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By Teresa Quinlan

Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan are bringing you guests to challenge the status quo. Explode the Status Quo. The only way to DO differently is to THINK differently. And business needs us to think differently, as leaders, so that we can explode through the barriers that keep us stuck.
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TNT 2.0: Episode 61 with Heather Younger and Kimberly Davis - THE COCKTAIL FOR HUMANITY

TNT ESQNov 29, 2020

TNT 2.0: Episode 103 with Ilyse Craft - THE ART OF MANIFESTING
Sep 26, 202142:31
TNT 2.0: Episode 102 with Suzy Clausen - HUMANIZING MENTAL HEALTH
Sep 19, 202147:58
TNT 2.0: Episode 101 with Duena Blomstrom - CLOSING THE HUMAN DEBT
Sep 12, 202148:20
TNT 2.0: Episode 100 with Chris Ho - CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP
Sep 05, 202132:52
TNT 2.0: Episode 99 with Holly Woods - THE GOLDEN THREAD

TNT 2.0: Episode 99 with Holly Woods - THE GOLDEN THREAD

Welcome to TNT 2.0 and Episode 99… Holly Woods PhD is a visionary who sees deeply into others’ souls. She activates and catalyzes what wants to come alive in people and guides them to manifest their dreams through practical strategies. She is the Founder of Emergence Institute and the Purpose LaunchLab. Holly brings 30 years of consulting and coaching in human and organizational development and two decades of experience building and scaling business and products to help entrepreneurs, visionaries and innovators create impact. She helps clients uncover their nuanced purpose, gain capacities and mindset to attain their unreasonable goals, and align decisions, products and systems around what matters most. Holly earned a PhD in Human & Organizational Development, is certified as an Integral Master Coach®, Purpose Guide®, Professional Mediator and Facilitator, Master Energy Practitioner, and is a Stages of Consciousness developmental practitioner. She is also the author of the #1 bestseller: The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life (2020). This book will dispel any notion that your life doesn’t matter. To Connect with Holly: LinkedIn: Join Purpose Creators Collective: Get the Bestseller The Golden Thread: Download Pivot on Purpose Course: For more Rhys Thomas: For more Teresa Quinlan:
Aug 29, 202148:55
T@T 2.0: Episode 98 with Teresa Quinlan and Rhys Thomas - IMPERMANENCE

T@T 2.0: Episode 98 with Teresa Quinlan and Rhys Thomas - IMPERMANENCE

T@T are episodes recorded with Rhys and Teresa as they discuss topics of interest to them that appear throughout their own lives, the lives of their clients, or are simply 'in the air'; part of the collective experience.

What we enjoy most about our T@T discussions is that we get to know each other even more every moment we spend together.

The sign of a beautiful friendship is the depths at which is travels.

Show me your soul. I'll show you mine. Together we travel the journey, on our paths, with encouragement, guidance, support, love, patience, compassion and kindness.

Join us each week as we bring you new episodes.

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Aug 22, 202126:41
T@T 2.0: Episode 97 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - YOU'RE NOT BROKEN

T@T 2.0: Episode 97 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - YOU'RE NOT BROKEN

T@T are episodes recorded with Rhys and Teresa as they discuss topics of interest to them that appear throughout their own lives, the lives of their clients, or are simply 'in the air'; part of the collective experience.

What we enjoy most about our T@T discussions is that we get to know each other even more every moment we spend together.

The sign of a beautiful friendship is the depths at which is travels.

Show me your soul. I'll show you mine. Together we travel the journey, on our paths, with encouragement, guidance, support, love, patience, compassion and kindness.

Join us each week as we bring you new episodes.

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Aug 15, 202128:08
TNT 2.0: Episode 96 with Barbara Vercruysse - REVERENCE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE

TNT 2.0: Episode 96 with Barbara Vercruysse - REVERENCE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE

Hello TNT listeners! Welcome to Episode 96 and welcome to our guest Barbara Vercruysse.

Barbara is a Certified Master Life Coach, Business Coach, public speaker and author of Start the Life of Your Dreams: A 7-Step Program to a Successful and Fulfilled Life and 7 Most Powerful Techniques to Release Stress.

She has also created a line of products to inspire and motivate people on a daily basis.

With over 25 professional years as an entrepreneur, business consultant, mentor and role model on how to become resilient with grace after overcoming multiple challenges, including surviving a stage 4 cancer.

Happily married for more than 20 years, mom of 3 wonderful young adults, Barbara strongly believes in leading by example. She always looks for the best match in leadership, humanness and efficiency and leads with a profound wisdom on human behavior and great care for her clients.

Her passions are reading, painting, enjoying arts, traveling, serving humanity, profound conversations, connecting from human to human. Being passionate about books, every year, one of her goals is to read at least 50 books.

Her personal coaching clients are business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who are dynamic, positive, open for change and always looking to grow and expand.

Barbara recently founded her own online school ‘Barbara’s School of Wisdom’. She was published in the Huffington Post and Thrive Global.  She reaches millions of people with her weekly Inspirational Talks on different social platforms.

Recently she has been giving the opening speech for Girl Up Jabalpur– a United Nations Foundation talking about Leading with Powerful Kindness. She will be giving talks on the same topic for the Soft Skill Community of Microsoft (+1,600 managers), at the Kindness@Work Conference and talking about The Path of Powerful Kindness at Harvard University in Fall 2021.

Barbara is in the process of writing ‘The Path of Powerful Kindness’ right now; LOOK FOR IT IN BOOKSTORES SOON!

To connect with Barbara: 



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Aug 08, 202146:02
TNT 2.0: Episode 95 with Sesil Pir - 8 MINDSETS
Aug 01, 202156:16
T@T 2.0: Episode 94 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - SELF JUDGEMENT AND SELF COMPASSION
Jul 25, 202122:02
TNT 2.0: Episode 93 with Cordelia Gaffar - THE ENJOYMENT OF BEING WITH OURSELVES

TNT 2.0: Episode 93 with Cordelia Gaffar - THE ENJOYMENT OF BEING WITH OURSELVES

Cordelia Gaffar is the Emotions Opener ™ Transformation Strategist for Courageous Leaders guiding them to be self-aware and operate in full self-trust. 2020 was a year of very difficult conversations surrounding diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion and Ms. Gaffar has been at the forefront of facilitating this conversation on an organizational level. In 2021 along with award-winning Berlin based co-hosts, Mira and Peter Griffiths created the Unlearning Labels Podcast and workshops to help organizations to implement actionable tools and change policies.
She is also a force in women’s empowerment and was awarded Top National Influencer, a Sexy Brilliant Ambassador and Leader, and inducted into the Global Library of Female Authors. Her new book Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart So That You can Transform Your Mind highlights her Replenish Me ™ Process, which is self-leadership surrounding practicing sustainable mindfulness.
Her other awards include Best Podcast Host of 2019, for her Free to Be podcast, Volunteer of the Year and best-selling co-author of America’s Leading Ladies: who positively impact the world with Oprah Winfrey and several dynamic women.
Even with all of her accolades her biggest brag is homeschooling mom her six children for 17 years. As seen on America Meditating Radio, British Muslim TV, Spirituality Podcast, also featured on South African radio 786, and Fox News.
To connect with and learn more about Cordelia...
Find you on Instagram and LinkedIn and if you 'google' her...she's what rises to the top!

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Jul 18, 202127:20
TNT 2.0: Episode 92 with Sejal Thakkar - UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS
Jul 11, 202137:04
Jul 04, 202135:32
T@T 2.0: Episode 90 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - SHAME

T@T 2.0: Episode 90 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - SHAME

Welcome to another episode of T@T; Thomas and Teresa going one on one on a topic that sparks their own thinking and challenging of the status quo.

This episode is all about SHAME, ignited from a previous podcast episode with Sarah Elkins...within which Teresa shared her experience with shame like wearing clothing.

In the end, shame is a cycle that we can break by doing the inner work of developing our self-regard, our self-perception, and releasing attachments to the things that cause us suffering. In breaking the cycle, we free ourselves and others from 'should-ing' to be or do anything.

Instead, we rise to be. That's it. Be.

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Jun 27, 202127:23
TNT 2.0: Episode 89 1/2 with Shelley Brown - W.E.I.R.D GIRL ADVENTURES

TNT 2.0: Episode 89 1/2 with Shelley Brown - W.E.I.R.D GIRL ADVENTURES

Hey TNT audience…Have you ever felt weird?

You you’re on a rollercoaster to a freight train down a rabbit hole?

Our guest today, Shelley Brown, has. And she’s better for it.

A corporate strategist who spent 25 years practicing the fine arts of mergers, acquisitions, downsizings, public-private transitions, acts of God, performance reviews, KPIs, workplace cultures, and so much more, Shelley kept her weird to herself...until as an ultra runner, her vertebrae collapsed, forcing her to rethink who she was and why.

Through this adversity, Shelley learned to allow her individuality to shine through, tapping into her extreme creativity and fearlessness to make a greater impact on the world. This confidence—along with a lifetime serving the hospitality, technology, and convention markets—gave Shelley the unique opportunity to make a remarkable difference, building a program that helped countless leaders and employees learn to be the drivers of their own awareness so they could become more effective, productive, and present.

A bold speaker, future NY Times best-selling author, and incredible ball of positive energy, Shelley has learned to allow her W.E.I.R.D to shine through, turning it from a label to a way of being. Her pandemic resume includes writing a book, launching a greeting card line, and becoming a self-taught pop artist.

Incredibly engaging and fun, Shelley encourages audiences to allow their W.E.I.R.D., embracing individuality to land at a place of inclusion.

You can connect with Shelley Brown...

- Linked in:

- Website:

- Instagram: @weirdgirladventures

- Book W.E.I.R.D GIRL ADVENTURES: Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble

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Jun 20, 202139:50
TNT 2.0: Episode 89 with Sarah Elkins: YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR STORY
Jun 13, 202150:40
TNT 2.0: Episode 88 with Daniel Steven: IT'S MORE THAN JUST WEIGHT
Jun 06, 202146:26
TNT 2.0: Episode 87 with Ipek Williamson: HO'OPONOPONO IS SELF FORGIVENESS
May 30, 202126:49
TNT 2.0: Episode 86 with Andrew Moss: EVERY ACTION DOESN'T NEED A REACTION
May 23, 202141:56
TNT 2.0: Episode 85 with Tessie Castillo and Terry Robinson - CRIMSON LETTERS

TNT 2.0: Episode 85 with Tessie Castillo and Terry Robinson - CRIMSON LETTERS

Hello TNT listeners. Thank you for plugging into this episode. It’s a unique one; one I had the honour of hosting with two incredible human beings, Tessie Castillo and Terry Robinson, also known as Chanton.
To record this episode, Chanton who is incarcerated on North Carolina’s Death Row, currently fighting a wrongful conviction, needed to dial in via conference through Tessie’s phone, in order to join us. Twice. Why twice? Because there is a 15-minute limit on phone calls.
I’ve chosen to leave the audio running throughout the entire conversation so that you could receive the full emotional experience that Tessie and I got to experience.

Tessie Castillo is an author, journalist and public speaker who specializes in stories on criminal justice, drug policy, prison reform and racial equity. She co-wrote her first book, Crimson Letters: Voices from Death Row, with four men serving death sentences in North Carolina, whom she met while volunteering at North Carolina’s Central Prison in 2014.

Chanton, is a member of Tessie’s writing program, and when not writing stories to challenge the stereotype of people on Death Row, Chanton unwinds in the pages of fantasy books or hosts Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games. He is currently working on an urban fantasy novel and his memoir. His writing can be found on the blog, Walk In Those Shoes.

To learn more about Tessie Castillo:

To find Terry Robinson (Chanton) and his works:

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May 16, 202142:50
TNT 2.0: Episode 84 with Marc Brackett - GO AHEAD AND FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS

TNT 2.0: Episode 84 with Marc Brackett - GO AHEAD AND FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS

Today we welcome Marc Brackett…the founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and a professor in the Child Study Center at Yale University. His research focuses on the role of emotional intelligence in learning, decision making, creativity, relationships, health, and performance. He has published over 150 scholarly articles, received numerous awards, and is featured regularly in popular media outlets such as the New York Times, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and The Today Show. Marc serves on a number of boards, including the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), the nonprofit that founded the field of social and emotional learning (SEL).

Marc is the lead developer of RULER, an evidence-based approach to SEL that has been adopted by over 2,500 public, private, and charter schools across the United States and in other countries, including Australia, China, England, Italy, Mexico, and Spain. Research shows that RULER boosts academic performance, decreases school problems like bullying, enriches classroom climates, reduces teacher stress and burnout, and enhances teacher instructional practices.

Marc consults regularly with corporations including Facebook, General Electric, Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest on integrating emotional intelligence principles into employee training and product design, and is co-founder of Oji Life Lab, a digital emotional intelligence learning system for businesses.

Marc is the author of Permission to Feel: Unlocking the Power of Emotions to Help our Kids, Ourselves, and our Society Thrive.

In this episode, Marc shares the pivotal life moment that carried him forward into the work he does today and the meaning of this moment to his own emotional intelligent journey. We explore the impact of emotional intelligence development for children, in schools, for adults, and why, hands down, EVERYONE needs to develop their emotional intelligence skill set.

To learn more about Marc and his work, see what's upcoming, and grab free resources, visit

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May 09, 202136:54
T@T: Episode 83 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - MIND THE GAP

T@T: Episode 83 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - MIND THE GAP

Welcome to another episode of T@T - Thomas and Teresa - as we bring to you a discussion related to what's been coming up in our own lives. What's been landing on our radar.

Mind the Gap is about the division, separation, difference between when a leader has directives that completely fail to align with what is needed by their employees.

When there is a distribution of power where only a few get to decide what happens, the hierarchy creates a gap where dissonance then exists.

When we don't feel what each other is feeling, understand what others are seeing and how they are making decisions, there is a wedge that is created which widens the gap between our ability to perform at a high level. To flourish. To achieve the collective mission.

We must be aligned in order to work together toward the mission's achievement.

Alignment, does not, however, mean agreement. We can have diversity of thoughts which is so important for innovation, creativity, ownership, responsibility. We need to have diversity of thought.

Emotionally, dissonance creates emotions that are often unpleasant in their experience and that unpleasantness has the potential to leading to disengagement, low motivation, low productivity, ineffective problem solving, distraction, lack of focus. Terrible for the bottom line - right?

Emotional intelligence skills arrive on the scene to elevate individual contributions to creating resonance in the workplace (and all life places).

Leadership excellence requires skills in relationships, self-awareness, power distribution, people and profit together, people factor and appropriate business factor together.

Enjoy this episode! 

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May 02, 202137:35
TNT 2.0: Episode 82 with Jacy Imilkowski and Jiggy Yoon - COMPASSION

TNT 2.0: Episode 82 with Jacy Imilkowski and Jiggy Yoon - COMPASSION

WELCOME to Jacy and Jiggy for today's TNT episode - COMPASSION!

Jacy Imilkowski (just think “I-milk-cows-on-skis”), PMP, CPCC, ACC, CLL is a speaker and certified coach that helps high-empathy professionals beat the burnout that comes from overserving others while underserving themselves. A self-admitted communication nerd, Jacy specializes in the neuroscience of conversation and positive habit formation for business and personal growth.

Jacy has spent 20+ years as a team leader, speaker, trainer, and coach, including 10 years with a Fortune 50 healthcare account. She’s also an adjunct instructor on communication, coaching, and leadership for The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Madison College. During her career, she’s developed and delivered hundreds of learning sessions to individuals and organizations, including:

·        Mayo Clinic Health Systems
·        The Federal Reserve Banking System

·        Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program (WisLAP)

·        Wisconsin Law Enforcement Command College

·        Professional associations for healthcare, project management, legal professionals, and more

Jacy is a certified Project Management Professional®, Myers-Briggs® administrator, Co-Active® coach, and Laughter Leader. She’s also a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Practitioner, Positive Intelligence® practitioner, and holds a Certificate of Patient Experience Leadership. She also gave her first TEDx Talk, “What’s Your Rhubarb Pie? How Trauma Impacts Choice” in August 2019.

Recognized as one of 2018's 40 Under 40 young professionals in Madison, WI, Jacy truly lives her values of building personal and professional communities. When not working she enjoys volunteering as a Speakers Academy Dean for the National Speakers Association-Wisconsin chapter and a foster home for Greyhound Pets of America. She loves her dog, and probably loves your dog too.

To connect with JACY:

- LinkedIn:

- Website:

- Email:

- Twitter: JacyImilkowski

Jiggy Yoon Na Eun “Jiggy” Yoon is a daughter, a sister, a kickass girlfriend, an overprotective best friend, a Type 1 Diabetic, an athlete, a super awesome speaker, a mental performance coach, a facilitator, and the founder of Vulnerability Is Dope™ . She helps competitive athletes, relentless entrepreneurs, young professionals, and college students increase the longevity of their performance and demand for excellence as she brings attention to the importance of mental health, burnout prevention, and self-compassion just as deeply as she focuses on intense work ethic, perseverance, and self-discipline.

Jiggy's reputation as a speaker, presenter, and panelist is built on her ability to connect authentically and meaningfully with a wide range of audiences — from D1 schools to tech companies, from Type 1 Diabetics to competitive athletes. Known well for her core messages, "Vulnerability Is Dope" and “No Excellence Without Self-Compassion”, Jiggy's fire for helping people thrive and victor over the battles of the pressure to perform only continues to burn stronger overtime.

To connect with JIGGY:

- LinkedIn:

- Website:

- Email:

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Apr 25, 202155:28
TNT 2.0: Episode 81 with Mohamed Hammoud - SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

TNT 2.0: Episode 81 with Mohamed Hammoud - SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Today we welcome Mohamed Hammoud!

Mohamed Hammoud is a husband and father to three children, an engaging facilitator, a keynote and TEDx speaker, a media commentator and community advocate for inclusion.

Mohamed is a dedicated and driven community leader with extensive ties to the London area. With expertise in community activism, leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion, Mohamed understands the importance of diversity to sustain Canada's prosperity and growth. His outreach efforts demonstrate an ongoing commitment to progressive community-building. He has served in various capacities as a board member and volunteer to different local community organizations, as well as a Liberal Party of Canada candidate in the 2019 federal election.

A regular contributor to various media outlets, including the CBC and the London Free Press, an award-winning Toastmaster, TEDx and keynote speaker, executive coach and trainer, Mohamed has been recently appointed as the Chief Learning Officer to New Canadian Media.

In his professional career, Mohamed’s purpose is to develop heart-centred leaders who 𝐢𝐧𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐯𝐞 others, use their 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 to amplify diverse perspectives and 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞 them to achieve collective results.

Welcome to TNT Mohamed!

We walk the spectrum of social responsibility, the emotional intelligence skill, in all of it's diverse representations. What you'll hear in this podcast conversation?

- Social responsibility is about my desire to impact the world, help others, elevate others

- Energy cycle – I am the boomerang and driven to make a difference

- Empowerment is about giving others whatever they need to elevate themselves

- Balance with social responsibility is holding the tension between 2 opposing elements and harmony is finding the calm peace in that tension

- This requires a lot of self-care

- My routine for self-care is a combination of spiritual, prayer, incantation, mindfulness, movement, connection, service

- The impact of self-care toward effectiveness in social impact is huge because I have to be good and right first to be good for others

- Leadership can only command ears when first commands harts

- The heart can contain the whole of the universe; in error, we think it’s your head that does this. It’s the heart

- #notanymore hate – a tweak we can all do now is to stop using this word

- Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice

Mohamed's LinkedIn Profile:


Twitter: Desire2Lead

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Apr 18, 202147:50
TNT 2.0: Episode 80 with Annette "Penny" Taylor - CAVE GIRL CLAIRE

TNT 2.0: Episode 80 with Annette "Penny" Taylor - CAVE GIRL CLAIRE

Today we welcome Penny Taylor! Our guest today has a Master's in Educational Psychology and a unique perspective on life. Penelope or “Penny”, thinks cave-dwellers were smart, and that we could learn a lot from how they lived. For the past 3 1/2 years, she has been studying the latest theories in Evolutionary Psychology and no longer believes the time our ancestors spent living in caves should be considered "underdeveloped" or "savage." In her spare time, she has been picking the brains of Evo Psych's most respected researchers and come up with a theory of human behavior that includes every person on the earth. That's because her ideas are based on our human similarities - our biology - instead of our cultural differences, and she wants you to come to the understanding that our emotions, as confusing as they seem sometimes, are here to help us, not hinder us.

This is one heck of an episode in which we cover:

- Instinct blindness

- A certain arrogance to the ‘homo sapiens’ we are now

- Experienced behaviour of urgency, obsession, binge watching TV, avoiding connections with family and family responsibilities – but didn’t notice these right of the bat

- Tree dwellers – cave dwellers – house dwellers and the evolutionary psychology related to these stages in evolution

- Generalizations in the Epoch (history) of these stages

- Tree – hominids, not a lot of need for communication in the facial expressions or speaking (words) because we had hair…smell of where we were, and what we did, troops of 40

- Cave – troops of 100, storytellers, left the cave and came back (what happened when you were out there? What happened when we left here?). Pictures, words, cave drawings. Roles.

- House – nuclear families are small (2 to 10?), where’s my back up….I don’t have the numbers around me for back up, where’s my tribe? Who is in my tribe? Communication with technology…emojis, etc.)

- IQ boom and value

- EQ boom and value

How to get more of Annette "Penny" Taylor and Cave Girl Claire:


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Apr 11, 202136:36
TNT 2.0: Episode 79 with Brian Cunningham - AWARENESS QUOTIENT

TNT 2.0: Episode 79 with Brian Cunningham - AWARENESS QUOTIENT

Today we welcome Brian Cunningham… On his journey from Parking Lot Attendant to CEO, Brian has studied the leadership experience at every level within a complex organization. As a life-long student of leadership and an explorer of numerous paths of expanded awareness, Brian has sought to discover the deeper possibilities and foundational drivers of extra-ordinary leadership service.

A key component of his purpose is to actively contribute to the revolution in leadership understanding and practice. This has led to the authoring of two books on the foundations of exceptional leadership and the development of the AQ (Awareness Quotient) Model of leadership development.

In this episode we cover a lot of ground...

- AWARENESS quotient is about foundational drivers for exceptional leadership

- In life…I noticed myself asking “There’s got to be something more.” and this led to my exploration

- My goal has been to serve whomever is in front of me in any way and every way that I needed to

- Awareness quotient model consists of 4 pieces:

o Internal environment and awareness

o External environment

o Integration: internal and external environments together. The dance of humanity!

o Clarify – use focus and attention on purpose for how we see and experience the world

- Development progression is a part of everyone’s life experience. Crawl then walk then run. Use this developmental progression for AQ as well!

- AQ – observe your internal environment; expand this awareness, your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, biases, values.

To connect with Brian

- Linked in:

- Website:

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Apr 04, 202137:53
TNT 2.0: Episode 78 with Rebecca Scott - SHAPE A BETTER FUTURE
Mar 28, 202137:47
TNT 2.0: Episode 77 with Barry Holmes - LOOSENING ATTACHMENTS
Mar 21, 202140:15
T@T: Episode 76 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - IMPOSTER SYNDROME

T@T: Episode 76 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - IMPOSTER SYNDROME

T@T with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan. An episode where the two of us jam on a topic that is relevant and important for us to bring to you.

Imposter Syndrome...a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persists regardless of proof of otherwise!

This syndrome is not reserved for only those with low self-esteem or low-confidence. In's quite the opposite. 

Imposter Syndrome is NOT associated directly to low self-esteem or low-confidence. It can show up most frequently in high-achievers and those prone to perfectionism.

We dive into the exploration of how imposter syndrome can be amplified through a combination of variables like nature and nurture - our personality plus the environment we are raised in. How emotional intelligence comes into the picture as related to self-perception, reality testing, and emotional self awareness. We discuss how to develop those EQ skills as well as use the R.A.I.N (recognize, awareness, investigate, non-identify) method to process through moments when Imposter Syndrome creeps in.

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Mar 14, 202130:17
TNT 2.0: Episode 75 with Rachel Druckenmiller - GET UNMUTED

TNT 2.0: Episode 75 with Rachel Druckenmiller - GET UNMUTED

Today we welcome Rachel Druckenmiller, CEO, Speaker & Facilitator at UNMUTED

Rachel is on a mission to humanize the workplace by igniting resilient, connected and engaged leaders and teams through interactive keynotes, workshops and leadership trainings.

Recognized as the #1 Health Promotion Professional in the U.S. in 2015, a 40 Under 40 Game Changer in 2019, and one of The Daily Record’s Leading Women of 2020, Rachel is a national thought leader in the field of wellbeing and employee engagement.

She has delivered over 100 virtual learning experiences since March 2020 across a wide range of industries.

She has worked with dozens of organizations, including Deloitte, Citizens Bank, Junior Achievement, and the American Heart Association.

Rachel has been featured as a guest on nearly 50 podcasts.

She has a Master’s degree in Health Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

In this conversation we cover a range of incredible topics from:

- Rachel's breakthrough moments of unmuting her own self into her true self

- How individuals get stuck in fear

- How organizations want to surface scratch wellness instead of digging in to solve the real problems

- How to easily create spaces for people to truly connect, share, heal, and move forward together, BETTER.


- Linked in:

- Website:

- Instagram: @unmutedlife

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Mar 07, 202136:44
TNT 2.0: Episode 74 with Dr. Pauline Crawford - VALUE OTHER PEOPLE

TNT 2.0: Episode 74 with Dr. Pauline Crawford - VALUE OTHER PEOPLE

In this episode we welcome Dr. Pauline Crawford-Omps, CEO of Corporate Heart International and Chief Culture Officer at MY-CEO Crisis Management for Small and Medium Business.

International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Changemaker, Gender Dynamics Expert, Certified Image Consultant, Magical Conversation Host and Performance Coach, PhD in Entreprenology (Research on Wellness Cultures UK 2003/5).

With 30-year entrepreneur history, Pauline is known as The Ambassador of Magical Conversations as she adventured across UK/Europe, Asia Pacific, and USA, fulfilling her purpose to enable male and female leaders to co-create profitable, value-creation, people-centric collaborative cultures.

Her engagement approach encourages genuine Magical Conversations that tackle the heart of the matter and energize people individually and together. A key focus in her approach is to release old outdated patterns that block individually and collectively.  She teaches how to use self-assessment mapping techniques to embed value-based mindsets and new habits that favour positive thinking and being.  Her programs encourage individuals to raise the bar and participate to build collective intelligence that produces outstanding results. The beneficial outcomes are felt from the boardroom to the stock room, with higher profits, good health, and greater customer loyalty.

With original research using mapping techniques, Pauline leads Corporate Heart International in the field of Gender Dynamics Intelligent Leadership and Engaging Wellness Cultures. Transforming business beyond #metoo and COVID-19 pressures, Pauline designed a unique Crawford Gender Dynamics Map to enable men and women alike to learn a business dialogue to forge greater synergy and a measurable ROI in productivity and creativity. Her passion is to CREATE A NEW NARRATIVE that brings emotional clarity to all relationships and communities.

Designer of the Magical Conversations Formula and Wellness Map, Pauline ensures business and life conversations develop with no judgment, anger, or coercion. These techniques combine to engage people to build Value Creation from human inclusion in creating ideas.

Clients such as Coutts Bank, Barclays, British Telecoms, Astra Zeneca, HP Consulting, Innovation Norway, eBay, Urenco, London Metropolitan Police, UK; The Ministry of Women and the Razak School of Government are on her Malaysian list of clients. Now resident in the US, focused on business owner entrepreneurs and corporate clients keen to engage their people in the heart of matters.

President of World Association of Visioneers and Entreprenologists WAVE

Chairperson of the Permanent Commission for Social Issues and Women Entrepreneurs for World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises WUSME

To connect with Dr. Crawford:



YouTube: Pauline Crawford


For more of Rhys Thomas:

For more of Teresa Quinlan:

Feb 28, 202136:23
TNT 2.0: Episode 73 with Kristin Sherry - MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL
Feb 21, 202143:34
T@T: Episode 72 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - SELF CARE IS NOT A LUXURY, IT'S A NECESSITY

T@T: Episode 72 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - SELF CARE IS NOT A LUXURY, IT'S A NECESSITY

Welcome to another T@T episode, where Rhys and Teresa come together, 1 on 1, to discuss a topic that's on their mind. One that we hope offers tremendous value to you.

In this episode we dig into the phrase: "Self care is not a luxury. Self care is a necessity."

From our own personal responsibility of self care, to the workplace, we dig into how we manage our own catalogue of self care strategies when LIFE is constantly happening, and how organizations create spaces for self care to flourish. Including holding leadership accountable to caring for their people in order for peak performance to be achieved.

People BEFORE profit.

Wellbeing BEFORE performance.

After all, it is our self care practices that contribute directly to our wellbeing which contributes to our happiness which is a predictor of success.

And success in a workplace is the measure of a contributors (no matter the role), use of all of their skills (technical skills, emotional intelligence skill, soft skills, people skills), to their optimal level.

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Want more of Rhys and Teresa?

Rhys Thomas: or

Teresa Quinlan: or

Feb 14, 202134:56


Today we welcome Nuria Rojo Ruiz!

Nuria is an organization transformation consultant guiding organizations towards self-managed, bureaucracy-free and human-centered models, considering the organization as an ecosystem, where all the parts are interrelated.

She combines a passion for people, data, technology, learning and challenging the traditional status quo and takes very diverse roles to get as close as possible to the reality.

Nuria’s purpose is to make an impact in people’s lives at work making them feel fulfilled with who they are and what they do, while creating successful businesses, doing good for the planet and the society.

Nuria started as a business consultant and project manager in the telecommunication area, with an engineering background. She took the leap to lead and collaborate in Global International post-merger initiatives across functions, levels and countries, in a big IT corporation.

Nuria has worked and lived in more than 15 countries.

Nuria helps us to navigate her professional passion of creating organizations that are communities. Communities where people voluntarily want to be part of the united goal, the work, the effort, the vision.

To do this, we discuss many elements including:

- Organizations must fight the divide behaviours that are around us constantly

- The results of the divide – what is different about us – are isolation, feeling unheard, feeling unseen, depression, anxiety, lack of wellbeing, loneliness, loss in motivation and creativity and value

- The divide in the workplace is a direct correlation to the archaic organizational hierarchy with titles and status; the divide is imposed by the system itself

- What we are aiming for are symbiotic relationships between all within an organization; an ecosystem of interrelated flow

- Companies to become communities

- What are the building blocks of a community?

§ Individuals that want to be part of the whole.

§ Service to and with others.

§ Mindset of we.

§ Know your own strengths and weaknesses (know each others) and focus where you can contribute; feel your value.

§ United in the goal.

§ Committed to the goal.

§ Equality of and for all.

- Transparency in information sharing; how much does each person get to know?

For more of Nuria Rojo:

Linked in:


For more of Rhys Thomas:

For more of Teresa Quinlan:

Feb 07, 202136:26
TNT 2.0: Episode 70 with J. Brian Hennessy - DISCOVERING YOUR TRUESELF

TNT 2.0: Episode 70 with J. Brian Hennessy - DISCOVERING YOUR TRUESELF

Today we welcome J Brian Hennessy.

J. Brian is a human who is passionate about all that he is “born to BE” passionate about.

And he knows how enormously lucky he is; and with that luck incredibly grateful to be living with intention his ever-evolving TruSelf and TruPurpose through his natural gifts and dispositions; and to know the social, even moral, responsibility that comes with that knowing and doing-as-BEing.

And it just so happens that this luck emerged through his parents as role-models; and not just through their DNA as YOUnique individuals, but through the expression of that destined-to-thrive matrix of innate gifts and dispositions within both Pat & Jack Hennessy as partners, educators, disruptive entrepreneurs, and visionary’s. Brian’s Mother, Pat Hennessy, created the first special education curriculum in the USA in 1946-7; and because of Brian’s rather hyper nature, is the reason he is most likely still with us, or not in jail, etc… Pat Hennessy knew exactly what to do with Brian’s bountiful hyper-kinesis. Later, in 1968, with her husband and business partner Jack, Pat came up with the idea of selling restaurant supply products retail. Creating the first wholesale-to-retail food stores in the USA. Since then Brian has lived “boots on the ground” within 12 start-ups with a startup success rate batting avg of .333, which, if you know this sector, ain’t too shabby.

Since 2009 Brian has been an evangelist for the coming “Human Singularity,” which he believes will unfold around 2050.

Prior to this Brian predicted the emergence of social media, search engines, and various emergent industries as documented in a 1989 Vision-of-Visions titled: G.E.T.TheVision, or Global Evolutionary Technologies, the Vision.

Why a 60 year plan? Well, Brian realized, after years of bagging his entrepreneurial and research head against the existing paradigms, that his own Life’s work and Purpose was at least 35-40 years away from making sense to the market. Aha! So, he created a products/services evolution-roadmap for what he believed would come to market BEFORE his own life’s work could.

Brian’s innate matrix of gifts and dispositions, as it turns out, is to help other’s discover, value, consciously develop, and live theirs; and in parallel discover, and live their Purpose founded upon that ever-evolving personal YOUniqueness… and from this next generation of Human experience, begin to manifest the fullest, positive synergistic connections with other’s… to help pro-create the blossoming of those waiting-to-thrive synergetics of humanity as a whole – the HumanSingularity.

The magic in this conversation is that we explore so many elements of the self including:

- isolation and awareness

- moment's of 'ah ha' 'hahahahaha' and 'ahhhhhh'; the tenants of insight, laughter, and release

- Fear of failure at being your truest self is what blocks

- Learn to say the words “You got to ask yourself.”

- Then ask yourself…”What comes to you without effort?”

- Pay attention to your effortless gifts – value comes from noticing your FLOW! This is where you thrive and flourish and live into your fullest potential.

- Readiness is real – state of readiness is so important for the investment of your time; emotional, neuropsycological, biological readiness

- Coming to the space of “I’m ready” means letting go of ‘wasted time’.

To connect with J. Brian :

LinkedIn -

Search the hastag #humansingularity!

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Jan 31, 202139:14
TNT 2.0: Episode 69 with Nicola Lipscombe - BE YOU; NO MORE NO LESS

TNT 2.0: Episode 69 with Nicola Lipscombe - BE YOU; NO MORE NO LESS

Today we welcome Nicola Lipscombe!

Nicola is a professional speaker and facilitator; a storyteller and a story listener. A former pharmacist and academic her quest can now be summed up in one word; CONNECTION. She strives to help others and herself to become deeply conscious and present - with ourselves, each other, our planet and this Universe (or Divine, Spirit, Higher Intelligence).

She is the Creator of HeartWise™ Leadership, Powerful Listening, Friday’s Mindful Moments and co-creator of RENEW Retreats for women. She has a gift for weaving together the practicality of western science with the wonder and wisdom of eastern spirituality and the heart.

Yes, she’s a speaking professional … but that’s not all. Nicola is a writer, a poet, a Circle leader, a photographer, a mindfulness practitioner and an Art of Feminine Presence Sister. She adores nature, roaming vintage markets and op shops and is fascinated by street art. She works hard at Tsonduko …the Japanese art of buying books and letting them pile up unread !

An introvert at heart she seeks deeply meaningful connection and is truly not interested in your new washing machine … really!

She can’t be put in a box and has even written a poem about that too.

Welcome Nicola!

Nicole takes us on an absolutely heart expanding trip through her own incredible wake up call to the practices she uses TODAY for herself and her clients. We discuss:

- Wanting to feel seen and heart

- Not quite fitting in

- The search for connection starts from the inside

- 2011’s wake up call – a grapefruit sized tumour = the Holy Shit moment and then came the Existential Questions:

- What do I want?

- Who am I?

- Becoming purpose driven to full authenticity as a departure from the path of Academia I was on (all head)

- My goal was To Be Me – no more, no less

- The need to get in touch with the body was a requirement for head to heart journey

- Buddhist practices as part of the journey to connection to self

- The spiritual miss of comparison to how evolved we are compared to someone else’s evolution/awakening/awareness

- Using mindfulness of breath and sound

- I don’t have to BE any body in this moment

- In the space of presence practice we can lose ourselves, the lines that define or confine us, so that we enter FLOW

- The power of circles to hold the space for others to speak what’s on their heart

Get in touch with Nicola!

- Website: and on LinkedIn

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Jan 24, 202143:41
TNT 2.0: Episode 68 with Andrea Clough - NO ONE NEEDS TO BE FIXED

TNT 2.0: Episode 68 with Andrea Clough - NO ONE NEEDS TO BE FIXED

Today we welcome Andrea Clough.

If you want to be successful at what you do, you have to go to the edge of what you know. You have to find that space. Successful people discovered that you need another human’s help to get there. Yet, not everybody can help you.

Andrea can. She lives in that space every day and she can guide you there.

Andrea believes that taking your life & career to the next level is like climbing a mountain. In order to see the amazing view from the peak you have to plan, train, collect your gear and work with a guide. You cannot do it only relying on yourself.

Andrea is the Engineer Whisperer. She transforms good Engineers into GREAT Engineers. She is the killer combo for translating their strong technical skills into powerful business & people skills. She creates a simple and tailored roadmap for each of her clients based on their needs and goals.

Such a roadmap could include a vision of which mountain to climb, a plan that breaks down the details on how to climb, a list of skill sets for successful climbers, an inventory of physical and mental strengths, and an energy source for when you want to give up.

Andrea will turn your confidence up, will find your secret strengths and she will discover your superpower.

She is fearless and bold in her work and believes that you can only get to the next level when you have somebody who believes in you – 100%. And she believes in her clients 100%.

Andrea has 10 years of well-respected corporate expertise and experience in Finance, HR, Project Mgmt, Strategic Integration, Bus Ops, Marketing and Procurement. She is a Certified Professional Coach and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She was born in Europe, speaks four languages, and has travelled around the world. Her perspective on life, laughter and work will pull you in like a good box of chocolate.

This conversation traverses the world of our personal stories and journey and how the landscape of that creates pockets for us to dig in to learn and grow and evolve. Andrea leads us on this journey by deciding to be courageous and we discuss...

- Choosing to be brave is the action of courage

- Smile when crying is expected means giving the unexpected!

- It takes strength to love but courage to be loved

- Courage feels different. Like you’re doing something unexpected, not fitting in, against the grain

- Wherever I go, I am home. Because home lives within me.

- Knowing of the self requires removal of layers of false-ness

- Being gifted my purpose by other people is how I arrived at this work

- If you seek something, give it.

- My inspiration, my motivation, comes from the ripple impact of why -how – what I do.

- Everyone is whole and capable and resourceful. Nothing is broken or wrong with you.

- It’s not about you CAN. It’s about you ARE.

- Ask for help – use the people around you – find just one person.

- Visualize the ladder between your heart and brain.

To connect with Andrea!

· Website:

· LinkedIn:

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Jan 17, 202132:37
TNT 2.0: Episode 67 with Brittney Nichole Connor Savarda - STORYTELLING DISRUPTS TRUST

TNT 2.0: Episode 67 with Brittney Nichole Connor Savarda - STORYTELLING DISRUPTS TRUST

Today we welcome Brittney Nichole Connor Savarda

Brittney-Nichole Connor-Savarda, author of The EQ Deficiency, is the region’s foremost authority on emotional intelligence and human behavior and lives her purpose as a Catalyst4Change. Connor-Savarda earned degrees in education and psychology, a certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) practitioner and is a HeartMath trainer. As a credentialed and respected “People Whisperer,” Brittney-Nichole specializes in working one-on-one with high-achieving male entrepreneurs to help them discover a life of fulfilment, balance, and confidence that success alone cannot satisfy. In addition, she partners with executives and their teams to solve the people problems that are holding them back from innovation and people-centered success.

Welcome Brittney!

In this conversation, Brittney takes us into her world and in particular, an experience on social media that sent her into the emotion of infuriated. Brittney takes us on that journey describing how she knew what she was feeling, the thinking associated to the emotion, how she processed, regulated, and used the emotional information to inform her decision making.

Along this journey we discuss:

- When emotionally triggered, we have to be able to take a look inside of ourselves at what triggers that; our thinking, our values, our beliefs

- Our experiences paint how we move forward in interactions; if we are unaware, we treat people with dis-trust

- Our societal corruption of trust puts everyone on guard…so we wear veneers, facades, fake impressions of who we actually are

- There is a distinct difference in how people experience trust; some require trust be earned (show me I can trust you or should trust you) while some require no earning…they give trust freely (show me I can’t or shouldn’t trust you) while some are a combination

- The psychology of emotions and emotional intelligence is that we experience feelings and our body signals those feelings and our brain can identify what we are feeling…but our mind tells the story why and this is where emotional intelligence becomes incredibly valuable. We have to learn to stop the storytelling

Get in touch with Brittney via her website or LinkedIn:

- Website:

- LinkedIn:

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Jan 10, 202135:14
TNT 2.0: Episode 66 with Sesil Pir - LIVE AND LEAD FROM YOU FIRST

TNT 2.0: Episode 66 with Sesil Pir - LIVE AND LEAD FROM YOU FIRST

Today we welcome Sesil Pir!

Sesil currently serves as Head of Employee Experience at Takeda Pharmaceutical and the Founder and Principal Consultant of SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH, a boutique management consultancy, focusing on changing the status quo of work.

Sesil is an active contributor of Forbes, has been published in the Harvard Business Review, HR Zone and UK’s HR Magazine, and has contributed to several Human Resources Management books.

She started her career as a Marketing Consultant with Deloitte & Touché in 1999. Since, she has worked for Honeywell International, Cargill Inc., Microsoft Corporation and Novartis AG as an HR Functional Leader.

She holds an MA-HRIR from Carlson School of Management, an Executive MBA from Harvard University, and a BA from Eastern Michigan University. She is a certified Six Sigma in project management and is also certified to administer a variety of 360-degree feedback and organizational Assessment Tools.

She is an honorary faculty at Indian School of Business & Istanbul University. She has been recently recognized as '40 Thinkers Under 40' in Europe and '101 Employee Engagement Influencers' globally.

Sesil invites us into an incredible discussion on:

- Facing challenge and change

- Ability to adapt and grow

- Passion to create safety and love environments

- The polarity of extremes and how this can influence life

- The internal power to create inner safety and love and then transfer that to you interconnectedness with others

- Thriving = mindset despite circumstances

- Mindsets of scarcity, abundance, growth, fixed which sits between the emotion and the thoughts – here is where we shift HOW we show up

- Everything begins and ends with self AND we are also social

- Learning to stand on your own is important to then being able to be social as a contributor to the whole

- Corrupt-ness of education; competition and grading and being compared to, leads to workplaces that stack rank and pit each other against one another = scarcity mindset which negatively impacts creativity and resourcefulness and wellbeing

- By virtue of relating and caring we connect and THEN influence

To connect with Sesil Pir:


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Jan 03, 202143:55
T@T 2.0: Episode 65 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - EI, Mindset, Awareness in Parenting

T@T 2.0: Episode 65 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - EI, Mindset, Awareness in Parenting

Welcome to Episode 65 where Rhys and Teresa bring you their stories as parents and discuss the importance of emotional intelligence, mindset, and awareness in parenting.

Rhys shares his own stories as the father of an almost 3 year old.

Teresa shares her own stories as the mother of a 15 year old.

We discuss how our own fears emerge at various ages of our children.

We share how we were parented and the impact of that in our own parenting choices.

We dig into trauma from our youth that unexpectedly found it's way back into our present moment when our children were born.

We examine helpful ways that we parent, that we manage our own emotions and fears, and put helpful strategies into play in order to rise to the occasions that parenting asks of us!

Because parenting is hard and we all want to do the best we can do in every moment.

This means...sometimes we swallow our pride.

Sometimes we learn from the past.

Sometimes we just need to call our mothers.

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Dec 27, 202045:27
TNT 2.0: Episode 64 with Dr. Shungu M'Gadzah - BUILDING BRIDGES OF EMPATHY

TNT 2.0: Episode 64 with Dr. Shungu M'Gadzah - BUILDING BRIDGES OF EMPATHY

Today we welcome Dr Shungu Hilda M’gadzah.

Shungu has more than 30 years of experience since qualifying as an educational psychologist in 1990.

She is a Psychology Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and has a Doctorate in Emotional Intelligence. Her career includes working for 7 years in higher education teaching Post-graduate MSc Educational Psychology Students.

She has worked as a psychologist within health, education and independent special schools and has been appointed to a number of consultant posts, including Head of Special Educational Needs and Disability.

She is the co- founder of Psychologists on Boards. She has created the Six Stages Conceptual Framework for Understanding and Dealing with Racism designed for individuals and organisations.

She has Chaired a number of Committees including the British Psychological Society's Division for Education and Child Psychologists.

She has a number of journal and article publications including publication of her thesis on emotional intelligence in the UK Parliament's Children and young people’s mental health — the role of education.

In this conversation we explored important topics for our world.

- Passion and purpose from parents – Zimbabwe to the UK at age 8; the value of education and overcoming the barriers/level the playing field through education

- The 6 stages of understanding and dealing with racism

o A tool to help assess and identify where individuals/organizations/teams are in their ability to understand and handle/deal with racism

o Values are at the foundation and then the assessment creates a wheel with actions to move through the stage they are at to the next stage, etc.

- Using all of my skill sets – 2 meeting points of the psychology and the emotional intelligence and the work in education and organizations – utilizing all of my strengths and skills

- Building bridges of empathy is how we get this kind of work done in diversity, inclusion and equity; having the skills to understand someone else’s life experiences when we have not

- Passion for this kind of change and impact is what keeps me in the game; the impact for marginalized groups and helping

- Mistakes we make in society by ignoring critical learning topics in grade/primary school, like Emotional Intelligence, contributes to what we see in adulthood – lack of empathy, inequality, exclusion, marginalization and more

- We must move beyond unconscious bias and into action

To be in touch with Dr. Shungu

- Website:

- Linked in:

- Email:

- Twitter:

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Dec 20, 202041:01
TNT 2.0: Episode 63 with Dennis Pitocco - DOING GOOD

TNT 2.0: Episode 63 with Dennis Pitocco - DOING GOOD

We welcome Dennis Pitocco to this episode of TNT!

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief | BIZCATALYST360.COM | #LIFE #CULTURE #BIZ ◀︎ R E I M A G I N E D ▶︎
WE ARE AN AWARD-WINNING business, culture and lifestyle digest, serving as the global hub for enhanced performance and well-being. With an emphasis on action, our amazing writers empower people to transcend from knowing what to do to actually doing it. We are fueled by extraordinary thought leadership authored by some of the best and brightest minds from around the world. Today and every day, we simply deliver the very best Insights, Intelligence & Inspiration available anywhere. Period.

Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer | GOODWORKS 360° | ◀︎ SUSTAINING YOUR MISSION FOR GOOD ▶︎
We believe all nonprofits deserve access to the most brilliant minds in social impact — and that begins with you feeling comfortable interacting and working with our Team to drive the goals that are the most important to you. The GOODWORKS 360° Team is passionately dedicated to helping nonprofits – locally, nationally and internationally – enhance their sustainability via streamlined access to high-impact pro bono services. See more at

In our conversation we cover so much!

- Work isn't always an can be an occupassion which fires up the motivation and desire

- The desire to help others and create impact comes from a lifelong lesson to always do good, always do the right thing even when no one’s looking

- Action trumps knowledge and it’s about the doing; when you do, you get more than you give – call it good kharma or serendipity

- You look at the world differently once you see the world. We have to get outside of our bubbles to experience people and cultures that aren't our own

- Doing good stuff comes from being blessed and using that to uplift others

- A degree in life is more valuable that the degrees/certificates on the walls; not to say that education isn't important. It is. It just isn't everything

To connect/contact Dennis:

- Linked in:

- Website:

During our conversation, Dennis mentioned a document on BizCatalyst for Taking Action now - The Do More RoadMap. Here it is!

For more of Rhys Thomas:

For more of Teresa Quinlan:

Dec 13, 202048:49
TNT 2.0: Episode 62 with Jeff Baietto and Phil Dixon - PERSPECTIVE AND MINDSET

TNT 2.0: Episode 62 with Jeff Baietto and Phil Dixon - PERSPECTIVE AND MINDSET

Today we welcome Jeff Baietto and Phil Dixon of InJoy Global!

InJoy Global is a culture-shaping company dedicated to transforming the workplace through employee engagement and workforce development solutions that strengthen company culture by building teamwork, shared purpose, and commitment to improve performance and enhance the bottom line. Their mission is simple: To help companies create the best culture possible for their employees.

Jeff Baietto is the COO and Co-Founder of InJoy Global and the Host of the InJoy Success Podcast and Co-Creator of the revolutionary self-care app - InJoy Daily: The Self-Care Game. What started decades ago with a childhood passion in discovering the most successful ways to live was materialized almost a decade ago when Jeff co-founded InJoy Global - a company aligned with his personal mission to help as many people as possible live the life of their dreams. As COO he brings a unique combination of skills to the corporate culture-shaping and personal development arena. Jeff has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and a background in the video game industry, along with years of experience in executive coaching and personal development. With this cocktail of gamification and positive psychology, Jeff is on the cutting edge of what makes changing for the better, easier and faster than ever before. What you’ll find is Jeff’s experience, stories and overall energy will make it clearer than ever that no matter where you are in your life or what change you want to create for yourself… YOU CAN DO IT.

Phil Dixon is the VP of Customer and Team Success at InJoy Global.  His responsibilities include creating strong internal and external relationships with customers and InJoy Global team. He has a variety of professional experiences from multi-National organizations to start up environments. Phil has a genuine love of people and operates in the practice that stress is a challenge, not a threat.

In this episodes conversation, we embark on perspective and mindset. How what we believe drives what we do, or don't do.

We discuss:

- personal development and self-help is something many people have embarked on, however there is a big difference between reading and doing

- mentoring, coaching, 30-day challenges, self-guided, you name it! There are more than 1 way to get things done when it comes to our personal evolution and growth

- with the accessibility of information, there is no shortage of learning available to us

- willpower comes when we begin to see the momentum of our efforts; until then, we must be diligent to work at the change we want to see knowing there will be benefits down the road; even if we can't feel them just yet

To connect with Jeff and Phil:

Phil Dixon:

- Linked in:

- Website:

Jeff Baietto:

- Linked in:

- Website:

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Dec 06, 202051:31
TNT 2.0: Episode 61 with Heather Younger and Kimberly Davis - THE COCKTAIL FOR HUMANITY

TNT 2.0: Episode 61 with Heather Younger and Kimberly Davis - THE COCKTAIL FOR HUMANITY

Today we welcome Kimberly Davis and Heather Younger!

An expert on authentic leadership, Kimberly Davis shares her inspirational message of personal power, responsibility and impact with organizations across the country and teaches leadership programs world-wide; most notably, her program “OnStage Leadership”. Additionally, Kimberly teaches for SMU Cox School of Business' Executive Education Program and their Latino Leadership Initiative; as well as for the Bush Institute's WE Lead program (empowering female leaders from the middle east). Kimberly is a TEDx speaker and her award-winning book, Brave Leadership: Unleash Your Most Confident, Authentic, and Powerful Self to Get the Results You Need was named the #1 book to read on Inc. Magazine’s “The most impactful books to read in 2018.”


Heather Younger is the best-selling author, international TEDx speaker on adversity, podcast host on leadership, facilitator and coach, she has earned her reputation as “The Employee Whisperer”. Her experiences as a CEO, entrepreneur, manager, attorney, writer, coach, listener, speaker, collaborator and mother all lend themselves to a laser-focused clarity into what makes employees of organizations and companies – large and small - tick.

· Heather has facilitated more than 150 communication style (DISC) and leadership and emotional intelligence workshops, reaching +100 employers and their employees.

· Her motivation and philosophy have reached more than 20,000 attendees at her speaking engagements on large and small stages.

· Companies have charted their future course based on her leading more than 100 focus groups.

· In addition, she has helped companies see double-digit employee engagement score increases through implementation of her laws and philosophies.

· She has driven results in a multitude of industries, including banking, oil & gas, construction, energy, and federal and local government.

· Her book “The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty” hit Forbes Must-Read list and is a go-to source for HR professionals seeking insight into their organization’s’ dynamics.

· Heather serves on the Board of Directors for Mile High SHRM and the American Cancer Society and a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association

In this conversation we talk about:

- Bravery in the context of racial unrest

- Bravery = vulnerability

- The cocktail for humanity is empathy + compassion + vulnerability + bravery + courage

- Give the grace and open mind and decide to be the change you are seeking

- There’s always room for empathy; take the time to find it for yourself and for others

- Notice the red flag of judgement and let go of those judgements

- Ground yourself in the essence of not knowing what’s going on for that other person

- Be wiling to step in and lean in while also knowing when and how to set boundaries

For more...

Kimberly Davis:

- Linked in:

- Website:

- Twitter: OnStageKimberly

Heather Younger:

- Linked in:

- Website:

- Twitter: Customerfanatix

For more of Rhys Thomas:

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Nov 29, 202041:03
TNT 2.0: Episode 60 with Frank Mengert - HOW CAN I HELP?

TNT 2.0: Episode 60 with Frank Mengert - HOW CAN I HELP?

Today we welcome Frank Mengert.

Founder & Creative Visionary @ ebm.

Frank has been proving people wrong since he was a kid.

A successful entrepreneur, nationally recognized speaker, podcast host, and thought leader, he’s ignored the naysayers and his humble beginnings to build the life he’s always wanted and inspire others to do the same through his infectious mantra, “If I can, you can.”

After a devastating layoff in 2003 and with his “life plan” spiraling, Frank decided to bet on himself and turned his then side-hustle into his main hustle, founding his first company. Five companies later, Frank is the founder and creative visionary of ebm, a leading provider of employee benefits technology solutions.

An eternal optimist who always finds a way to see through the darkness and make the possibilities realities, Frank is driven by a desire to be better and to do more. Every day, he focuses on three principles: learn something new, create something that didn’t exist, and share something with someone.

Frank shares with us that he is motivated by the desire to help others. To have ripple impact. WE LOVE THAT!

And so, in our conversation we explore:

- Learn-create-share are principles Frank learned from Keenan who taught to his kids and they just resonated with Frank that he needed to be doing them daily

- Went to an event for Cystic Fibrosis to support a friend and watched a 4 minute video of a brother/sister duo and just got floored and this sparked action - like the universe sent a sign he couldn't ignore

- Personal evolution IS POSSIBLE for everyone. Up to a point we may be 'me oriented'. That can't be your whole life. 

- Empathy and gratitude are heavy hitters.

- The leader sets the tone, is under all eyes, and must make sure to behave in alignment to the mission, philosophy, core values.

- Followership – a leader must be willing to do any task; not too good for anything.

- Golden nugget – success. It’s not $. It’s everything you have left without the $$.

To connect with Frank...

- Linked in:

- Website:

- Podcast:

For more of Rhys Thomas:

For more of Teresa Quinlan:

Nov 22, 202030:59
T@T 2.0: Episode 59 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - LISTENING AND EQ TOOLS

T@T 2.0: Episode 59 with Rhys Thomas and Teresa Quinlan - LISTENING AND EQ TOOLS

Rhys and Teresa go 1:1 on this episode of TNT 2.0 to explore habits and tendencies in listening, how those impact success in dialogue and coaching, and how to identify our strengths and weaknesses to be able to listen with greater intention for creating the spaces for exploration, understanding, and connection.

We dig deep into 3 impactful tools that you can start using today for your emotional self awareness and 'noticing' mindfulness muscles. Building these skills is so important to our overall emotional intelligence and can literally change the landscape of how emotions may be currently driving behaviour and outcomes - most importantly the quality of our relationships with ourselves and with others.

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Nov 15, 202038:11
TNT 2.0: Episode 58 with Rishita Jones and Vivian Acquah - DIVERSITY EQUITY INCLUSION

TNT 2.0: Episode 58 with Rishita Jones and Vivian Acquah - DIVERSITY EQUITY INCLUSION

Today we welcome Rishita Jones and Vivian Aquah.

Rishita Jones is an HR transformation specialist. She is focused on disrupting the status quo and intent on building people centered HR practices using Agile HR, Design Thinking and Technology to enrich and uplift the Human Experience in the workplace.

Vivian Acquah is a driven woman who likes to talk about the holistic way of sustainable employability, called workplace wellness.

For her, this is the way to work on a healthy culture at work. Vivian advises managers and companies on how to keep their team members healthy, happy, and safe.

The 4 of us dig into the personal stories of both Rishita and Vivian to uncover how their own personal journey's and experiences have influenced the work they are doing in cultivating awareness and action around 3 pillars of humanity - diversity, equity, and inclusion.

You'll hear us talk about:

- Being part of the change that our culture requires for our children’s future

- Agile and sustainable is an awesome combination for organizational change

- Humanizing the workplace is the absolute only way to move forward

- Our cultural philosophy from when we are raised influences and impacts our perspective, thinking, behaviour, emotional responses

- Remove the barriers that we are using as excuses to NOT take action

- No ostriches, no islands.

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Nov 08, 202037:14
TNT 2.0: Episode 57 with Marcy Morrison - FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU

TNT 2.0: Episode 57 with Marcy Morrison - FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU

Today we welcome Marcy Morrison a career and life coach.

Marcy is truly living her own Passion + Purpose = World Change Formula.

Her journey has been one of taking the challenges to overcome to uncover her purpose, and she has walked through the same steps that she takes all her clients through.

Marcy has woven together her life and career journey and put together the pieces of her own passion puzzle (as I like to say) to serve others through what she does with both Careers with Wings and Passion Purpose Academy.

When you check out Marcy’s website:, you will discover just how much passion Marcy carriers within her and for her clients.

When it comes to purpose + passion = world change formula, it's more than just a sit down, taking some notes, and deciding. We explore the...

- many pieces of your passion puzzle

- need to fall in love with yourself

- concept of what comes first - passion or purpose?What comes first? Passion or purpose?

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- Twitter: marcymorrison

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Nov 01, 202032:49
TNT 2.0: Episode 56 with Claude Silver - THERE'S ALWAYS A SILVER LINING

TNT 2.0: Episode 56 with Claude Silver - THERE'S ALWAYS A SILVER LINING

Oct 25, 202037:09
TNT 2.0: Episode 55 with Veronica Owusu - THE FEARLESS WARRIOR
Oct 18, 202036:02