar mistakes and all podcast. Sharing bits of truth and nuggets that she’d like you to hold onto in times of tough times. Two books and so much more she’d like you to check out to help you in your time of need while you’re hurting and your struggle. No God is always there and with you. He will never leave you or for sake you. Again so much truth in this podcast with teresa just bring raw real and live not editing this content at all. Books by Dr. Tony Evans and Charles Stanley as well as shares music artists with you things that you can use while you’re having tough times in life. She challenge it just you to get the books that she speaks about in her podcast one can you still trust God by Dr. Charles Stanley and two kingdom encounters experiencing more of God when life hurts by Dr. Tony Evans she challenges you to activate your faith is someone in clubhouse has asked her to do as well. Enjoy this episode
Aug 06, 202128:52
The store may be hard but the blessings that God will always provide

The store may be hard but the blessings that God will always provide

This episode is another segment of teresa‘s life. Teresa is a host. Shared with all of you some blessings that she’s had during the storms of her life the trials and tribulations. How God will always come through. It’s raw it’s real it’s original. For your listening enjoyment. I pray this blesses you as it’s blessed teresa to share her struggles of life with you. God is alive and real today and he’s always working. No matter what we think in life he’s got a path for you and his journey is real. I hope her story of what she’s going through and how God is blessing her during her storm helps you. Enjoy
Jun 15, 202133:39
Resources God has for you. Plus what’s going on in my life for teresa

Resources God has for you. Plus what’s going on in my life for teresa

This episode is a continuous action of resources and sources. This week teresa speaks about what God shows her with resources. Also she shares a little bit of her life. As well as she shares Luke’s new ventures. A lady by the name of Jackie King Scott and her books. So much to enjoy. Please listen follow share and enjoy each episode. Just know they’re not perfect the host teresa has a learning curve. But nobody in this world is perfect other than Jesus. May God bless you always and enjoy
May 29, 202118:19
Who truly is our source in this world!

Who truly is our source in this world!

This podcast is totally working on the next season. Teresa the host will share the changes in her podcast. Teresa will also share in her podcast today who is truly your source. Who should we go to when the world thinks we need all these resources. Teresa praise that as you listen to this podcast you truly say that’s food for thought. Enjoy today’s podcast stay tuned as always she will keep you uplifted and in great spirits for the Lord.
May 13, 202115:33
We are the church Dash help is on the way
Apr 30, 202129:23
Grandma struggles shares her story her Bible verse and a little bit more

Grandma struggles shares her story her Bible verse and a little bit more

This is just a fun episode. All about grandma struggles. She tells a little bit more about her life. How she met grandpa struggles. Where she worked. And why John 1135 is her favorite Bible verse. Again it’s just in fun and in love and to share the good news of God. Hope you enjoy this episode get a few chuckles and come back next week for more. I pray you’ll even go back and check out other episodes. May God bless all you do keep you hold you and protect you. Enjoy this episode
Apr 23, 202129:25
You do matter and a prayer

You do matter and a prayer

Today’s episode is just a little bit of joy hope peace and love. The host just wanted to pour encouraging words and let you know you do matter. And a prayer from the heart thank you for always listening
Apr 17, 202109:05
Faith, trust, and all the connections teresa has made in the clubhouse

Faith, trust, and all the connections teresa has made in the clubhouse

This episode is all about Trust Faith and Connections that The Host Teresa has made in the last few weeks on Clubhouse a new social media network on the internet.
Teresa shares Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV Bible verse with you all. How this verse is really such a powerful verse in her life. How you can trust in God for sure.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6
Teresa also shares with you all 2 new friends she has met on clubhouse.
The First friend she speaks about is her new friend Danny Dehek. She shares a little about his life and his beliefs. Mr. Dehek interviews Ann and Teresa while they hang out in the clubhouse app. Teresa also as she shares about her new friend Danny Dehek. Invites you to listen to another podcast that Danny does about his beliefs. Here is the link to check that interview out. is his website. Danny podcast show is called What the Dehek podcast
The podcast shows you need to listen to for sure are.
This podcast show is called what the dehek podcast 12 questions with Teresa Guffanti – Ann Harrison Blind sighted ladies.

The other podcast is called what the dehek ex Jehovah’s witness.

Then check out Pastor Thomas internet radio channel. .net

Teresa will have more information about this episode on Her blog at

Teresa-blessings. Blog

In the days to come that blog post will be called Trust Faith and Connections with a little of Grandma Struggles

If you would like to donate to her podcast. You can do so by going to Guffanti or click on the supports this podcast button.

Please share this podcast with a friend, hit the follow button. Thank you for listening.

All of this information is also on Teresa’s website www.Teresa-Blessings. blog

in her show to check out.
Apr 09, 202140:42
Blind for a purpose with blazing Blake

Blind for a purpose with blazing Blake

This episode features the voice of struggling bless but not alone. Not the host but the announcer. Why not check out this episode. And learn more about blazing Blake in blind for a purpose. Blake Lindsay is the Manager of Communications and Outreach with Envision Dallas. Totally blind since infancy, Blake offers a unique perspective on all aspects of the Envision Dallas employment, education and programs.
Blake Lindsay is a well-known voice talent on Dallas Fort worth radio stations such as KISS-FM and KLUV and manages his own production company Blazin’ Blake Productions in his free time. He produces nationwide radio and TV commercials, and specialized audio branding for businesses. He has also authored two books. Out of Sight Living: A Sightless Person with Pure Vision, as well as Blind for a Purpose, Turning Life Challenges into Purpose in Life.
Prior to joining Envision Dallas, Lindsay worked with Zig Ziglar Corporation, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Bank of America. He attended Brookhaven Community College in Farmers Branch/North Dallas.
Apr 02, 202157:31
Pouring out positivity while in the midst of a real struggle

Pouring out positivity while in the midst of a real struggle

This episode is about although I’m going through a struggle, pouring out positivity is a must. God has lead me to various1 types of hope and encouragement.
Mar 26, 202125:21
The strength only God can give to a daughter first then a wife and a mother of seven

The strength only God can give to a daughter first then a wife and a mother of seven

This episode is about a mom who struggles with being a mom. This episode is for anyone who’s married who has children who loves their mom dearly and is blessed by God by being a mom. Sit back relax enjoy this episode of Miss Ruth Bonfield sharing her life story about how God is her strength through it all. I pray this episode will enlighten you how God will always give you the strength to go through something Bio:

I’m a wife, mom and hairdresser. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 27 years. We have 3 beautiful daughters. I have been a hairdresser for 30 years and thoroughly enjoy what I do. Throughout my life I have had many struggles that I’ve had to deal with. Thankfully I have always had the strength needed to get through them thanks to God.
Mar 19, 202101:01:14
Detours may surprise you but God knows your path

Detours may surprise you but God knows your path

Today’s podcast is all about how God really is in control. Did you ever have a dream that was put on hold but many years later God gives it back to you better then when the dream first started. Well, teresa shares a story in her life about how she wants to go to College when she was a little girl. She has a long detour never thinking at some point the dream will come true. However, Let’s listen to how God gives her this dream back and even better fully paid for. Teresa shows her listeners that not only does she have faith to believe that God is able to do all types of things in her life. That all things are possible if you just have a mustard seed of faith. She shares a lot more about how during this 20-year detour God is birthing so much more to bring her too today. Where God now wants her to share her struggles with the world.
No Matter the struggles or storms of life. God will show up for you right on time. Trust in Him, talk with him, Lean on him. Watch his hand in your life for all. Teresa really does have a Romans 8:28 lifestyle.

If you would like to support this podcast not only can you hit that support button. Now you can give a one-time donation by going to Teresa’s pay Pal account. At

If you have a struggle in life and want to share it with Teresa and her listeners email Teresa at

Visit her website at

For mor information about low vision aids check out
Magnifying America or Patriot Vision Industries

or call them at 1-800-364-1610
May God bless you in all you do! Enjoy this week’s Podcast!

Mar 12, 202159:26
Luke Seibert the Blessing After The Crash Story

Luke Seibert the Blessing After The Crash Story

This week’s episode is all about my Guest Luke Seibert. Luke shares with us his life changing event. How this life changing event brings him on a journey that no one really saw coming. How God really is awesome. In bringing your life back no matter the storms of life

Luke Seibert lives in north Alabama and is the oldest of seven children. He has a background in carpentry and construction, but since becoming blind, has become an author and gone back to school. He enjoys writing novels, doing woodwork, and playing bluegrass music. Over the past few years, he became heavily involved in the National Federation of the Blind and serves on the board of the Alabama Association of Blind Students. Today, he is enrolled at Midwestern Baptist Seminary and preaches regularly at the church he attends.

Instagram link for Soap Commander:

Facebook for Soap Commander:

Soap commander website:

Luke’s website:

Luke’s Facebook:

“Scripture quotations used by Luke in the podcast are taken from the NASB (New American Standard Bible) Copyright 1971, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”

Teresa’s website for her blog
www.Teresa-Bliessings. Blog
Contact Teresa @

if you would like to support this podcast there are 3 ways to do so.

By clicking on Support button on your podcast player.
Or going to
By going to my pay pal account at

I Pray you all enjoy todays podcast. Luke’s Story will have you thinking about how GREAT GOD is!
Mar 05, 202101:18:40
Sources and resources where do you lean teresa shares where she leans to get them
Feb 26, 202101:00:20
Interview with Mandy from the abundant life

Interview with Mandy from the abundant life

This Podcast is all about the Host of The Abundant Life
Miss. Mandie will take you on a Life struggle that will have you thinking.

All about Mandie---
My name is Amanda Wiggins. Eleven years ago I had a life changing event that caused me to surrender to Jesus. Life before that day was filled with anger, sadness, and torment of all kinds. I walked around just existing, not fully living life. But since that day I have come to know what it means to have life in abundance, to the full, until it overflows (John 3:16). I am now able to love myself and my life because I chose to begin this walk of life with Jesus.
Once I began to experience the freedom of rejection, abandonment, fear, hatred, depression, and other torments I had the deep desire in my heart to share the things that God had taught me that has enabled me to now love myself and my life. I set out on a mission to let others know that they too can learn to love themselves and their lives no matter what the circumstances may be by creating a blog called “the abundant life.” On it I share the practical things that God has taught me, the biblical truths that He gave me understanding on, and the reasons for hope of a better future. I share some of my personal struggles, my embarrassing truths, my flaws, my failures, and the lessons that I have learned so that my readers will know that I am just like them. We are all equal in the eyes of God and He died so that all of us could have the opportunity to have life in abundance.
I write from life experiences only. I may not have a college degree but I have gone to the school of following the Holy Spirit and have learned so many life lessons that a text book could never teach me. I live and write by the wisdom and understanding that I have been given from God.

You can find Mandy at
Website and blog post
Facebook at
The Abundant Life

Do not forget Feb 23, 2021 to hear my interview with Ann from Inspirational Journeys stories that matter.
The links for that are

Podcast URL:


Words from the Host of Struggling Blessed Butt Not Alone

One minute - One Step - One day - AT A TIME.
That is all it takes to make a lasting change.

Having faith in the lord is more powerful than wishing on a star!
I challenge you to give it a try and see where the lord takes you!

Website for a personal journey with the Lord

All Things Struggling Blessed But Not Alone!
Struggling Blessed BUT not Alone Podcast Platforms


YouTube channel ---coming soon!-------- it is up but no video

happy Listening and May God bless all you do!

Feb 19, 202158:12
Encouraging words and a story from the host about her life

Encouraging words and a story from the host about her life

This Episode is all about Encouraging Words and The Host Teresa shares a story from her life.

All things Struggling Blessed but Not Alone





Teresa’s interview with Ann the host of on Inspirational Journeys Stories that matter.

You can find this interview on or after February 23, 2021.

@ Inspirational Journeys Stories That Matter


@ Ann’s YouTube channel

Checkout the WWJ’S On August 6-7 for Ann’s No Excuse to write at 12:00 ET.

checkout great reads by Jen Lowry the Author of

Sweet Potato Jones or Love over Pizza

Next Episode Mandy from The Abundant Life 4 U will Share her life story and Struggles.

Checkout Mandy @

Facebook @

the Abundant Life for you

For words that will help you in your life to inspire and encourage you no matter your struggle or storm of life.

Faith in God is more Powerful Then Wishing on A star!

By Teresa Guffanti

Thank You for listening! Please, share, Rate, message, and follow. This podcast

Blessings until next show! 😊

Feb 12, 202159:39
A friend and mentor interview

A friend and mentor interview

In today’s episode I interview a dear friend and Mentor Ann from inspirational Journey’s stories that matter. I pray you all enjoy this episode.
Ann Harrison is the author of The Spirit of Creativity: Inspirational Poems for the Creative at Heart. Three of her previously published books are in the process of being revised and rebranded. She has also been published in several anthologies, including a devotional entitled God Things: Hope for the Hurting, alongside Jen Lowry and fifteen other authors. Aside from her work as a Christian fiction author, Ann is a professional freelance writer. She also hosts the Inspirational Journeys Podcast, where she gives authors, creative artists and entrepreneurs a platform to share their stories. When she’s not interviewing special guests, she hosts solo episodes providing book reviews, reading selected poems, and sharing tips and encouragement for aspiring authors.Connect with Ann at the following links:
Social media:
Subscribe to my YouTube channel:
and my podcast:
other websites and ways to plug in to a church or bible APP I spoke about in today’s episode. More Links
Were One word writer podcast by Tish Bouvier.
WWJ’s by Jen Lowry check
Pastor Willie Mays at Corona Church of Christ (Pastor)
Pastor Chris from Through the Word Apt (Pastor)
Pastor Dr Charles Stanley in Touch Ministries (pastor, Author etc.)
My Pastor Dr Tony Evans at OBCF (international Pastor, Author, etc.)
you can always get mor from Teresa @ her website
thank you for listening, following, and joining me in all that I do. May God get the Glory for it all! until Next time Blessings!
A Friend and Mentor Iterveiw
Feb 05, 202134:49
Making a difference

Making a difference

This episode is about making a difference on purpose. There are three segments I hope you enjoy. Please share check it out and read it on your favorite podcast player !.
Jan 28, 202137:26


A motivational podcast that’ll help you through the storms of life just knowing that you are not alone encouraging you that you can do all things no matter what it is. Believe it and you can achieve it! Visit me at
Jan 22, 202146:58
The gift of gab

The gift of gab

faith based podcast sharing life struggles in journeys with the world this one has been created with a positive spin and an introgduction enjoy
Jan 15, 202123:08