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Books to the Ceiling

Books to the Ceiling

By Teresa Trent

Welcome to Books to the Ceiling! Enjoy the narration of audiobooks? This podcast includes a narrated excerpt of a new book (mostly mysteries) each week and is the author podcast of Teresa Trent. The podcast is generated from Teresa's blog at #audiobooks #mysteries #fiction
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Death of a Snow Ghost

Books to the CeilingDec 09, 2022

Malice, Matrimony, and Murder

Malice, Matrimony, and Murder

Everyone loves a good wedding--and a good mystery. Combine the two and what do you get? Malice, Matrimony, and Murder!

Over two dozen authors have teamed up to offer you this wedding-themed collection of brand-new cozy mystery and cozy crime fiction stories that will keep you wondering whodunit and what's next from the first page to the last. Between bad bridesmaids, conniving caterers, greedy guests, ill-mannered in-laws, savvy sleuths, and vengeful villains, this anthology has it all! All of the stories are clean and fun, with a general feel-good tone. If you read to be entertained, surprised, and uplifted, then this collection is for you!

Plus, the anthology as a whole contains an overarching wedding whodunit woven throughout. As you're reading, collect the clues, identify whodunit, and access a special ebook filled with bonuses and extras. Inside you'll find recipes, character interviews, bonus stories, and more!

Here's where you can find Malice, Matrimony, and Murder

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Dec 01, 202313:09
RSVP to Murder
Nov 22, 202307:56
Deadly Tides
Nov 17, 202314:26
Killing Johnny Miracle
Nov 10, 202312:44
Laid Out to Rest

Laid Out to Rest

Next time you rent a house, make sure you’re the only occupant.

If it wasn’t for a flamboyant, self-absorbed ghost occupying Katie Aubrey’s rental house, the thirtysomething former business tech turned charcuterie chef would be able to concentrate on her new sandwich shop and catering business. But as luck would have it, former food critic and septuagenarian Edith Ellory, will not let go. Not until she convinces Katie to find out who killed her.

In spite of a coroner’s report stating Edith had died peacefully in her sleep, her apparition insists she was murdered. Not only that but she’s convinced she knows who did the dastardly deed. Vowing not to give Katie, or her laidback beagle a moment’s peace, Edith takes them on a wild goose chase through all the restaurants that received scalding reviews from her.

If Katie ever expects to have her new charcuterie business up and running, she’ll have to do more than arrange cured meats and cheeses. The real killer is closer than she thinks and no amount of culinary design sense will prevent her from the same fate as Edith’s.

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Tis the Season

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Nov 03, 202311:59
Death of a Fox
Oct 27, 202308:15
Murder Comes Home
Oct 20, 202310:47
The Water Tower

The Water Tower

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Josie Ashbury was a successful Hollywood actress with a booming career—until an on-set breakdown sends her back to her small Ohio hometown to recover. Taking a job teaching at her old high school, Josie is beginning to put the pieces of her life back together when one of her students dies under suspicious circumstances. The police close the case quickly, without any real answers. Josie is determined to find the truth behind the girl's death.

At the same time, Josie is battling demons of her own. As she faces debilitating insomnia that leaves her with gaps in her memory, she dives into the tangled secrets surrounding the investigation. When she finally unravels the web, she discovers that the truth lies much closer to home than she could have ever imagined.

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Oct 13, 202308:02
Killer in a Winter Wonderland

Killer in a Winter Wonderland

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About the Book

In Killer in a Winter Wonderland, the much-anticipated holiday-themed fourth book in the Rosalie Hart Cozy Mystery Series, Wendy Sand Eckel once again brings the fictional town of Cardigan, Maryland to life and delights with suspense, humor, and mouth-watering menus. Holidays are fickle things — often good, but sometimes not so good. It’s December in the quirky town of Cardigan, and Rosalie Hart has been thrown several curve balls. For one, her ex-husband has booked a semester break vacation to Dubai with their only daughter, Annie, leaving Rosalie alone for Christmas. And following a renovation, Rosalie’s restaurant, the Day Lily Café, is open for business with an expanded dining room and a chef with an inflated ego. To make matters worse, when her head waiter and best friend Glenn Breckinridge is concerned about a neighbor who hadn’t returned home, they learn he had been murdered while riding his bike on River Road. In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, Rosalie and Glenn pair up once again to uncover who killed Bill Rutherford on that raw wintry night. With delectable menus, high stakes sleuthing, and the rich atmospheric scenes only the holiday season can provide, Killer in a Winter Wonderland is a cornucopia of delicious fare, compelling new and returning characters, and a fast-paced tale that will keep one riveted to the last page.

🎄Killer in a Winter Wonderland will be out in November 2023 so no preorder link yet, but you can Check out Wendy's other books on Amazon⁠🎄

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Oct 06, 202310:11
Inferno on Fifth
Sep 29, 202310:53
Homicide at High noon

Homicide at High noon

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Lily Cranston is soaring high as the manager of the Calico Rock Mine and Ghost Town in Grady, California. Cash is finally flowing in and improvements to the theme park, like the new zipline, are drawing crowds. Even Lily's previously stalled love life seems to be heading on the right track with CSI Cody West. But all that comes to a halt when the park's board of directors suddenly comes to Lily with accusations of embezzlement! Someone’s had their fingers in the till and all eyes are on her. To make matters worse, before Lily even has a chance to prove her

innocence, murder strikes her small town!

Melvin J. Rinehart is the arrogant, browbeating bank auditor who's determined to prove Lily has been stealing from the ghost town. But when Lily arrives at his office to set him straight, she finds someone's beat her to it—killing the man before Lily has a chance to plead her case! Now not only is Lily in danger of facing embezzlement charges, but she's also a prime murder suspect. Even her family and new boyfriend in law enforcement may not be enough to keep Lily out of jail. She’s worked too hard to lose it all, so Lily puts her skills to the test to find the real guilty party, uncovering shocking truths and unscrupulous practices along the way. Will she be able to find the missing money and the killer before it’s too late? Or will her time run out as the killer sets their sights on her...

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Sep 22, 202309:44
Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water

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Pennsylvania State Trooper Jim Duncan responds to a call regarding a missing autistic young man. When the boy is quickly found, Jim thinks the case is closed…until the young man insists the police need to help a “sleeping blue lady” and leads them to a dead woman in an abandoned shack, clad in only her underwear.

Meanwhile, defense attorney Sally Castle is searching for a troubled young woman who wandered into her office wanting protection from an unnamed man…and disappeared before Sally could obtain any details. Sally is bothered by the incident and unnerved when she discovers that Jim’s dead body and her missing potential client are the same person.

Jim and Sally soon discover the young woman led a secret double life, with ties to the autistic boy who started it all. As Jim and Sally investigate, the case takes increasingly ominous turns, uncovering hidden money and a seamy underbelly of sex work, before turning into a desperate race to stop a killer. Can Jim and Sally solve the case in time to stop the murder of an innocent boy?

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Sep 15, 202309:55
Design Flaws
Sep 08, 202311:03
Murder A La Mode
Sep 01, 202312:45
Murder of a Good Man
Aug 25, 202309:53
Devil Within
Aug 18, 202313:09
#Tag Me for Murder

#Tag Me for Murder

When murder trends too close to home, social media influencer Coco Cline will have to swipe through a sea of trolls to tag a killer.
After cracking her first case, Cordelia "Coco" Cline's life is finally getting back to normal—or as normal as life can be when you have over three million followers online. With a thriving business, a devoted boyfriend, and her two besties living right up the street, Coco is set to have the most fun summer of her life until Larry and Rosalynn Dunmer move into the condo next door.
Coco and her friends do their best to avoid the confrontational duo, but when a party at a swanky new wine bar brings everyone together, things become less than neighborly faster than a celebrity-themed hashtag goes viral. Larry levels some super shady threats toward Coco and her BFF Jasper, which could have dire consequences for their multimedia empires. Just as Coco begins to wonder if she'll have to spend the rest of the summer looking over her shoulder, she gets a shocking request from police. As part of her PR gig with the Central Shores PD, they need her to come to the beach and keep the public at bay. A body has washed ashore. Find #Tag Me for Murder at These Online Retailers

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Aug 11, 202311:37
Secrets Don't Sink

Secrets Don't Sink

Secret's Don't Sink Loose lips may sink ships, but bodies and secrets inevitably float to the surface.Audrey O’Connell has returned from Portland to her hometown of Chattertowne, Washington, a place where gossip is currency but knowing when to stay tight-lipped is priceless. Procuring a part-time job at the local newspaper to keep an eye on her impetuous sister following Vivienne’s latest romantic scandal, Audrey is assigned a feature series for the upcoming festival which has her digging through the town archives. When her former boyfriend is found floating dead in the marina not long after reaching out to her in hopes of utilizing her research skills, her investigation reveals his conspiracy theories about Chattertowne and corruption within its leadership might not have been so crazy after all.As she plumbs the depths of the town’s 150-year history, she discovers that beneath the façade of this idyllic hamlet lie secrets long-submerged–including within her own family–and finds herself in the crosshairs of those who guard them.Now with three dead bodies, a severe case of aquaphobia, and a narrow window before her deadline, Audrey looks to the handsome City Manager, the town’s octogenarian historian, and her enigmatic almost-boyfriend to help her discover the truth that will forever change her and Chattertowne. Find Secrets Don't Sink at These Online Retailers

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Aug 04, 202312:22
Deadly Depths
Jul 28, 202317:35
Cold Pursuit
Jul 21, 202314:20
Till She Was Done

Till She Was Done

Twenty years after a high school student’s bullying driven suicide, former students at Landen Creek High are being systematically shot to death in the town of Landen Creek, Oregon.
Homicide detectives Paige Lombard and Garrison Stanton investigate the crimes and search for the killers or a possible serial killer. The case becomes personal for Paige as she attended the high school and knew the victims, including being once romantically involved with the first victim, Ben Huxley.
One of the chief suspects in the case is Ben Huxley’s widow, Rachel Huxley. Garrison finds himself falling for the medical director of a women’s health center who could be a cold-blooded killer or accomplice in her husband’s murder.
Quinn Vogel, a real estate developer, returns to Landen Creek for Ben’s funeral, and finds himself attracted to Paige and vice versa; as Quinn harbors secrets about his high school years as a bully that may catch up to him.
Lily Aberdeen is Paige’s best friend and a bestselling author, who is leading a double life. Having been the victim of high school bullying that escalated into a sexual assault, Lily is out to settle some scores and no one will stop her till she made them all pay.
The spinetingling twists and turns leads up to the Landen Creek High twenty-year class reunion and a never saw coming conclusion in this psychological thriller. Find Till She was Done at these online retailers.

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Listen to more mystery excerpts.

Read The Twist and Shout Murder by Teresa Trent

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Jul 14, 202312:37
Death in a Bygone Hue
Jul 07, 202309:44
Kidnapped in the Woods
Jun 30, 202311:02
No Time to Breathe
Jun 23, 202308:59
Collecting Can Be Murder
Jun 16, 202309:40
Passport to Spy
Jun 09, 202313:47
The Murderous Type
Jun 02, 202311:16
Death on the Set
May 26, 202311:31
Marigolds, Mischief and Murder

Marigolds, Mischief and Murder

From author Erica Wynters comes a fresh new series about a florist whose life is anything but rosy... Florist Gwen Stevens knows two things to be true. One—her parents are never going to retire and hand over the reins to the family flower shop, Camelot Flowers, if Gwen can’t handle the business while they’re on their yearly trip to escape the cold of central Illinois in the Florida Keys. And two—she needs to get over her unrequited crush on her best friend, Chris Crawford. But when Gwen stumbles on the dead body of a high school friend, everything else in her life suddenly takes a backseat. Especially when Chris becomes the main suspect in the murder, and it seems only Gwen believes in his innocence. With her friend's freedom on the line, Gwen will use every lifelong connection she has in her small town of Star Junction to find the real killer, even if the sexy new police detective, Finn Butler, doesn’t want her help. Gwen trades gathering flowers for gathering evidence as she hunts down a murderer, and as the stakes grow higher—and Gwen grows closer to Detective Finn—Gwen's heart may not be the only thing on the line. Can she navigate the seas of suspects who all wanted the victim dead? Can she trust her torn feelings between Chris and Finn well enough to follow the right clues? Or will she be too late to stop the killer from striking again...this time even closer to home? Find Marigolds, Mischief and Murder at these online retailers.

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May 19, 202310:36
The Truth We Hide
May 12, 202310:53
The Girls Dressed for Murder
May 05, 202308:26
Brushed Up On Murder
Apr 28, 202310:04
The Vanishing At Castle Moreau
Apr 21, 202317:56
Bones Under the Ice

Bones Under the Ice

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Jhonni Laurent is the first female sheriff of Field’ s Crossing, Indiana— and now she has her first murder case 
Two days after a blizzard hits Field’ s Crossing, Indiana, Sheriff Jhonni Laurent discovers the frozen body of a high school senior under a fifteen-foot pile of snow and ice. Murder is rare in farm country, and this death marks the beginning of Jhonni’ s first homicide case. 
Just as the investigation gets underway, Jhonni’ s opponent for sheriff from four years ago wages a bitter reelection battle to oust her. Then, Jhonni finds another body, and further complications arise when a century-old feud between two families reaches its breaking point. 
Soon, a slew of newspaper articles causes the Indiana State Election Board to doubt her credibility. Jhonni must fight to maintain her reputation, keep the small farming community together, and find the murderer at large— all while demons from her own past threaten to crush her. Can she find the killer and mend her battered spirit before it’ s too late?  Find Bones Under the Ice at These Online Retailers

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Apr 14, 202312:14
Danger on Maui
Apr 07, 202311:27
Path of Peril
Mar 31, 202310:52
A Flicker of a Doubt
Mar 24, 202318:47
If I Had a Hammer
Mar 17, 202310:54
Fact and Fiction
Mar 10, 202311:54
Neighbors to Die For
Mar 03, 202311:23
A Killer Unleashed
Feb 24, 202309:59
10-33 Assist PC
Feb 17, 202311:04
The Twist and Shout Murder
Feb 10, 202313:42
The Greenleaf Murders

The Greenleaf Murders

Young architect Wren Fontaine lands her dream job: restoring Greenleaf House, New York's finest Gilded-Age mansion, to its glory days. But old homes have old secrets: Stephen Greenleaf—heir to what’s left of his family’s legacy—refuses to reveal what his plans are once the renovation is completed. And still living in a corner of the home is Stephen's 90-year-old Aunt Agnes who's lost in the past, brooding over a long-forgotten scandal while watching Wren with mistrust.

Wren's job becomes more complex when a shady developer who was trying to acquire Greenleaf House is found murdered. And after breaking into a sealed attic, Wren finds a skeleton stuffed in a trunk. She soon realizes the two deaths, a century apart, are strangely related. Meanwhile, a distraction of a different kind appears in the form of her client's niece, the beautiful and seductive Hadley Vanderwerf. As Wren gingerly approaches a romance, she finds that Hadley has her own secrets.

Then a third murder occurs, and the introverted architect is forced to think about people, and about how ill-fated love affairs and obsessions continue to haunt the Greenleafs. In the end, Wren risks her own life to uncover a pair of murderers, separated by a century but connected by motive. She reveals an odd twist in the family tree that forever changes the lives of the Greenleafs, the people who served them, the mansion they all called home—and even Wren herself.

The Greenleaf Murders is available at these online retailers:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | |

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Feb 03, 202313:54
Dark of Night
Jan 27, 202320:07
Snuffed Out
Jan 20, 202310:23
Murder She Wrote: Death on the Emerald Isle
Jan 13, 202317:47
Of Mushrooms and Matrimony
Jan 06, 202313:44
Oh Holy Fright
Dec 24, 202211:09
Murder in Third Position
Dec 16, 202211:03